Best Iptv Boxes For A Memorable Viewing Experience

If there’s one thing that has changed every sector of our lives is the internet. Of all technological advances out there, the web is one that has made life easy and opened the world to endless opportunities. One of the areas that have felt the impact of the internet is the world of entertainment where viewers can easily stream their favorite music, movies, and TV programs without the need for a satellite dish or antenna. To do so, one needs one of the best iptv boxes – an Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) box which helps watch television using the internet.

The popularity of best iptv boxes has risen as entertainment companies turn to the internet to meet the ever growing needs of their viewers. To enjoy IPTV services, users have to subscribe to a given package by the service provider which will ally them access to different items. With an IPTV box you can watch live shows, catch up on TV programs and browse media that’s stored in the catalog.

When shopping for iptv box, ensuring that the gadget has great connectivity to high-speed internet so as to enjoy uninterrupted viewing. We have compiled a list of some of the best iptv boxes that will help you and your household remain updated on the latest digital content on the entertainment scene.

Top 9 Iptv Boxes Of 2019 Reviewed

1. Live IPTV Receiver Box

Best Multi-Language Support

You no longer have to worry about cable and monthly or yearly subscription with this IPTV box from LIVE that comes with lifetime service. You will get to enjoy over 1,600 channels from across the globe without worrying about a high bill from your cable company. It boasts of a high memory configuration of 2GB DDR3 and 16GB eMMC. The receiver box can support a resolution of 2,160 pixels, support 4K video and Bluetooth of 4.0. It also supports APK installation on Google Play and DNLA protocol.

With support for multiple languages, this receiver box gives you options when it comes to programs from different countries. You can also use remote control, mouse or a keyboard to navigate the channels and other settings. Better yet, you can travel with it to any country and get to enjoy endless entertainment. It also has an image browser that supports different photo formats.

Live IPTV Receiver Box


  • Multiple language support
  • Works in any country
  • Has lifetime subscription to over 1,600 channels


  • Pictures may freeze often
  • Remote doesn’t come with batteries
  • Takes time to load

2. SS Box HD Receiver Box

Best HD IPTV Box

In a compact and beautiful design comes this HD receiver box with a high configuration, 4G RAM and 32GB ROM.  No need for monthly or yearly subscription since it comes with a lifetime subscription to over 4,500 channels. The box is extremely easy to use with minimal installation necessary where you just need to plug it on and connect to your WIFI.

Better yet, you won’t be restricted to the channels available on this box since you can connect to apps such as Youtube, MSN, and Facebook. The box isn’t only limited to the United States but can work in any country.

SS Box HD Receiver Box


  • Over 4,500 channels
  • Lifetime subscription
  • Easy assembly


  • Requires high-speed internet
  • Images may freeze
  • Reduced memory space

3. MacoBox IPTV Receiver Box

Best Hardware Features

Sit back and enjoy hours of endless entertainment using this IPTV receiver box form Macobox that boasts of 2 GB RAM and 16GB ROM for increased internal storage. After purchase, you will have to get a lifetime subscription and access to over 1,600 channels from across the globe. The box also supports to resolution capacity of 2160 pixels at 30fps.

You can carry the box with you outside the United States since it can work in all countries that have good internet connectivity. For strong reception, the box has 5 Dbi receiving antenna. It supports multiple languages and comes with two 2.0 USB ports. It also has support for DNLA protocol and comes with an IR remote control for easy operation. Included in the package are an HDMI cable, one power adapter and a user manual.

MacoBox IPTV Receiver Box


  • Multiple language support
  • Superior hardware features
  • Strong receiving antenna


  • Poor reception in some countries
  • Pictures may freeze
  • Could do with a faster processor

4. TX3 Mini Android TV Box

This Android box comes with the latest Android 7.1.2 operating system making it compatible with numerous software, games and other apps. It has a rapid and stable configuration which ensures there’s no buffering and freezing of images. It features the latest Amlogic processor with the ability for 4K video decoding and HDR media which ensures the clear color and crisp details in images.

The Amlogic quad core A53 processor runs at 2.0 GHz which ensures good quality pictures and video playback abilities. With H.264 hardware decoding, this set-top box will save you over 50% in bandwidth compared to traditional TV boxes which ensure quality images. It supports 2.4 GHz WIFI and LAN Ethernet of 10/100M. It also has an LED power indicator and supports multiple formats for photos, images, music, and languages.

TX3 Mini Android TV Box


  • 4K video decoding
  • Reduces bandwidth by 50%
  • Advanced 7.1.2 operating system


  • Not for heavy usage
  • Doesn’t have a lot of pre-loaded android apps
  • Remote may be a bit slow in navigation

5. SUN IPTV Receiver Box

Enjoy over 1,600 channels from around the world that include sports, Indian, Arabic, Brazilian and many more channels. You can access these channels for free with a lifetime subscription. It has a large memory space of 16GB ROM and a RAM of 2GB. It has support for 4K video with built-in storage for apps. It supports Google Play APK and supports DNLA protocol.

The receiver box is easy to use with no need to unlock it; you just need to plug and play. To navigate, you can use the IR remote control or use a keyboard, mouse or USB port. Its image browser supports various formats and also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 for increased connectivity. The package includes a HDMI cable and power adapter.

