Best Hallway Rug Runners – Adding Color, Warmth and Texture to Your Hallway

Hallways receive just as much traffic as the Los Angeles Highway. This is bad news for your carpet or wood flooring. Over time, the floor gets damaged, requiring you to schedule new maintenance or worst – replacement! Yes, you can imagine how much we are talking about to do such works. Solution? A hallway runner rug!

You see, hallway runner rugs are designed to protect your flooring from any kind of wear or tear. Better yet, they offer you a perfect opportunity to redecorate your home and give it a fresh look with a style that you adore.

To get a welcoming hallway runner rug, go through our review, keeping in mind the tips at the bottom before you embark on your shopping. You won’t regret it!

Top 10 Hallway Rugs of 2020 Reviewed

1. Ottomanson Ultimate Shaggy Collection Moroccan Trellis Design Contemporary Hallway & Kitchen Shag Runner Rugs

Best Shag Hallway Runner

The look and the feel for any hallway rug is always an important consideration when choosing a rug to buy. With its rugged design, the feel of this carpet will surprise your feet as it’s soft to the core. This Ultimate Hallway Rug will also amaze you with its trendy and simple Shaggy design. To ensure the rug lasts long, it is made of 100% polypropylene and a strong loom build.

The rug has a simple design that will just blend in with most of the furniture at home.  In addition, the rug is very comfortable so you can relax while sitting on the floor or let your pets sleep on it. To clean, you just need paper towels to absorb moisture. For those dried up spots, just scrap gently while rubbing on the spot. For an enhanced fresh look, use the vacuum regularly. The rug is available on Amazon in a range of six colors.

Ottomanson Ultimate Shaggy Collection Moroccan Trellis Design Contemorary Hallway & Kitchen Shag Runner Rugs


  • Elegant and stylish look
  • Durable loomed and polypropylene construction
  • Blends easily with most home décor


  • May retain and hide dirt if not cleaned regularly
  • Doors may snarl up as its quite high
  • When wet, it needs a longer time to dry

2. Ottomanson otto Home Collection Runner Rug, 20″ X 59″

Best Multicolor Checkered Hallway Rug Runner

Turkey is renowned for amazing floor rug solutions. The Ottomanson otto Home Collection Runner Rug is made from quality nylon and made using the latest machine technology. It has a low profile that is soft and will create a comfy surface for your feet. For a permanent solid fixation, the carpet has a rubber backing that will ensure it stays in one place. The beautiful multicolored pattern will just match with any furniture in your house.

To clean, you have a variety of options- using a mild detergent or soap; spot clean and give the carpet the original look instantly. You could also vacuum clean for that enhanced clean. This carpet is ideal for any type of runway, including one where the traffic is a lot.

Ottomanson Otto Home Collection Runner Rug


  • Low profile rug creates a soft feel
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Anti-slip and stain resistance make


  • A bit stiff and might stick on feet
  • Requires regular rotation for the colors to remain evenly intact
  • Cannot be machine washed

3. Safavieh Madison Collection MAD603D Cream and Navy Distressed Medallion Runner (2’3″ x 6′)

Best Lightweight Hallway Rug Runner

If you’re a person who likes vintage design, then look no further. The Safavieh Madison Collection has a sophisticated but versatile stylish design that will give your runway a complete overhaul. The medallion additions are oversized and will enhance the décor to your space. The power-loomed and refined construction from durable synthetic fibers is designed to prevent shredding and make it easy to maintain.

The rug has a 0.375” height that gives it a sleek appearance and will not obstruct your door. It will blend well with most floor design and will compliment well with most indoor decors. The palettes are extra soft and the quality of the carpet is unmatched. The carpet contains latex and will last long even in areas where there’s a lot of traffic. You will also love the fact that this hallway runner comes in a variety of antic designs and sizes.

