Best Portable Vaporizers – Small Enough To Fit In Your Pocket

When you’re out and about, it’s not so easy to smoke or toke up in public. Fortunately, portable vaporizers have made it easy to get your daily hit while on the go without creating the harmful byproducts of combustion. For cannabis lovers, it helps lessen the stigma associated with joints, bongs, and pipes. Moreover, you get to enjoy a much cleaner taste without the odor of weed or tobacco lingering in the air. Now, if you’re in the market for a portable vaporizer, you’re bound to get overwhelmed by so many choices available. The best portable vaporizer suits your lifestyle and makes vaping an enjoyable experience from start to finish. To help you locate such a device, we’ve tested the best portable vaporizers today and made a list of those that topped our charts.

Top 10 Portable Vaporizers Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Grenco Science G Pen Elite

Best Portable Vaporizer For Beginners

The G Pen Elite is our favorite when it comes to portable vaporizers because it’s got everything we ever wished for and even some things we didn’t know we wanted. The device comes with a large chamber capacity at 0.11 cubic inches which is equal to around 0.75g if you grind your herb really fine. It has precise temperature control, ranging from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

Plus, you can reach the desired temp in just 30 seconds. The LED interface is easy to read and shows you temp and battery life. And because it has a fully ceramic coil-less 360° chamber, no material is wasted. The G Pen Elite looks very sleek and cool. In your hand, it feels perfectly comfortable. The pen has low draw resistance which is always nice. Also, it has fast vapor production which means you can easily get a decent cloud from it from a short draw (around 4 seconds).

However, it isn’t so easy to clean. Loading the vaporizer isn’t easy too since the opening of the chamber is on the narrow side. Also, charging the battery takes a full 3 hours. In addition, this portable vaporizer is limited to dry herbs only.

Grenco Science G Pen Elite


  • Precise temperature control
  • Fast heating time
  • Ergonomic design


  • Not easy to clean or load
  • Charging takes 3 full hours
  • Dry herbs only

2. Ghost MV1

Best Portable Vaporizer For Microdosing

The Ghost MV1 is one of the most raved about portable vaporizers in the market. And a lot of the raving comes from the on-demand convection heating. What this means is that using hot air, the device only heats up your herb for one draw. This also means that the herb doesn’t get cooked in between draws, making the device more efficient, less wasteful. It also produces fantastic taste and flavor.

More importantly, it leaves your herbs untouched and fresh for your next dose. Micro-dosing while on the go was never possible before the Ghost MV1 came along. This vaporizer can also be used for extracts through the process is a bit different. There’s also an app for customizing your temperature as well as locking out unwanted tokers, and even buy some accessories.

Other highlights include the medical grade materials; a large capacity, removable battery pack; adjustable airflow; and the variety of colors available. However, there is a learning curve to using this vaporizer. For a portable vaporizer, this is quite bulky and not small enough to fit in your pocket. Plus, it’s quite expensive.

Ghost MV1


  • On-demand convection heating
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Intense flavor


  • Expensive
  • Bulky
  • Has a learning curve

3. AirVape X

The AirVape X provides you with just about everything you’d want in a portable vapor – ease of use, ease of maintenance, slim design, and a top-loading chamber. Vapor production and performance is awesome. Temperature control is precise, ranging from 200 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat up time is between 20 to 40 seconds. And when you take your first draw? Clean and cool, enhanced flavor, lots of cloud… need we say more? The heating method used with the AirVape X is a hybrid of conduction and convection using a ceramic heating element.

The device uses a 1300MaH battery which can give you around seven sessions per charge or around 40 to 60 minutes of use (moderate). Of course, battery life may be shorter for heavier users and if you use high temps. Fortunately, this allows pass-through charging so you can still use it while it’s plugged in. However, the AirVape X is better suited to dry herb than concentrates where its performance goes from great to okay. Plus, the mouthpiece gets pretty hot so you need to always use the silicone mouthpiece if you don’t want to get burned.

AirVape X


  • Enhanced flavor
  • Precise temperature control
  • Pass-through charging


  • Not as good with concentrates
  • Battery life may be too short for some
  • Mouthpiece can get hot

4. Xmax Starry (Planet of the Vapes edition)

If you’re on a very limited budget, the Xmax Starry is just what you’re looking for. It may be the most affordable portable vaporizer on our list but that doesn’t mean that it performs like a cheap vape pen. In fact, it’s an excellent choice for beginners and advances users alike. The Xmax Starry is light and a lot smaller than many models you’ll find. It easily fits in your pocket or in the palm of your hand which is as discreet as you can get. This vaporizer is packed with really nice features such as a removable 18650 battery, a magnetic mouthpiece made of ceramic zirconia with a mesh filter, a ceramic herb chamber, and a digital LCD display.

