Best Purse Organizers – No More Messy Handbags

If you ever find yourself digging through lots of small items in your handbag, or even having to pour all the stuff out when looking for, let’s say, a tube of lip balm, charger, or a locker key, then you understand firsthand how effective the best purse organizers can be.

While handbags are meant to hold small things that we use every day, they do easily get cluttered especially when they don’t have enough compartments that are actually big enough to hold all the different items in a neat manner.

Purse organizers are meant for just that… to corral all like small items. These add-ons have multiple compartments in different sizes that make it easy to place lotions and makeup, tech accessories, and stationary in a neat easy-to-locate manner.

Besides keeping your Italian handbag in order, the best purse organizers for 2019 also protect your handbag’s lining from ink stains and markings and messes from leaking perfume bottles and eye pencils.

Lastly, adding an organizer to your handbag will also stop it from collapsing annoyingly. But what are the best purse organizers to buy today?

Top 10 Purse Organizers Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Ztujo Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag

Best Selling Purse Organizer

Currently one of the best-reviewed purse organizers this year, the Ztujo would be our first recommendation for buyers who want an insert with a good balance between price and functionality.

This is a versatile bag organizer designed to be compatible with and fit nicely in most handbags today including the Longchamp Le Pliage, LV Neverfull GM, and the LV lockme series.

The Ztujo comes in 4 sizes; small, medium, large, and extra-large, and in over 10 great colors to offer a great match for your bag. In regard to the number of pockets, this bag features 10 organizers; 6 interior mesh pockets and 4 exterior pockets.

It is made of a high-quality felt material that is just stiff enough to maintain its shape and protect your items, without giving your handbag an odd shape.

Ztujo Felt Insert Bag Organizer Bag


  • Decently priced
  • Lots of compartments
  • High-quality, seemingly durable material


  • Slightly wider
  • Some find it short

2. Ztujo 13-pocket Handbag Organizer

Best Purse Organizer For LV Speedy 40

Ztujo is one of the best purse organizer brands 2019, so it’s not surprising that it managed to scoop both our top pick and runners-up slots in these handbag organizers reviews.

Similar to our first pick, this model has been crafted from a high-quality, sturdy, and soft and pliable felt fabric and comes in different colors and sizes to offer you a perfect match for your bag.  

The single most difference, though, is that this second model offers you 3 extra pockets bringing the total to 13. There are 10 interior pockets including a long detachable and zippered compartment for your valuable articles, and 3 exterior pockets.

For those who are always losing their keys inside the bag, this Ztujo handbag organizer has a long felt strap designed to hold a whole bunch of keys easily.

Ztujo 13-pocket Handbag Organizer


  • Lots of pockets
  • Long strap for keys
  • Detachable, zippered purse


  • Extra pockets add extra weight

3. Dahlia’s Patented Handbag Purse Organizer Insert

Best Lightweight Purse Organizer

Designed and crafted with slouchy bags in mind, the Dahlia’s is what you might be thinking of if you are looking for an insert that will take the shape of your Speedy perfectly. And there is a whole list of things that make it one of the best purse organizers in 2019.  

This handbag insert is made of nylon and tends to offer the sturdiness of felt but in a lightweight and more flexible design.

Available in 5 different colors, the Dahlia’s has a large compartment for your larger items, a zippered compartment for your wallet, pleated mesh pockets for foldable bulky items, and several layered pockets for frequently used cards. There’s also a long retractable keychain to keep your keys within reach at all times.Dahlia's Patented Handbag Purse Organizer Insert


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Side snaps make it compact


  • Might get flimsy with numerous washes

4. Belianto Felt Purse Organizer

Best Purse Organizer For Neverfull GM

What will definitely attract your attention with this organizer is its floral cutout motif on the front. But perhaps what you’ll like even more is that the middle insert of this purse organizer has a hemmed bottom. What does this mean?

Well, compared to other highly rated organizers including the 2 Ztujo models above, all your small items won’t be slipping all over the bottom of the organizer. Put in other words, you can now find each item exactly where you placed it- and that’s exactly what an organizer is meant for, right?

The Belianto is made of wool blended felt and although it does add some weight to your tote, this organizer has lots of spaces for almost everything, including 2 cup holders.

In addition, it also has incognito slit handles for breezy transfers between bags, and a strap to keep your house keys handy.

Belianto Felt Purse Organizer


  • Quality construction
  • Lots of spaces including cup holders
  • Sturdy


  • Adds some weight to your tote

5. X-Gift Luxury Purse Organizer

Best Purse Organizer For Neverfull MM

Are you tired of a handbag that keeps on losing its shape and thereby interfering with your style? Well, perhaps a sturdy and rigid purse organizer is all you need- and the X-Gift Luxury is a great recommendation here.

The X-Gift is a relatively affordable handbag insert with a good amount of thickness and sturdiness that restores structure and shape to almost all types of bags.

Available in medium, large, and x-large sizes, this organizer has been designed purposely for the Neverfull bags and, therefore, fits perfectly with the PM, MM, and GM bags.

The only downfall is that the gap underneath the middle compartments allows small items to loiter all over the floor. However, if you can utilize the side pockets for the small items, the X-Gift Luxury might make a really great pick if you are looking for the best affordable purse organizers.X-Gift Luxury Purse Organizer


  • Sturdy and solid
  • Seemingly durable
  • Numerous pockets


  • Small items float at the bottom

6. ETTP Purse Organizer Insert

Best Purse Organizer For Structure

We wouldn’t have recommended the ETTP Purse Organizer Insert a few months ago for 1 major reason; first, the Velcro dividing the interior compartments wasn’t so strong and kept on coming off. The manufacturer has since rectified this, though, and this insert is just as good as a reliable purse organizer would get.

