Best Pocket Watches For Men – Great Timepieces To Take You Back In Time

A pocket watch is a symbol of a true gentleman. Since the 1600s, these timeless masterpieces have continued to dominate the industry. Back then, pocket watches were a reserve of the affluent in the society – well until mass production kicked in. These timepieces portray a man as sophisticated, classic and elegant without trying so hard.  Not only do they teleport one back into the good old ages before smartphones were used to tell them but can also be used to complete one’s attire and have them looking like a million dollars.

Ever wondered why these watches come with a strap attached to them? During World War 1, soldiers needed to have their hands free and yet keep time. So the watch designers decided to add the strap so that the watch could easily attach on their uniforms. Now you know! Pocket watches are a perfect gift for the valuable men in our lives. Getting them one these masterpieces will leave them happy and will become envy among their peers.

Picking an ideal pocket watch can be a daunting task especially when you can’t tell what makes for a good gadget. We have searched far and wide to bring you some of the best pocket watches for men that will leave you breathless and might even turn you into a collector of these timeless accessories. Let’s tick tock away.

Top 10 Pocket Watches For Men Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Gotham Men’s Silver-Tone Mechanical Pocket Watch

Best For Men And Women

Are you looking to engrave a special message or your loved one on your pocket watch? Then this double hunter pocket watch with front and back silver-tone covers will be a perfect gift. The beautifully designed covers open on both sides to expose the mechanical movement.  To tell the time, the classic masterpiece is equipped with elegant looking blue hands with scratch resistant mineral crystals that will last a lifetime.

For easy attachment, the timepiece comes with a 14-inch steel chain for hooking on your belt loop. It also has a solid brass stand for your desktop which will have everyone admiring your classic pocket watch. The package also contains operating instructions and a Selvyt polishing cloth to keep the timepiece always shining. For sure, this is a timepiece that will have your special man beaming with pride and will give you value for every buck you spend.

 Gotham Men's Silver-Tone Mechanical Pocket Watch


  • Covers open on both sides
  • Scratch resistant hands
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Can be hard to tell time
  • Engraving may prove a challenge
  • The chain could have been stronger

2. ORIENT WORLD STAGE Collection Pocket Watch

Anyone who loves watches knows they can’t go wrong with a timepiece from ORIENT. This open face pocket watch has been masterly crafted in Japan and boasts of a 3 ATM water resistant performance. With an accuracy of +25 seconds/-15 seconds, you will rarely get the time wrong with this timepiece. The reserve dial is strategically placed and the see-through back that’s covered with sapphire glass allows you to quickly look at the time.

As a wind watch, you will derive pleasure from the ease at which you get to operate the timepiece. It also has a power reserve that lasts more than 40 hours. You will for sure get value for your money from the quality and craftsmanship on this pocket watch.

ORIENT WORLD STAGE Collection Pocket Watch


  • Easy to wind and rewind
  • Masterly crafted
  • The strategic location of the reserve dial


  • No covers
  • Comes only in silver
  • Quite small

3. Frederique Constant Silver Dial

Best For High-End Purchases

As mentioned earlier, pocket watches were often a reserve for the wealthy in the society and some of them may come with a high price tag. One such gadget is this silver dial timepiece whose craftsmanship matches the price tag. Made of highly polished stainless steel, this watch oozes sophistication and high-end style. The open pocket watch comes in a round case with red gold edges that will have your eyes glued to it for quite some time.

The simple yet classic watch has crystal sapphire display and is a mechanical watch that displays time in hours, minutes and seconds. It’s also water resistant and will be a perfect addition to your collection of timepieces.

 Frederique Constant Silver Dial


  • Water resistant
  • Highly polished
  • Masterly crafted


  • Expensive
  • Takes time to get used to
  • Doesn’t come with a chain

4. Rapport Oxford Hunter Pocket Watch

Rapport has been creating timeless pieces since 1868 and has earned a reputation of being one of the best watch brands in the industry. Their excellent craftsmanship is evident on this hunter watch that opens on both sides to reveal the intricate mechanical movement of time.  It has a skeleton dial that has a white chapter ring for easy handling.

The watch comes in either gold or silver that is so well polished that it doesn’t lose its appeal for many years. The round case is 5.3 centimeters with a thickness of 14. The product comes with a two-year limited warranty.

Rapport Oxford Hunter Pocket Watch


  • Highly polished metallic look
  • Excellent craftsmanship
  • Keeps time accurately


  • Requires daily winding of time
  • Quite large
  • Doesn’t come with a strap

5. Straightline Music Pocket Watch

Best For Music Lovers

Are you a fan of the movie’ Foe a Few Dollar More’ and want to listen to the lovely song in the movie as often as you can? Then this pocket watch has been specially designed for you as it plays the entire song from the movie. The fully licensed watch is a movie prop with a golden case in black. Made of heavyweight metal, the watch feels good on the hands and looks even better on the eyes. The details of the craftsmanship on this watch are impressive including the high-quality chain that comes with it.

The watch comes with two batteries; a larger one for the music and a smaller one for running the time. To complete the movie prop look, the timepiece has a picture of one of the women from the movies placed on one side of the case that will remind you of the beautiful scenes from the movie. For sure, this pocket watch would make a perfect gift for anyone who loved that Clint Eastwood movie.

Straightline Music Pocket Watch


  • Made of heavy duty metal
  • Looks highly elegant
  • Plays music


  • Time batter life is short lived
  • Some don’t like the picture
  • May not keep time accurately

6. Charles-Hubert, Paris 3900-W Classic Collection

Best Affordable Pocket Watch

For over 30 years, Charles Hubert has provided the world with elegant timepieces that are designed to give you value for money without compromising on the quality. One such item is this hunter case pocket watch that has a polished chrome finish. It has a quartz time movement and displays even the date. The dial window is made of plastic and has an analog time display. It comes with a limited time warranty.

