Best Innerspring Mattresses For Your Good Night’s Sleep

It’s a question that all mattress owners should face and deal with eventually. Is it time to finally say goodbye to your old mattress and invest in a new one? The constant use of your mattress results in drastic changes including foam breakdown, sagging, defective support system, and overall poor sleep experience and quality. Replacing your mattress is essential as it might compromise the quality of your sleep and health. You can replace your old mattress with a number of mattresses, such as mattresses for back pain, memory foam mattresses and so on.

But this time, let’s talk about innerspring mattresses. Also referred to as spring mattress, these models use a steel coil support system where springs are the main component, showcasing internal coils with foam or any other upholstered materials for the comfort layers. There are several types of spring systems utilized in contemporary foams including single-unit spring construction with individually encased pocketed coils.

The mattress lifespan usually varies from 5 to 20 years depending on brand, type and how excessively it’s being used. When your mattress doesn’t make you feel rested, or it squeaks and creaks, or it is almost a decade old you understand that it is time to have a new one. We’ve got the list of the 10 Best Innerspring Mattresses that you would fall in love with.

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Top 10 Innerspring Mattresses Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Best Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress

Fighting for a place on this elite listing is the Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress. It comes in a dreamy blue and white-colored design. Beauty is more than meets the eye, and this mattress proves the adage to be correct. The insides of this mattress are as efficient as this mattress is stylish. On top of every other layer, lies the memory foam. It kind of hugs your body but not in a plushy and stuffy kind of way. It aligns with your body’s contours to offer you a comfortable rest.

The innersprings are embedded deep within this Linenspa mattress. They are there to offer a quick response to your body’s support needs. It aligns your spine to make sure you wake up feeling at your optimum best without the occasional and annoying stiff neck. The medium-firm feel combined with its impressive 8” profile makes it perfect for all your sleeping needs. Get it for your kids’ bedrooms, or your college-bound child, or even put one in your guest room. With your back supported and all your pressure points cradled by soft memory foam, you’ll wonder how you’ve been living without the Linenspa Mattress all these years.

Shipping is normally a hassle, but getting your Linenspa shouldn’t. Since actually transporting it in its maxi state can be a tad difficult to transport and fit in through your living space. The new technology it employs compresses the mattress to a fraction of its original size, put in a box, and then shipped out. You might get small brown specks on your mattress as a result of the packaging process. These flecks are known as carbons and are harmless pieces of plastic. Just brush them off, and you’re good to go, or stay, or even lay.

Linenspa 10 Inch Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid Mattress


  • It is affordable
  • Offers great support for your back
  • Good customer care service


  • Small brown flecks on the mattress
  • Bedbugs have been seen on some mattresses
  • Some beds don’t inflate fully

2. Signature Sleep Encased Coil Body Contouring Mattress

Best Innerspring Mattress for Healthy Sleep

One of the top-selling mattress models in the innerspring department is the twin-sized 8-inch mattress with independently wrapped coil springs and CertiPUR-US foam layers at the bottom and top of the mattress, minimizing the feel of the coils. Some of the best features of this model include hypoallergenic sleep surface ensuring a healthy and safe sleep without any issues of off-gassing or initial odor. The high-density foam layering provides optimal comfort and support for spinal alignment and ache-free backs and pressure point protection with equal weight distribution and motion transfer for undisturbed sleep.

Signature Sleep Encased Coil Body Contouring Mattress


  • Cushy with a nice feel to it
  • No noticeable sag or unevenness
  • Great mattress for the price
  • Can be turned over


  • Very firm
  • Not long lasting

3. Vesgantti 9.4 Inch Multilayer Hybrid Twin Mattress

Best Multilayer Hybrid Twin InnerSpring Mattress

We all value a good night’s rest. Vesgantti knows this, and they appreciate it as much as you do. For this reason, they’ve come up with this state-of-the-art 9.4” Multilayer Hybrid Mattress. It has a perfect blend of a mass of independent coiled spring together with a few layers of fabric. This unstoppable combination is responsible for supporting seven parts of the body; namely, the: head, neck, shoulders, waist, hips, legs, and feet. This level of resilience when it comes to body support caters to your vertebral wellbeing as also as totally relaxing tense back muscles.

The foam has a couple of endearing attributes. Not only does the multilayer foam cushions your body for relaxed rest, but it also corrects sleeping posture and keeping pressure points protected. Furthermore, the luxurious spring-back foam is made of top-of-the-line temperature-sensitive raw material, which is both breathable and comfy. Breathability ensures you don’t wake up in the morning or the middle of the night, sweaty like summer. Its ability to cool down any night sweats discourages the transformation of your bed from a comfortable and dry haven to a bacterial cesspool.

The soft material and the springs supporting your weight, absorb vibration, and the resultant noise resulting from turning in bed. This makes it perfect for any light sleepers out there. It can also make your nights far more peaceful if your companion is prone to a lot of tossing and turning in bed. Finally, onto the packaging. It comes compressed in a vacuum-sealed box. Compression is what makes the box so small and compact. After unrolling and unpacking, simply wait 72 hours to return the mattress to its full size.

Vesgantti 9.4 Inch Multilayer Hybrid Twin Mattress


  • Offers a lot of value for the money
  • Very comfy to sleep on
  • The packaging is comfortably small



  • It’s really firm
  • Once inflated the mattress is really heavy
  • Applies force to pressure points so makes for an uncomfortable sleep

4. Olee Sleep Hybrid Innerspring Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Best Innerspring Mattress On a Budget

The low-priced innerspring memory foam hybrid mattress showcases the 7.5-inch coil with heat treated features maintaining constant mattress firmness while the 1-inch eco-friendly gel cooling memory foam comfort layer provides proper surface temperature through wicking body heat away from the foam. The soft memory foam protects and supports the body through contouring to the body shape while the high-density foam disperses and absorbs weight for better motion isolation while the poly jacquard fabric blended with the hollow conjugated fiber offers breathability and satisfactory ventilation.

Olee Sleep Hybrid Innerspring Mattress


  • Soft memory foam adapts to your body shape and temperature
  • Firm enough to give support
  • Plush feel


  • Firmness may decrease

5. Englander Online Finale Queen Mattress

The US-made innerspring mattress showcases the 3-zone, 14 coil gauge spring support base offering motion transfer and noise reduction while providing accurate body support for the lower back, shoulders, and legs and effectively protects pressure points. The CertiPUR-US foam layers provide quality and healthy safe sleep while the soft quilted cover offers that cushiony and comfortable surface with even weight distribution.