SUN IPTV Receiver Box


  • Large memory capacity
  • Supports DLNA and Google Play APK
  • Easy navigation


  • HD display requires high-speed internet
  • Channel list is on request
  • Images may freeze

6. MAG 322 W1 IPTV Box

Best For 3D Videos

Get access to over 2,000 channels from around the world with this IPTV receiver box. It includes a HDMI 1.4b cable that to enable streaming of content with the best picture quality. It has a high-performance chip with a RAM of 512 MB. It also has a built-in WIFI module of 802.11 which will allow connection to the internet without the need for more equipment. It also has support for 2D and 3D video format with openGL 2.0 support.

MAG 322 W1 IPTV Box


  • Built-in WIFI module
  • Supports various video formats
  • Includes HDMI cable


  • Reduced internal memory
  • Doesn’t show the channel list
  • Limited connectivity features

7. H96 Max IPTV Box

The box comes equipped with the latest Android operating system version 8.1 which is an upgrade from 7.1. The updated OS boasts of a S905X2 Quad-Core ARM processor which allows for smooth and stable pictures. With 4GB RAM, the box has great speed and a large storage capacity of 64GB ROM. It has support for 3D pictures and 4K videos. The H.265 hardware decoding helps reduce bandwidth by over 50%. It also has a high machine configuration which allows for high-quality image processing.

The receiver box is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and features USB 3.0 which increases your connectivity options. The USB ports help with the transfer of media to open up more space which helps reduce energy consumption. It also has 2.4 GHz WIFI for connection to high-speed networks and support for 10/100M Ethernet.

H96 Max IPTV Box


  • High reaction speed
  • Latest Android operating system
  • Advanced hardware decoding


  • Remote is difficult to use
  • Remote doesn’t include batteries
  • Large design

8. Goldenbox International IPTV Receiver Box

With no subscription fee, you will get to enjoy over 1,600 channels hence saving you the hustle of renewing monthly charges or the high costs of cable TV. If you are living abroad and desire to watch local channels back home, then this IPTV is what you need with a wide variety of channels from across the globe. It has a RAM of 2GB and internal storage capacity of 16GB.

The receiver box supports Google Play APK installation and DLNA protocol. For browsing, you can use an IR remote, a keyboard or mouse using the USB port. There’s no need to first subscribe to access the channels since the box comes unlocked. You just need to plug in and play.

Goldenbox International IPTV Receiver Box


  • Lifetime subscription
  • Large storage capacity
  • Compatible with Google APK


  • A bit expensive
  • A bit slow
  • Images often freeze

9. Best International IPTV Box

Enjoy over 2 years of guaranteed service from this IPTV box from Best. With over 5,500 channels that have been carefully selected to meet your demands, you can enjoy a lot from the premium package. The available stations are from all over the world including the Middle East and Asia. The package includes a HDMI cable and remote control.

Best International IPTV Box


  • Over 5,500 channels
  • 2 years of guaranteed service
  • Global coverage


  • Limited subscription
  • Images may freeze
  • Needs high-speed internet connectivity

Best IPTV Boxes Buying Guide

As the internet continues to conquer every sector of global set up, the entertainment scene hasn’t been left behind. Viewing TV programs and watching your favorite movies is rapidly breaking away from the traditional cable services and embracing modern viewing options through satellites and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) boxes. Having an IPTV receiver box will help you stream the latest music, programs, videos, and TV series as long as you are connected to fast and reliable internet.

Since the technology behind the use of set-top boxes is relatively new, many people are still holding back to fully switching to it. However, once you discover the limitless world of internet TV you will never want to go back to cable again. The best thing about IPTV boxes is that most allow you to carry them even when you travel so that you don’t miss out on your favorite digital content.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing the IPTV Box

Let’s explore some of the things you need to consider before adding that set-top box into your shopping cart. They include;


The most important factor in an iptv box is how well it connects to the internet since poor connectivity results in slow streaming and freezing of images. Of course, your internet service provider will also influence the overall streaming experience. But even when you have a reliable provider but your receiver box is slow to connect to the internet, you won’t enjoy a good viewing experience.

The broadband construction of the receiver box is a key consideration before you make a purchase. Ideally, to stream good content without interruptions you require 0.5MB, therefore the speed of 20 MBps is great for a stable streaming experience without the pictures freezing.

Distinguishing Features

Manufacturers are now incorporating so many features into IPTV boxes to help the customer enjoy better. Some of the features that will add value to your viewing is support for full High Definition (HD) to enjoy the best picture quality. Other features include access to other digital content providers such as Youtube, Facebook among others which gives you limitless viewing options.

Processing Power (RAM)

Being a computerized gadget, your receiver box runs on a processor and uses Random Access Memory (RAM) to function. The faster the processor and the larger the RAM, the better the streaming process. With a processor of 1.5 GHz quad core and a minimum RAM of 2GB, you will be set to get the best out of your IPTV box.


As the demands of viewers change, most content providers are now offering advanced functionality in their products such as delayed transmission, catch up TV, live streaming and video on demand. Compatibility to such features is an added advantage as you pick your set-top box since you will enjoy more options from it.


Open up your household to the world of unlimited digital television by installing an IPTV box. With good and reliable internet, there’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy endless entertainment by streaming the latest music, TV programs, and movies. We hope that this review has provided you with insight into the best IPTV boxes that will provide you with unlimited access to the latest digital content.

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