Best Kids Dirt Bikes – Top Fun Activity Gift For Your Kid

Your kid wants to ride a dirt bike. Part of you is probably horrified. The other part is excited because your little munchkins would be getting a new skill and making their dream of Motorcross a reality? You even admit that it is badass. We all want to be supportive of whatever sport or activity our kids want to pursue.

So we’re pretty sure you’re now in the market for a dirt bike. But which one should you buy that would ensure your kid’s safety while letting him enjoy his sport and develop his talent even further? It will definitely require a lot of thought. Thankfully, we’ve done a lot of thinking for you. We’ve made a list of the best kids dirt bikes of varying ages. Now all you have to do is scroll down and choose one!

Top 6 Kids Dirt Bikes of 2020 Reviewed

1. SYX MOTO Kids Mini Dirt Bike Gas Power 2-Stroke 50cc Motorcycle

Best Gas Mini Dirt Bike

Coming top of our list is the SYX MOTO kids Mini Dirt bike. As you’d expect with anything coming top of any list, the unit lives up to all requirements you’d expect from a kids mini bike. It is considered to be the best for entry-level bikers, so if your intention is to get your little munching on the tracks for the first time, you might as well skip the rest, and settle with this baby. And here’s why. 

Firstly, the bike is point blank cute. It is made ideally for beginners and young kids (6 years and younger), fine tune-tuned in both size and weight; such our child can feel comfortable, yet go out in style. The SYX MOTO kids Mini also features a real 2-stroke Engine, which is an upgrade from the previous noisy lawnmower sounding motor. It has a 4.5-gallon tank that will easily support 45 minutes of riding time and additionally, it comes 85% assembled, with a tool kit, manual and all the hardware required to finish up the remaining 15%.

When it comes to safety, the kids’ mini bike comes with an upgraded speed limiter. This means that you, as the parent, will be able to limit the bikes maximum speed from 30mph to 15mph, depending on your young one’s level of expertise. That aside, the product comes with 365-day customer support, so if you experience any difficulties on the road, you can easily get service advice.

SYX MOTO Kids Dirt Bike


  • Relatively cheap
  • Has lots of safety features
  • Has a delimiter for limiting max speeds


  • Parts tend to get loose if you don’t assemble well
  • Some claim it could use a better chain
  • Good for entry-level; more advanced bikers may need an upgrade

2. Razor MX350 Review

Best Electric Kid’s Motocross Bike

This dirt bike is perfect for transitioning your kid from the beginner bike to something a bit more advanced. Kids aged 5 to 8 will love the faster speed, topping around 12 to 14 mph. Good enough for getting over some rough terrain and trails but not enough to make your little daredevil fly. Think golf cart speed.

The bike’s frame is designed to look like a professional motocross bike which means it is sturdy enough to survive a few drops and spills. The battery runs for about an hour and can require 5 hours to fully recharge.

Razor MX350


  • Realistically made
  • Adjustable riser handlebars
  • Easy to assemble


  • No pedal brakes, only a handbrake
  • May be too small for some 8 to 9-year-old kids
  • Poor battery life

3. Taotao db14 110cc Dirt Bike Green

Best Single Cylinder Kid’s Bike

The Taotao can be what most would call a superior power bike and might very well be the fastest racer on our kid’s list. Featuring its sleek design and a top speed of 40mph, this bike was built to fly. Safe to say, this makes it most ideal for the more advanced kid biker participating in track race events and the like. The 110cc single-cylinder 4-stroke engine is packed on the Taotao is what enables this, making it almost twice as powerful and most kid dirt bikes in the modern-day.

With great speed comes even greater responsibility. Well, the Taotao bears its speedy burden by supplementing it with an even more powerful brake system. It features hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear, with an automatic transmission, which means it can hold back speed faster than most other bikes. With its 14’’/ 12’’ front and rear wheels and a seat height of 28,’’ the bike will be comfortable even in the rougher terrains. So why not go ahead and get this for your little champion.