Englander Online Finale Queen Mattress


  • Reasonable price
  • Pretty firm
  • Enough sinking


  • Smaller than the dimensions given on the website
  • Edges don’t have any support

6. Zinus Sleep Master 8-Inch Ultima Spring Mattress

Best Innerspring Mattress With Durability

The iCoil pocketed spring system offers hundreds of independently encased coil spring that virtually eliminate motion transfer for straight and no-disturbance sleep all night long while the customized firm support from the comfort foam offers the ultimate pressure relief. Zinus mattresses and the top quality CertiPUR-US foams are known for healthy and safe contents, quality performance, and better durability compared to other innerspring mattress models on the market.

Zinus Sleep Master 8-Inch Ultima Spring Mattress


  • Easy to set up
  • Comfy
  • Thick and plumpy


  • Slightly lumpy
  • Poor design

7. Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12″ Mattress

Best Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Mattress

This is a mattress created with two major considerations put into the design thought. It boasts of wrapped coils within that boosts the support offered to your prostrate body and gel-infused memory foam that adjusts to your specific body type for the best sleep of your life. On top of the mattress comes in the elegant quilted cover, corded edges, and knitted sides which enhances the overall breathability. The material used to make this mattress is durable so you can be sure this purchase is for the long haul. 

Gel-infused memory foam distributes heat out evenly, making naptimes more enriching and revitalizing. Furthermore, anyone suffering from mild back pain can use this mattress to alleviate any discomfort perceived when sleeping. This is because it offers orthopedic support on use. Getting into more detail, the innerspring coils have a vertical height of eight inches which offsets quite a bit of force exerted during sleep or any other activities. What this does is it reduces the likelihood of waking even your bed companion up due to muted motion disturbances. 

As a plus, the Classic Brands Mercer Pillow-Top Cool Gel Memory Foam and Innerspring Hybrid 12″ Mattress offers protection against mould, allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. It has undergone rigorous tests and has been found worthy of the CertiPUR-US standard for emissions, durability, and performance. With advanced packing technology, the mattress can be rolled and put in the delivery box, and all you would have to do is just unpack and give it 72 hours for it to perk back up.

Classic Brands Mercer Pillow


  • Offers great support
  • So comfortable it feels like you’re sleeping on a cloud
  • Really durable


  • Sags after a couple of uses
  • Has a plastic chemical-like smell
  • It is kind of lumpy after a few months of use


8. Beautyrest Silver BRS900 12 inch Extra Firm Innerspring Mattress

Reputation goes a long way in the modern world. However, like most other things in life, it doesn’t just happen automatically. To develop a good reputation, one needs to continuously offer to the assessing eye proof of one’s own competence. Beautyrest always deliver, and so it is no mystery to find them strongly in sixth place with their new and improved Beautyrest Silver BRS900 Extra Firm Innerspring Mattress

Like most of the other superb mattresses on this list, it comes with wrapped coil technology. This 900 Series Pocketed Coil Tech is arguably the earth’s prime mattress support system. Its firm feel reduces the overly soft and plushy feel you’ll get with some mattresses. This firm base ensures the spinal cord is perfectly aligned with no vertebra left positioned awkwardly. It’s all fun and games until you wake up with a stiff neck and sore back. The pressure relief it offers assists you to wake up feeling weightless and like a new being.

Its designers and sleep engineers knew what they were doing when they used memory foam on this bad boy. Its cooling technology reduces sleeping temperatures, which would make sleeping with your significant other breezy. This king-sized mattress has what is called an open-cell design. It contours to fit the body’s curves and general shape and goes above and beyond to soothe those body aches, sore muscles, and back pains.

Beautyrest silver BRS900


  • It is firm
  • Supports your body for a good night’s rest
  • Comes at a good price


  • The mattress is quite heavy
  • Its colors are bland 
  • The customer care service needs improvement

9. Sleep Master Classic Euro Top Spring Zinus Mattress

The fiber quilted euro box cover of the spring mattress consists of 1.5-inch comfort foam, and 2-inch high-density support base layer, offering conforming comfort from the top, while the 8.5-inch independently encased pocketed springs with iCoil system provides motion isolation and maintaining customized spinal protection and alignment.

    The high-quality CertiPUR-US certified foam layers offer long lasting performance and hypoallergenic sleeping surface with a worry-free 10-Year warranty.

Sleep Master Classic Euro Top Spring Zinus Mattress


  • The highest quality of foam
  • Smart shipping
  • Great for every night use


  • Short-termed

10. DreamFoam Bedding 2-Sided Pocket Coil Spring Mattress

There are 660 independently encased coils in the construction of this innerspring mattress model, offering pressure point reduction and minimizing motion transfer for straight and undisturbed sleep. The foam and quilting layer is designed for the top and bottom sections of the mattress, creating a comfortable sleeping surface while reducing the feel of the coils on the topmost level. The traditional pocketed coil construction of the mattress with two-sided design makes it a great option for improved durability and longevity with a 10-year protection warranty.

DreamFoam Bedding 2-Sided Pocket Coil Spring Mattress


  • No chemical smell
  • Supportive
  • Quiet


  • Edges are a little soft
  • Not very firm

Signs You Need To Replace Your Mattress

Mattresses are prone to wear and tear since the average person spends approximately 7 hours per night in bed or 2,555 hours per year and in a span of 7 years (it’s the average lifespan of an innerspring mattress), that would be 17,885 hours. The constant use of your mattress results in drastic changes including foam breakdown, sagging, defective support system, and overall poor sleep experience and quality. You can opt to add a mattress topper to make it more bearable to sleep, but replacing your mattress is essential as it might compromise the quality of your sleep and health. Here are some of the indicators in determining if you need a new mattress or not.

Sign #1: Your Mattress is Almost a Decade Old

The number of years a bed has served you is one of the essential signs that it is high time you go for a new one. It is highly recommended to change your mattress every 7 or up to 10 years. It would help if you write down the date of purchase and place it on your mattress label in case you are not good at keeping tabs because it would certainly help you remember when the right time comes for mattress replacement. Bear in mind that the manufacturer warranty only covers certain parts as well as its workmanship but not the overall comfort which could decline over time, thus even with a 20-year warranty, it is still best to replace when the first decade is up.

Sign #2: The Mattress Doesn’t Make you Feel Rested

A good night’s sleep helps you feel rested and refreshed when you wake up and if that’s not the case, then it is a sure sign your mattress is not working as it should. Waking up with aches and pains and feeling tired and drowsy are indicators of too much turning and tossing throughout the night. The body is basically working around the clock to get a comfortable sleeping position to prevent back pain, you need but to no avail thus the poor sleep experience and uncomfortable night’s rest. The comfort layers of the mattress eventually lose their ability to support the body and keep the pressure points protected. The mid-section which is the heavier part of the body may result in the sagging of the mattress on that specific area.

