Best Keratin Treatments – Which One Is Right For You?

Shiny, silky, straight, frizz-free hair… it seems to be a dream that will never come true. That is until you take the plunge and get a keratin treatment. But what about all the potential health risks talked about online? Well, that’s why we’re doing the research for you. While some of the really effective products will contain formaldehyde or some form of aldehyde, we’ll make sure that our top 10 picks are the ones that have been given approval by the experts. Are you ready? Let’s get straight to it!

Top 10 Keratin Treatments of 2020 Reviewed

1. Keratin Research Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Treatment At Home

Sold by Keratin Research, this treatment does contain formaldehyde (as most often do). But, unlike other products, the company also includes its breakthrough Keratin formulation called INVERTO™ which ensures that the treatment can be washed off your hair the next morning instead of the usual 3-4 days. In addition to washing away the chemical treatment, the product also contains Moroccan Argan oil, coconut oils, proteins, and amino acid complexes to repair, condition, and strengthen your hair.

Keratin Research Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment


  • Contains argan oil, coconut oils, and other proteins for moisturizing your hair and preventing breakage
  • Treatment can be washed off the next day
  • Professional results


  • Lightens the color of your hair
  • Doesn’t last longer than a month
  • Some users have found the chemical smell too strong

2. L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment

Unlike our top pick, L’anza’s keratin hair treatment does not contain any formaldehyde. What it does have is a proprietary blend of Keratin Protein and Phyto IV Complex to create smooth, silky, healthy hair. The Phyto IV Complex contains several oils – abyssinian flower oil, acai fruit oil, babassu kernel oil, and coffee seed oil. These ingredients deep condition your hair that improves your hair’s flexibility, elasticity, and softness.

L'ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment


  • No formaldehyde
  • Deep conditions your hair to extensively repair the damage
  • Easy to use


  • Leaves some hair types such as fine hair greasy
  • Some users found the smell strange
  • Some users felt it was too expensive

Also, Check the price on

3. It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin

Keratin Treatment Without Formaldehyde

It’s a 10 definitely gets a 10 out of us! This quick-fix treatment allows you to spritz your hair with essential conditioners that ensure you get frizz-free, soft, silky hair. No more hours of slowly applying the treatment into your hair. Just spray all over, comb through, and viola! Take note that this is especially designed to remove any frizz and flyaways. It is not designed to straighten curly/wavy hair.

It's a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Really affordable
  • A little applied goes a long way


  • Too much spritzing can leave a sticky residue
  • Expensive
  • Some bottles come with a broken pump mechanism

4. DAILY KERATIN by Keratin Express

Keratin Treatment for Curly Hair

Daily Keratin is perfect for those who want a softer, gentler treatment. It does not contain any formaldehyde or similarly harsh chemicals. Instead, it makes use of keratin oil, hydrolyzed keratin protein, and Trametes Versicolor Extract that releases natural enzymes which in turn help seal the hair shaft and smoothen the cuticle.

DAILY KERATIN by Keratin Express


  • Smells nice
  • Helps in-salon Keratin treatments last longer
  • No formaldehyde or other harsh chemicals


  • Doesn’t work for all hair types
  • Requires the use of a blow dryer for best results
  • Some users experienced residue buildup due to frequent use

5. Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Intensive Treatment

This keratin treatment was specifically designed to enrich and repair color-treated and chemically processed hair. It contains Keratriplex, an exclusive blend of keratin protein that is used to rebuild disrupted bonds and reinforce the cuticle.

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Keratin Treatment


  • Trusted brand
  • No animal testing
  • Paraben-free


  • Expensive
  • Not as restorative or reparative for some hair types
  • Works best with other products of the same line

6. Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Keratin Mask

Do you have dry hair? Is your hair generally brittle and prone to breakages? If so, then you don’t have to worry yourself any longer because of the new and improved Vitamins Hair Cosmetics Keratin Mask. This deep conditioner has been made from a special blend of materials to give you a professional keratin treatment. The formula includes keratin extract, Vitamin E, wheat germ oil, and Moroccan Argan Oil.

This treatment, having been specialized for thin hair, gives your hair all the benefits while not weighing down your fine hair like other products. When applied, the keratin mask revitalizes your hair and hydrates them from the roots all the way to the tips. Furthermore, the deep conditioning leaves your hair stronger while still being silky and smooth. At the end of the day, your hair will look shiny and feel healthy.

Vitamins Keratin Hair Mask Deep Conditioner



  • Smells great
  • Improves the hair texture
  • Gives your hair a healthy shine


  • The fragrance is too heavy for some people
  • Some users reported only the tiniest of changes
  • Some products came damaged

7. OGX Instant Repair Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil

This keratin treatment from OGX is a favorite of ours because it’s so easy to use and you see results immediately. It contains hydrolyzed keratin, argan oil, and other keratin proteins that make your hair shiny and healthy, most especially if you have dry, damaged hair from too much chemical processing.

