Best Masquerade Masks For Halloween and Prom [2020 Update]

So you have been invited to a masquerade party. You’re thinking, finally! The perfect moment to unleash your inner Catwoman to the world, right? Well, safe to say, this is not the time to go cutting eyeholes on the first piece of cardboard box you find. Sure, there’s a chance that this might be humorous and out of the ordinary, but if you’re thinking of doing so, what you really need is a decent masquerade mask.

Your masquerade mask basically sets the tone of your evening. It is what people will identify you with for the rest of the night, and it will probably resonate with them for the rest of your existence. Your mask should be a representation of your inner personality, kind of like a glimpse of your inner batman. That said, it’s of extreme importance to get the most appropriate mask.

Since it’s virtually impossible to check out every single mask being offered out there, we have made it our business to dig through the layers of mask in the market to create a list of the best you’ll find out there.

Top 10 Masquerade Masks For Women Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Masquerade Mask Women Shiny Rhinestone Venetian Party Prom Ball Metal Mask

This next mask is one of the more simplistic, yet elegant masks on our list. With its filigree metal make, this masquerade mask will bend to fit any one’s face. It also has an elastic band in place, which gives it a snug fit that’s so comfortable; you won’t notice it’s on. 

The mask is embellished with rhinestones. What this means, is that it emits that queenly sparkle you see in the cartoons when the mask catches the light. It features a jet-black paint finishing as well, which is made purposely to feel smooth on your face without chipping off.

The masquerade mask is made with high-quality materials, so you can be sure it will last through to the next party. With an array of colors to choose from, you can find one that blends best with your skin tone. The mask is cost-efficient as well, so feel free to get a different colored one for all your masquerade parties.

Masquerade Mask Women Shiny Rhinestone Venetian Party Prom Ball Metal Mask


  • Cheap price-wise
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Pretty design


  • Some users complained it was hard and not as flexible
  • Not so flat on your face (sticks out)
  • Some say the eye openings are not big enough

2. Forum Deluxe Half Mask With Feathers

Want something totally different? This deluxe half mask is made out of 100% polyester with a dark green velvet surface, peacock and purple feathers, and a gold trim.

Aside from its unique look that works well at masquerade balls and Mardi Gras parties, the mask comes with a headband instead of ribbons or an elastic band. If you tire of wearing the mask, you can just flip it up and wear it like shades.

Forum Deluxe Half Mask With Feathers


  • Easy to wear and provides a comfortable fit due to the headband
  • Affordable price
  • Unique design


  • The green is a bit brighter than some may like
  • Feathers are a bit too close to the mouth
  • Mask is a bit large so it won’t fit well on small faces

3. The Authentic Ana Lace Goddess Ana Masquerade Mask

Love Fifty Shades of Grey? You can wear a mask exactly like Ana’s in the movie at your next masquerade ball. This silver-grey mask is shaped like a Burano Venetian lace mask and made out of cloth.

The crystals are not included but can easily be attached if you wish to make your mask more like the one in the movies. Aside from being reminiscent of the movie, the mask is quite comfortable to wear and can easily be tied on.

The Authentic Ana Lace Goddess Ana Masquerade Mask


  • Ana’s mask in Fifty Shades Darker
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • A bit plain due to the lack of crystals
  • Small eye holes
  • Leaves silver residue on your face

4. Luxury Mask Women’s Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade Mask

This may look like an incredibly delicate mask but don’t let its look fool you. It’s made out of 100% metal fiber and decorated with rhinestones. It comes in one size but it’s so flexible that you can adjust it to fit your face.

Yes, you need to be gentle when bending the mask but it’s not going to snap easily. In addition, it comes in various colors so you can find one that matches your costume perfectly! And all for $18!

Luxury Mask Women's Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade Mask


  • Flexible
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Beautiful design


  • The ribbons don’t tie together very securely
  • The eye holes are pretty small and too close together, not for people who have large eyes and long lashes
  • Some users received masks that had a few missing rhinestones

5. Luxury Mask Women’s Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask

Our second pick is another one from Luxury Mask. This mask, as you may have noticed, has a lot of ornamental work going on. But it’s definitely not too ornate if you get what we mean. Made out of metal fiber, you can gently adjust the mask to fit your face.

Like our number one pick, this also comes in a variety of colors and patterns to suit almost every costume. Wearing this mask will ensure you’re the talk of the ball.