Have we also mentioned that you can actually adjust the temperature in 1-degree increments? Plus, the v3 of the Xmax Starry actually features haptic feedback which means you’ll feel the device buzz once it has reached vaping temperature. However, there have been issues with the battery connection. There’s some airflow resistance when drawing from this device. It’s not as smooth as some other models. And it requires regular maintenance which is inconvenient, at most.

Xmax Starry (Planet of the Vapes edition)


  • Very affordable
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Haptic feedback


  • Air flow resistance
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Battery connection issues

5. Source Orb 4 Signature Kit

Best Portable Vaporizer For Concentrates

When it comes to portable vaporizers for concentrates, nothing beats the Source Orb 4. You can not only set the temperature, but you can also control the wattage up to a max of 40 watts. For people who want to fully customize their sessions, the Source Orb 4 definitely delivers. Because of this, you do get excellent vapor quality. Low and slow provides you with full flavor. Higher temp and wattage can produce large clouds. In addition to that, the kit includes 8 atomizers made of Grade 1 titanium.

The build quality of the rest of the vaporizer is nothing to scoff at either. The mouthpiece is made of titanium as well while the mouthpiece is a magnetic cap which helps prevent any oils from gumming up the threads. The mod battery is 2600mAh which means a full day of vaping even for a really heavy user. However, portability isn’t really its strong suit. The vaporizer is a bit too bulky for your pocket. And if you don’t have a vaporizer case, you’ll find the mouthpiece falling off in your bag. Plus, there is a learning curve. Beginners will need to figure out the temperature and wattage they prefer for each atomizer.

Source Orb 4 Signature Kit


  • Adjustable temperature and wattage
  • 8 Grade 1 titanium atomizers
  • 2600mAh battery


  • Learning curve
  • Bulky
  • Magnetic mouthpiece falls off easily

6. Dynavap Vaporizer

Best Portable Vaporizer For Hash

Unlike all the other portable vaporizers on our list, the DynaVap vaporizer is not powered by a battery. It uses a butane torch. The lighter heats up the VapCap which, through hybrid conduction and convection heating, gives you lots of flavors. Now, beginners may think that this manual vape is going to require some careful management of heat and timing.

Well, not to worry because DynaVap includes a bimetal thermostat inside the vaporizer that will give an audible click to let you know when it has reached the desired temperature. That being said, if you don’t watch out for the click or just plain ignore it, you will end up charring your herbs inside and ruining the taste.

The capacity of the oven is also on the low side at just 0.1 grams so heavy users may need to reload a few times. Also, while no charging means less downtime, pulling out a butane torch to light up isn’t exactly discreet. In addition, there’s no precise temperature control which may not be to some users’ liking.

Dynavap Vaporizer


  • No downtime
  • Bimetal thermostat
  • Excellent vapor


  • Low capacity oven
  • Not stealthy/discreet
  • No precise temperature control

7. Magic Flight Muad Dib

Best Portable Vaporizer For Small Amounts

The Magic Flight Muad Dib is unlike any other portable vaporizer on our list. Its unique craftsmanship is eye-catching and definitely not discreet. Plus, it comes with an 18-inch black hose (the whip) which doesn’t exactly spell out inconspicuous. Whipping it out to vape your favorite concentrate is likely going to catch the attention of bystanders.

That being said, this portable vaporizer is still small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Quite comfortable too. And it’s one that won’t tether you to an outlet so you can enjoy it with your friends at a party, picnic, or at the beach. Using this vaporizer is quite easy, even for a beginner. However, heavy tokers might feel that the metal plate cannot hold enough concentrate to give them a sufficient high without constantly reloading it.

Magic Flight Muad Dib


  • Beautiful craftmanship
  • Great for sharing
  • Easy to use


  • Not discreet
  • Not for heavy cannabis consumers

8. Pax 3

Best Portable Vaporizer For Weed And Wax

This lipstick-sized portable vaporizer made it into our charts because it’s discreet, easy to use, and gives you that high you’re looking for. The Pax 3 can be used for both herbs and concentrates though you’ll need the concentrate insert (comes with the kit) if you’re leaning in that direction. The 3500 mAh battery will last you a couple of sessions or around 140 to 180 total draws per charge.