OGX Instant Repair Anti-Breakage Keratin Oil


  • Oil is light on the hair
  • A little goes a long way
  • Can be used as a serum


  • Some people find the perfume smell too strong
  • Not for people who want to hold a curl
  • Some consumers report that the results don’t last long

8. Lasio Keratin-Infused Treatment One Day Formula

Yes, this too is quite an expensive pick. But most consumers agree that Lasio’s One Day Formula deserves all that and more. Most effective keratin treatments used in salons contain formaldehyde or a similarly harsh chemical which enables the stylist to change the structure of your hair, leaving it to pin straight and frizz-free. Lasio’s keratin infusion not only gets rid of all the frizz and 90% of your curls, but it also does this without the use of formaldehyde. In addition to that, you can now wash your hair 24 hours after the treatment instead of the usual 72 hours.

Lasio Keratin-Infused Treatment


  • First initial wash can be done after 24 hours
  • Formaldehyde-free
  • Salon-like results


  • Expensive
  • Results only last 2-3 months instead of 3-4 months
  • Some users have complained about strong fumes

9. CHI Keratin Silk Infusion

Keratin Treatment for Damaged Hair

This keratin treatment is one of our top 10 favorites because it is specifically designed to treat dry, damaged hair. The formula, which includes jojoba and argan oils, helps restore your hair’s softness by increasing the moisture levels of your hair and smoothening your cuticles. You can use it before or after styling your hair. Some prefer to use is as a polish to give your hair that extra shine.

CHI Keratin Silk Infusion


  • Smells good
  • Results in silky smooth hair
  • A little goes a long way


  • Some users found it expensive
  • Some users prefer the fragrance of the original Silk Infusion
  • Can leave some hair types feeling greasy

10. Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment

This is the signature smoothing solution made by Keratin Complex. Like most of the keratin treatments used in salons, this one does contain formaldehyde. Fortunately, it is one of the few in the market that are actually OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) compliant which means that it is safe to use.

Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment


  • OSHA compliant
  • Results last up to 5 months
  • Smoothens your hair but does not change the natural structure so you can style it wavy or straight


  • Expensive
  • Requires a lot of time
  • 72-hour waiting period

Want to look at other keratin treatments we missed? Here are a few that we haven’t had a chance to review but might prove interesting: Brazilian Keratin Treatment, Nanokeratin Keratin, TRESemme Expert Selection Heat Activated Keratin Smooth Treatment, Peter Thomas Roth 24k Gold Pure Luxury Age-Defying Hair Mask, and HASK Keratin Protein Smoothing Deep Conditioning Pack.

How To Choose The Best Keratin Treatment For You: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Keratin is the protein found in your hair that makes it strong, smooth, and frizz-free. Keratin treatments, on the other hand, is not entirely made up of just keratin. This type of hair treatment contains other ingredients as well such as formaldehyde or similar chemicals to create a long-lasting result and oils to nourish and moisturize your hair. Now, you might already know that formaldehyde is dangerous to your health.

And when keratin treatments first became the rage back in 2008, there were reports on the high levels of this chemical in the treatments. It didn’t stop people from using them though. Fortunately, most keratin treatments nowadays are OSHA-compliant. But that’s not the only thing you have to consider when choosing a keratin treatment. That’s why we’ve made a short guide to help you out.

What do You Want to Achieve?

Before you even begin to look over the current keratin treatments offered in salons, stores, and online, you should first think about what you want to achieve. Individuals who spend a lot of time blow-drying their hair and/or flat-ironing them, those who have frizzy hair, and those who wish to relax their curls are the best candidates for keratin treatments. These people are the ones who will really get the most out of this kind of treatment. A keratin treatment greatly reduces the time spent styling your hair because it’s now more manageable. It is also now more resilient against humidity.

Those who want to straighten their hair using a keratin treatment will have to opt for one that contains formaldehyde such as the Keratin Research Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment. Treatments that contain this chemical are more likely to produce the results you’re after and they also last much longer. Those who simply want tamer curls or frizz-free waves can choose many of the keratin-containing leave-in conditioners such as It’s a 10 Haircare Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin, Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment, and L’ANZA Keratin Healing Oil Hair Treatment.

Consider the Time Spent in Getting the Treatment and the Aftercare

Once you know what kind of result you are going for, you need to also consider the time spent in getting the treatment and the aftercare involved. Some keratin treatments require prep time plus a lot of time spent applying the product and a 72-hour waiting period to boot. One example of this is the Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment (which is quite a commitment to make). Other treatments such as the Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment works best if you use it with Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger products.

You might also consider that express keratin treatments (those that require less time spent applying the product) may mean shorter longevity. The Lasio Keratin-Infused Treatment One Day Formula can be washed out after 24 hours which is great if you can’t do the 72-hour commitment. But you can’t expect your salon-like results to last more than 3 months.

Consult With Your Stylist

One last tip we’d like to impart is this: consult with your stylist before you try anything out. Keratin treatments are definitely less expensive when done at home, but the wrong choice can give you results that cost you even more. Your stylist can definitely give you good advice and possibly point you in the right direction.