Luxury Mask Women's Swan Metal Filigree Laser Cut Venetian Masquerade Mask


  • Gorgeous, unique design
  • Can be adjusted to fit face
  • Users can add “features” easily to the mask to make it even more unique (i.e. attaching feathers or butterflies)


  • Filigree can get tangled in your hair
  • Eye holes are small
  • Some of the crystals may fall during shipping
  • Satin ribbons are hard to tie together

6. Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Venetian Prom Mask

This masquerade mask from Coxeer is made out of metal and plastic. It’s a half-face mask, covering your eyes along with your nose. The metal is bendable so you can easily adjust it to your face shape. And while there are quite a lot of details that decorate the mask, none of it will poke your face.

In addition, the mask feels pretty sturdy and yet sits comfortably on your face for hours.

Masquerade Mask Shiny Metal Rhinestone Venetian Prom Mask


  • Comfortable fit
  • Adjustable
  • Lightweight


  • Ribbons don’t tie well together, always loosens up
  • Some users felt the eye holes were too small
  • Can make your cheeks a bit sweaty

7. Luxury Mask Women’s Signature Phantom Of The Opera Venetian Mask

If you’re going to a traditional masquerade ball, then you might be interested in going there as the female version of the Phantom. It comes with satin ribbons and features intricate glitter, rhinestones, and is offered in various patterns and colors.

The design is definitely one of a kind. And while there are some complaints about the uncomfortable fit, looking good comes at a cost, right?

Luxury Mask Women's Signature Phantom Of The Opera Venetian Mask


  • Unique design
  • Great price
  • Eye holes are large enough to allow clear vision


  • The gemstones have sharp, pointy ends that can “stab” your face while wearing the mask
  • The ribbons keep getting loose
  • Can be slightly difficult to adjust to fit comfortably on the face


Unlike a lot of the other masks, you’ll see on this list, this one doesn’t have intricate metal scrolls and elaborate filigree or feathers. But that doesn’t mean that the Colombina Heartbreaker Gold is lackluster.

It features a lot of shimmer and sparkle – specifically glitter-gold decorations on a black Colombina mask. Handmade in Italy, its simplicity is definitely part of its beauty. Plus, there’s the added bonus of not having any of the metalwork “stabbing” you in the face. Two black ties secure the mask to your face.

vivomasks - columbina


  • Simple yet elegant design
    will work well with any costume
    Handmade in Italy


  • May leave gold glitter on your hands and face

8. Luxury Mask Women’s Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade Crown Mask

This crown mask is made out of a lightweight eco-friendly metal alloy that will easily bend the way you want it to without breaking. You can definitely create a perfect fit. As for the decor, the picture speaks for itself.

The mask features an intricate design with some rhinestones decorating above the eyebrow and along the center of the mask.

Luxury Mask Women's Laser Cut Metal Venetian Masquerade Crown Mask


  • Flexible so you can shape it to your face
  • Beautiful design
  • Works well with different costumes


  • Not high quality; some of the rhinestones can fall while being shipped
  • The back of the rhinestones may poke your skin
  • The satin ribbons keep slipping down

9. Success Creations Dorian Laser-Cut Metal Black Venetian Masquerade

This Venetian mask from success creations is probably what Beyoncé would wear for prom if she were in her teens. It Features this intricate design that just hard to miss, coupled with sprinkles of rhinestone brooch that perfectly adorn its laser-cut metals. Safe to say, the mask is made ideally for those who want something symmetrical yet extremely elegant. 

The Dorian is both comfortable and lightweight, so if you are extremely keen on keeping your identity a secret, you can easily wear it through the night. The lack of sharp edges on it will also allow you to lay it on its face. It fits extremely well, with a metal that’s thin enough to bend to the shape of your face and can be secured in place by equally light ribbons which gives room for easier adjustment to a looser fit if need be.

Success Creations Dorian Laser-Cut Metal Black Venetian Masquerade Mask


  • Intricate and elegant design
  • Ribbon for fastening
  • Affordable pricing


  • The top small jewel may press upon your forehead
  • The large center jewel will cause a bright spot when photos are taken

10. Coolwife Men’s Masquerade Mask Venetian Halloween Costume Mardi Gras Party Mask

Despite the fact that the product says Coolwife in it, there is nothing wife like about this ‘very manly’ Men’s masquerade mask. The mask features this sexy half-face fox design, working in unison with the array of colors you can choose from, to make you the coolest gentleman at the party. 

