Best Nail Dryers and Lamps For Glamorous Nails

Nothing is more attractive than a woman with a perfect manicure and an outstanding hairdo. A woman’s idea of heaven is a day in the spa dolling up by pampering their bodies and getting their nails done. For this reason, the nail polish industry has exploded and new, innovative products such as nail gel polish have been received with much relish. To get a perfect gel application, you have to use one of the best nail dryers and lamps that will ensure every nail dries sufficiently to prevent smudges.

Gone are the days when one had to wait for so many minutes for nail polish to dry so that the nails may look perfect. Gel polish is easy to apply, dries very fast and lasts for long without the need to re-apply. Curing gel polish can be as fast as 30 seconds using quality LED or UV lamp. So what’s the difference between the two lamps? An LED nail lamp cures faster than the UV one since it uses more narrow wavelengths to cure the gel.

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The best thing about having a nail dryer and lamp is that you don’t have to go to the salon every time you want your nails done since you can do it right from the comfort of your home. However, as the popularity of gel polish lamps has risen, the market has been filled with a lot of imitations that will leave you disappointed. In here, we have a selection of the best nail dryers and lamps from reputable brands that will give you value for money and ensure you get that perfect gel polish finish. Enjoy.

Top 10 Nail Dryers and Lamps Of 2019 Reviewed

1. SUNUV SUN9C LED Nail Lamp

Best LED Nail Lamp

SUNUV is one of the pioneer manufacturers of best nail dryers and lamps and have developed and designed over 20 such products. One of their best sellers is this SUN9C LED UV dual light nail dryer that has a one-button design with 30/60 second timer. It boasts of an auto sensor that turns on automatically and keeps curing for up to 120 seconds without turning off. The drying area is spacious enough to fit the whole foot and hand without leaving some nails out.

With this nail lamp, there will be no need to replace the lamp tube often since it comes with 18 pieces 24W lifetime LED beads with 50,000 working hours. You also don’t need to worry about the purple light that’s common with most lamps since this one has a white light source that will be easy on your eyes.

The dryer works well with all types of gel polishes including UV gels and hard gels. You can choose between white, pink and blue colors. The package includes one nail lamp, a US plug power adapter, one nail polish application, and a user manual.



  • Works well with all gel types
  • Portable and easy to use
  • No need to change the 18 piece lamp bulb


  • Some find the lamp wattage too low
  • May have a number of heat spikes
  • Not for a busy salon

2. LKE Gel UV Nail Light

Best UV Nail Lamp

Pamper your nails using this LKE Gel Nail Lamp that boasts of a wattage of 40W that will provide a fast dry to your gel polish and also protect your skin from browning. Your nail application process will be easy with the automatic sensor feature that allows you to turn the light on and off by just removing and returning your hand/feet without pressing any buttons. The three timer sensor can be set for 30s, 60s and 99 s depending on the type of gel polish used.

If you are tired of replacing the light bulbs every now and then, this nail lamp comes with 21 pieces of LED light with a double light source which will last you for over 50,000 hours. The gel lamp has a dainty unique shape and is light in weight for easy portability. The package contains a 40W gel lamp and one adapter connector.

LKE Gel UV Nail Light


  • Long bulb life span
  • Three timer sensor
  • Fast dry experience


  • Doesn’t cure well at low heat
  • A bit small
  • Short timer

3. Tress Wellness 48W UV Nail Lamp

For a perfect combination of UV and LED nail lamp, then this gel lamp from Tress Wellness is a great choice. Its clean and functional design gives you the option to use it at home or in a professional set up. It boasts of four timer settings; 10s, 30s, 60s, and 99s. Such a timer allows you to use a wide variety of gel polishes with different curing periods such as acrylic gels, hard gels, and normal gel. It also features a convenient screen that will display the corresponding time.

For better functionality, it features a heat dissipation hole that helps prevent overheating. The lamp has an infrared induction so that it automatically turns on when it senses your hand or feet. The gel lamp is skin friendly and won’t cause a mess as you cure your nails. It also features a double light source with a life span of 50,000 hours. The package contains one UV nail lamp, a manicure set, and a professional buffer.

