Best Pedestal Fans – Cool Down In a Hot Room

Feeling hot and bothered? Keep your cool with a pedestal fan. Now, before you roll your eyes at such obvious advice, you should think about all the money you’ll save using a pedestal fan compared to an air conditioner.

With the right pedestal fan, you can cool a room 24/7 at a fraction of the cost or clear the air whenever you’ve burned dinner – something no air conditioner can do. And the right fan should last you years, not months.

The big question is, which pedestal fan is the best? We picked out 10 best pedestal fans of the most reliable in the market today. Go ahead and breeze through our list to find the one for you.

Top 10 Pedestal Fans Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence

Pedestal Fan for Bedroom

Ok, so this is definitely an expensive fan but it’s more than worth the price. As the name implies, the Rowenta fan is powerful but silent. It can move air up to 1695 cubic feet per minute which simply means a strong burst of cool air. But it also ranks 40 to 57 decibels which is library quiet. The fan comes with 4 speeds and remote control (no need to stand up to change speed). It also has an adjustable height ranging from 42 inches to 54 inches. And it has a built-in handle for easy transporting from one room to another.

Rowenta VU5551 Turbo Silence


  • Remote control
  • Very quiet
  • Stable base


  • Expensive
  • Grill can rust
  • Durability issues

Also, check the price on

2. Lasko 1827 Adjustable Elegance and Performance Pedestal Fan

Pedestal Fan under $50

For less than $50, Lasko’s Adjustable Elegance and Performance Pedestal Fan provides you with a powerful fan with three energy efficient speeds that can cool a room in a short amount of time. It has wide oscillation so you cover a larger amount of space. The height is adjustable and has a tilt-back feature which allows you to direct air where you want it. Best of all, no tools are necessary when assembling it. It’s that easy.

Lasko 1827 Adjustable Elegance and Performance Pedestal Fan


  • No-tool assembly
  • Wide oscillation
  • Reasonable noise level


  • Mostly made out of plastic
  • Pole slowly slides down when you touch the fan
  • Short cord

3. Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator

Any way you look at this fan, it is cool. The aesthetics are unique and eye-catching. And the power of this fan is mind-blowing. It can move air up to 100 feet. Vornado’s Vortex Technology enables the fan to completely circulate the air in the room even when it is only pointing in one direction. The fan has 3-speed settings, a whisper-quiet noise level, and two adjustable heights – 28 inches and 40 inches. The head tilts for multi-directional flow. To back up their product, Vornado offers a 5-year warranty.

Vornado 783


  • 5-year warranty
  • Cool aesthetics
  • Super quiet


  • No remote control
  • Expensive
  • Does not oscillate

4. Lakso 1885 18-Inch Cyclone Pedestal Fan with Remote Control

Best Cyclone Pedestal Fan

What are you looking for in a pedestal fan? Regardless of your answer to that question, you need to have the best cyclone pedestal fan. The technology behind this fan makes it extremely quiet in its operations. It is ideal for use in the office or the bedroom, where noise needs to be minimized as much as possible. The product comes with three programmable timer options for you to choose from when the fan turns on or off.

That it is good looking may make you overlook this fan when it comes to acquiring one for use in a large home. This would be a huge mistake. In fact, the Lasko 1885 is capable of cooling the largest rooms in the home with minimum effort. Among its best features include the tilt-back fan head, adjustable height, three speeds, and simplicity in assembly. It comes with a multi-functional remote control which makes it conveniently easy to operate the fan. Given that it is made in the USA, the quality of this fan can be trusted.

Lasko 1885 18 Cyclone Pedestal Fan



  • Comes with 3 programmable timer options
  • The height is adjustable
  • Made in the United States


  • The fan doesn’t seem to hold at higher heights
  • Reports of difficulties using the remote
  • Some people reported parts falling off

5. Honeywell HS-1655 QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan

The Honeywell HS-1655 is a powerful fan, just like all the others on our list. But what we love about this particular fan is the fact that it comes with 5-speed settings, one of which is the “White Noise” setting. Aside from being a super quiet yet powerful fan, it also comes with a timer. You can opt to have the fan shut down after 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, or 8 hours. The fan oscillates, has an adjustable height, and comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

Honeywell HS-1655 QuietSet 16" Stand Fan


  • 5 speed settings
  • 4 timer settings
  • Good price


  • Bright LED lights can bother sensitive sleepers
  • Durability issues
  • Some users have reported difficulty in assembling the fan

6. Costway 18″ Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Costway’s 18″ Pedestal Fan is one-of-a-kind. Yes, it comes with a timer and remote control. You can tilt its head back and it oscillates. But that’s not what makes it stand out. This fan features two blades – a large one and a small one – to create a strong, full breeze. And it has three modes – normal, nature, and sleep. And no, these modes aren’t speeds. Each mode has its own speed levels. For nature and sleep, the fan switches from the lowest speed setting and gradually increases, imitating a natural breeze. The sleep mode, naturally, stops at the medium setting. The modes are adjustable. Best of all, the remote control can turn the oscillation on and off.

Costway 16" Adjustable Pedestal Fan


  • Versatile modes and settings
  • Remote control
  • Customizable


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Bright LED light
  • Instruction manual is not written well

7. Lorell LLR49251 Floor Fan

Lorell’s pedestal fan is definitely the no-frills kind. It does come with an infrared remote control and features a 4-hour timer. There are 3-speed settings and the fan is rated to have a 50-decibel noise level. The broad plastic blades create a powerful breeze. While it doesn’t utilize two blades or high-end technology as some of our other picks, it does deliver a cool experience. Pretty much what you want in a fan.