The Pax 3 heats up extremely fast at around 15 seconds and it’ll light up as well as vibrate to alert you when the device has reached your desired temperature. The app allows you to control the temperature as you see fit. The app also enables you to choose between 5 different heating profiles – standard, boost mode, efficiency mode, stealth mode, and flavor mode. Plus, there’s even an auto-shutoff feature. However, it doesn’t seem to put out a lot of clouds. Also, it does get a bit hot when vaping.

Pax 3


  • For herbs and concentrates
  • Haptic feedback
  • Temperature control and heating profiles


  • Concentrate insert only comes with the kit
  • Doesn’t produce a lot of cloud
  • Gets a bit hot

9. Crafty

When it comes to portable vaporizers, none have the reputation of the Crafty. It’s perfectly pocket-sized but its performance is anything but small. It can produce big, delicious clouds that are tasty and smooth. The device utilizes hybrid heating – both convection and conduction heat. The Crafty is made of medical grade materials – aluminum and stainless steel – which provides improved durability.

Like some of our other picks, the Crafty also comes with an app that allows you to customize your temperatures. Even better, the Crafty remembers your settings and allows you to set the shutoff timer, soften vibrations, dim the lights, and access the manual. However, its battery capacity is a bit small; you only get about 30 to 40 minutes of vaping time on one charge.

And you need about 2 hours to fully recharge the battery via micro-USB. The good news is that you can vape while charging, around 20 minutes after you first plug it in. Also, compared to other portable vaporizers, the Crafty takes 3 minutes to heat up which is quite long.



  • Lots of delicious clouds
  • Very durable
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Short battery life
  • Long heating time
  • Expensive

10. The Keymaker

Best Portable Vaporizer For Dabs

The Mig Vapor Keymaker is one of the tiniest portable vaporizers on our list. This dab wax pen costs less than $50 but doesn’t let the price make you think that it’s cheap in terms of performance. While this device is incredibly discreet, it packs quite a punch. It features a potent dual-ceramic rod atomizer and dual-quartz rod atomizer along with built-in temperature controls.

The device only takes 2 to 3 seconds to reach 455 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it does not produce a lot of vapor/clouds. The flavor is more mellow than intense which is something to take into account. The 360 mAh battery has a short battery life though you can vape while charging.

The Keymaker


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Comes with two atomizers
  • Quick heating time


  • Mellow flavor
  • Short battery life
  • Not a lot of vapor

How to Choose the Best Portable Vaporizer: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Portable vaporizers are the best way to get your daily high (whether it’s nicotine or marijuana) while on the go. And you’re not exposed to any of the harmful side-effects of combustion. Of course, with the increasing popularity of vaping, there are plenty of choices in the market. For those who are interested in getting a portable vaporizer, there are several factors that you need to take into consideration. To help you pick out the best one that suits your lifestyle and vaping preferences, we’ve constructed this in-depth guide.

Types of Portable Vaporizers

Portable vaporizers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are small and look like pens while others feature a rectangular design. There are even some portable vaporizers that look like travel mugs or asthma inhalers. You’ll need to look at each type to see which one fits your needs best.

Dry Herb Vaporizer

As the name suggests, this type of portable vaporizer is used for weed or dry herbs. This type of device uses two kinds of power sources – battery or butane. An important feature of this kind of vaporizer is temperature control. Herbs don’t vaporize at the same temperature so being able to manipulate the heat is key. THC flowers, in particular, cannot be heated at 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher because it will burn. You’ll want to look for a portable device that ranges from 250F to 400F such as the Grenco Science G Pen Elite.

Portable Oil Vapes / Dab Pens

This type of portable vaporizer is used for vaping waxes, oils, and other concentrates. You’ll often find that vaporizers for concentrates often come with multiple atomizers to allow you to enjoy vaping various concentrates. These atomizers can be made of ceramic, titanium, or quartz. The Source Orb 4 Signature Kit, for example, comes with 8 different atomizers. Some vaporizers don’t require any reloading because they use pre-filled cartridges while others feature open chambers allowing you to use your own concentrate.