Charles-Hubert, Paris 3900-W Classic Collection


  • Affordable
  • Has a protective film
  • Good display


  • Some components made of plastic
  • Not scratch resistant
  • Date not accurate

7. Stuhrling Original Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch

Looking for a masterpiece to pair with your elegant suit? Then you will find this mechanical watch a good choice with its dual exhibition case which allows you a good view of the movement from all angles. It comes with a hinge that allows it to convert into a desktop clock or to display it on any flat surface.

The crown guard for winding the clock is magnificent and easy to use. It’s also enclosed to prevent any malfunctions or inaccuracies with the time. It has Roman numeral style hour makers and comes with an elegant 12-inch chain with a belt clip. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

Stuhrling Original Vintage Mechanical Pocket Watch


  • Dual exhibition case
  • Easy to use dial
  • Enclosed to prevent malfunctions


  • Requires constant winding
  • Not precise on time
  • Takes time to adjust to the clock

8. OGLE Waterproof Magnifier Skeleton Chain Silver Luminous Fob Self-Winding Automatic Mechanical Watch

Best Waterproof Magnifier Pocket Watch

You may want a watch that combines the best of the analog and digital styles. In fact, it combines the best of both worlds. It comes with a large luminous digital dial, which is extremely easy to use. So as you will be able to clearly see the time, the watch comes with a magnifying glass for that purpose. The self-winding watch comes with a 52mm diameter and the case is made from bronze. It displays time in terms of Arabic numbers.

The alloy chain exists in different lengths so that you can choose one that best suits you. It has a glass, which has been thickened by minerals in order for you to have a beautiful time display and movement. The dial is light green to enable you to easily read the time. This watch is waterproof with a 3ATM rating. When you buy it, you also receive a chain and gift box.

OGLE Waterproof Magnifier Skeleton Chain


  • It comes with easy to follow instructions
  • A self-winding watch
  • The glass display is thickened and durable


  • Complaints about inaccurate time
  • May require you to reset from time to time
  • The clock might be wrongly oriented

9. LEVONTA to My Brother Pocket Watch

Best For Gifts

The pocket watch comes engraved with the words ‘To My Brother: Never forget that I Love you. I hope you believe in yourself as much as I believe in you – FOREVER’ engraved on the case which makes it ideal for gifting the special men in your life. It’s made of premium zinc alloy metal that has a shiny black finish.  The full hunter case design opens on both sides to display precise quartz movement.

LEVONTA to My Brother Pocket Watch


  • Beautiful engraved message
  • Sturdily built
  • Great size and weight


  • May look cheap
  • Doesn’t keep time accurately
  • Quite fragile

10. Tissot  Bridgeport Mechanical Skeleton

You will get to enjoy the brilliance of a beautifully crafted pocket watch made of around 316L stainless steel case. The half hunter has a skeleton case back with an easy to open front that displays a three-hand analog time movement structure. The Swiss mechanical movement has a power reserve of up to 46 hours.

The product is made is Switzerland with high attention to every detail. It has a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal window while the white dial face has a Roman numeral index. Better yet, it has a 3ATM/30 meters splash resistant build with a removable beautiful chain that has a belt loop at the end.

Tissot  Bridgeport Mechanical Skeleton


  • Masterly crafted
  • Brilliant display
  • Scratch resistant


  • Quite pricey
  • Complicated time display
  • Doesn’t have a warranty

How to Choose the Best Pocket Watches For Men: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Nothing completes a finely stitched suit like a pocket watch hanging from one of the pockets. It makes you look like an elegant, sophisticated and highly fashionable gentleman. Watch enthusiasts know that a pocket watch is a must have in their collection since it represents the rich history of where time movement has come from.

What Do You Look for in a Pocket Watch?

Before picking a particular pocket watch, you need to have a number of factors in mind. They include:

Vintage or Fashionable

When it comes to watches, there are those that are die-hard enthusiasts and wouldn’t go for anything that’s not vintage – we are talking about a watch that holds over 75 years of ticking time to it. To some of these ardent watch collectors, the belief is that for a watch to qualify as vintage, it should no longer be in production. Such watches carry a very high price tag. For the fashionable watches, they are quite affordable and are more of fashion accessories than a collector’s prized possession.

Mechanical or Quartz (Automatic) Movement

If you love the process of winding a watch, then the mechanical ones will be a great choice. Those that have a quartz movement design are less technical to operate and have a battery to provide power. That said, the mechanical watches have a more classic look which is the essence of a pocket watch.

Condition and Components

The dial is the heart of any pocket watch and you should look for any scratches or blemishes which greatly devalues the pocket watch. The material used to make the components such as the hands and the case should be metallic rather than plastic.

Types of Pocket Watches

In your quest for a pocket watch, you will come across the following types:

  • Open case – These don’t have covers and are more common nowadays compared to the 18th or 19th century. They often have a scratch resistant glass to protect them from any damage.
  • Half hunter – The key feature of this type of watch is a hole or a glass cover that allows one to look at the time without opening the cover.
  • Full hunter / Hunter Case – Such watches have a double case with a spring-hinged metallic cover


All in all, you will be just fine as you go on a journey back in time with a classic pocket watch. Whether you clip it on your suit’s pocket or place it on your desktop, these timepieces will leave everyone breathless with their elegance and sophisticated look. Hopefully, you get to land the best pocket watch for the sophisticated man you truly are.

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