Best Rust Removers to Leave Metals Looking New

Rust is one thing you never want to mess with due to its highly corrosive and dangerous nature. Rust has been found to encourage the growth of dangerous bacteria that causes tetanus which is a deadly condition. Metallic equipment that have rusted are likely to malfunction and cause some serious injury and lots of inefficiencies around the work place. Additionally, rust doesn’t look good, right? To get rid of rust, you need a quality rust remover that is specially designed to get rid of this dangerous substance.

Rust removers were a major breakthrough since they efficiently remove rust from metallic objects made of steel and iron. The solution is designed to quickly disrupt the rusting process by forming a cover. As long as you have a metallic object in your home then you are bound to encounter rust and it’s necessary to have a rust remover. These products are designed to work differently depending on the brand that has made them.

When shopping for a rust remover, you will come across three types; spray, soak or paint. Since most of the rust removers are toxic, safety is an important consideration. We have compiled a review of the best rust removers available in the market that will help you get rid of this toxic substance.

Best 10 Rust Removers of 2020 Reviewed

1. Evapo-Rust  Super Safe Rust Remover

Best Water Based Rust Remover

For a safe and non-toxic rust removal process, then this water-based rust remover from Evapo-rust is a great choice. It’s friendly to the skin and eyes since its made from non-toxic and biodegradable materials. It’s also non-acidic with no bases, solvents and VOCs. No need to scrub or sand the rusted surface since this environmentally safe rust remove works in minutes to quickly remove any rust.

Better yet, you don’t require to wear any protective clothing such as gloves and safety goggles when using it since it doesn’t corrode. Since it’s made of non-toxic materials. You can use it on cooking utensils such as cast iron cookware, grill grates, auto parts, and toys among other items. It comes in a one gallon container that can be used to clean up over 300 pounds of rusted steel. It doesn’t contain any fumes and will quickly clean up all your rusted surfaces and leave them looking new.

Evapo-Rust Super Safe Rust Remover



  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable and environmental friendly
  • Doesn’t contain acids, solvents or VOCs


  • Less viscous
  • Can be messy to apply
  • Not ideal for heavily rusted equipment

2. Whink Rust Stain Remover

Best For Use on Pipes

Since 1947, this convenient liquid rust remover has been widely used in cleaning rust stains from household objects. It’s used to remove rust from white bathroom and toilet bowls as well as on fabrics and carpets. It’s also safe to use on pipes and on septic systems. This acid-based rust remover will help clean any stubborn rust stains. However, the manufacturer has given thorough directions that one has to follow when using the product which if not followed properly may result in irreversible damage.

Whink Rust Stain Remover



  • Quickly removes rust stains
  • Used on white bathroom and toilet sinks
  • Comes in a convenient liquid formula


  • Highly acidic
  • Can cause irreversible damage
  • Comes in a small amount

3. RustAid GSX00101 Goof Off Rust Remover

Best Water Induced Rusts

The RustAid GSX00101 Goof Off is specially designed to oxidize with iron to ensure total removal of rust through neutralizing. You won’t need to scrub or brush your outdoor surfaces for this rust remover to work. The product is designed to dissolve any rust stains that may have been caused by well water sprinklers. It can also be used to clean exterior walls, driveways and foundations among other outdoor items. You can also use it to dissolve away any lime scale or calcium deposits. It comes in a one gallon Jerri can that can be used multiple times.


RustAid GSX00101 Goof Off Rust Remover


  • Works through oxidation
  • Cleans outdoor surfaces
  • Removes lime scale and calcium deposits


  • Highly recommended for outdoor use only
  • Harmful on the skin
  • May look ineffective when the stains are wet

4. KRUD KUTTER MR32 The Must For Rust

Best Spray Rust Remover

With this rust remover, you will get to not only remove stains quickly and easily but it also helps prevent the buildup of rust on your surfaces. It has a water based formula that quickly penetrates into any voids where rust may have penetrated. It applies a quick chemical-based oxidation process that quickly removes any existing rust.