Sign #3: The Mattress Squeaks and Creaks

The squeaky and creaky sounds are sure signs that your mattress is shouting out for a replacement and that your body also needs a better and noiseless surface to give you uninterrupted sleep all night. The noise problems usually occur with coil innerspring mattresses particularly when the coils becomes loose or protrudes from the unit. Another important factor that affects the quality and comfort level of your body is the foundation or the box spring, as well as the frame that supports the mattress. Box springs need replacement if they are worn out or broken as it affects the shape, support, and comfort level of the bed while the frame with no center support could result in the mattress sagging in the center section.

Sign #4: The Mattress Accumulates Dust Mites and Allergen

Different mattress designs can resist or encourage the buildup of dust mites, debris, and allergens. However, defective mattresses that need replacement will give you the worse dust mite allergies. Dust mites thrive in the mattress especially if the mattress construction shows any nooks and crannies where they could accumulate over time unless you have waterbeds, latex, and memory foam mattresses that are typically made with dust mite resistant features. Extending the lifespan of your mattress is possible if you use dust mite resistant mattress pads or covers and regularly wash the bedding and pillows.

How Long a Mattress Lasts?


Innerspring Mattresses

The bouncy and springy surface of the innerspring mattress offers that comfortable feel and quality support but the inner core that is made from metal wires tends to lose its support and sag even when regularly rotated and flipped, making the average lifespan of this mattress type between 7 and 8 years.

Memory Foam Mattresses

Although less susceptible to sagging issues, the memory foam is not invincible and could last 10 years when regularly rotated or kept ventilated and clean.

Latex Mattresses

With an average lifespan of up to 15 years, the latex mattresses are the crème de la crème of longevity and overall quality, offering antimicrobial properties and hypoallergenic with most models showcasing sturdy core support system.

Mattress Industry

The mattress industry has evolved over time, with significant changes in the previous years, mainly with the influence of the changing demographics of mattress customers along with the demand for mattresses based on consumer confidence, population growth, and disposable income.

The competitive landscape in the mattress niche drove more and more manufacturers to emerge whether in the large-scale or small-scale production leagues with profitability depending on effective marketing and efficient production operations. A large percentage of the industry revenue, specifically 60% of the overall income and profits generated, account for the production and sales of innerspring mattresses while the remaining 40% is divided among different related products including box springs and mattress foundations, latex, memory foam, crib mattresses, air, and waterbeds.

Brief History of Innerspring Mattresses

Mattresses have been around for millennia, from 10,000 years ago during the Neolithic period up to the late 18th century with the advent of cotton mattresses on cast iron beds, offering sleeping places that have better bug or vermin resistance. It was only in 1865 when the first ever coil spring mattress construction was patented, and in the 1930s, the innerspring mattress beds featuring upholstered foundations has dominated the top position in Canada and the United States.

The following decades welcomed different other mattress types including futons, foam rubber mattresses, modern waterbeds, the adjustable beds and bed foundations, airbeds, and the memory foam and latex mattresses. The 2000s witnessed a dramatic growth and diversification of contemporary bedding particularly the almost unlimited designs and range of the original innerspring mattress.

What are Spring Mattresses Made of?

Three main materials used in a spring mattress.
Mattress Layers

Support Layer

The base, foundation or spring core is the main body or bulk of the innerspring interior offering support while sleeping and have a huge influence on the durability and capacity of the mattress to withstand body weight and pressure over time. The support layer is usually made up of hundreds of thousands of steel springs, also referred to as coils or coil springs with other factors combined, determining the firmness or softness as well as the position of the mattress in the price scale.

Comfort Layer

Also known as the upholstery layer, comfort layer is the topmost surface that is typically made of different fibers or foam materials, providing cushion and comfort at the uppermost surface of the mattress. The most common materials used in the innerspring mattress’ comfort layer are regular polyurethane foam, gel memory foam, latex, or visco-elastic foam. Cheaper comfort layers may have other material options such as polyester materials, polypropylene or celestial, and cotton top layers.

Fabric Cover

Fabric cover or ticking is the encasement of the whole mattress including the support and comfort layers. The encasing comes in various patterns and colors as well as fabric materials that influence the cushion, feel, and plush effects of the sleep surface. However, the most common fabric cover is made of polyester yarns with various color schemes. Upscale fabric covers for innerspring mattresses are a blend of polyester with silk, wool, rayon, or cotton materials.

Pros and Cons of Innerspring Mattress

The outlined pros and cons of innerspring mattress give you a much clearer guide to making the wisest and most lucrative buying decision:


  • Better and Wider Availability

Innerspring mattresses have the edge of popularity and a proven, established a foothold in the mattress industry, making this a widely known and preferred mattress model with good availability whether online or in most brick and mortar stores and showrooms.

  • More Affordable Models

One of the top reasons why customers still prefer innerspring mattress over their much newer and at times more technologically advanced competition is the price. Innerspring mattresses are cheaper compared to memory foam, latex, and Hybrid mattress types. Price range varies from as low as a few hundred to luxury models with five-figure price tags, depending on the type of spring coil construction or the blend of materials used in the innerspring mattress unit.

  • Better Overall and Edge Support for Heavy Individuals

Contemporary spring mattresses are now made with a superior edge and overall support for durability and stability especially in withstanding pressure and weight of heavy individuals. Coil pocketed spring mattresses are usually constructed with reinforced edge supports to avoid sagging or falling off the bed when sitting or lying near the corners. These features of the innerspring mattress, along with its springy and bouncing feel, make it an ideal choice of bed for lovemaking as well.

  • Developed Technology for Firmness Variety

The innerspring mattress’ coil gauge determines its firmness or softness level whereas the lower the coil gauge, the firmer the mattress and vice versa. More developed and innovative technologies were also invented and integrated into the innerspring mattress construction with various coil types and eco-friendly products that influence the feel, comfort level, and overall sleep experience.


  • Prone to Noise and Sagging

Innerspring mattresses are not invincible especially when it comes to sagging and sinking tendencies, usually taking place when there is a depression on the surface, creating uneven body impressions. The mid-section is the heaviest part of the body which is why the middle part of the mattress bed is most prone to sagging which consequentially reduces the support and comfort level of the mattress.

Moreover, coil spring is known to create noise when moving especially with defective and old beds where the coil tends to protrude or loosen over time. Older innerspring mattresses have reduced noise isolation which is quite normal with steel inner structures resulting in squeaking and creaking sounds that interrupt your sleep when your partner tosses and turns on his side of the bed.

  • Reduced Durability and Lifespan

Among the different mattress types in the market, the innerspring mattress has a relatively much shorter lifespan with an average lifespan of up to 5 or 6 years for better quality pocketed spring models.

