Best RFID Blocking Wallets To Keep Your Cards And IDs Safe

Ever heard of electronic pickpocketing? Data and identity theft through electronic fraud is one of the biggest security threats facing individuals and corporations today. Nowadays, so advanced is technology that your identity can be stolen right from your wallet in the blink of an eye. Due to the increased occurrence of such incidences, it’s only wise to say bye to the traditional twofold wallets and invest in a quality RFID-blocking wallet so as to keep your card data safe.

Most of the cards we use nowadays such as credit cards, driver’s license, special identification cards, and even our passports are embedded with a radio frequency identification chip. For convenience, we store all these cards in a wallet which subjects us to RFID skimming where anyone with an RFID reader can easily scan our wallets and steal data from these cards.

As you upgrade to an RFID-blocking wallet, it’s important to know the various features to look out for so as to land a product that will keep your data safe. We have compiled a list of some of the best RFID blocking wallets that have ample space for your cards and most important shield you from any electronic identity theft.

Top 10 RFID Blocking Wallets Of 2020 Reviewed

1.Alpine Swiss Men’s Leon Trifold Wallet RFID Safe

Every man deserves a wallet that can fit either in the back or front pocket. The Alpine Swiss Men’s Leon Trifold Wallet is small enough to carry in any pocket you wish. Yet, it comes with a large carrying capacity for all your cash, cards, and other valuables. It has several sections including one ID window, two vertical pockets, six card slots, and a full-sized bill section. With this wallet, you can place your most-used card in front so that you can reach it quickly enough.

It is an RFID protected wallet that has been tested in Met Labs and found to be up to the task. So, it will not be possible for RFID chips to scan and steal your data. It is made of genuine shiny cowhide leather, which is smooth, pliable, and durable. This is a fashionable RFID wallet that is bound to leave an impression on the people you meet. It is the perfect gift for men.

Alpine Swiss Mens Leon Trifold Wallet


  • Certified to be capable or RFID protection
  • The leather is smooth, pliable, and durable
  • Can be carried in front or back pockets


  • Reports of it fading fast
  • Has thin leather and stitching
  • Complaints about it being poorly built

2. Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover

Best For Travelling

If you love traveling, then this soft leather wallet will be a good companion since it has a slot that safely holds your passport as well as the important cards you need when traveling. It has four slots for your credit cards, a side pocket, and one top pocket. It’s also designed to block 125kHz, 13.56MHz and 900 MHz RFID signals. This affordable wallet is well constructed using 100% leather and comes in oil brown or oil tan color. It’s also light in weight even when fully loaded and doesn’t bulge when in your pocket.

Visconti Soft Leather Secure RFID Blocking Passport Cover


  • Light in weight
  • Advanced RFID blocking
  • Includes a passport holder


  • Few slots for cards
  • Only two color options
  • Plastic cover for passport wears out fast

3. Tommy Hilfiger Slim Bifold Wallet

Best For Gifting

Yet another great accessory product from this reputable brand that gives the fashion industry nothing but the best.  It’s made of 100% leather with textile lining on the inside that has been beautifully stitched to give the wallet an exquisite look. This particular wallet comes with Hilfiger’s bold red, blue and white colors but there are over 21 other colors to choose from all of which have the Hilfiger emblem on the front.

The wallet is about 3.5 inches high and has a width of 4.5 inches which makes it a compact size to fit nicely into your pocket. It comes with 6 slots for your cards, 6 ID windows and 5 slips for bills. It also has a removable card holder for when you want to travel light and comes with a branded gift box making ideal for gifting that special someone. However, it doesn’t have a closure thus you can’t stuff too much into it.