Tress Wellness 48W UV Nail Lamp


  • Four timer settings
  • Both UV and LED function
  • Has heat dissipation hole


  • Looks cheap
  • Not ideal for big hands
  • Flimsy construction

4. Abody 48W Professional Nail Lamp

Best Bulb Life Span

Upgrade your salon’s manicure/pedicure station with this 48W heavy duty nail lamp that boasts of an incredible 33 lamp heads that have been evenly distributed and provide you with an extended bulb life. It has an automatic sensor that turns on when you place your hand in and turns off once the hand is out; you don’t need to press any buttons. The half-closed fancy design and controlled light are easy on your eyes as you work on your nails.

This nail dryer boasts of 5 timer settings 10s, 20s, 60s, 99s and 120s which is adequate time to cure different types of gel polish. It also features a smart time display which helps you keep tabs on the amount of nail art time. It’s also designed with a large space which allows you to cure both hands at the same time without smudging.

Abody 48W Professional Nail Lamp


  • Large space design
  • Cures all types of gel polishes
  • 5-time settings


  • Not durable
  • Lamp needs unplugging to turn off
  • The cord isn’t long

5. Chimocee UV LED Nail Lamp

The Chimocee 2 in 1 nail lamp will pamper your nails and cure the gel polish perfectly with its 48W high power capacity and a dual optical wavelength for quick drying of polish. The great thing about this nail lamp is its spacious design which allows you to place both hands and feet at the same time without bumping them on the sides. Since it’s an LED and UV lamp, it works well with all types of gel polish including gem gel, hard gel, top coat and many others.

It also features a 99S painless mode button for 48W to 24W.  It also boasts of a smart double curing speed which reduces curing time by over 50%. The smart digital display is also useful when monitoring the curing time. The base is removable for added functionality. It comes with 4-time settings and you can switch between automatic and manual time mode.

Chimocee UV LED Nail Lamp


  • Large space for both hands/feet
  • Painless mode button
  • 2 in 1 nail lamp


  • Short light bulb span
  • Its adapter is a bit weak
  • Light maybe too bright

6. YaFex LED UV Nail Lamp

YaFex brings you this professional grade nail lamp with a high power capacity of 72 watts that will cure nails faster and efficiently making it ideal for a busy salon. It boasts of 4-time settings and has an auto sensor that doesn’t require a switch. The 36 LED lights give this lamp an extended bulb life span of 50,000 hours. It also has a smart over-temperature feature that prevents overheating and protects your hand.

YaFex LED UV Nail Lamp


  • High wattage of 72W
  • Smart temperature control feature
  • Auto sensor and smart time memory


  • Price  is a bit high
  • Takes time to dry darker gel polishes
  • Bright light

7. Makartt 48W LED UV Lamp

Best High-End Nail Dryer

Makartt has masterly crafted this professional grade nail dryer to meet all your gel application needs with the ability to cure all types of gel polish. With a 24W power capacity and a wide space, the gel lamp can cure both hands and feet at the same time. It also has a clear LCD time display to help you easily monitor the curing time. For easy cleaning, this nail lamp has a detachable magnetic bottom that quickly slides out.

Makartt 48W LED UV Lamp


  • Detachable magnetic bottom for easy cleaning
  • Wide space
  • Clear LCD time display


  • Expensive
  • Power adapter needs modification
  • Some have complained about safety

8. NailStar Professional Nail Dryer

To get professional salon-like nail application results, then this gel lamp from NailStar is a great choice. It features 2 minute and 3 minute timers to allow maximum flexibility and adequate time intervals for curing. It also has four high powered UV bulbs that allow for even coverage of the nails. It’s also compatible with all types of gel polish. Experience a memorable manicure and pedicure with this portable gel lamp.

NailStar Professional Nail Dryer


  • Even nail coverage
  • Compact size that’s portable
  • Easy to operate


  • Complaints of a chemical smell
  • Too large
  • Lights don’t plug in nicely

9. Melodysusie Nail Lamp

Designed in a classic and elegant black color, this gel lamp looks good and gives you a good look. It has an automatic sensor, three-time settings; 5s, 20s, and 30s with a 48W power capacity that dries nails fast. Made with a special metal that has a special luster with numerous ventilation holes to prevent overheating. It also has a detachable magnetic bottom that makes cleaning it a walk in the park.