  • Motion Isolation

Innerspring offers lesser motion isolation and weight distribution, making it a not so sound choice for a couple’s bed since moved from the other side of the bed could be felt all over the mattress. Pocketed spring models, on the other hand, have much better construction technology due to independently pocketed springs that evenly distribute movement and better absorb motion compared to the continuous, open, and offset coils.

  • Dust Mite and Allergen Build-Up

The innerspring steel structure with underlying layers that are usually made of fiber and wool materials are the perfect breeding ground for allergens and dust mites to accumulate and build up over time. Care, regular cleaning, and maintenance of the innerspring mattress bed are essential if you want to maintain a healthier and cleaner sleeping surface that is not susceptible to pollutants and agents that could trigger severe and adverse allergic reactions.

Innerspring vs. Other Mattress Types

The best way to compare an innerspring mattress versus other mattress types is through pointing out the strong and weak points of the coil spring vs. other types of mattress.

Innerspring Mattress vs. Latex Foam

Affordability and customer familiarity are still strong points of an innerspring mattress compared to the less popular latex and latex hybrid models with significantly more expensive price tags. Innerspring mattresses have minimal heat retention but could be quite inferior to latex and latex hybrids when it comes to longevity, durability, pain relief, motion isolation, and noise prevention for undisrupted sleep. Both models may have a high tendency of off-gassing or initial gas emission with relatively the same support potentials, especially with edge support.

Innerspring vs. Memory Foam vs. Hybrid

An innerspring mattress is widely available with numerous models and designs to choose from whereas memory foam and hybrid ones may have relatively lesser availability since these mattress types are newer in the market compared to the innerspring models that have been around for decades.

Consumers are more familiar with innerspring mattresses compared to memory foam, and hybrid models since innerspring are widely accessible both online and in brick and mortar stores. Innerspring models are more affordable which is one of the reasons why more and more customers still prefer coil spring mattresses over their more expensive memory foam or memory foam hybrid counterparts.

Mattress Size Chart

The ideal innerspring mattress is not too small and not too big, depending on your personal needs and preferences, whether you need more room or downgrade on the mattress sizing.
TwinFullQueenKingCal. King
The smallest mattress size excluding crib-sized mattresses, twin beds have a dimension of approximately 38-inch wide by 75-inch long, making this mattress size quite small especially for adult men with bigger body types or frames. Twin or Twin XL mattress sizes are good alternatives for bed spaces in tight areas such as college dorms, bachelor pads, and RVs.
Also referred to them as double mattress, full-size beds are usually 53 inches in width or just 15 inches wider compared to its twin size counterpart, leaving each sleeper with 27” of personal space and approximately 75-inch long, making it too short for most adult men. Full-size beds are ideal for single sleepers under 5 feet and 5 inches tall which is why it is a popular choice for teenage bedrooms since the additional space is ideal for growing youngsters.
The typical dimension for queen size mattress is 60” by 80” in width and length respectively, making it just 6 inches wider than full-size alternatives with an additional 5 inches length. The more spacious sleep surface makes a world of difference in terms of comfort, particularly for couples. Queen mattresses are categorically the most popular mattress size and a widely used option for guest rooms, couple’s rooms, and smaller master bedrooms while single sleepers that have the tendency to “sprawl” in bed also prefer this spacious size.
The usual king size bed measures 76 inches wide by 80 inches long or 18 inches wider than its queen counterpart which is also the most spacious bed option or equivalent to 2 extra-long twin beds put together. King beds are flexible bed arrangements for guest rooms and for couples that prefer maximum personal sleeping area, accommodating more sleepers in one sleeping set-up. This is a rather huge and bulky bed size that you could not easily manage and navigate through stairwells, doors, and corridors.
Consumers on the west coast have a bigger and more spacious alternative with the California King or Cal King mattress size. It measures approximately 72-inch by 84-inch wide and long, which is narrower compared to the regular king but with a much longer measurement. This is the best option if you have a relatively bigger and larger room with substantially more space to spare for such a humungous and regal sized bed.
Another important factor that differentiates a mattress model from others is the gauge of the coil or the thickness of the wire that is used in the base or foundation construction, whereas a lower gauge means thicker and heavier wire offering more support potentials while higher gauge means thinner springs and more inferior support. Coil gauge is one of the essential factors that determine the firmness level of the mattress, with specifically firmer gauges that start at 12 while 15 means softer mattresses.
As a general guide, the firmer mattress with better back pain relief is a mattress with approximately 12 or 12.5 coil gauge while medium-firm mattresses have 13 or 13.5 and sleepers that prefer a much softer or bouncier feel usually have 14 gauge or higher.

Innerspring Mattresses by Coil Type

The 4 main types of the coil for innerspring mattresses are highlighted according to the coil design and pattern, having different effects on the quality and overall sleep experience of the user: Bonnel, Continuous, Offset, Pocket.

Open CoilsContinuous CoilsOffset CoilsPocket Spring
Also known as the Bonnell, this coil design is the most common and oldest coil system which is also the cheapest innerspring mattress model, consisting of several springs with hourglass-shaped design, made of tempered steel. The coils are placed together to form one solid and bulky innerspring structure. However, this coil system is not superior in terms of durability, motion isolation, support, and longevity compared to other coil types.
Also known as the Bonnell, this coil design is the most common and oldest coil system which is also the cheapest innerspring mattress model, consisting of several springs with hourglass-shaped design, made of tempered steel. The coils are placed together to form one solid and bulky innerspring structure. However, this coil system is not superior in terms of durability, motion isolation, support, and longevity compared to other coil types.
Much pricier than its Bonnell counterpart, this type of coil mattress have similar design and structure type. However, the springs are hinged together to provide more body contouring features and better motion isolation. Innerspring mattresses with offset coil systems are usually found in the mid-range or higher end price scales.
Pocket spring or pocket coil mattresses are engineered with top quality innovative technology where hundreds or thousands of independently encased springs individually function to ensure superior motion isolation and support while ensuring longevity and durability. The pocketed springs are covered with fabric or cloth, making the springs noiseless for better-undisturbed sleep all night.

How to Choose the Best Innerspring Mattress: The Ultimate Buying Guide

On top of checking the comparison between innerspring mattress brands and models, it is imperative to check out the different practical tips and techniques in making a sound and practical buying decision. How do you know the best innerspring mattress models that are ideal for your sleeping needs and preferences without being persuaded into buying something that only the salespeople will benefit from? The following are the effective and necessary steps on how you can find and select the best innerspring mattress models today:

Mattress Price

Prices for innerspring mattresses varies a lot. Thus your budget is one of the essential factors that should be considered when choosing a new mattress. Nowadays, there are modest prices that offer a decent mattress quality and overall sleep experience. They help you invest in exceptional mattresses without the most expensive price tags. In choosing a mattress budget, always remember that price doesn’t really equate the overall quality of the mattress especially when shopping in brick and mortar stores as some showrooms and stores could go overboard if you don’t know how to negotiate.