Tommy Hilfiger Slim Bifold Wallet


  • Exquisite look with beautiful stitching
  • Lots of card slots
  • Ideal for gifting


  • No closure
  • A bit thick in the middle
  • Flimsy material used

4. Travelambo Women’s Wallet RFID Blocking Bifold Multi-Card Case Wallet with Zipper Pocket

Looking for an inexpensive wallet for women? If so, then the Travelambo Women’s Wallet RFID Blocking wallet is all you need. Not that it is cheaply made. In fact, it features a high-quality PU leather with a dust-proof cover. The craftsmanship that went into building this particular wallet is superb, which makes it a high-quality wallet for women who deserve it. Of course, it is capable of protecting your cards from RFID scanners that might want to steal your confidential information.

This is basically a bifold wallet for women with a lot of space to keep all of your documents. It comes with a total of 18 slots for cards and two zippered pockets where you can keep a cell phone, coins, and cash. This DFID is what a woman needs to stay organized. You can use it to carry tickets, a cell phone, receipts, IDs, and cards. Needless to say that it will protect your cards from getting scanned for information. It comes with a one-year, quality protection warranty. You may return or exchange this wallet if you find it unsuitable.

Travelambo Womens Walllet



  • A superbly crafted DFID wallet
  • Has a total of 18 card slots
  • Can also carry a cell phone


  • The zippered pockets are hard to manage
  • Deep pockets make it difficult to retrieve coins
  • The zippers seem to be too big

5. Itslife Luxury Wax Clutch

Best Women’s Organizer Wallet

Truth be told, this brand didn’t spare any expenses and expertise while designing this wallet. With over 21 slots for all manner of cards, this masterly crafted organizer is a must-have for every woman.  It’s made of advanced grain genuine leather that looks and feels better the longer it stays. It has a multi-storey design that helps you to store as many things as possible without it bulging. It includes one zipped phone holder and one slot for bills.

It also has a snap closure for added security of your contents. It has a classic vintage look and is scratch resistant. Unlike other wallets in the market, this organizer has superior RFID blocking technology that will keep all your stuff safe from electronic thieves. The wallet also comes with the widest range of colors with a total of 30 color choices to suit your taste. On purchase, you will also get a free gift of an owl necklace.

Itslife Luxury Wax Clutch


  • Very wide color selection
  • Holds a lot of stuff
  • Luxurious and durable design


  • May smell  like leather
  • The zipper may fail after a few months
  • Can’t fit a cheque book

6. Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet

Best Trifold Travel Wallet

When traveling, this trifold organizer will hold everything in place including your passport with superior RFID blocker against a signal of up to13.56Mhz to prevent any identity theft when on transit. The organizer has; one passport holder, a boarding pass compartment, one ID card slot, 3 slots for your other cards, I sim card slot, one phone pouch with a maximum size of 5.2 inches, one key holder, a zippered pocket for coins and one pen holder.

It’s made of eco-friendly PU leather with beautiful stitching giving this wallet a classic vintage look. It’s also light in weight and holds everything in without bulging. It has 32 colors to choose from hence any woman will find something to fit their taste. This travel organizer is effective, affordable and beautifully crafted.

Zoppen Multi-purpose Rfid Blocking Passport Wallet


  • Holds lots of stuff
  • Light in weight
  • Wide color range


  • Coin compartment is too small
  • Some find it small
  • Weak RFID blocker

7. ID Stronghold Wallet

Best Trifold Wallet For Men

Made of 100% genuine leather, this wallet will give you years of service without wearing out. Its trifold design comes with 8 slots for your cards and an ID slot. You will find that it has a billfold pocket for your paper money and receipts. You may find this wallet a bit wide which is by design so that you may easily retrieve the contents.

In terms of security, the wallet has full RFID protection where each card slot and ID window has its own RFID blocker. This implies that each item in the wallet is individually shielded no matter where you place it in the wallet. It’s also great for a gift since it comes with a branded ID Stronghold gift box.