Safavieh Madison Collection MAD603D Cream and Navy Distressed Medallion Runner


  • Beautiful traditional design for your hallway
  • Durable material that contains latex
  • Will blend effortlessly with any home décor


  • May need a non- skid pad on smoother surfaces
  • Quite pricey
  • Needs regular cleaning to keep the colors fresh

4.Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Design Rug, 20″ X 59″

Best Non-Skid Hallway Rug Runner

Made in Turkey, The Ottomanson Ottohomerug rugs are designed to change your home’s contemporary design and the general feel. The carpets are made from quality nylon that is slow profile and will snag when you open the doors. The carpet’s material is stain resistant and will not shed color. With exceptional long-lasting loom construction, the carpet will last for ages and remain intact with colors. The back of the rug is rubber made that ensures it will not slip from where you place it.

The carpet will endure heavy traffic, be it the kitchen, guest room or even the entrance to the house. To clean the rug, use a paper towel to absorb moisture. To ensure the carpet is spotless, wipe it with detergent or mild soap. You can also vacuum the carpet regularly to ensure it remains new and colors keep glowing.  Different colors are also available depending on the size of the runway.

Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Design Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Rubber Backing Runner Rug


  • Long lasting nylon loom
  • Very beautiful colors and design
  • Will not snag


  • Corners may curl with time
  • Cannot be machine washed
  • Will not absorb liquids quickly

5. Nourison Aloha ALH05 Indoor/Outdoor Floral Green 2’3″ x 8′ Area Rug Runner (2’x8′)

Best Hallway Rug for Indoor and Outdoor

For those of us who love flower colored floors in our house, the Aloha ALH05 is all we need. The lively floral designs are machine woven for that firm loom. With four beautifully selected colors, the warmth that the rug will leave in your guest’s hearts is immeasurable. The rug is made of 100% polypropylene that will allow you to clean easily. With the outlined and solid lotis patterns of green, red, blue and orange, the beauty with this rug will give your house a superb finish.

The carpet rises to only 0.25” and will not hold up your door. And the beauty with runner does not mean it will be affected by heavy traffic- it’s built to last. The rising floral design massages your feet and will not wear off easily. The colors are built to remain fresh as new and will resist all adverse weather. Additionally, the pretty flowers will resist all types of stains and are easy to clean. The carpet is available in green and multicolor designs.

Nourison Aloha ALH05 Indoor/Outdoor Floral Green 2'3" x 8' Area Rug



  • Beautiful floral designs
  • Foundation is tightly woven making it durable
  • Easy to clean


  • Colors fade with time
  • Not ideal for outdoor use
  • Will curl when new due to the package design

6. Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Design Rug, 1’10” X 7’0″

Best Hallway Rug Runner for Indoor and Outdoor

Simplicity and elegance are what this carpet is all about. The chocolate brown color of the carpet will blend well with most floors and give them an enhanced look. Additionally, the rug will keep your floor from scratches, dirt and wearing off. The beige borders at the edges give the carpet a neat look to give your home a classic look and feel. The carpet is machine woven and is 100% polypropylene to ensure that it will not wear off for a long time. For optimal skid, the carpet has a rubber back finish and will grip your floor with flexibility.

The narrowness of this rug allows you to fit it in most spaces in your home. To clean the rug, use a vacuum cleaner or detergent that will keep it new and improve its durability. Spilled dirt or liquids on the rug? Just use a damp cloth with a mild detergent to scrub it off and get your sparkling rug back. And one more thing! You have a range of sizes to choose from, depending on the space you want to use it on.