Ultra-cheap mattresses may not be high in quality especially in terms of durability and longevity as well as in its content which may be high in toxicity and chemicals, but they may serve long years in a guest room. Always pay for quality, health, safety, and top-notch sleep experience and for a mattress that could last for up to a decade with proper care and maintenance.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a mattress is the level of firmness you need. Basically how soft or hard the mattress surface typically feels. The firmness and feel of the mattress are quite relative and dependent on an individual’s personal definition of the firm, medium, and soft. Although subjective, firmness level may also be based on several other factors such as your sleep position, body type, size, and weight.

Support is not the same as firmness level because the former simply refers to the capacity of the mattress to keep your back or spine in proper alignment. Firmness, on the other hand, refers to the feel of the mattress, specifically on how comfortable the mattress feels when you lie down. Overall, the optimal mattress firmness is always interconnected and linked with the comfort level.

Sleeping Position

The best mattress should be the one that supports your sleeping style whether it is on your side, back, or stomach or a little bit of everything since every sleeping position requires an ideal firmness level. Side sleepers or those who sleep on their sides usually rotate from one side to another, always on a constantly changing position whether with both legs straight, both legs bent, or one straight and one bent.

The best mattress for side sleepers should have just the right amount of firmness and cushion with contouring effects that protect the different curves and pressure points of the body. Back sleepers, on the other hand, should have a mattress that has both support and firmness with a push-back effect for proper spine alignment to avoid prolonged back problems.

Too soft or too plush mattresses could not support back sleepers and could result in too much pressure on the back, neck, and shoulders, giving you uncomfortable mornings. Finally, stomach sleepers have one main requirement for a mattress and that is support particularly in the mid-section or torso area because equal support across the body prevents a sinking or sagging tendency that eventually causes lower back pain.

Body Type and Weight

Body weight and frame type are two crucial things that should be considered when choosing a mattress since these could highly affect the mattress’ feel, cooling, support, and sagging tendencies. A specific type of mattress caters to different body weight and time, creating different support and feel to the varied needs of the body.

Denser and firmer mattresses are ideal for heavier sleepers since thicker mattresses with sturdy and firm sleep surfaces could withstand the weight and pressure, avoiding that sinking or sagging feeling over time. Lightweight sleepers, on the other hand, require less dense and soft to medium plush mattress surfaces with a cushiony feel.

When buying an innerspring mattress with memory foam comfort layer, one of the most important things you need to know is what mattress density means in the first place. The density of a mattress essentially relates to the firmness level of the mattress and it is different from the mattress thickness which refers to the mattress’ actual height.

The mattress density influences the solidness and heaviness of the mattress per volume thus if you want a much firmer, heavier, and solid feel, you need a spring mattress with high-density foam comfort layer while lighter and more airy mattresses have lower density foams and comfort layers.

Density is basically the measurement of the foam weight per volume and determines numerous characteristics of the mattress mainly based on its density. Denser foams are more expensive and are higher quality ones. Innerspring mattresses with high-density memory foam or foam layers offer more support and pressure point protection compared to units with cheaper and low-density top sleeping surface.


Low Density – 3lbs/Cubic Foot and UnderMedium Density – 4-5lbs/Cubic FootHigh Density – 6+ lbs/Cubic Foot
Low-density foams for your innerspring mattress comfort layer instantly give you that plush and softer feel, making it a remarkable choice if you prioritize softness over support for your back or spinal alignment. This type of memory foam mattress is different from the conventional stiffness that the foam type is known for and it is basically the best option if you want a cheaper bed. However, there may be issues of not offering enough protection and cushioning that you can potentially feel the coil on the surface.
Also known as the “Goldilocks” firmness level, the medium 4-5lb region is the most popular bracket due to its balance of just the right amount of firmness and softness, medium density mattresses are also popular due to their reasonably affordable price that caters to all budget ranges. The initial feel is not the same as the level of stiffness or firmness that is experienced with higher density brackets. However, it’s a good alternative if you don’t have any back or spinal problems and would want a blend of something not too soft and not too firm for the sleeping surface. Medium density provides a cushiony plush surface without that sinking feel because of the sufficient support from the innerspring base and the firmer foam layer.
High-density foams for your innerspring mattress blend is in the area where you get to pay top dollar to enjoy the benefits of an orthopedic mattress with not less than 6lbs density level. This is the ideal therapeutic bed surface that may be combined with the innerspring support base and the best option if you are suffering from nasty backaches, pains, and pressure point problems. Highly dense mattress surfaces have a profound stiffness. However, the body would eventually warm up much faster and with the ultimate support and contouring that conforms to the different shape of the body. High-density comfort layers also boost the durability and longevity of the mattress, making your bed last for years.

Test Comfort Level

The best way to test the comfort level of an innerspring mattress is to lie on the mattress and feel how comfortable it is because there is just no other way to tell for yourself if the mattress is the right match for your personal preferences for the right firmness or softness or something in-between.

While lying on the mattress, make sure you try your natural sleeping position to see how it feels, taking several minutes to check it out thoroughly. Experts also suggest putting your hand on the surface of the innerspring mattress and placing enough pressure to feel if the coils are cushioned enough or if you can apparently feel the coil springs in your palm while pressing. For online purchases, testing the mattress comfort level is more challenging and daunting but the trial period is the remedy for this issue. Manufacturers allow customers to try out the product for as short as 30 to as long as 120 days for the trial period, depending on their terms and conditions.

Warranties, Trials, and Exchanges

Depending on the innerspring mattress brand, model, and overall quality, the warranty protection ranges from 5 to 25 years, with ten years as the average length in this mattress niche. Take note that warranty length is not necessarily equivalent to mattress lifespan because the useful lifespan of a mattress is often just a fraction of the total warranty length. For instance, innerspring mattresses with up to 5 years warranty length usually have up to 4.7 years average useful lifespan, 7.1 years useful lifespan for 10 years warranty protection, and 8.2 years for 20-year limited warranty protection.

All in all, only factory defects, faulty workmanship, and low-quality materials are the only ones covered in the limited warranty protection and not normal wear because the damage could not be objectively measured and clearly observed.

Preventing Warranty Void

Different mattress brands and manufacturers have their own terms and conditions when it comes to mattress warranty coverage, but most warranties generally offer repair or replacement of defective models especially innerspring mattresses with premature wear and sagging due to use of improper frames and foundation.

