Best Shower Chairs for Elderly for Safe Bathing

Bathing is a refreshing activity that rejuvenates the body and revitalizes the mind. For the elderly or those that have suffered an injury, getting into the shower may pose a safety hazard where they may slip and fall especially due to the wet floor and their limited mobility issues. To help reduce the risk of such falls, investing in a shower chair is important to help maintain balance as they bath.

Shower chairs are specially designed to fit in shower cubicles or bath tubs to assist those with mobility issues take a comfortable bath. They can be portable and removable after a bath or permanently installed into the bathroom. They are usually sturdily made of materials that aren’t easily damaged by prolonged exposure to water. They dry quite fast, have a comfortable seat and rubberized feet for stability.

There are various types of shower chairs available in the market and we are here to help you identify the most ideal one to meet your needs. We have compiled a comprehensive review of the best shower chairs available in the market that are safe, functional and will provide you with quality service. Take a look.

Top 10 Shower Chairs of 2020 Reviewed

1. Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench

Best Shower Transfer Bench

Avoid any slips and falls when taking a shower by investing in this sturdily built shower bench from Drive Medical. It has a backrest with a reversible design and legs whose height can be adjusted to fit into most bath tubs. It has an A-frame design that ensures you have solid support as you enter and get out of the shower. Its user friendly design lets you install arm handles that can accommodate different types of bath tubs.

The shower bench features a tool free assembly that’s fast and hassle-free. It also includes a lever that doesn’t need pinching that lets you push pins for adjustment which helps provide extra safety. The bottom of the legs is fitted with extra-large suction cups that will remain firmly in place on the bathroom floor as you take a shower. The extension legs can be adjusted on increments of half an inch to provide you with added comfort.

The seat is made of strong plastic that is durable and will provide you with years of service. The brown seat also has holes evenly distributed to help with proper drainage of water as you shower. The shower seat can accommodate a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds and a seat width of 26 inches.

Drive Medical Plastic Tub Transfer Bench



  • Backrest with a reversible design
  • Sturdy legs with adjustable height
  • Legs have large suction cups


  • Legs need to be firmer
  • Eats up space
  • Poor instructions

2. Medline Shower Chair

Best Latex Free Shower Chair

Medline is a brand dedicated to creating and providing high quality products designed to help patients and make their lives easier. One such product is this shower chair that can be placed inside a bathtub or shower for safe bathing. It has a backrest that provides additional support as you wash your body. To help you get on and off the seat safely, the seat comes with strong armrests that are padded to provide a good grip which helps prevent slipping. The armrests are placed at an angle for added comfort.

The height of the legs can be adjusted easily using the push buttons to accommodate various bathroom setups. The bottom of the legs are fitted with rubber cups that help the seat remain stable and doesn’t slip as you take the shower. To assemble the seat, you don’t require any tools and can use the provided user manual for a quick assembly. The body is made of aluminum making it light but solid for a comfortable bath. The shower chair has a weight capacity of 350 pounds and the material used is latex free.

Medline Shower Chair


  • Made of latex-free materials
  • Legs have adjustable height
  • Padded armrests for added comfort


  • Doesn’t come assembled
  • Feet have reduced suction
  • Bolts may rust with time

3. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

A favorite among customers, this shower chair from Drive Medical is what you need for a comfortable and safe bathing experience. It has an attractive design that will compliment any bathroom and is practical when taking a bath. Its legs can be adjusted to different heights of up to 20.5 inches at increments of half an inch without the use of tools. There’s visible height indicators that help you as you adjust the height. For easy storage and portability, the seat can be disassembled without the use of any tools.

The ergonomically designed seat has large legs with non-slip rubber legs that add to the safety of this seat. The shower chair can accommodate a weight of 350 pounds and has a width of 21.75 inches. It has armrests which are padded for a better grip. It’s made of strong and durable materials that will provide you with years of service.

