Best Hammocks to Help You Enjoy Outdoors and Camping

It’s been a long day. You’ve watered your garden, mowed your lawn, and had some fun with your kids in the backyard. It’s not time to relax and lounge.  But the atmosphere outside is just so nice. Well, you don’t need to go indoors, you can chill right there in your backyard, swaying in a hammock as you enjoy a book or a beer.

That’s just one of the many ways you can enjoy a hammock. Whether you want to lazy around and enjoy the weather at home, love hiking in the woods, or are fun of camping, a good hammock should be in your arsenal. Sometimes it’s best to leave the camping tents for the night and when it’s raining and take it a notch “higher” with a hammock.

Now, a good hammock isn’t just any model you find out there, no! We admit that choosing one can intimidate many because of the huge options available out there. But don’t worry our fellow outdoor enthusiasts – we are going to prove to you that the experience you get is worth every penny in your pocket. We are going to walk you through some of the best hammocks and some cool features that make them worth your while. 

Read on!

Top 11 Hammocks Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

Hammock for Couples

This is quite possibly the best hammock we’ve ever had the pleasure to ride, er, use. It’s compact and lightweight but spacious enough to fit two people comfortably. And with as big as it was, it also fits surprisingly well back inside its attached compression stuff sack which, by the way, can serve as a pocket/storage place for your phone or water bottle while you rock yourself to sleep.

It’s easy enough to set up, even for newbies to “mocking.” The only thing we didn’t like is the fact that you need to buy the suspension straps separately.

Eagles Nest Outfitters - DoubleNest Hammock


  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Spacious yet sturdy
  • Comfortable and breathable


  • Pricey
  • No straps included
  • Weighs over 1lb which is a bit heavier than what some backpackers prefer

2. Gold Armour Camping Hammock 

Best Large Camping Hammock

Hammocks come in a variety of sizes, but if you are looking for the Best Large Camping Hammock, then look no further. Gold Armour can comfortably support up to 500lbs. This means it can fit a maximum of two persons at a go with enough room to relax.  It measures 125 in x 79 in. What’s more, it comes in a variety of colors to suit your style. It features two tree straps with 16 loops which span 10 feet long. 

The nylon fabric offers both strength and durability. Combined with the strap design, these two have a breaking strength of up to 1000 lbs. When it comes to storage and portability, this hammock is very lightweight, which makes it very convenient. The ease of set up is a walk in the park. What you will find in the package: two carabiners, a double-sized camping hammock, two tree straps, and Sixteen attachment loops. For satisfaction guarantee, this hammock comes with a 15 years warranty policy and a money-back guarantee for faulty products.

Gold Armour Camping Hammock


  • High capacity support 
  • Durable and super strong
  • Ultra-light and portable


  • Could be more durable
  • Could use a more capable build 
  • Pricy for the value

3. Legit Camping Hammock

Best Large Camping Hammock

Legit Camping’s hammock is also made up of military-grade 210T nylon fabric and comes with steel carabiners, rope, and tree straps. It’s a double hammock so you know you have enough space for two. And the 400-lb max capacity certainly gives us peace of mind.

But all of that is nothing new, right? Well, they do offer two things that made them stand out in our eyes – a lifetime warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee. Don’t you like it? Get a full refund. Something wrong with your hammock? They’ll give you a replacement real quick. And you only have to shell out $30 for this kind of service.

Legit Camping Hammock


  • Affordable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Straps are short
  • The hammock has been known to sag/the straps stretch too much
  • Not easy to set up

4. Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock

Hammock with Straps

Wise Owl Outfitters’ hammocks are soft but strong, spacious (including the single-sized ‘mock), and are extra safe. The hammocks are constructed out of 210T Nylon fabric, the same kind used in the parachutes of skydivers.

The SingleOwl is 9 feet long, 4 1/2 feet wide, weighs 1 pound and can be packed into a sack the size of a grapefruit. Not only does this hammock come with carabiners, the manufacturers included two 8-feet long ropes to enable you to go ‘mocking’ with it right out of the box.

Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock


  • Comes with hammock straps
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Very affordable


  • Compared to higher-end models, it’s not as spacious
  • Some campgrounds ban the use of ropes for hanging hammocks
  • Ropes require learning how to make knots; not easy to set up

5. Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym

Hammock for Camping

If you want an all-in-one package for your hammock, the Hennessy Hammock Expedition is exactly what you’re looking for. Unlike our two top picks which are perfect for the casual ‘mocker or day hiker, this one is more in line for those who do a bit of serious hiking. The hammock has an asymmetrical shape that allows you to lie flat on your back – a more comfortable position that does not place pressure on any point of your body.

The built-in bug net allows you to keep mosquitoes and other bugs away from you and the ridgeline keeps the bug net out of your face. In addition, it holds a mesh bag that has several pockets for storing some of your stuff. And then there’s the rain fly which ensures to keep you high and dry in the best way possible.

Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym


  • The asymmetrical shape allows you to lie flat on your back
  • Comes with compartmentalized pockets for storage
  • Extremely durable


  • The rain fly is a bit small
  • Stakes not included
  • The ridgeline makes sitting up in the hammock uncomfortable

6. Hummingbird Ultralight Single Hammock

Best Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

Designed by an FAA certified parachute rigger, this hammock is made up of ripstop nylon (reserve parachute material) with soft shackle carabiners made out of a 1500 lb Spectra cord. Aside from being incredibly durable, this hammock also lives up to its Ultralight name. When packed in its sack, the entire thing weighs around a quarter of a pound and around as big as a coffee mug.

This is perfect for those who do quick trips into the woods or the beach. While it is comfortable to lie down in, the single size is not recommended by some campers for sleeping. Fortunately, the Hummingbird comes in the Single+ size to give you that extra space.

Hummingbird Ultralight Single Hammock


  • Ultralight
  • Well-made
  • Made in the USA


  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t come with tree straps
  • Straps (if you buy them) can’t be stored inside the sack

7. WINNER OUTFITTERS Double Camping Hammock

Best Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

There’s no doubt that Winners Outfitters is one of the best Lightweight Double Camping Hammock in the market today thanks to its 210T Nylon parachute build. This double hammock can fit up to two people with maximum support of up to 500lbs. Not only is it lightweight but also very easy to set up. Within three minutes, you’ll be good to go. For that reason, it comes with a variety of uses including camping, hiking, setting up along the beach or just backpacking.

What comes in the package? When you purchase this item, you’ll find a double camping hammock measuring 118 inches long by 78 inches wide. More to that, two straps measuring 52” (L) by 11” (W), two ropes measuring 137” long and also two solid carabiners are included in the package as well. In terms of quality guarantee, the company promises to refund the full amount should you not feel satisfied with their product.

WINNER OUTFITTERS Double Camping Hammock


  • Very lightweight 
  • Easy to install without hiccups
  • Very sturdy and versatile


  • Could be cheaper
  • Hard to pack alongside the straps
  • Could use better color variety and style

8. KEPEAK Cotton Hammock

Best Brazzillian Double Hammock

If you are searching for quality hammocks that will not disappoint, consider KEPEAK, one of the Best Brazilian Double Hammock money could buy. Apart from the color variety, this item features a breathable, high-density canvas which by the way does not crease at all.  It does not only feel comfortable, but the style is also very appealing to the eye. It comes with a maximum weight of up to 530lbs, which is enough to support at least two people at the same time with sufficient room for comfort.

KEPEAK Cotton Hammock features a straight forward installation, whether on the tree or the hammock stand thanks to the detailed user manual that comes with it. When it comes to packing, you can expect the same. It comes with a roomy bag for storage as well as carrying the different components while on the move, especially during camping and other outdoor activities. In the packaging, you’ll find a double hammock measuring 9.5 ft long, and two tree straps with 7ft long each.

KEPEAK Cotton Hammock, Brazilian Double Hammock


  • Durable ropes
  • Compact and portable
  • Sturdy fabric


  • Could be more effective 
  • Not suitable for wet weather conditions
  • Could be larger

9. ENO JungleNest Hammock

Hammock with Mosquito Net

This ENO hammock is another hammock + bug net combo. It also features a No-See-Um bug net that’s attached to the hammock. 

The carabiner and rope located at each end of the hammock are sturdy and of good quality, same as the hammock itself. But that’s what you can always expect from ENO.

What we really love about the JungleNest is the fact that you can easily adjust the amount of space between your face and the bug net, either outside of the hammock or while you’re inside using an elastic loop attached to the netting. And if you don’t like the net, you can roll the netting aside or flip the hammock upside down. The netting hangs pretty close to the hammock itself which means you can also use it to hold a sleeping pad for added comfort.

ENO JungleNest Hammock


  • Versatile; allows you to flip the
  • Big storage pocket inside the hammock
  • Durable


  • Doesn’t come with tree straps
  • The cord holding up the bug net is too short
  • Set up requires a bit of expertise to get just the right amount of sag and space

10. Bear Butt Double Parachute Hammock

Hammock with Mosquito Net

Bear Butt is a hammock company that believes that their hammocks can support a grizzly bear without breaking. And they just might be right. If you’re looking for a hammock that would fit a large person easily that would not break, then this is the hammock for you.

Constructed from 75D nylon with a 210 thread count, this hammock has been tested for 900 pounds! Legally, it only states a maximum capacity of 500 pounds but that’s also 100 pounds more than what other hammocks offer. The company also backs up their product with a full refund/replacement guarantee that’s in place forever. And when packed, the hammock weighs just over a pound. Pretty lightweight.

