Best Pedestal Sinks for Bathroom – Where Style Meets Functionality!

If you are looking to put together a dream bathroom, be ready to be overwhelmed with the huge number of sinks available in the market. Yes, the exercise will be fun since you will get that chance to pick exactly what suits your décor, but it will also be a pain moving through all the available options.

Pedestal sinks are one of the best options you can go for, and for a good reason. These are simply bath fixtures that bend the base and the sinks together, giving your bathroom a stylish and decent look. To find the ideal option for your bathroom, read on and find out some cool sinks you can consider today, and, of course, a few tips you should keep in mind as you embark your shopping.

Top10 Pedestal Sinks for Bathroom of 2020 Reviewed

1. KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Best for Single-Hole Faucets

If you are looking for a ceramic pedestal sink, this vitreous china product is worth considering. It has a large capacity and is fit for all your bathroom washing needs. The dimensions of the sink are 22.75 by 18.75 by 34.5 inches. At that height, most adults in the home will find this sink comfortable to use. The children will have an easy time too.

The sink comes with a single faucet hole. Thus, you can only install one faucet knob on this particular sink. The faucet deck is spacious enough to hold some of your bathroom supplies. The sink does not come with a faucet, so you have to buy it separately. The base is wide enough to conceal the plumbing system. You don’t have to worry about the drain and water supply pipes being unnecessarily exposed.

KOHLER K-2362-1-0 Cimarron Pedestal Bathroom Sink


  • It has a large capacity and will serve most of your bathroom washing needs
  • The height is comfortable for both adults and children
  • Has an expansive base that conceals plumbing


  • The installation process may prove to be a little bit difficult
  • Some reviewers have reported cracks in the sink upon the slightest impact
  • The package does not include faucets and other fixtures

2. Small Bathroom Pedestal Sink White with Overflow Centerset

Best for Small Spaces

Some people do not really care about having a large-sized pedestal sink. If you are one of them, this is the product for you. It measures 16 by 14 by 33 inches. At a 33-inch height, it is high enough for adults to use comfortably.  Smaller children may struggle to reach it and would, therefore, need a platform to stand on. However, as they grow, the sink will become more accessible.

It is made of grade-A vitreous china. With that, you have a good-looking sink that’s also durable. It is designed to save space and create a focal point at the same time. It comes with a centered overflow hole to prevent the bathroom floor from flooding. Whether you are renovating your bathroom or installing a sink for the first time, this is a great product to start with.

Small Bathroom Pedestal Sink


  • Its small size means it will fit into a small space such as a corner of your bathroom
  • Made of grade-A, durable vitreous china
  • It is small enough to fit in your bathroom corner no matter how small space is


  • Some reviewers have complained of it being hard to install
  • May come with spots that aren’t totally glazed in white
  • Does not come with the faucet

3. KOHLER K-2359-8-NY Archer Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Vitreous china and other ceramics are the most popular materials for making pedestal sinks. This is another product from KOHLER. It features a smooth and polished, smooth vitreous china. That makes it an elegant and durable sink. Apart from making your bathroom décor great, it is a sink you can expect to have for a long time to come. Don’t be surprised if you are forced to pass it down to your children.

The dimensions of the sink are 24 by 20.5 by 35 inches. At 35 inches, it is higher for the smaller children in the home. With a little bit of patience, they will eventually grow big enough to use the sink. It comes with three faucet holes so that you can get water at the right temperature. The faucet holes are spread over a span of 8 inches.

KOHLER K-2359-8-NY Archer Pedestal Bathroom Sink


  • Made of polished, smooth, and durable vitreous china
  • Has three faucet holes for effective temperature regulation
  • Has enough space for holding toiletries


  • The package does not include faucets
  • It could be too high for the very small children in the home
  • Some reviewers have reported the base of the pedestal of being twisted

4. Swiss Madison SM-PS306 Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Best Stylish Pedestal Sink

Ceramic pedestal sinks seem to be the most popular for bathroom renovations and new plumbing installations. The Swiss Madison SM-PS306 bathroom pedestal sink is a polished ceramic product. It is all-white sink featuring a polished surface. Additionally, the sink is non-porous, scratch-resistant, and durable. The fact that it can withstand even the heaviest impact means that you will have it in your bathroom for a long time to come.

This pedestal sink is easy to install, even for a novice like you. You don’t have to spend money on a professional plumber. It comes with an overflow drain that prevents the floor to your bathroom from flooding unnecessarily. This sink has only one faucet sink. The polished ceramic surface is easy to clean and maintain. What more could you want in a pedestal sink?