Staining, fluid penetration, and soiling may fully void the mattress warranty, and even when the damage is nowhere near the sagging area, it could still affect the warranty, thus forfeiting the protection and disqualifying the mattress for unit replacement or repair.

Warranty Coverage and Sagging Issues

One of the most common complaints against innerspring mattresses is the sagging problem with regular use over time, making shoppers pay special attention to the mattress warranty coverage on sagging issues. In most cases, mattress manufacturers only cover sagging problems with severity, thus providing a particular depth that is qualified for the warranty coverage. For instance, the innerspring mattress is only eligible for repair or replacement if the sagging area reaches 1.5-inch deep or deeper.

Innerspring Mattress Return Policy

There are various reasons why mattress owners return their mattress and the most common include the lack of comfort usually due to too firm and stiff sleeping surfaces resulting in painful back and pressure points. Others find their mattress too soft while sleepers that complain about sleeping hot, off-gassing and unsuitability for sex also return their mattress within the trial period.

Return Policy Minimum and Maximum Length

The maximum and minimum return policy length depend on the brand or manufacturer of the innerspring mattress. The average length that retailers allocate in their return policy is up to 1 month for spring coil mattress models while other mattress types have up to 120 days. Longer return periods usually have no bearing on mattress owners, but they are failsafe knowing that you can return the mattress in case certain issues will appear in a longer run.

Manufacturers strongly suggest that owners spend the time to sleep on the mattress for at least 30 days to determine if the comfort level and other features of the innerspring mattress match what they are looking for.

About Money Back Policies

Mattress buyers must be wary about the money back guarantee policy because not all retailers are true to this offer and if they do, it will cost you since there’s an involved fee such as restocking fees and return transport fees, usually ranging from $50 to $500. There are reports that purchasing an innerspring mattress with tried and true money back policy is quite more common in online stores rather than the traditional physical retailers and brick and mortar mattress showrooms.

Innerspring Mattress Shipping

Different retailers and manufacturers have their own shipping policy whether they offer them for free or with a corresponding charge, but generally, most USA-based manufacturers and suppliers provide free delivery and shipment for orders within the United States. Innovative shipping technology of mattresses may vary from one manufacturer to another, but most of the innerspring models are shipped sealed and compressed for convenience and easy transportation purposes. Advanced shipping features help owners place the mattress in the room where they will be used before they are opened to inflate and expand for several hours, depending on the instruction of the manufacturer.

Exchange Policies

Depending on the mattress manufacturer, most exchange policies offer a one-time exchange while others allow multiple exchanges as long as it is within the return policy time frame. Some manufacturers allow no refunds, only exchange policies thus it is essential to be 100% sure about the mattress before you finalize your purchase.

Just like the return policy and money back policy, exchanges also do not come free because owners need to pay the fee when they want to return the mattress and exchange it for another innerspring model from the same manufacturer. On top of the $50 to $500 exchange fees, you also need to make up the difference in case the unit you want to exchange with your original mattress is much more expensive.

Non Spring Mattresses


The plant-based latex mattress is made from processed and manufactured rubber tree sap, offering cooling, comfortable, healthy, and safe properties through dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic sleeping surface.

The responsive, breathable, and bouncing properties of the latex foam make it ideal for sleepers that want body-conforming foam with sufficient body support offering cooler nights and no allergic effects even for the most sensitive individuals. The contouring and cushiony feel of the latex foam on top of its supportive base support layer makes it an ideal bed for side sleepers and couples that have back problems or spine alignment issues.

Memory Foam

Originally made for NASA, memory foam is known for pressure relief, remarkable support, and outstanding body contouring features, offering that conforming design with different firmness levels from ultra-firm to ultra-plush. One of the most notable issues with memory foam mattresses is the tendency to get warm or hot. However, newer models are already modified with superior cooling properties to minimize and eliminate heat retention.

Innerspring Mattress Reviews

The best innerspring mattresses vary in terms of brand and model, with some brands more popular than others. However, the innerspring mattress type is already on top of the list due to consumer familiarity and wide availability. Different mattress selections based on brands have their features which are unique and exclusively offered by that particular manufacturer:

Most Popular Innerspring Mattress Brands

DreamFoam Bedding


The DreamFoam Bedding brand offers latex, memory foam, and foam mattresses but it also has a collection of hybrid mattresses featuring coil spring construction, making this manufacturer one of the unusual names in the innerspring mattress niche. The brand is highly preferred because of its decent models for quality and good night’s rest but with the most affordable and reasonable pricing. Different models with the innerspring construction and comfort layer blends are offered with the lowest prices and a risk-free trial with a solid warranty.



The USA-made brand is one of the top names in the spring-based mattress niche, offering offset, open, or pocket coils for superior support and comfort for regular gel foam and gel memory foam hybrids. Sealy Posturepedic is a version of the Sealy which is a low- to mid-priced innerspring type offering more sophisticated design and materials than the ultra-valued Sealy Brand series. Posturepedic highlights 3 model lines namely Posturepedic, Posturepedic Plus, and the Posturepedic Hybrid. Some of the high points of the brand are in support for lesser back pains, average conforming ability, motion isolation for uninterrupted sleep, edge support, and lesser heat trap. The Sealy Brand warranty protection ranges from 5 to 10 years while the Posturepedic series offers ten years non-prorated full coverage.



With an above average customer satisfaction rating, the innerspring mattress is a low to mid-range brand with the Serta iComfort Hybrid and iSeries, all widely available in both online and brick and mortar stores. The brand is known for is more flexible price range with various firmness and comfort levels, offering initial comfort and support for an up o 120-day trial period. Serta beds are foam-based and spring-based mattresses which have certain issues such as below-average longevity and durability mainly due to sagging tendencies as well as poor motion isolation and noise.

Signature Sleep

Signature Sleep

The low price of this brand is one of the top reasons why it is a widely known and highly preferred innerspring mattress selection given its high-value potentials and decent model varieties. There are, however, certain issues such as the firm sleep surface that is not amenable to most side sleepers while the inadequate support could be an issue especially for heavy individuals and couples. Another downfall for this innerspring mattress brand is the little or no warranty for the China-made mattresses made from foam and spring materials and shipped sealed and compressed while the unit expands when opened.



The high-value potentials of this brand along with its extremely low price and the variety of models to choose from make Zinus one of the top choices for innerspring mattresses that are delivered sealed and compressed and quickly expand once the units are opened. The China-made models have average scores when it comes to motion isolation for uninterrupted sleep even when your partner tosses and turns all night long. It also scored average when it comes to off-gassing or initial odor issues and heat retention. There are concerns that the mattresses may not be that good for large and heavy individuals, the edge support is less to not satisfactory, and the sleep surface may be too firm for some models especially for side sleepers.