Taotao DB14 110cc Dirt Bike Green


  • fast, suitable for racing
  • Has a strong supporting brake system
  • Sleek aerodynamic design


  • Suited for a more advanced ride
  • It’s a bit tall for the smaller kids

4. Se7en 2wo 40CC 4-Stroke Gas Powered Scooter Mini Dirt Bike

Best Gas Powered Mini Dirt Bike

At first glance, you’ll almost mistake the Se7en 2wo Mini Dirt Bike with some kind of high-end Ducati. Only this time, your ‘mini-you’ can get the privilege of riding one. The bike is made from one of the sturdiest bike making materials, able to withstand any state of the road you throw at it. It features its 40cc, 4-stroke engine. What makes this kind of engine different from your typical 2-stroke, is how you won’t have to mix oil at any point in time in its 1.8 L tank. 

The se7en 2wo comes with a unique cooling component which will have it going stronger and longer than its opponents. And we can’t go speaking about strength without mentioning the brakes on this beast. The front and rear disk brakes are made to be as efficient as possible for maximum control, especially since you can reach a maximum speed of 22 miles/h.

Also noteworthy is the heavy-duty folding footrest and strong springs incorporated in the machine. With this combination, your child will always be comfortable come bumps or rough roads. It supports a maximum load of up to 123 lbs with a seat height of 2.00 feet for easy child handling. Judging by the looks and specifications on the se7ven 2wo, there’s really not much more any young biker can ask for.

Se7en 2wo 40CC 4-Stroke Gas Powered Scooter Mini Dirt Bike


  • Strong springs and footrest for comfort
  • Tough makes for durability
  • Features newly improved four-stroke engine


  • Assembly is a bit difficult
  • No mention of a speed regulation mechanism

5. Razor MX650 Review

This is no little kid’s bike. Its design was inspired by the Supercross and features hand-operated disc brakes, large pneumatic tires, folding metal footpegs, adjustable riser handlebars, high torque motor, and twist-grip acceleration control.

The 650-watt motor can produce a max speed of 17 mph which is fast enough for a kid but not enough to break his neck. And like all other Razor dirt bikes, this one is as easy to use and has a range of safety features that will keep you from clutching your hair in worry.

Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike


  • Fulfills a kid’s need for speed safely
  • Hand-operated, front-and-rear disc brakes
  • Large pneumatic tires


  • Can be a bit difficult to get the bike back up for a kid
  • Durability issues with the chain
  • Some users have complained about poor battery life

6. X-Pro Bolt 50cc Gas Dirt Bike 

Best Gas Dirt Bike for Kids

When you hear kids dirt bikes, what probably comes to mind is a small, weak machine only marginally better than your standard bike/scooter. However, there is nothing mini about X-pro Bolt’s performance. It is a high powered, 2-stroke, increased torque, 50 cubic centimeters of air-cooled engine juggernaut. Logically, with high power comes high speed and so this would make the perfect gift for your little adrenaline junkie.

There’s no such thing as being too safe, right? The X-Pro dirt bike comes with all sorts of features that will keep your young one out of harm’s way on and off the bike. This first comes in the way of its speed regulator. The bike normally tops off at a sober speed of 25 miles/h, and while this velocity is relatively safe for young riders, parents can set their desired speed of choice using the Speed Governor located on the right handlebar. 

Another of the X-Pro’s safety-first features is its thermal insulation. With a combustion engine, it goes without saying that there is more than a little heat generated, but with the heat retardant material protecting your kids’ legs, burns and scalds should be of no concern. This, together with the chain cover, ensures your loved ones are protected from anything and everything that could go wrong.

You might be asking, “What if it stalls?” Well, the good people at X-Pro have got you covered. The pull start mechanism offers for prime handling and simple control, making stalls manageable and convenient to handle.