Lorell LLR49251 Floor Fan


  • Remote control
  • 4-hour timer
  • Easy assembly


  • Not as quiet as expected
  • Only 4 feet tall
  • Durability issues

8. Vornado 6803DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan

This fan is capable of using up to 80% less energy due to its brushless DC motor while still being able to move air up to 85 feet. But that’s not what makes this fan really stand out. It’s the 99 unique airflow settings. Yes, you read that right – 99! You are given precise airflow control so that you can find the exact setting that works for you. The controls are touch-sensitive buttons which also includes a timer. You get a remote control for easy access. Unlike the other Vornado on our list, this fan has an adjustable height from 31 inches to 39 inches. Moreover, you get a 10-year satisfaction guarantee with this fan.

Vornado 6803DC Energy Smart Pedestal Fan


  • 99 airflow settings
  • Timer
  • Energy efficient


  • Short – only 3.25 feet tall
  • Extremely expensive
  • Lights of the fan (controls) do not turn off, just dim a bit which can bother somelight-sensitivee sleepers

9. Avalon High Velocity

Just like the name implies, this fan can produce high velocity wind due to its 5 heavy duty blades. It features 26 normal speed settings AND 9 silent speed settings, totalling 35 speed settings for you to choose from. The fan also has three “wind modes” – natural, sleep, and auto. It also has an 8-hour programmable timer that allows you to set it and forget it. In addition, the fan features a digital LED display and comes with a remote control.

Avalon High Velocity


  • The remote control can turn the oscillation on/off
  • 35 speed settings and 3 wind modes
  • Easy assembly


  • Expensive
  • Remote control is flimsy
  • When turned on, it always resets to the default setting which requires you to search for the setting you prefer

10. Air King 9420 20″ Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan

If you want to keep an industrial space cool, like your neighborhood gym, then this is the fan you’ve been looking for. It contains a 1/6-horsepower lubricated motor and 20-inch blades, moving 3670, 3330 and 2940 CFM, on high, medium and low speeds. It is constructed of powder-coated steel which means it’ll last longer than any other fan you’ve ever used. While it’s definitely not for the bedroom, everywhere else is game.

Air King 9420


  • Very durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Serious power


  • Very noisy
  • Expensive
  • Blades are unbalanced

How To Choose The Best Pedestal Fan: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Keeping your cool is easy with the right pedestal fan. You’ll get the airflow you want and the noise level you can tolerate at the price you can afford. But how do you know if you chose the right one? Well, before you even choose a pedestal fan to buy, you should list down the features that matter to you. If you have no idea where to start, well, this is why we wrote the guide in the first place. So, let’s get started.

How Big Space Do You Want Your Fan to Cool?

Your fan’s cooling performance is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). What this basically means is how big the volume of air the fan is able to move. The bigger your space is, the higher volume of air your fan should be able to move to ensure that the get enough airflow to keep you and your space cool. For example, a large room such as an office or a gym will need a large, powerful fan such as the Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan.

How Many Speed Settings Do you Want?

It’s typical for a fan to have 3-speed settings – low, medium, and high. That’s what we’ve all been used to. But nowadays, some fans offer more than just the typical 3. For example, the Vornado 6803DC Energy Smart Medium Pedestal Air Circulator Fan with Variable Speed Control comes with 99 speed settings! The more speed settings a fan has, the more customizable a fan is. Of course, for some people, 99 speed settings seem too much. The Avalon High Velocity offers 35, 9 of which are all quiet speeds.

How Much Noise Can You Tolerate?

This is an all-important question because a powerful fan can generate strong winds but this could also mean a loud noise. Some fans offer whisper-quiet speed settings for those who are sensitive to sound while sleeping or who prefer to not notice the fan while performing other activities such as watching TV or having conversations. Others prefer a somewhat louder noise level that serves as “white noise.” The Honeywell HS-1655 QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan offers such a setting.

Do You Want a Remote Control?

Some of us are just plain lazy. Kidding! Having a remote control can make controlling the fan much easier from across the room, especially if you’re too busy to walk to the fan and back. Or, if you’re already lying down in bed and couldn’t be bothered to get out of your comfy spot to change settings. Keep in mind that some remote controls do not allow you to turn the oscillation of the fan on or off. One fan that does allow you to control oscillation via remote is the Costway 18″ Adjustable Pedestal Fan.

Do You Need a Timer?

A timer is a good option if you want the fan to shut off after a set number of hours. For example, the Honeywell HS-1655 QuietSet 16″ Stand Fan and the Avalon High Velocity allow you to program the fan to shut down after 8 hours. This is perfect if you want the fan to stop around the time you’re supposed to wake up.

Does Your Preferred Fan come With an Adjustable Height and tilt-back Feature?

Most fans come with adjustable height and the tilt-back feature which adds to its versatility. You can choose to cool yourself using an indirect breeze if the direct one is too powerful. But you should know that not all adjustable heights are the same. Some fans such as the Vornado 783 Full-Size Whole Room Air Circulator only offer two height positions (28 inches and 40 inches) and not the usual range of heights.

Choosing the best pedestal fan to suit your needs isn’t too hard to do. As long as you know what you need (how much airflow) and what you want (how much noise and the features you prefer), then the rest is easy.

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