The USA-made mattresses are quite on the higher end of the price scale in the innerspring mattress niche, coming in three different firmness levels with coil-on-coil support and a pillow top. However, most Saatva models are not compatible with adjustable bases. The brand has several models with high-quality features. Some of the top features of this brand include good general support, however, it may still have concerns with large and heavy individuals. Other features of the brand that have satisfactory ratings including conforming ability to contour to the body of the sleeper, resulting in a pressure-point-free and cradling sensation, something that most innerspring brands fail to offer. Saatva is also known for its above average edge support, no initial odor or off-gassing issues, reduced heat trap or retention, and no noise when you move offering undisturbed and quality good night’s rest.



The USA-based brand enjoys wide availability in both online and in brick and mortar stores, offering a variety of firmness and comfort levels with low to high-priced mattresses made from spring-based materials. The bed’s comfort layer may include regular foam, memory foam, gel-infused foam, or memory foam with gel-infused or diamond particle-infused materials while the base support is usually made with a pocketed coil system. Some of the most popular models or collections from the Simmons brand include Beautyrest and Beautysleep mattresses with varied scores from above average on conforming potentials, general support, edge support, motion isolation, heat retention, and no off-gassing issues for some models.

Englander Online


The company generally makes innerspring mattress while it also ventures into manufacturing latex and foam beds, having a wide range of mattress models that suit all personal sleeping needs and preferences. The Tension Ease collection of Englander Online showcases innerspring mattress models with above average rating on price, motion isolation, and warranty, however, there could be problems with the product’s availability because the mattress models are difficult to locate and access in many physical areas. One of the most pressing issues with this brand is the problem with their mattress lifespan and durability.

Classic Brands

Classic Brands

One of the leading innerspring manufacturers, the brand offers innovative models with hybrid series that highlights multiple layers and designs blending memory foam cool gel comfort layers with an independently wrapped pocket coil for quality results. The brand manufacturers low to mid-range mattress pricing with the widest assortment of mattress models to choose from. There are certain issues in terms of durability and longevity just like for any other innerspring mattresses available online and in physical stores. However, most customer satisfaction scores higher especially with the high potentials for value due to its decent models with really cheaper price rates.

Olee Sleep

Olee Sleep

A good night’s rest is what this USA-based mattress manufacturer is aiming for when it comes to its collection of spring mattresses made with innovative designs and an impressive 10-Year Limited Warranty. Olee Sleep also combines other foam materials to come up with the exceptional blend of strong and sturdy pocketed coil spring base support and the memory foam comfort layer to ensure better and more comfortable sleep without sacrificing back support and pressure point protection. Some issues on the brand’s models may include heat retention, weak edge support, sagging tendencies, and questionable durability, especially for heavy or large individuals.

What Can You Buy With your Mattress?

Innerspring Mattress Foundations

Whether you have an innerspring mattress bed, memory foam, latex, and hybrid mattress models, mattress foundations are essential to ensure the right support or base for the mattress, offering back support and keeping the mattress in tip-top shape and condition for a longer period. There are various mattress foundations available with their unique features and designs as well as price rate to cater to different budget brackets.

Box and Metal Frame

The foundation type is the most versatile and least expensive of all the options you have for your innerspring mattress bed. It allows you to add or fancy the base up with a headboard while offering portability and easier cleanup and rearranging. A metal frame or box foundations are ideal for a tight budget since you can temporarily use it for the housing of the mattress while you are still indecisive of a more permanent foundation or if you are still waiting for your money to become available.

Platform Beds

Customizable platform beds can be easily organized to cater to your sleep space, or you can opt for a more practical model where you can find storage underneath the mattress foundation. Platform beds can be space-savers or space-hogs, depending on the size you prefer since bulkier platform beds for the queen, king, and cal king sizes consume a lot of floor space.

Adjustable Base Foundations

The adjustable base foundations for your innerspring mattress are no longer exclusive for hospital use because there are models that are fully adjustable and convertible as massage bed, or chair, contouring to the shape and desired position of the user, transforming your bed into an instant recliner.

Innerspring Mattress for Kids

Young children need the same good night’s rest, at times even more than adults because they are still in their growing up years and development stage that’s why it is essential to find the right innerspring mattress for kids. Proper mattress type is essential to support the posture of your child which is essential in having the bone strength and encourage deep sleep cycles for better health. There are various factors to consider when looking for the ideal innerspring mattress for babies, toddlers, and young children to ensure better sleep:

Kids Mattresses

Correct Size

Crib mattresses are still usable until your kid reaches the age of 2 or 3 when you needed to transition from a baby’s crib mattress to a more long-term and appropriately sized mattress. Twin-sized innerspring mattresses or full-sized beds are ideal choices if you are looking for durability and longevity and the regular twin mattress is the perfect choice if the space inside the room is quite limited.

Support Type

Innerspring coils with the blend of memory foam are the most common and popular mattress support system that is ideal for children, particularly the open-coil type with networks of connected coils that allow pressure points sinking in for superior support and spine alignment. Open coil systems with pocketed spring construction are more expensive but are remarkable options for eliminating motion transfer and coil spring can withstand the weight of a child even with regular jumping, thus, extending the lifespan of the mattress.

Quality Healthy Materials

Innerspring mattresses have comfort layers that are usually made from polyfoam, memory foam, and latex foam, all have their respective health and safety features. Choose a mattress comfort layer that is blended with the innerspring foundation with healthy and hypoallergenic materials to avoid any skin irritation or respiratory allergies in children.

Innerspring Mattress Pet Beds

Your pet, specifically your dog, needs a comfortable sleeping surface just as you need one and since dogs usually leave their fur on your mattress, it is best to give them their own bed. An innerspring dog mattress is one of the best investments you could ever make to ensure the comfort of your furry best friend.

Pet Beds

Dog beds are also essential for senior dogs or dogs with orthopedic problems because most innerspring dog beds are designed with superior support system and comfort at the same time. Just like humans, dogs also have their own preferred sleeping position which is an important factor to look into when choosing and buying an innerspring mattress for your pet.

Consider your dog’s size and choose a mattress that provides ample additional space for your dog even when he stretches out while sleeping, not to mention the importance of a mattress that is ideal for your dog’s weight. Innerspring dog beds vary in design and feature including nest pet beds, orthopedic beds, pet couches, and kennel beds.

Innerspring Mattress Bed Accessories

Complete your sleep experience and invest in other bedding accessories to match your innerspring mattress from memory foam pillows or cooling pillows to duvets to headboards, bed legs, bed skirts and bed base cover, mattress toppers, and mattress covers.

Mattress Toppers


Also known as a mattress pad, toppers are like the extension to your sleep surface, offering an additional layer that provides the best cushion for a soft and plush sleep without compromising the firm and stable support you need from the innerspring bed. Different mattress toppers have varied materials from latex to memory foam, showcasing different thickness and fabric covers.