The rust remover is easy to use where you just need to spray the surface using the ergonomic handle. To get a paint ready surface, wipe it using this rust remover which also helps bond the surface for the top coat. The inhibitor component in this rust remover protects your metal from rust for a period of up to one year.

KRUD KUTTER MR32 The Must For Rust



  • Easy to use spray application
  • Removes and protects from rust
  • Non-acidic


  • May leave an uneven surface
  • Prevents rust for a shorter period than one year
  • Requires several applications

5. Workshop Hero WH290487 Metal Rescue Rust Remover

Best Non-Acidic Rust Remover

The Workshop Hero WH290487 rust remover is more of a metal bath than an application since all you need to do is dip the rusted surface into the solution and the rust is gone. It’s the least labor intensive rust removal process out there since it doesn’t require scrubbing or aggressively brushing.

The solution doesn’t contain any acids or caustics and is safe on the hands. You can also safely drain it into the sewer system to remove any rust. Better yet the solution doesn’t compromise the functionality or mechanical properties of your object.

Workshop Hero WH290487 Metal Rescue Rust Remover



  • Has no acids or caustics
  • Easy rust removal process
  • Doesn’t compromise functionality


  • Works well at first but gets weaker with time
  • Takes over 24 hours to remove rust
  • Doesn’t remove rust from the inside

6. Star Brite Rust Stain Remover

Best for Marine Fittings

When out in the water, your equipment is likely to accumulate rust that may easily interfere with functionality. To get rid of rust on your marine fittings such as bolts and nuts, this rust remover from Star Brite is a great option. It’s easy to use and uses a spray nozzle to cover the rusted surface with the stain remover. You don’t need to scrub or brush the surface but need to spray it and wipe it clean to remove the rust.

Star Brite Rust Stain Remover



  • No need for scrubbing or brushing surface
  • Easy to spray
  • Covers a large area


  • Best for marine fittings only
  • Acidic
  • Made of toxic materials

7. WD-40 300045 Specialist Rust Remover Soak, One Gallon

If you are looking for a product that can actually dissolve rust and restore old metals or parts, the WD-40 300045 Specialist Rust Remover Soak is the answer. It is unlike other products, which are full of harsh chemicals that could harm you and the environment. With this product, you will not have to contend with caustic chemicals and acids. The biodegradable ingredient easily decomposes without a trace. It is surprising how effective this solution is in renewing metal without scrubbing, chipping or scraping.

It is the best solution when it comes to restoring motor vehicles, tractors, farm equipment, farm implements, trailers, hitches, rusty tools, and antiques. It is formulated in line with industrial-strength quality for extreme penetration. That’s how it is capable of solving some of the more serious rust-related issues in your home or business. It is perfect for dissolving rust while lubricating moving parts in any piece of equipment. The one-gallon product has been tested in 50 states and found to comply with VOC requirements.

WD-40 300045 Specialist Rust Remover Soak




  • A chemical-free rust remover
  • Has extreme penetration capabilities
  • Doesn’t require any scraping, scrubbing or chipping


  • Some users said it doesn’t complete the task that well
  • Costlier than most rust removers
  • Takes time to soak items with heavy rust

8. Rustzilla Rust Converter and Rust Remover

Best Rust Converter

Get the properties of a rust remover and rust converter that will help you get rid of even the toughest rust stains. The product dries very fast and doesn’t leave any residue and leaves the surface looking like new. It also has a pleasant scent that doesn’t irritate you as you apply. It doesn’t contain any acids, solvents or bases. It’s also non-corrosive, not flammable and non-toxic. The rust converter forms a barrier which helps resist any further oxidation.

Rustzilla Rust Converter and Rust Remover



  • Removes even stubborn stains
  • Non-corrosive and no-flammable
  • Non-acidic


  • Can’t be rinsed off
  • Quite costly
  • Messy to apply

9. American Hydro Systems Rid O’ Rust Liquid  Stain Remover

Best For Rust Left by Irrigation Systemsr

Rid O’ Rust is designed to remove any rust that has been left behind by an irrigation system. It comes in a 1 gallon container and contains safe ingredients to use even directly on food when the instructions are followed. It’s not limited in use and can also be applied to clean decks, fences and bricks. One container of this rust remover can cover an extended area of 400 square feet. For any stains caused by extended use of water, this rust remover will efficiently get the job done.

