Best Misting Fans To Make Your Summer Bearable

Summer is a time to go out and enjoy the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. However, sometimes the temperatures may get so high that it’s next to impossible to stay outside and inside as well lest you get a heat stroke. But that shouldn’t be the case when you have a pedestal fan or misting fan that will give you that much-needed breeze to bring the temperatures down around you.

Just like how sweating releases water droplets on our skin that evaporates to keep our skin cool on a hot day, so does a misting fan operate. Some people imagine that this type of fan will spray you with water once you stand next to it. On the contrary, it operates in a quiet yet intricate manner to utilize thermal dynamics that evaporate to provide a cooling effect around the area.

Not only do these cooling fans save you from hefty power bills, but also come in a portable design so that you can place them wherever you want to sit and relax. You will often find them on the patio, near a pool, at the gazebo and other strategic outdoor spots. However, there are a number of factors to have in mind before picking a particular appliance to add to your summer items. In this review, we have reviewed some of the best misting fans out there that will provide you with that much-needed breeze in an efficient manner.

Top 10 Misting Fans Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Lasko 1827 18″ Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Lasko has been in the appliance business since 1906 and is reputable for crafting durable and functional items. One such product is this pedestal fan that comes with three quiet and energy efficient speeds which allow the free standing fan to offer a cool breeze on a hot summer day. It also has an adjustable height design that let’s move the height between 38 and 54 inches while the tilt-back head design allows you to direct the breeze to the floor or ceiling.

The fan also boasts of a widespread oscillation that allows the breeze to cover a wide area. For increased safety, the fan has an inbuilt Blue Plug Patented Technology that has a fuse that automatically protects the appliance from any power surges. It also comes with simple instructions which make assembling it easy and fast.Lasko Elegance & Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan


  • Easy assembly
  • Widespread oscillation
  • Inbuilt safety fuse


  • Noisy
  • The high-speed setting may be too strong
  • Most of the parts are made of plastic

2. Lasko 20″ High-Velocity QuickMount

The floor mount design comes with three speeds that are ideal where high-velocity cooling is necessary. The pivoting head strategically moves to point the breeze where it’s needed which makes it act as a cooling and ventilation appliance. It has a quick mount design that lets you easily convert it from a floor fan to a wall mount fan. It has built-in rubber pads to help it last for long and doesn’t require tools for the assembly.

Lasko 20" High-Velocity QuickMount


  • 2 in 1 design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for busy places


  • Fan is loud
  • May have a funny smell
  • The speed levels may not be different

3. iLIVING ILG8E14-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Fan

Best Wall Mount Design

Air movement is a critical part of a misting fan and this comes with 14-inch curved blades that optimize air circulation producing an amazing cooling effect. To keep moisture away, its well lubricated industrial motor is sealed and doesn’t need to be removed for further lubrication. It also has a chain that you pull to adjust the speed which can move at three different revolutions.

On purchase, it’s a normal fan that doesn’t produce any mist just a dry cooling effect. However, you can turn it into a misting fan by connecting the iLIVING ilg-250 Hi Pressure Misting Kit that’s sold separately. The product is ULF tested and comes with a wall mounting kit. The fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.

iLIVING ILG8E14-15 Wall Mount Outdoor Fan


  • Powerful blades for optimal air movement
  • Both a normal fan and misting fan
  • ULF tested for safety


  • Doesn’t cool a large amount of air
  • Lower speeds may be faulty
  • Misting kit sold separately

4. SPT SF-1666M: 16″ Misting Fan

Best Oscillating Design

With three adjustable speeds and the option to oscillate in a fixed position or 90-degree position, this misting fan is perfect for your outdoor entertainment. The misting hub has a 4 brass nozzle that is resistant to UV rays and rust. The cooling capacity here is 40,000 BTUs which helps efficiently cool an area of 640 square feet. You can also adjust the height of the fan to between 47 and 56 inches. There’s also an allowance to connect it to a garden hose or spigot.

SPT SF-1666M: 16" Misting Fan


  • UV and rust resistant
  • 3 adjustable speeds
  • Adjustable height


  • Can’t be used indoors
  • The low/med/high speeds are pretty much the same
  • A bit noisy

5. OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan

Best Hand Held Design

Have you always desired to own your very own personal misting fan that you can easily hold and feel the breeze right on your face? Well, OPOLAR has designed this handheld misting fan just for you. It has two operating modes where you can use batteries to power it or connect it using a USB port. It comes loaded with a rechargeable battery that has a capacity of 2600mAh and can provide power for up to 14 hours when on a full charge.

Designed to operate as an air conditioner, this mini misting fan comes with three unique speeds that can be adjusted to your preference. It also has a 55 ml water tank that provides similar cooling as an air conditioner. It’s also a useful gadget for women who can use it as a personal humidifier once they are done applying makeup. You can also use it as a desktop fan for those hot afternoons in your office. It’s noise-free where the fan produces noise of fewer than 40 decibels which is very minimal. You also get a one year warranty with this mist fan/ humidifier.

OPOLAR Handheld Misting Fan


  • Multiple operating modes
  • Portable
  • Minimal noise


  • Only one speed for mist
  • Overfilling the water tank may spoil the motor
  • USB jack is flimsy

6. Luma Comfort MF26B High Power Misting Fan

Best For Large Spaces

There’s no denying that cooling a large area can be quite tricky. However, you don’t have to worry about that with this high power misting fan with a heavy duty construction and has been specifically designed for commercial and industrial spaces. It has a cooling capacity for an area of 1,000 sq ft and can easily bring the temperatures from a high of 30° F  and 45°F.