Bear Butt Double Parachute Hammock


  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime warranty and guarantee
  • Allows you to sleep diagonally for better comfort


  • Comes with ropes, not straps
  • Some users have reported the rope snapping
  • Some users have reported fraying at the seams

11. Serac Classic Camping Hammock

Hammock for Backyard

The Serac Classic Portable Camping Hammock is very similar to our other favorite hammocks in both design and material. But it was the differences that made us check it out. The Serac costs $40 in Amazon which is a pretty good deal.

The company offers a 30-day trial with a 100% money-back guarantee and free shipping (for the return). The tree straps are much longer than most that come with hammocks – 6 feet each. The 2 carbon steel carabiners included are seriously strong. And then there’s the 5-year unlimited warranty. All of these, by the way, fit inside the sack.

Serac Classic Camping Hammock


  • Comfortable
  • Great customer service
  • Quick-drying


  • Not for individuals with wide shoulders
  • Some users have reported frayed threads in the stitched seams
  • Some users have reported ripping

While we only listed 11 as our favorite hammocks of all time, there are quite a number of ‘mocks out there that we haven’t had a chance to test yet. Since some of them get really good reviews from experts, you might want to check them out. These are the Grand Trunk Nano 7, the ENO Sub7, the Kammok Roo, the Warbonnet Blackbird, and the ENO SubLink Shelter System.

Choosing The Best Hammocks – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Like everything else in life, not all hammocks are created equal (although some of them are a heck of a lot similar). What this means is that you can’t just randomly pick out a hammock on Amazon or whatever store you’re currently in and expect fantastic results.

There are several factors you’ll need to consider before you make your purchase. And we’re just the guys to help you figure things out.

What Are You Planning to Use Your Hammock for?

Are you planning on using it for quick trips to the beach or into the woods? Then you’ll probably want a lightweight hammock like the Hummingbird Ultralight Single Hammock that will do the job.

If you’re planning to just chill in your backyard, then the Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is a good choice. For overnight (or multiple nights) camping trips, you might want to consider the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Asym which already comes with a bug net and a rain fly.

Who’s Going to be Using the Hammock?

This is a delicate question for some… but how much do you weigh? If you’re planning on using your hammock solo, then it’s a safe bet that you’ll be fine with most models offered in the market today since the typical maximum capacity is 400 lbs. But if you’re a somewhat bigger camper, you’ll need to get a hammock that can safely carry your weight.

A double model is usually bigger and has a higher weight capacity. The Bear Butt Double Parachute Hammock is known to hold up to 900 pounds of weight.

How Many People are Going to be Using the Hammock at A Time?

If you’re planning on snuggling up with your partner, a double hammock is a good choice such as the Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest . Still, most experts don’t recommend sleeping two people in just one hammock, no matter what the size of it is.

This is because most hammocks (even in this size) do not offer enough space. Still, some people like being cocooned inside their hammock so they opt for the larger size.

Is the Weight of the Hammock A Consideration for You?

All of our top picks are lightweight, no heavier than 2 pounds. So, it’s pretty safe to say that you can easily lug it around with you on any trip. However, some backpackers feel that packing a much lighter hammock becomes a necessity during winter camping trips because it gives you more room to carry winter gear.

One really light hammock that campers love is the Hummingbird Ultralight Single Hammock because it’s about as big as a coffee mug and weighs around ⅓ of a pound.

Do You Need Straps?

Now, most of our picks do come with tree-friendly straps. But not all of them are ideal. Some are shorter than they should be, limiting your options when camping. If you plan on buying your own, it might be better for you to buy a hammock that has no straps such as the ENO JungleNest Hammock.

How Much Are You Willing To Spend?

A lot of the buyers of high-end hammocks are happy campers and for good reason. You do get what you pay for in terms of quality, durability, and ease of use. However, some hammocks that are sold at a fraction of the price are not to be scoffed at either, especially if you’re not planning on abusing it so much in the wilderness.

The good thing about hammocks is that you can generally find a good quality hammock for every budget.

What’s the Warranty, Satisfaction Guarantee, and Return Policy?

While you can generally rely on most experts’ reviews on hammocks, comfort is an extremely subjective topic. What’s good for one is not necessarily good for another. Since you’ll need to try the hammock out for real to know if it’s really right up your alley, it’s best to learn how you can return the hammock if you’re not happy with it.

Also, a company that offers a good warranty policy tells you that they’re pretty confident in their product. So make sure that you always give yourself this out. Without it, you just might end up with a hammock you regret.


Hammocks are an ideal way to spend your lazy afternoons basking in the back yard. If you love to enjoy the outdoor life, then you definitely need to invest in these relaxing tools. They come in handy especially given their portability and ease of set up. That means you can carry them on your next vacation you have been planning all year long. Are you confident enough to get yourself an ideal one today?

We have covered pretty much everything you need to know about these beds, including the top ten brands in the market and also what to keep in mind while purchasing one. We hope you land an unbeatable deal.

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