Best Gun Cabinets – When Safe is Not Safe Enough

Are you planning to update your gun collection or just want to start a new hobby of collecting? On top of choosing the items to include in your collection, make sure that you first decide on the best gun cabinets for storage and safekeeping. Having a top quality gun safe is just as essential as choosing the right firearm today.

The next big decision you have to make is to choose whether which of these gun safes are the ideal pick that matches your preferences and needs. We know how challenging it could be to make a selection in a wide range of gun cabinets and safes because you would be dealing with an overflow of choices, to begin with. Our guide is your initial step in making that important decision especially in coming up with an informed and lucrative investment. Check out our rundown of the best gun cabinets on the market in their respective categories:

Top 10 Gun Cabinets Of 2019 Reviewed

1. Stack-On Gun Convertible Cabinet

Best Gun Cabinets For The Money

You need this gun cabinet if you are looking for an affordable way to store your guns and keep them safe while making sure that they are out of the wrong hands. The safekeeping unit could accommodate up to 18 rifles or shotguns with up to 54 inches in height. The convertible cabinet could also hold up to nine guns through its adjustable shelving design plus three more guns in the unit’s front space.

One of the remarkable features of this cabinet for gun safekeeping is the steel center partition as well as the shelves that are installable or removable depending on your individual needs. The patented Stack-On gun barrel rests and standoffs are ideal for storing scoped guns. The unit comes with the large steel top shelf with removable design so that you can use it as a separate shelving system while the foam padding boosts the shelves and cabinet bottom.Stack-On Gun Convertible Cabinet


  • Foam padding lined shelves
  • Value for money
  • Steel cabinet partition and shelves
  • Generous space for ammos


  • Not for heavy-duty use
  • No fireproof rating
  • Durability issues

2. SentrySafe QAP2BE

Best Gun Cabinets For Pistols

The compact way to safeguarding your pistol is through this top-of-the-line gun safe with a large number of features to ensure you have quality protection in one space-saving unit. The safe offers a reliable 2-gun capacity with solid steel construction to ensure resistance from prying the door open. You enjoy additional handgun security with the digital keypad and backup entry system through the override key.

On top of saving space, this gun safe is sure to secure your gun storage through its biometric system and the innovative fingerprint scanner for the ultimate protection. You have a discreet opening mechanism with single-handed access, making it the perfect gun safe for your bedside. It is best with high-quality alkaline batteries to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting use for uninterrupted safekeeping and protection.SentrySafe QAP2BE


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Biometric locking system
  • Three-way entry for easy access


  • Loud click when opening
  • Battery operated

3. Elite E-40-MB-E-S Electronic

Best Gun Cabinets For Generous Storage

Stack-On does not disappoint when it comes to gun cabinets that guarantee remarkably generous storage especially with the Elite model with electronic locking system. You enjoy lots of storage space inside because the unit can hold from 36 to 40 guns including five shelves. The cabinet for your firearms is fire resistant for 30 minutes and could withstand up to 1400 degrees Fahrenheit.

The backlit electronic lock is inclusive of the operations lights for incorrect entry, opening, and low battery warning while the 4-way locking system includes the 1.5-inch locking bolts with live action design. Your guns remain in top shape and condition with the safe and fully carpeted interiors as well as the adjustable shelves for remarkable organization system.

Elite E-40-MB-E-S Electronic


  • Generous storage space
  • Fireproof
  • Easy yet reliable electronic lock


  • No waterproof rating
  • Quite heavy and bulky
  • Interior power issues

4. American Furniture Glass Door Display

Best Gun Cabinets For Classic Aesthetics

Gun cabinets are essential storage units for safekeeping your most valuable firearm collection but these could also have a good aesthetic boost for your space. You can go for the classic look just like this American Furniture display model with glass door design, making it both decorative and functional at the same time.