Melodysusie Nail Lamp


  • Detachable magnetic bottom
  • Numerous ventilation holes
  • Classy and elegant look


  • A bit pricey
  • Not compatible with UV only gels
  • Lower wattage than indicated

10. MINI LOP 64W Rechargeable Pro LED Gel Nail UV Light

Best Cordless Design

If you don’t want to be limited to a particular point when doing your nails, then this cordless 64W gel lamp will be great for you. It also comes with a handle for easy portability and features rechargeable 5,000mAH battery. It also boasts of an extended bulb life span with 36 piece durable LED lights.

MINI LOP LED Gel Nail UV Light


  • Cordless
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Handle for easy portability


  • Small space for hands
  • Not for a busy nail setup
  • Takes time to cure nails

Best Nail Dryers and Lamps Buying Guide

A lady’s idea of heaven is chilling in a spa as she gets her nails done with a group friend as they chit chat on everything and nothing. But one of the worst things that can happen when getting your nails done is smudging which not only wastes time but also messes with the final look. There’s also the issue of chipping which means regular trips to the salon.

However, gel polish application is a lifesaver since it’s quick and easy to apply while providing you with extended service. Due to the popularity of gel polish, the demand for best nail dryers and lamps that hasten the curing process has risen. Best nail dryers and lamps come in many designs and provide different curing processes.

Difference Between UV and LED Lamps

In your quest for a great gel lamp, you will come across two common terms; UV gel lamps and LED lamps. To understand the difference between the two, you need to first appreciate that gel polish fast drying nature is due to exposure to UltraViolet (UV) rays. For a UV lamp, the rays have a wider wavelength so they hit more gel molecules but take time to cure them. For the LED lamp, the rays have a narrower wavelength thus hit specific molecules hence faster curing.

Here are some key differences between the two lamps:

  • UV lamps cure all type of gels while LED lamps cure only LED specific gels
  • LED lamps to cure faster than UV lamps
  • LED light bulbs last longer
  • LED lamps are more expensive

Factors to Consider When Buying a Gel Nail Dryer and Lamp

Let’s explore some few things to keep in mind as you go out to shop for an ideal nail lamp:

  • Curing Speed – It’s important to get a lamp that doesn’t take forever to dry your nails. As mentioned, LED lamps to dry the nails faster since they use a narrow spectrum while their counterparts the UV lamps can take up to 5 minutes to dry nails. The market now has a combination of both UV and LED lamp which will provide you with a variety of curing speeds. You can also get an idea of the curing speeds by looking at the interval of the preset timers such as 10s, 20s and 60s.
  • Lamp Wattage – Power consumption on gel lamps can start from 12W to upwards of 48W. The wattage has an impact on the curing speed of the nail lamp where if it’s higher, the lamp will cure polish faster and more efficiently.
  • Size and Space – The gel lamp should be in a compact size that is easy to move around with whether in the salon or at home. The space available for the hands and feet should also be big enough to fit the whole hand without touching the sides which may cause smudging. Better yet, it would be great if space allowed you to place both hands simultaneously which saves you time.
  • Bulb Life Span – One common agony with most gel lamps is constantly changing the light bulbs which is expensive and time wasting. Most LED lamps have an extended light bulb lifespan that can last up to 50,000 hours which implies that you may never have to replace the bulbs. The UV lamps usually have a lifespan of about 100 hours which is quite short.
  • Type – You will have a choice between LED lamps that cure specific gel polishes, UV lamps that are slower but cure all types of gels or a combination of both that comes with many benefits.


Dolling up your nails has never been much easier with so many options of best nail dryers and lamps in the market. Ensure that you get one that will give you a perfect finish and a beautiful look. We hope that you have spotted the best nail dryer and lamp in here and you will soon be well on your way to having glamorous, beautiful nails.