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair


  • Tool free assembly and disassembly
  • Padded armrests for better grip
  • Drainage holes on the seat


  • Snug fit
  • Flimsy plastic construction
  • Not for large sized people

4. Vive Shower Chair

Best Corrosion-Resistant Shower Chair

If you have limited mobility, recovering from an injury or need extra support when taking a shower, then the Vive shower chair is a great choice. It has an ergonomic design with an extra-wide seat that will comfortably support a weight of up to 300 pounds. The sides have armrests that provide you with extra comfort as you shower and are padded to provide you with a firm grip. It also boasts of rubber feet that have anti-skid qualities to prevent the seat from slipping when showering.

The seat has a contoured design with a strong backrest and holes to help with drainage. The seat is non-slip and is made of durable materials with a light texture for a comfortable bath. Assembling this shower chair is breeze since you don’t require any tools. For easy storage or travel, you an easily remove the legs, backrest and arm rests without the use of tools.

The Vive Shower Chair is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum that’s light in weight but strong enough to support your weight. The legs can be adjusted to different heights to provide a customized bathing experience. The rubber feet are stable and won’t slip on a wet or uneven floor. The backrest can also be removed to create more space.


Vive Shower Chair


  • Padded armrests for more comfort
  • Removable backrest
  • Non-slip seat with drainage holes


  • Not ideal for heavy people
  • The seat isn’t wide enough for some people
  • Not foldable

5. Vaunn Medical Spa Deluxe Shower Chair

Best Value  Shower Chair

For anyone with limited mobility or is an elderly person and wants to have a safe and comfortable shower, then this shower chair from Vaunn Medical is a great choice. It’s built using one inch anodized aluminum frame with sturdily built legs that are angled and have non-skid rubber legs for added stability. The seat is wide and has a contoured polystyrene construction with anti-bacterial properties which ensures that’s hygienic and always clean.

The seat also has many holes that allow proper drainage to prevent slipping when showering due to pools of water on the seat. The legs can be adjusted to a height of between 12.5 and 19.5 inches to accommodate different bathroom set ups. The backrest can be removed for more comfort and assembly is easy since it doesn’t require any tools. This hygienic seat is user friendly and comfortable to have when taking a shower.


Vaunn Medical Spa Deluxe Shower Chair


  • Angled legs with non-skid feet
  • Wide seat made of anti-bacterial materials
  • Seat has micro drainage holes


  • The armrests aren’t contoured
  • May have sharp, rough edges
  • Not foldable

6. Carex Universal Bath Seat

Best Shower Stool

This universal bath seat and shower chair from Universal comes in a compact design that will fit into most bathrooms and shower cubicles. It boasts of a patented exact level height adjustment that is done by rotating the tips of the legs in clockwise or anticlockwise movements. The seat has a convenient notch at the side where you can secure the shower spray when bathing.

The shower chair has a wide sitting area and can accommodate a weight of up to 400 pounds. The handles of both sides of the seat provide you with a good grip as you sit or raise from the shower. It comes with drainage holes that prevent water from pooling on the seat and causing slips. Assembling the seat is fast and doesn’t require any tools. The product has a weight of 8.5 pounds with a width of 18 inches.


Carex Universal Bath Seat


  • Patented height adjustment style
  • Notch to hold the shower spray
  • Compact size that fits most bathrooms


  • More drainage holes needed
  • Doesn’t have a backrest
  • No armrests

7. NOVA Shower & Bath Chair

Best Hygiene Shower Chair

For ultimate comfort and safety when showering, then the NOVA Shower and Bath chair is the way to go. It features a hygienic design with a u-cut design at the front to help make cleaning easy. The backrest and padded armrests make the seat extra-comfortable when showering. The seat’s frame is made of aluminum while the rest of the seat is made of blow molded plastic that is strong and can support up to 300 pounds.

Assembly and disassembly takes minutes and doesn’t require any tools. You can easily take apart the pieces for easy storage and portability when travelling. All the four legs are fitted with non-skid rubber feet that helps prevent slips and increases safety when showering.