Ottomanson Ottohome Collection Contemporary Bordered Design Non-Skid (Non-Slip) Rubber Backing Modern Runner Rug


  • Elegant and beautiful seamless finish
  • Easy to vacuum
  • Does not curl like other rugs


  • Wrinkles are noticeable when new but will disappear with time
  • Quite light in weight
  • May retain smell if spilled with scented substances

7. Orian Rugs Veranda Indoor/Outdoor Merrifield Collage Runner Rug

Best Stain and Shed Resistant Hallway Rug

Thinking of having a bright and artistic hallway? The Orian Rug Merrifield Collage is something you will want to have. The rug is woven with dyed synthetic fibers that are dyed at the yard for the colors to last long. The premium PPL fibers will not shed colors and will last for a long time. And what’s more- the craftsmanship and intricate detail on the rug ensure that you have a beautiful artistic runway. The fibers of the carpet are soft and they will give you a vibrant and beautiful experience on your veranda.

The colors of the carpet are brilliant and very durable ensuring that your runway remains fresh and bright. With this rug, stains and fade will be a thing of the past as will not absorb and retain water, cleaning of this rug is easy and quick. Orion offers you a one-year defect-free guarantee to show the faith they have on these intricate rugs and want you to trust them too! The carpet is available in green, blue and orange colors.

Orian Rugs Veranda Indoor Outdoor Merrifield Collage Runner Rug



  • Traditional beautiful and intricate design
  • Naturally fade- and stain-resistant
  • Quality and durable construction


  • The seams are quite visible
  • Needs regular cleaning
  • Not ideal for outdoor use

8. nuLOOM ECCR02A Hargis Labyrinth Runner Rug

Best Hallway Rug with Artistic Design

There is always a big gap between amazing quality design and affordability. nuLOOM saw that gap and decided to make for you this rug. This rug offers rich artistic experience with the rug will change the runway to your house. The rug is machine made from high-quality synthetic polypropylene that will endure any amount to and from your beautiful house. The contemporary design will blend well as the color tone and distribution ensure that all your accessories match well with the rug.

The rug is soft and all your pets will enjoy as they spend time on it. It will roll out well and remain flat on the ground. The carpet will not restrict your door movements and it’s quite easy to clean. The colors will not fade and are a perfect indoors finish. The rugs come in different colors including red, light multi, rust and multi.

nuLOOM ECCR02A Hargis Labyrinth Runner Rug


  • Beautiful artistic bright colors
  • Long lasting PPL construction
  • Will not snarl up on the door


  • Colors fade when left outdoors
  • Cannot be machine washed
  • Colors are more pastel

9. Maples Rugs Runner Rug – Rebecca 1’9 x 5′ Non Skid Hallway Carpet Entry Rugs Runners

With an experience of over 90 years in manufacturing home textiles, the Maples Family brings to you the Maples Rugs Runner Rug – Rebecca. This rug will revolutionize your entryway. With Olefin PPL pile, the stain and spill resistance ability of this rug will shock you. With its low profile and lightweight, the setting of this carpet is simple, yet very effective. Additionally, the synthetic construction of this carpet ensures it lasts long and maintains its original colors

A rubberized bottom ensures that it will remain place and also protect the floor. The vivid abstract design will beautifully stand out of the solid background. The rug is easy to wash and can be machine washed. Measuring 1’9 x 5’, the rug is a perfect one for the runway. It comes in three colors ranging from café brown to grey-white and navy blue.

Maples Rugs Runner Rug - Rebecca Non Skid Hallway Carpet Entry Rugs Runners


  • Low profile ensures you don’t keep tripping
  • Solid rubberized back keeps it in place
  • Beautiful seamless finish


  • Might be hard to straighten when it creases
  • May not be the best where there are cats and dogs as they pull the loops
  • Not ideal for vacuum cleaning

10. Sweet Home Stores COZY2769-3X8 Runner Rug, 2’7″ x 8′

Best for Long Hallways

If you consider your floor and furniture before choosing a hallway rug, then consider the Turkish-made Sweet Home Stores Runner Rug as an option. The rug has a solid design that will blend amazingly with most of all furniture and floors. The rugs have a lavish plush and soft feel that is gentle and comfortable to your feet. For durability, the carpet has durable jute behind and its machine made from the highest quality polypropylene.