Lock your gun safe with the solid wood and wood veneer materials for its sturdy construction while the tempered glass door displays most doubled barreled shotguns as well as 52” rifles. Another remarkable feature of this traditional gun cabinet is the felt lined butt plate and barrel rest as well as the drop down door for convenient and adjustable storage.American Furniture Glass Door Display


  • Classic decorative aesthetic
  • Easy to assemble
  • Display case lock
  • Quality wood finish


  • Storage capacity issues
  • Not solid wood
  • Bulky and heavy

5. Total Defense TD-24-GP-E-S

Best Gun Cabinets For Heavy-Duty Storage

This top-of-the-line gun safety cabinet is what you need for heavy-duty storage demands because it features water and fire rating, which is much better than other models on the market. Stack-On manufacturers the Total Defense unit, which could hold up to 24 guns or a mixture of both guns and storage including five shelves.

It boasts of its fireproof design, which could withstand up to 1400 F for 75 minutes while the waterproof feature could stand water up to two feet and for 72 hours as long as the safe is bolted to the floor. The gun safe also features the backlit electronic locking system and 4-way locking design with locking bolts of 1.5” tapered live action.

Total Defense TD-24-GP-E-S


  • Fire and water resistant
  • Carpeted interior, gear handling pockets, and extra shelves
  • 4-way locking system with a mountable design for extra safety


  • No key option
  • Cannot reach maximum storage with extra shelving

6. Steelwater Standard Duty EGS5922

Best Gun Cabinets With Maximum Locking System

The electronic combination lock system of this gun cabinet is EMP proof, which means that it could withstand emergency scenarios as well as unexpected conditions. Moreover, it also comes with a series of bypass keys in order to safeguard your guns and that they are never locked away and beyond your reach.

The built-in LED light lights up the equipment especially when the power goes out, while the unit also has a high fire rating, allowing it to withstand up to 1,875 F temperatures for one hour. It may have an average storage capacity plus additional storage options if you have smaller rifles or firearms. The 4-inch thick door contains compartments while ensuring strength, which is ballistic or drill proof.

Steelwater Standard Duty EGS5922


  • Maximum security with steel locking bolts
  • EMP proof electronic combination lock
  • High fire rating
  • 4-inch thick door


  • Smaller interior
  • Limited storage space

7. Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe

Best Gun Cabinets With Superior Door Features

Gun cabinets have remarkable security features starting with the doors and this model by Bighorn is on top of the scale in its category. You enjoy peace of mind because you know that your firearms are in a reliable spot with the 1.5-inch thick door with 12-gauge steel materials. The door is resistant to various threats such as hacking, drilling, and prying as it comes with eight door bolts, each with one-inch thickness for more strength and security.

Get an extra level of protection with the 1200 F fire rating through the fireproof lining so that your firearms stay safe and protected up to 30 minutes. The unit features a dimension of 59 inches in height and 28 inches in width, making it sizable and spacious storage that could accommodate up to 20 rifles. You can also store your handguns and pistols neatly using four compartments and shelves.

Bighorn 19ECB Gun Safe


  • 75-inch overall thickness
  • Eight door bolts
  • High fire rating


  • Combination lock without a backup key

8. Paragon Lock & Safe

Best Gun Cabinets For Simplified Security

The Paragon Lock & Safe model boasts of a simple safe design particularly the hidden hinges that could amplify theft protection because they are inaccessible and hidden that even the craftiest thieves could not break into. It comes with the coated 18-gauge powder, offering a sturdy and durable place for your firearms and personal belongings.

Still in line with the simplified design is the uncomplicated interior construction, highlighting rifle storage more than personal belongings or valuables. The small built-in lockbox on the top of the 55-inch tall cabinet is ideal for ammunitions or pistols as well as other personal stuff. The matted bottom provides extra cushioning for up to eight long guns for maximum protection.Paragon Lock & Safe


  • Built-in interior lockbox
  • Durable and sturdy design
  • Extra security with strategically hidden hinges


  • Only two locking bolts
  • Multiple sets of keys required to unlock

9. AMSEC BF7240

Best Gun Cabinets For Upscale Units

This is the ideal match for your gun safety and storage if you do not mind going the extra mile on your budget since the cost of this unit is quite hefty. The American Security gun cabinet series gives you a treasure trove of storage and compartments on top of the strength and maximum protection from the bulky unit that is ideal for long guns.