Swiss Madison SM-PS306 Pedestal Bathroom Sink


  • Made of polished, scratch-resistant, and durable ceramic
  • Easy to install
  • Has an overflow drain to prevent flooding in your bathroom


  • It’s not clear if it can conceal plumbing
  • Package doesn’t include faucets and other fixtures

5. PROFLO PF5008WH Lisbon Valley 20-inch Vitreous China Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Best Pedestal Sink with 3 Faucet Holes

This 20-inch vitreous china pedestal sink was designed with you in mind. Its volume is large enough for common needs such as hand washing, teeth brushing, and so on. The vitreous china is a strong, durable material that any plumber would recommend for installation in a bathroom. The sink comes with an overflow drain. You don’t have to worry about water flooding the bathroom floor.

Unlike other pedestal sinks, this particular product has three faucet holes. Thus, you can connect it to the cold water and well as hot water systems in your home. With that, you can get the water at a temperature that’s just right for you. At 20 pounds, the sink is surprisingly lightweight.

PROFLO PF5008WH Lisbon Valley 20 inch Vitreous China Pedestal Bathroom Sink


  • Its height is ideal for use by both the children and adults
  • Made of strong, durable vitreous china
  • Has three faucet holes


  • The package doesn’t come with faucets
  • Standard faucets may not properly fit in the hole
  • Not ideal if you prefer the bracket to be on the top and not at the bottom

6. Fine Fixtures, Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink

Best Elegant Pedestal Sink

One of the biggest worries for homeowners is a sink that easily stains or corrodes. The Fine Fixtures, Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink, is made of vitreous china, material that neither stains nor rusts. It is also a long-lasting material that’s hard to scratch or dent. No matter how hard you use the sink, it will definitely last you for a lifetime.

With this sink, you have a wide variety to choose from. You can either pick the one with an 18-inch or 22-inch width. It all depends on what you intend to use the pedestal sink for. It gets better than that. Unlike other faucets, which are either single hole or three holes, this particular one is available in all types. For the three faucet holes sink, they are spread either over 4 or 8 inches. It stands at 35.88 inches high and measures 21.88 by 16.75 inches.

Fine Fixtures, Roosevelt White Pedestal Sink


  • Does not stain nor corrode
  • Comes in a wide variety of sink sizes
  • Provides single as well as three faucet holes


  • Does not have a wall-mounting detail
  • Some reviewers have said it looked smaller than they had expected
  • Does not come with the required faucets

7. Signature Hardware 424214 Kerr 22″ Porcelain Pedestal Bathroom Sink

Best Single Faucet Hole Pedestal Sink

The Signature Hardware 424214 Kerr 22″ Sink is made of porcelain, one of the best materials for this kind of product. It is modern, lustrous and durable, all at the same time. You see, porcelain is not like metal sinks which are prone to developing stains and corroding. To clean and maintain it, all you need is a little bit of wiping. It also comes with a pre-drilled with overflow to prevent water from flooding the bathroom floor.

Like other pedestal sinks, this product is easy to install. So, why should you hire a professional plumber when you can do it yourself? The sink itself sits on a pedestal base (also easy to set up), which provides extra support to the sink while offering a beautiful coating to hide all the pipes. Also included in the package is one faucet, which is really all you need for a small bathroom space.

Signature Hardware 424214



  • Reasonable price
  • Looks good with nice pedestal stand 
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Might break easily if it falls / during transit
  • Might seem small for a large bathroom

8. Barclay Washington Pedestal Lavatory 4cc

Are you looking for a small enough pedestal sink that’s also highly-functional? If “yes,” then this product from Barclay Washington is the best for you. The dimensions of this product are fixed at 8.7 by 6.5 by 13 inches. It is rectangular-shaped and comes with three faucet holes. Thus, you don’t have to be confined to washing your hands with cold water. You can easily tailor the temperature of the water using the two faucet controls.

This sink is made of white ceramic, which is smooth and well finished. It is stain resistant, easy to wash, and maintain. To prevent the full sink from flooding your home, the product has a dedicated overflow drain. Any excess water will simply drift out of the sink without causing a mess.

Barclay Washington 550 Pedestal Lavatory 4cc


  • Comes with three faucet holes for easy regulation of the water temperature
  • The ceramic from which it is made is easy to clean and maintain
  • Has an overflow drain to prevent the bathroom floor from flooding


  • The pedestal base is not as level as you would expect
  • Not ideal for a bigger bathroom
  • May not have enough space to hold your toiletries

9. Bathroom China Black Pedestal Sink

Best Luxurious Pedestal Sink for Small Spaces

All you could be looking for in a pedestal sink is to save some space. What you need is a Black Pedestal China Black Sink. It is 15 by 19 by 33 inches in dimension and will fit perfectly in a small bathroom. Unlike other pedestal sinks which are mostly white, this particular sink is black. That makes it the perfect focal point in your bathroom. It complements and enhances your décor all at the same time. Just like the white sinks, this particular one is easy to clean and maintain.

If you intend to install it yourself, the sink comes with an open-backed pedestal. You can easily get your sink up and working even when using non-standard rough-ins. The good thing is that you do not have to be a professional plumber to pull it off.