The misting fan is the most powerful from this brand and uses a high velocity centrifugal misting system that consists of a powerful water pump that doesn’t clog the nozzles. The large water tank can hold up to 4.4 gallons of water which can help power the system for a period of 4 hours at high speeds. Its fans feature three adjustable speeds and have a 90-degree oscillating fan head to conveniently cover large areas. The fan also comes with integrated carrying handles and rolling casters for easy portability.

Luma Comfort MF26B High Power Misting Fan


  • Easily portable
  • Covers large areas
  • Large water tank for prolonged cooling


  • Takes time to assemble
  • A bit noisy
  • Some had issues with the misting system

7. Misting Direct Wet Location Fan 18 Inch

Best For Wet Areas

Coming in beautiful oil rubbed bronze color, this misting fan is UL 507 approved for safe use in wet and damp areas. It uses a thermal protected industrial motor and acts as a commercial grade fan for heavy duty use. The blades are made of aluminum making them light and well balanced for efficient air circulation and cooling. The body is made of corrosion resistant material that has been coated with an exquisite epoxy finish. It also comes with three adjustable speeds to suit your preference.

Misting Direct Wet Location Fan 18 Inch


  • Powerful cooling system
  • Safe to use in wet areas
  • Three adjustable speeds


  • Lots of imitations in the market
  • Doesn’t come with mounting brackets
  • Some say that it rusted

8. Hurricane Stand Fan

The Hurricane Pro series is designed to provide high-velocity air movement which gives you a nice cooling effect. This particular fan is made to stand on a heavy duty stand that is easily portable for added convenience. The height is adjustable to a height of between 39 and 54 inches on a sturdily built base. It comes in a sleek black finish and is ETL listed.

Hurricane Stand Fan


  • Stable base
  • Adjustable height
  • Durable


  • Not for outdoor use
  • Oscillation is jerky
  • Not waterproof

9. Dynamic Collections Outdoor Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit

Equipped with an inbuilt mister, this oscillating fan will help cool down those awfully hot summer days with its cool breeze. The 19-inch oscillating head comes with three adjustable speeds of 900, 1100 and  1280 RPMs which can cover an area of 500 square feet. To withstand the outdoors, it’s coated with a UV resistant paint that doesn’t rust or fade.

It also has a weighted base for improved stability. It also comes with a CFI standard plug that works efficiently with a 120V 3-prong outlet. It’s also been rated ETL safe for wet areas. The telescoping neck can be adjusted to a height of between 40 inches and 51 inches. No tools are necessary for assembly and you just need to connect it to your garden hose and are good to go.

Dynamic Collections Outdoor Oscillating Fan with Misting Kit


  • UV and rust resistant
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Rated safe for wet areas


  • May leak water if not well fitted
  • Mist nozzles may clog with time
  • The base could be sturdier

10. NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

Built to outlast the harsh outdoors, this misting fan has a durable construction and a thick housing for the blades and motor. It has a cooling capacity for an area of close to 500 square feet which is adequate for your backyard area. It also has a widespread oscillation that allows for cooling and misting of a wider area. The push button controls are user-friendly and allow you to easily operate the fan. Its head tilts and height adjusts to conveniently meet your cooling needs.

NewAir AF-520B Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan


  • Durable construction
  • Widespread oscillation
  • User-friendly buttons


  • Faulty mist jets
  • May cause large spills
  • Needs loads of modification

How to Choose the Best Misting Fans: The Ultimate Buying Guide

It’s always good to step outside and enjoy the outdoors during summer. However, at times the temperatures may sore to very high degrees that it becomes a nightmare to even think of laying out in the backyard. But with a misting fan, you will get to enjoy a controlled breeze that will help you kick back and enjoy your summer. So effective is the cooling effect of these fans that some have found them better than air conditioners.

How Does a Misting Fan work?

A misting fan applies the same technology as sweating where water droplets evaporate leaving a cooling effect. They are usually fitted with a high-pressure pump and has tiny nozzles that spray water creating a mist. The fan powered by a motor then circulates this water which then mixes with the warm air causing evaporation and creating a cool breeze.

Benefits of a Misting Fan

  • Versatility – Unlike air conditioners, misting fans can be used anywhere and placed at strategic positions in your backyard, commercial enterprise or even industrial spaces.
  • Convenience – Misting fans are portable and can be moved from one location to another whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Power consumption – Compared to air conditioners, misting fans bring down your electricity bills significantly and don’t come with high maintenance costs.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Misting Fan

  • UV Rating – Ensure that the fan has adequate UV resistance since most of these appliances are used outdoors where there are harsh weather elements.
  • Type of fan – Depending on your taste and preference you may opt for a free standing fan, a wall mount fan, a tower fan or a desktop fan.
  • Placement – Depending on where you want the fan located, you may opt for one with a lengthy cord for hard to reach areas.
  • Cooling Power – Fans use airflow to provide a cooling breeze. The air flow is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). Depending on the size of the fan and the settings, some may have a cooling power while some may not have much-pushing power for the air.


With a misting fan, there’s absolutely no reason to remain indoors during summer due to unbearable temperatures outside. Misting fans are the answer to your heat problems and will leave you leaving refreshed and relaxed. Hopefully, this review has provided some insight on the best misting fans available in the market and given you pointers on how to land the right one for your summer needs.

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