Mattress Covers


Choosing the right mattress cover for your innerspring mattress is essential as fabric covers could offer more breathability and ventilation especially with hypoallergenic and organic fabric materials. Mattress covers encase the innerspring base and comfort layer, protecting the entire unit from dust, dirt, debris, stain, and other damages that could ruin the mattress and void your warranty.

Bed Skirts and Bed Base Covers

Bed Base Covers

Keep the dust bunny at bay with nice and dainty bed skirts and bed base covers that come in different color schemes and fabric materials, boosting the aesthetics and overall quality of your bed and your bedroom in general.


Bed Canopies/Headboards


Accessorize and personalize your innerspring mattress with headboards and canopies that come with different materials and design. Headboards are additional features for the innerspring mattress which you can basically connect to a metal frame or foundation, depending on the overall construction of the base and the looks you are aiming for.

Buying Innerspring Mattress

There are numerous mattress types and hundreds of mattress brands and models to choose from, making it extra challenging and difficult to choose the ideal new mattress to invest in and there is no absolute mattress that works for everyone because one person’s backache could be another’s definition of luxury and comfort.

Where Can You Get Mattress? Online Shopping vs. Shopping in Stores

One of the most important things to consider in choosing a mattress is to first look for the source where you can find and get one and in mattress buying, you can either buy online or in brick and mortar stores.

Online Store Pros and Cons

The best perk for shopping in online stores is that you don’t need to leave your house. Thus it is an ideal choice for busy individuals who don’t have the luxury of time to go to physical stores to find a mattress.

Moreover, there are lots of mattress models to choose from compared to in-store shopping where there are certain limits in the stocks available at the store and most of the online stores offer the lowest prices and discounts. However, the downside of online shopping is that you cannot try the mattress and although it’s a huge risk. Suppliers and manufacturers try to remedy this through offering trial periods where you can return the mattress within their allocated time frame if you feel that it is not the right match for you.

Why User Reviews are Important

Since you cannot test the mattress yourself, the importance of user reviews is paramount in making a sound and wise decision because you’ll need honest feedback of those who have actually used and experienced sleeping on the mattress for a substantial period. You may not check how a spring mattress works, for instance, but innerspring mattress reviews from actual and real owners would give you a helpful guide and essential ideas on what to expect if you decide to purchase the mattress.

Do I Need a Box-Spring with Mattress

Most mattresses do not need a box-spring of the foundation, but it primarily depends on the mattress owner as to what they need and wants in a foundation. Box-spring is the traditional foundation that is designed for conventional coil spring mattresses with a wooden frame box containing springs and covered in cloth, serving as the base for coil spring mattress beds.

Modern box-springs initially complement the spring mattress bed and integrated into becoming one completed bed, offering correct support for the mattress to ensure comfort level and longevity. If your box-spring does not make any noises and still holds well there is no reason to change it.

On Trial Period, Warranty, Return Policy

Different Internet-based mattress stores and suppliers are fully equipped with several features that would address the issues or consequences of buying online especially the downside of not personally testing the mattress yourself. Online sellers and manufacturers remedy the problem through offering trial periods, warranty, and return policy so that customers will have 100% peace of mind and assurance that their hard-earned money would not go to waste on a mattress that does not even suit their needs and preferences for a good night’s rest.

Trial Period

In most cases, manufacturers offer about 100 days for owners to just sleep on and try the mattress before deciding how you feel about the unit and choosing to keep it or return the unit to the supplier. In traditional brick and mortar stores, the return policy is quite shorter with up to 30 days allocated timeframe and most policies that guarantee a full refund for returned items usually require fees between $50 and $500 while some stores only offer store credit instead of refunding the mattress. However, there are major direct-to-consumer mattress companies such as Casper, Saatva, Leesa, and Tuft & Needle that offer killer deals of actually giving you 100% refund, free of charge.

Warranty and Return Policy

Warranty protection is another important thing to consider when buying a mattress, especially when it is a coil spring mattress that is quite prone to damage and defects over time. When you read about innerspring mattress reviews, make sure that you check out the warranty of the mattress since the usefulness and authenticity of the warranty are as good as its brand or manufacturer. Choose an established and stable mattress company, to begin with, because they can back their warranty up and fulfill the guarantee in their warranty coverage, giving you 100% peace of mind and financial protection especially if the unit requires repair or replacement.

Types of Online Shopping Stores

Whether you are looking for the best innerspring mattresses or other types of mattress, there are web-based shopping stores that offer the widest selection of mattress brands and models often with the most affordable and reasonable price.

In-Store Pros and Cons

There are different subcategories in this group such as Big Box retailers, department stores, furniture stores, and mattress specialty stores and unlike online mattress shopping, you get to try the mattresses in physical stores and get advice and guidance from salespersons that are in charge of the area or mattress section. However, the obvious downside is that you would have to spend the time to go to the store and do your shopping personally and most importantly, most mattress units in stores have significantly much higher price rates compared to online mattresses, yet you can still negotiate the price if you know how to.

Beware of Mattress Scams

Buying a mattress especially finding the best innerspring mattress, whether online or in stores, is a challenging and daunting experience especially if you encounter some of the most pertinent and subtle scams prevalent in the mattress industry.

The Changing Name Scam

The scam is as simple as changing the name of the exact same mattress for different retailers so that buyers could not compare the price with another dealer. The changing name scam gives an illusion that one retailer’s “personalized” mattress is much better than another brand when in fact, it is absolutely the same and most likely you’ve already seen it in another department store.

The Mystery Components Scam

It is a scam that basically drowns customers in a sea of mattress jargon to throw them off with all the technical lingo mumbo jumbo in the already-confusing mattress industry. Terms such as “super soft cell,” “medical-grade,” and the proprietary “ultra-ventilated” are all empty words and terminologies if the manufacturer could not give you a straight answer as to the most basic specs of the mattress and what its construction is made.

Protection from feeling the coils

In the previous decades, innerspring mattresses have transformed from the prototypical mattress to the humungous beds. Mattress industry made us believe that multiple comfort layers that are intended to cover the inherent discomfort from the steel spring core in the overall mattress construction. Choosing the best innerspring mattresses is not so much about the size and height of the bed but the technology that addresses the inherent design flaws in this type of bed.

The Money-Back Guarantee Scam

The entire concept of the money-back guarantee is a painful hassle for most retailers, and even with that kind of guarantee that is offered upfront, there really is none, for most retailers. The best way is to check out online reviews about certain manufacturers and the experience of most customers when it comes to having their mattresses returned and got their money back with a full refund because there is frankly no guarantee.

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