Bathroom China Black Pedestal Sink Space


  • A small enough pedestal sink for a small bathroom
  • Made of black-colored and durable vitreous china ceramics
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Some reviewers found the bowl to be too small
  • Not very comfortable for use by the tall people
  • May not look very good in a large bathroom

10. TOTO Soiree Lavatory and Pedestal

BestPedestal Sink with standard height

What’s the need to have a pedestal sink that’s either too low or too high. If you are short, you need to have a pedestal sink that’s at a height which you can easily reach. The same goes for a tall person who needs to reach the sink without having to bend over. The TOTO LPT960.8#Soiree pedestal sink stands at the height of 34 inches. This is a universal height that’s comfortable for almost everyone.

It is elegantly designed with the modern homeowner in mind. The basin is 29.5 by 19.6 inches. It is deep enough for a luxurious bathroom experience. The good thing is that it comes with an overflow drain to prevent your bathroom floor from flooding. It is s cotton white ceramic sink that easy to clean and maintain.

TOTO Soiree Lavatory and Pedestal


  • The height of the pedestal is comfortable enough for almost everyone
  • The basin is deep enough for a luxurious feeling
  • Comes with an overflow to prevent your bathroom floor from flooding


  • Does not come with the required faucets
  • May prove to be hard to install
  • May not be suitable for a large bathroom

Choosing the Best Bathroom Pedestal Sink: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Designing a bathroom is no easy job. You have to think about the big stuff such as sinks and the small details such as bathroom mats for you to achieve the desired results. If your bathroom is small and without vanity, it is advisable that you buy a pedestal sink. Not only will you be able to circumvent the need for space but you will also introduce a new but freshly elegant look to your bathroom. However, you cannot buy just any pedestal sink. Before you make a purchase, you have to carefully weigh your options. The following are the things to look at when shopping for a pedestal sink:


Pedestal sinks are usually made from various kinds of materials. The most common ones are metal, granite/stone, glass, and ceramic. You can choose a pedestal sink material depending on your personal preference, décor requirements, and functionality.

  • Metal. The common metals from which pedestal sinks are made include stainless steel, copper, brass, and cast iron. Of these, stainless steel is the easiest to maintain, given that it is not subject to corrosion. The others are likely to develop water spots with continued use and may prove to be hard to maintain.
  • Granite/stone. If you want to make a pedestal sink the focal point in your bathroom, then you should consider buying one made of granite. It comes in a variety of colors and textures. It is both durable and scratch-resistant. Due to its uniqueness, granite pedestal sinks can be expensive.
  • Glass: This is not an ordinary glass. Rather, it is tempered glass, which has been treated to prevent breakage and shuttering. Even though commonly used for vessel sinks, it can also serve very well as a pedestal sink.
  • Ceramic: This can either be fireclay, porcelain or China. It usually has a glossy finish. Ceramic sinks are the easiest to clean and maintain. They are durable and stain resistant all at the same time.


Pedestal sinks come in five main shapes, including oval, round, rectangular, u-shaped, and square. For those who do not want any of these shapes, some manufacturers allow for specialty shapes. The shape you choose is largely dependent on your personal preferences and space where you want to install it. Round pedestal sinks can fit in virtually any space, even a corner of your bathroom.

Number of Faucet Holes

The number of faucet holes on pedestal sinks ranges from one to three. If the sink has a single faucet hole, then it will come with just one faucet. It will have a water control built in the spout. The faucet handle will obviously be one. It is great for use when looking to maximize basin space. Cleaning it is also easier. Alternatively, you can buy a three-hole faucet for a more exquisite look. This kind of faucet hole is great for precise water temperature control.


Regardless of the shape of the pedestal sink you choose, the size really matters. To determine the size, you will consider several variables. Key among them is the basin width. It is measured inside the sink bowl from back to front. It is important that this width fits in with the space you intend to renovate. For round pedestal sinks, the width will be the same as the diameter.

Also, consider the length which is the distance between one side of the sink and the other. Don’t buy a pedestal sink before measuring the space you intend to renovate. Apart from the basin, a pedestal sink comes with faucet holes on a deck. Measure the entire width of the sink including the deck.

Ease of Installation

Even though a pedestal sink will stand on its own after installation, it requires to be attached to the existing plumbing system, so you will need to learn a step-by-step procedure to do it. You have the option of hiding the plumbing or leaving it exposed. Think about the final position of the drain and water lines even as you buy a pedestal sink. In order to hide the plumbing, buy a sink with a wider pedestal base. A sleek one won’t be able to help you with that.

A pedestal sink is one of the best additions you can make to your home. You can find one made of metal, granite/stone, glass or ceramic. Despite the type of material you prefer, you should consider the shape, size, and number of faucet holes the sink has. We hope our review has assisted you in finding a great pedestal sink for your dream bathroom.

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