Made of soft and pliable felt, the ETTP comes in 3 sizes and 8 very attractive colors, so don’t forget to get one that matches your bag’s interior.

It has 4 exterior pockets, one big enough to accommodate a tablet and 3 others for small phones, pens, and other smaller items.

The interior is a large removable compartment divided into small pockets and can hold virtually anything from cosmetics to wallets and glasses.

ETTP Purse Organizer Insert


  • Soft
  • Sturdy construction
  • Flexible


  • Center pockets are bottomless

7. Vercord Canvas Handbag Organizers

Best Purse Organizer For Durability

As we have mentioned in our best purse organizer buying guide later in this article, canvas purse inserts are generally the most durable. This material is also highly regarded for its ability to retain its sturdiness, and hence shape, for a long time.

The Vercord is one of the best purse organizers in this category, and it also happens to be among the most affordable in this list.

While it does not offer a lot of options in regard to color, this insert has 13 pockets (5 interior and 8 exteriors) and it also has a drawstring that you can use to narrow the opening.

Contrary to what you’d expect, this handbag is quite light at 7.1oz and 8.5oz for the small and large size respectively.

Vercord Canvas Handbag Organizers


  • Retains shape
  • Durable
  • Light
  • Cheaper


  • Few color options

8. ETTP Purse Organizer

Best Purse Organizer With Built-in Bottle Holder

While this insert didn’t make it to our top 3 best purse organizers, the fact that it has a built-in water bottle is what makes it one of the most recommendable options for people who want to carry everything in one bag.

Amazingly, even with the bottle compartment onboard, the ETTP still manages to offer you a total of 8 pockets which most people will find more than enough for their items. There are 6 interior pockets one of which is zippered for small items that you hold dearly, and 2 exterior pockets.ETTP Purse Organizer


  • Built-in bottle holder
  • Quality construction
  • Seems sturdy


  • Fewer pockets than the competition

9. Gearonic TM Lady Women Travel Insert

Best Cheap Purse Organizer

For those whose budgets won’t allow them to spend over 20 bucks for the best handbag organizers, we give you the Gearonic TM.

This affordable pouch comes in 9 basic colors and offers a total of 13 compartments two of which are zippered for your tiny, high-value articles.

Designed with travelers in mind, this organizer is made of nylon that makes it both lightweight and waterproof.

The built-in handles make it easy to swap the insert from one tote to another, and it also means that you can use this pouch for other purposes including a stationary desk organizer and a kids organizer.Gearonic TM Lady Women Travel Insert


  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof


  • Not the most durable

10. Vercord Handbag Organizer

Best Purse Organizer Deal

Similar to the Gearonic, our last recommendation in these best purse organizers reviews is crafted from nylon and also has a level of waterproof-ability to boot. The major difference is that the Vercord appears well-built and it’s seemingly more durable.

Keep in mind that this organizer is available in one size only; 9.8’’ by 6.7’’ by 3.1’’ and weighs 5.7 ounces, so measure the interiors of your bag beforehand to ensure that it fits.

The Vercord is available in 5 different colors and offers a total of 10 pockets, 3 of which are on the exterior. There is 2 elastic-strap space too that you could squeeze a bottle into.

Vercord Handbag Organizer


  • Great color combinations
  • Waterproof
  • Retains shape for long


  • Available in one size only

How To Choose Best Purse Organizers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As with anything else, the material used for construction is the very first thing that you need to consider when choosing a purse organizer. Inserts are commonly made of 2 materials; felt and nylon.


Felt purse organizers are the most common and are popular partly because of their soft feel. These organizers are available in lots of colors too thereby making it easy to get a perfect match for your handbag’s interiors.

Again, these organizers have considerably thicker walls that help in boosting the rigidity of the insert thereby preventing them from flopping inside the bag.

The thick walls of felt purse organizers also happen to be their drawbacks, though. This thickness adds a considerable amount of weight to that of your handbag- something that you need to consider if you’ll be carrying it for long.


Nylon organizers are relatively cheaper and they are also the lightest. These organizers have a solid feel too and do retain their shape well. On the downside, they don’t offer a lot of color options.

Size of Organizer and Compatibility

Whether felt or nylon, most purse organizers come in different sizes; small, medium, large, or extra-large. Inserts that are made with particular handbags such as the Speedy series and the Longchamp in mind will have their measurements measured to fit their compatible handbag sizes. Put this in mind to prevent getting an organizer that is on the smaller or larger side.

Number of Pockets

The main intention behind adding an organizer to your bag is to make it easy to locate the items in your handbag. And it really makes sense to get a model with enough compartments to accommodate all your belongings without piling the articles on top of each other.

Some of the best purse organizers have 5-8 compartments and make a great choice for people who ‘don’t move with their entire dressing tables.’ On the other hand, some will have up to 20 compartments and pockets to hold each and every article separately- very practical for a busy purse.

Still, on this issue, remember to consider whether the organizer has any zippered compartment for items that you’d not want to mix with others.


Nothing makes life easier than not having to take out everything in your purse as you search for your car keys in the parking lot… especially during God-forsaken hours of the night. You also don’t want to lose your credit and ID card in your handbag when paying for goods in the store.

The best purse organizers add some order to your handbag thereby making it easy to fish out exactly what you need without having to rummage for it. And the good thing is that if you use one size for all your handbags, say medium, you can purchase only one organizer and swap it between the bags.

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