ID Stronghold Wallet


  • Individual RFID blocker for each card and ID
  • Wide construction
  • Durable construction


  • Big in size
  • Maybe quite thick in the pocket
  • Doesn’t close flat

8. Lethnic RFID Thin Wallet

Best Unisex Wallet

Thin wallets have risen in popularity and Lethnic hasn’t been left behind by the trend. This wallet comes in a beautiful L-design with an open corner displaying the inner card slots. It’s made using original cowhide leather with a beautiful look and great texture that get better with time. It also boasts of a large capacity with 4 card slots, one ID holder, and a bill compartment that fits up to 12 folded bills.

The unisex design and colors make it ideal for both men and women. It also has advanced RFID blocking technology that will keep your contents safe from RFID skimming. Each of these wallets is handcrafted to ensure quality and beautiful construction.

Lethnic RFID Thin Wallet


  • Handcrafted
  • Thin design
  • Unisex


  • Nor waterproof
  • Cards may easily slip out
  • Doesn’t hold a lot of stuff

9. SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Men’s Wallet

Best Smart Wallet

To comfortably carry all your cards and cash in a  secure wallet, then this wallet will do exactly that and in a stylish manner while at it. It’s made of handcrafted top notch leather with a beautiful construction that doesn’t bulge inside your pocket. The wallet has an integrated smart pull tab to allow easy access to all the contents. Its RFID blocker protects against signals higher than 13.65 MHz but may fail to operate any card that operates on lower frequencies.

SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Men’s Wallet


  • Stylish
  • The smart tab for easy access
  • Handcrafted and beautifully stitched


  • Doesn’t block low frequencies
  • Leather easily damaged by bugs
  • Too slim for some

10. Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet

The crocodile embossed leather on this wallet is the first thing that strikes the eye due to its exquisite and luxurious look. It has a small lightweight design which allows you to comfortably carry it in your front wallet.  It also has a smart pull strap that gives you quick access to all the cards that you use often. It can hold up to ten cards and an ID window. It also blocks RFID readers with a signal of 1.65 MHz.

Lethnic Slim Money Clip Wallet


  • Exquisite look
  • Light in weight
  • Quick access through a smart strap


  • Quite small and minimalist
  • Ma burst out if overstuffed
  • The clip may be too wide

How To Choose the Best RFID Blocking Wallets: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Data privacy and security is one of the biggest challenges facing technology advancement today. Nowadays, cards are fitted with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for easy access to one’s information. On the downside, electronic pickpockets can easily steal identity information from your cards without noticing. For this reason, the popularity of RFID blocking wallets has risen immensely with designers placing a lining of RFID blockers inside the wallet improved security.

Factors to Consider When Buying an RFID Blocking Wallet

  1. Signal strength – The RFID blocker in a wallet operates up to a certain signal with most blocking against a strength of up to 13.45 MHz. However, some wallets may fail to shield low frequency cards such as hotel cards, gym membership cards and some travel cards,
  2. Compartments – For any wallet to be functional and effective, it must adequately hold all your cards without bulging. Depending on your needs, you need to consider the number of slots available to hold your cards and cash. For regular travelers, you may opt to go for a wallet that can hold your passport, boarding pass and other travel cards.
  3. Material –You will find that leather is the most common material used to make wallets where some designers may use genuine leather or high quality PU leather.

Types of RFID Blocking Wallets

  • Bifold Wallet – These are neither small nor big and are usually rectangular in shape and easily fold into half. They are compact in size and are favorite among men.
  • Card case wallet – They only have slots to fit your cards, IDs and a few bills. Usually quite small in size.
  • Long/ Breast Wallet – These feature numerous compartments and often have enough space to hold currencies of all sizes.
  • Travel Wallet – Designed to hold your passport and are usually tall and slim in size. They often have a magnetic button closure for added security.


All in all, going for an RFID blocking wallet is one of the smartest decisions you will ever make when buying a wallet since your will be sure that your cards are safe at all times. We hope that our review has opened your eyes to various options out there and you may have spotted the best RFID blocking wallet to meet your needs.

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