You have a multitude of options for your firearm organization, allowing you to arrange your rifle and long guns, pistols and handguns, ammunition, and other valuable items. The door features ½-inch steel plated and a heavy steel door with one-inch insulation with DryLight patented technology. This feature offers amplified fire protection up to 90 minutes, withstanding up to 1,275 F temperature through the doorjamb’s dual fire silicon seals. It also has an engaged lock with ten thick bolt clamp to prevent theft and other unwanted entry.AMSEC BF7240


  • Fireproof rating
  • Generous interior space
  • Drill and pry proof heavy steel construction


  • Overly expensive
  • Extremely bulky and heavy

10. Barska Large Rifle Safe

Best Gun Cabinets For Fast, Safe Access

There should always be a balance between accessibility and security and this large rifle safe is the cream of the crop for this category. You can store up to a dozen of rifles or large guns with its large capacity interior for standing positions. You can easily access your firearms through the biometric technology for protection, which could remember up to 120 fingertips. It also comes with the five-deadbolt locking system, which is resistant to prying, hacking, and drilling.

Your firearm stays in top shape and condition with the cushioned interior so that your long guns and rifles enjoy quality storage at all times. You can easily access your firearms in just a matter of seconds with the biometric technology without sacrificing safety and protection. On top of the superior locking system, it also features customizable storage with multiple shelving units.Barska Large Rifle Safe


  • Biometric locking for easy access
  • Backup keys for guaranteed entry
  • Customizable shelves for maximum storage


  • No extra compartments for valuables
  • No fire protection rating

How To Choose Best Gun Cabinets

Firearm storage and protection should be on top of your list if you have your valued gun collection and the best investment should be a top quality gun cabinet or safe. Shopping for these products could be quite challenging because you have overflowing choices on the market. We come up with the list of criteria to help you with the things you should consider when buying this important gun safety and storage unit:


Size matters when it comes to a gun cabinet or safe because it would accommodate how many guns or firearms you have in your collection. Sizable safes are more practical and lucrative since they have customizable storage systems such as compartments and shelving. Before you choose a much larger gun cabinet, make sure you also look into the available space that you are going to place the unit in because it should not make your place cramp or overcrowded. Larger gun safes and cabinets could also store items other than your firearms such as jewelry, papers or documents, and other valuable personal belongings.

Thick Door

The strength and resiliency of the gun cabinet or safe depend on the thickness of the access door and much thicker doors prevent theft and burglary or tendencies of being pried, drilled through, or blasted. It is also best to choose a door with bendable steel construction, giving the unit more strength as well as increasing fire protection rating.

Locking System

Choose a gun safe or cabinet with top-of-the-line locking mechanism because this is the heart of the product you intend to invest in. However, it is best to balance between quick access and maximum security but it all boils down to your priority whether you want to reach your firearm much faster or you want it safer and well protected. You do not need a gun safe with key locks or combination locks if you value accessibility first. Safes with biometric or fingerprint scanning are the best option if you want rapid access without sacrificing protection or security.


One of the most important things to consider when looking for gun cabinets is the cost or pricing because there are different price range depending on the brand and specifications of the unit. You can go for upscale or high-end units if you want more innovations or multiple designs and features while simple specifications may also mean cheaper and more affordable price tags. Take note that keeping your gun safe should not necessarily break the bank because some high-quality cabinets and safes may also have discounted pricing especially when you buy them online.

Steel Gauging

The maximum protection of your firearm depends on the steel gauge of the unit because the higher this feature is, the more resistant it is against theft and other unwanted entry. The most recommended range for steel should be above eight gauges because it makes the metal nearly impenetrable and strong enough to resist prying or drilling.

Final Words

Gun cabinets and safes are important investments especially for optimal gun protection and safety as well as convenient and effective storage. It is a lucrative investment especially if you are planning to make an update on this item yet the real challenge is in the buying process. We want to help you make an informed decision through this comprehensive buying guide with a list of the top picks on the market.

The best gun cabinets in their respective categories should cater to your needs and preferences whether you have a collection of long guns, pistols, or a combination of everything. Make a conscious decision by comparing all the products available and looking into their features including their strengths and weaknesses. Give your gun cabinet project a shot and see why it is the best investment you could make as a responsible gun owner!


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