The pile is stain resistant and will not shed colors which reduce the time needed to care for the carpet. Additionally, the carpet absorbs all the noise that might come from your hallway and at the same time protect it from scratches. The carpet can handle high traffic meaning that you could use it for school hallways, office and even at home without it wearing out for a long time. The rug is available in more than a dozen colors and different shapes.

Sweet Home Stores Hallway Runner Rug


  • Easily blends well with all furniture and floors
  • Elegant trendy colors that make your house very stylish
  • Durable stain-resistant construction


  • Quite hard to vacuum all dirt from the fibers
  • May curl when new
  • Colors are bolder than the pictures show

How to Get the Best Hallway Rug Runners: Ultimate Buying Guide

If you want a hallway runner rug, you will need to bear a few things in mind. The following are the factors to consider before you settle on a specific runner rug:


Since runner rugs are made from different fibers, this is an important factor to consider. Bear in mind that hallway runners could be made from any of the following fibers:

  • Wool: Although expensive, wool is long-lasting. Rugs made from this fiber are warm, soft, and great to the touch. If you have a concrete floor, the rug will provide a welcome break from the cold floor.
  • Polypropylene: This synthetic fiber is not just durable but soft to the touch. Its durability makes it desirable for hallways in high-traffic areas of the house. The water-resistant nature of this fabric also makes it easy to clean.
  • Sisal: This is a sturdy natural fiber that’s suitable for use in areas with the highest traffic. They are highly resistant to constant treading by human feet. Since it is easy to dye, this kind of rug is available in varied designs.
  • Jute: Unlike sisal which is coarse, jute is a natural fiber that’s soft to the touch. Thus jute should not be used in high traffic areas but in interiors, such as the bathroom where the footfall is minimal. If you are more into the rustic style, then you are better off buying a jute rug.
  • Seagrass: Similar to jute in texture, seagrass is neutral colored. You will mainly find it the form of khaki or beige colors. It is a water-resistant fabric that’s easy to clean. Seagrass is so resilient that its ideal location is in the high-traffic hallways.


The best hallway rug runners are those that are fit for purpose. For instance, you might be looking for a runner rug for lengthening the space or making a room interesting. When used in a room, the narrow hallway rugs makes the room appear more colorful and spacious. Alternatively, all you are interested in could be to cover the floors in the narrow, long spaces. In a room, make sure the rug leaves enough space for the furniture. To put hallway rugs to maximum use, you need to be in touch with your creative side. You can use them virtually anywhere including the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Household Type

What type of household do you have? Is it a busy one with constant shuffling of the feet? If “yes”, then you need a hallway runner that can resist wear and tear for longer. Here is where the type of fiber matters. Synthetic fibers are tougher and long lasting. When it comes to the natural items, sisal is the sturdiest. In a busy household, it is also important to choose easy to clean runners. That’s because they get dirty quickly and will require frequent cleaning.


One of the most important aspects of a runner rug is its dimensions. Its size should allow for easy door clearance and space for the furniture. For example, a hallway that’s 1 meter wide should have a runner rug that leaves up to 10 cm from the walls. When used in a room, the rugs create an illusion of extra space. That’s especially if you choose a hallway rug with lengthwise borderlines.


The style has to do with the colors and patterns used to make the runner rug. Thus the rug can either complement existing elements of design or catch the eye of visitors. Plain hallway rug runners are great for brightly-colored or patterned homes. For a minimalist style, put a single-colored rug in a room with standout decorations. As such, the style you want is something you must bear in mind when buying a runner rug.

That’s it! 10 Cool hallway rugs, that you can buy today and give your hallway a new look. Not only will they protect your floors, but these hallway rugs will also add a decorative touch to your home. Before you begin shopping, ensure that you choose the right fiber, style, and consider the purpose of your purchase, as well as the traffic. With these tips, you just can’t go wrong!