Electronic Cigarettes

e-Cigs, as they are more commonly known, are portable vaporizers that enable you to vape nicotine and non-nicotine liquids (also called e-juice). These are quite popular for individuals who want to lessen their smoking or quit it altogether. Some e-Cigs are disposable while others are refillable, enabling you to refill the atomizer with the e-juice of your choice, and features a rechargeable battery. This type of e-Cig often features voltage and wattage control as it allows you to set your own custom preferences to produce certain results such as getting more of the throat hit or producing bigger clouds.

What Type of Power Source are You Looking for?

As we’ve already mentioned, dry herb vaporizers have two types of power sources – battery and butane. Battery-operated portable vaporizers generally feature lithium-ion batteries that are charged with a micro-USB charger. A lot of these devices have non-removable batteries. Some features pass-through charging which enables you to vape while the device is charging.

When choosing a portable vaporizer that runs on batteries, it’s important that you consider charging time and battery life. Are you a heavy toker? If so, you might want a device that has a long battery life, providing you with multiple vape sessions in a day. As for charging time, anything more than 2 hours would be too long. You wouldn’t want to be craving for a hit just when your batteries run down.

Waiting two hours can be torture. The AirVape X, for example, can power through 7 vape sessions (possibly less for longer sessions) and only needs around an hour of charging time. Even better, it has pass-through charging so you can enjoy a hit while it’s still plugged in.

Butane portable vaporizers, on the other hand, are typically more convenient since you don’t need to rely on batteries. You can simply light up anytime you want a hit. The heating time of a butane device is much faster. Plus, some believe that the butane vaporizes the herb better and gives you a consistently good hitter. However, lighting up isn’t always discreet. Temperature control is missing in some butane portable vaporizers. And there’s a risk of combustion if you heat the herb too much. But if you want to go “old school,” then you should get Dynavap Vaporizer which is one of the few butane devices that provide temperature control.

What Type of Heating Mechanism do You Prefer?

There are three ways that a portable vaporizer will heat up your material – conduction, convection, and hybrid. Each type has its pros and cons. And whichever one you choose is mostly a matter of preference. The conduction method is when the material comes in direct contact with the heat source. One main advantage of this method is that it uses less power which means your battery life is longer.

However, there’s a risk of some of the material getting wasted because not all of the material may come into contact with the heat source. Also, it’s quite easy for combustion to occur with this method.

Convection style heating is more efficient in comparison. Unlike conduction, the material does not get in direct contact with the heat source. Instead, hot air is produced and blown through the chamber where the material is placed (like a hot-air oven). This enables more equal heat distribution and less wasted material. Convection also produces a better flavor.

Hybrid style heating is actually the best of both worlds where the device uses both conduction and convection. The conduction part ensures faster heating time while the convection ensures better heat distribution and flavor. The Crafty is just one of several models on our list that use hybrid style heating.

Does it Have Temperature Control?

We’ve touched upon the importance of temperature control, especially when it comes to vaporizing dry herbs. You’ll find that many portable vaporizers, particularly those that use dry herbs, will feature some sort of temperature control. Some devices come with preset temperature settings while others like the Xmax Starry (Planet of the Vapes edition) have a wide range of temperature that allows you to choose precisely what your desired temp is.

How Easy is the Portable Vaporizer to Use?

When it comes to any electronic device, you definitely want something easy to use and a portable vaporizer is no different. You’ll want a device that won’t require much fiddling. The controls should be intuitive; you should be able to adjust the temperature without having to consult the manual. Loading the chamber should be easy and not too messy; no one wants to pick bits and pieces of dry herb anywhere, especially if you’re out in public.

Ease of use also includes cleaning and maintenance. Naturally, you’re going to clean your device at some point. However, the frequency of maintenance is a point to be considered. Some portable vaporizers are easy to clean with fewer parts to contend with. A quick wipe with isopropyl alcohol and soaking the mouthpiece should be enough.

What’s Your Budget?

A portable vaporizer is an investment but not all of us have the same amount of money to invest. Fortunately, there are vaporizers to fit all kinds of budgets. The Keymaker, for example, is less than $50. The Magic Flight Muad Dib is just a little over $100 while the Ghost MV1, on the other hand, costs a little under $300. Of course, a higher price equals better performance and more features. But if you don’t need bells and whistles, there are several affordable options out there that provide you a lot of bang for your buck. You just gotta know where to look.

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