X-Pro Bolt 50cc Dirt Bike Gas Dirt Bike Kids Dirt Bikes


  • Easy enough to assemble
  • Comes with goggles, hand grips, and gloves
  • Set in an anti-drop package to ensure safe shipping


  • The goggles and gloves are adult-sized so might not be adequate for your kid
  • The fore tire moves even when the front brake is applied
  • The brake and throttle are plastic so have a fairly short lifespan

Choosing The Best Kid’s Dirt Bike – The Ultimate Buying Guide

If you are already planning on giving your kid a ride of his own, then you already know how frustrating it can be to look for the right one that balances your kid’s need for speed, his skill level, and covers all of your safety concerns.

And it’s not like you can shrug off making the wrong choice, right? If it doesn’t work out, the least of your problems would be the money you spent. So, how does one find the perfect dirt bike for one’s kid? We’ve got a few tips that might help you out.

How Big Should the Bike Be?

One thing you should consider when choosing your kid’s dirt bike is how easily can he handle it. Is he going to be able to put both of his feet flat on the ground supporting himself and the bike as it is in the upright position? Is he able to bring the bike back up if he drops it? Does he have the strength to safely maneuver the bike as needed? For beginners aged 6 and below, the bike should be lightweight and easy to use.

The dirt bike should be small enough to be handled by little kids with ease and light enough that they can easily maneuver it around. The handlebars and controls must also be accessible to your kid. While the mini dirt bikes can be ideal for your little munchkins, there are much bigger models for the bigger kids and teenagers. 

How Fast Should it Go?

Your kid’s need for speed must balance well with your need for safety. Some bikes that are geared toward toddlers to five-year-olds have a really slow speed like 3 mph while others can reach as high as 23 mph. Of course, it is advisable that the smaller the speed, the safer your little one will be.

You may want to choose a bike that allows you to adjust the maximum speed according to your kid’s skill level. Aside from ensuring your child’s safety, this feature will enable you to keep the bike for longer.

Electric or Gas?

It depends. Electric bikes have rechargeable batteries so you don’t have to spend money on fuel. These are also easier to use and maintain. They’re also a lot quieter which is a bonus you’ll need if your kid is going to be riding his bike in your neighborhood. They can traverse rough terrain, just like electric fat tire bikes, and cover more distance without running out of charge. 

Gas bikes are believed to have better speed and torque. With this kind of bike, the bigger the engine, the faster the speed and the more stable the bike is. However, it also means less fuel efficiency and more smoke. For some experts, electric is the future of dirt bikes. But it all depends on you.

What Safety Features Should You Look for?

One of the best features that will ensure your child’s safety is the option to control max speed. A good number of bikes allow you to set the power settings and incorporates a kill switch as well. You could even land a model that allows you to switch between two-speed settings – 7 and 11 mph.

Some like the Razor MX650 Rocket Electric Motorcross Bike allows you to adjust the handlebars to ensure your kid is able to comfortably hold them and easily access the bike’s controls including the hand-operated disc brakes. There are plenty of other safety features you might want to check out such as the no-dent polypropylene fender which ensures you won’t be picking out plastic shards out of your kid’s arm if he crashes the bike.  And as always, don’t forget about the bike helmet. It comes in handy in case of a hard fall. 

What’s Your Budget?

So, you’ve finally decided on what specs your kid’s dirt bike should have. The next question is, how much are you willing to spend? You can expect, at the very least, to cough up a couple of hundred dollars. For some bikes like those made by Kuberg, you can expect to spend more than a thousand bucks. However, keep in mind that quality and price do not always go hand in hand.

Whatever budget you do decide on, make sure that you are comfortable parting with that much money. And that you’ve been diligent with your research.


In the end, riding a motorcycle is among the greatest gifts you can offer your child at an early age. It gives them the freedom to explore the outdoors, as well as motor skills that would definitely come in handy in life. That said, the process of choosing the correct dirt bike for your child is extremely critical.

Since the bikes are highly powered, the risks involved are even greater than you’d expect from an average bicycle.  We’ve had all this in mind when putting together our top selection, and we hope our list will bring you a step closer to finding the right one.

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