American Hydro Systems Rid O' Rust Liquid Rust Stain Remover



  • Food safe
  • Multipurpose
  • Covers a large area


  • Mostly for water based stain removal
  • Not quite aggressive on stains
  • You need to scrub surface before use

10. POR-15 45208 Rust Preventive Coating Gray

Best Rust Prevetative

One pint of this rust preventative will help seal rust completely. The rust remover is applied directly above the rust and can only be used on metal substrates. Its lead free and is designed for professional use. Once you coat your surface with this rust protectors, there’s minimal chances of the rust recurring.

POR-15 45208 Rust Preventive Coating Gray




  • Permanently seals off rust
  • No need to scrub before use
  • Forms a protective coating


  • Can only be used on metal substrates
  • Doesn’t provide UV protection
  • For professional use

How to Choose the Best Rust Remover: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Accumulation of rust on any item in your home poses a health hazard to you and your loved ones. Rust has been found to provide a fertile ground for the growth of bacteria that can lead to the deadly tetanus. Rust is also harmful to your items because it causes total decay and may result in malfunction of these items. To keep your objects in top notch working conditions, you will need to regularly clean them with a rust remover.

Just like the name, rust removers are specially designed to remove stubborn rust stains through a chemical process. The removal process varies from brand to brand but most form an iron phosphate that interrupts the rusting process. Some of the rust removals may contain toxic materials such as acids and solvents that may harm your skin or the environment.

Types of Rust Removers

There are three main types or rust removers that you will come across in the market which have been categorized in the manner in which they are applied. They are:

  • Soaking – For this rust remover to work, you will need to submerge the rusted parts in the solution so that they are treated. This type of rust remover works best on small items such as bolts and screws which can easily submerge in the solution. For a large surface, this particular type may not be the most ideal.
  • Spray – Such applicators are ideal for large surfaces since you can easily cover it in the rust remover. For spray rust removers, they usually have an ergonomic handle to help easily apply the solution. However, for ease of use they usually come in a small container and you may end up using quite a significant number of bottles to remove all the rust.
  • Paint – Like ordinary paint, you will need to cover the surface where you want to remove the rust with this product. It forms a gel like coating that work to remove eventually get rid of the rust. Using a paint rust remover is the best option when working on surfaces that are too large to be sprayed or submerged in a rust removal solution.

Important Considerations When Buying a Rust Remover

Area – The size of the surface that has accumulated the rust is a crucial consideration since it helps determine the type of rust remover to go for. If the area is big, you will need to stay away from solutions that only work through soaking or submerging. The bigger the area, the more rust remover you will need and this may call for buying the product in gallons rather than in ounces.

  • Safety – Before purchasing a particular rust remover, it’s important to consider the ingredients used during manufacture. Some of the products are made using toxic materials such as acid and solvents that can cause serious damage to your skin. When using such products, you will need to put on special equipment such gloves and goggles to shield your eyes and hands from corrosion. Always go for environmentally safe products since such won’t harm you or the surfaces around the rusted surface.
  • Ease of use –The method of application is also an important consideration since some rust removers require you to prepare the surface through scrubbing and brushing which may be time consuming. Choose a rust remover that’s easy to apply without much complications. Some may need to have a separate solution that will be used with the rust remover which complicates the whole process.
  • Instructions – Since the rust removal process may involve a series of processes, you will need to get a product where the manufacturer has provided detailed instructions on how to carry out the process. Some products come with strict instructions which have to be followed to the letter to ensure a safe and effective rust removal process.

Removing rust that has accumulated on your surfaces doesn’t and shouldn’t be a complicated process. It’s important to pick the best rust remover that will meet your needs and help get rid of these dangerous stains. Hopefully, our review has been of help in identifying the ideal product that will efficiently remove rust. Restore your surfaces to good working conditions by investing in a quality rust remover today.

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