The Masquerade Mask is made using burlesque-boutique material. Just by the French in that statement, you can tell it is bound to be of good quality. It’s both lightweight and comfortable to wear and can be hand washed in the event that it gets a smudge or something.

With regards to its 5-star amazon reviews, both men and women recommended this product, stating that ‘everyone who saw it fell in love with it’. That said, we are not guaranteeing you love from all the ladies in the party, only that this particular mask will take you a little step closer. So what are you waiting for?

Coolwife Mens Masquerade Mask


  • Handsome design
  • Has a variety of colors to choose from
  • Really cheap


  • Some colors are really shouting, but that’s up to you
  • Made of hard plastic which may come as inflexible

Choosing The Best Masquerade Mask – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Who doesn’t love playing dress-up? No matter what age you get, putting on a costume for a party has an unending appeal. That goes double for masquerade balls. Not only are you dressing up for the ball, but you also get to wear those lovely intricate masks for a night of naughty fun.

While there’s absolutely no need to convince you why you should wear a mask and some nice eyelashes at a masquerade ball, you might wonder how to go about choosing one that’ll compliment you and your costume to a T. This is where our guide comes in. We’ve got some tips that will help you pick out the best masquerade mask.

Tip 1: Consider Your Costume

Before you even think about which mask looks lovely, you need to first make sure you chose the correct costume. Some masquerade balls follow the traditional style which is more in line with the Phantom of the Opera than Mardi Gras. This means that you’ll need to be in period costume (i.e. traditional Venetian ball gown) and your mask will need to match it.

Think elaborate feathered masks and long-nosed theatrical masks. Other masquerade balls are more modernly styled which means you can get away with just about any formal wear. And your mask will be no different. You can choose a plain black one to something incredibly glamorous.

Tip 2: Stick, Ribbon, or Elastic?

Do you plan to wear your mask the entire night? Then you might want to consider one that can be tied on, leaving your hands free to roam wherever they please. You get the added benefit of remaining anonymous the entire night should you wish it. A ribbon will allow you to tie your mask as loose or as tight as you want to, giving your ‘do a bit of breathing space.

An elastic band, on the other hand, will make it so much easier for you to wear your mask, no adjustments needed. But if you wear glasses, don’t like the weight of a mask on your face, don’t want the mask ruining your makeup, and/or you simply don’t plan on wearing the mask all night, you can choose a handheld mask instead. Just keep in mind that you may lose it as you let loose at the party.

Tip 3: How Much Face do You want to be Covered?

There are three kinds of masks – a full face mask, a half-face mask, and an eye mask. Obviously, the full face mask covers your entire face, the half-face covers the upper half of your face (i.e. eyes and nose), and the eye mask covers only your eyes. Full face masks offer total anonymity but it also makes eating and drinking difficult.

Traditional Venetian masks are usually half masks. Take note that while you might prefer a certain amount of coverage, you may need to reconsider. Some types of masks are a better fit for certain face shapes and sizes. But more on that later.

Tip 4: Color, Glitter, Feathers, and Other Extra Features of Your Mask will depend on Your Costume

Ok, we already mentioned that you should consider your costume when choosing a mask. Well, that was more choosing which range of masks is more appropriate for your masquerade party – traditional or free-for-all. In the case of color and other features of your mask, your choice will also depend on the color and “features” of your gown.  You need to choose a color that doesn’t clash with your gown.

The pattern (if there is one) needs to complement your outfit as well. Gold, black, white, silver, and cream-colored masks usually go well with a variety of different colored dresses. Bolder colors such as red or pink will have to be paired more carefully. As for the extra embellishments, a dress/gown that is already quite elaborate may not pair well with a mask that is equally glamorous. Then again, you may want to choose a mask that has the same “decor.” For example, if your gown is decorated with glitter, then you might want to get a mask that has glitter as well.

Tip 5: Check the Size of Your Face

We mentioned earlier that your face shape and size will affect the type of mask that would fit you well. A petite face, for example, would look great with a petite eye mask. But a person with a wider face, particularly around the eyes, will have to opt for a wider mask or at least one that is made of a flexible material such as paper mache or lace. We recommend trying out a mask before buying it so you’re certain that it fits well.

Whichever masquerade mask you finally choose for your next ball, you need to keep in mind one thing – what happens behind the mask, stays behind the mask. Aight?