NOVA Shower & Bath Chair


  • Unique u-cut design for easy cleaning
  • Disassembles easily for storage or travel
  • Backrest and padded armrests for comfort


  • Seat has poor drainage
  • Not enough room for people with serious injury
  • Cut out may not be deep enough

8. Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench

Best  Shower Chair with Sliding Mechanism

From a brand that’s dedicated to better living comes this sturdily built tub transfer bench that’s sfae and comfortable for showering. The sliding shower bench makes movement from the wheelchair into the bathtub or shower easy and safe. It includes a safety strap that lets the caregiver secure the person and safely move them into the shower. It has nylon strap locks that holds the seat in place when taking a shower which helps prevent accidents.

The bench has a cut out design that lets you reach perineal areas during cleaning. It has an integrated shower wand clip that holds it within reach for hassle-free rinsing and shampooing. The legs are made of aluminum and have buttons that let you adjust the legs at increments of ½ inch. The seat has a metal handle that provides you with extra stability when taking a shower. The blow-molded backrest provides added comfort when in the shower.

Duro-Med Tub Transfer Bench


  • Safety strap for more security
  • Nylon locks to hold the seat in place
  • Adjustable legs of up to 19.5 inches


  • Contains latex
  • A bit bulky
  • Needs assistance to use

9. Dr. Maya Adjustable Shower Chair

Best  Shower Chair with Assist Grab Handle

This shower chair from Dr. Maya brings efficiency and comfort to your bathing experience with its sturdy construction and user-friendly features. It comes in a compact size that fits into small and narrow bathtubs. The sides have slanting armrests which are padded to provide you with a comfortable grip when showering. The frame is made of aluminum and is light in weight.

The legs allow height adjustment with non-skid rubber feet and the seat has a width of 19 inches. For each purchase of this shower chair, you will get a free 12-inch shower handle to attach on most surfaces. The seat has numerous drainage holes to prevent water from pooling when taking a shower.

Dr. Maya Adjustable Shower Chair


  • Includes a free shower handle
  • Compact size that fits in narrow bathrooms
  • Slanting and padded armrests


  • Not for large persons
  • A bit narrow
  • Not foldable

10. OasisSpace Shower Stool

Best  Shower Chair for Small Bathrooms

If you have a small shower space and need a good and comfortable shower seat, then this product from OasisSpace is a great choice. It has ergonomically positioned holes that help with improved drainage which prevents accidents of sliding when showering. The side handles on the seat provides extra security by providing you with a good grip and makes picking the seat easy.

The shower stool can be easily adjusted by six increments from a height of 14 inches to 19 inches. The seat is cleared by the FDA and boasts of a five minute tool-free assembly. Each of the purchases comes with an easy to install 12-inch handle that attaches and detaches easily. The stool’s frame can support a weight of up to 300 pounds.

OasisSpace Shower Stool


  • Ergonomically designed drainage holes
  • Side handles for better grip
  • FDA approved


  • No backrest
  • Quite small
  • Not for very tall people

How to Choose the Best Shower Chairs: The Ultimate Buying Guide

When nursing an injury or as an elderly person, mobility and carrying out certain activities such showering may come with certain risks. When taking a shower, you are exposed to risks factors such as a slippery floor and lack of balance which may result in accidents some of which may be fatal. It’s important to invest in shower chairs that will provide you with a secure place to sit as you bathe. Shower chairs are specially designed to be placed strategically in bathtubs and shower cubicles to ensure a safe and comfortable shower.

Types of Shower Chairs

There are various types of shower chairs that are designed to assist people with varying needs to bathe. They include;

  • Standard shower chair – These look like regular chairs and feature four legs with most having non-skid rubber feet to provide stability. They usually have handgrips or armrests that provide a secure way to take a shower. Some may come with a backrest for added comfort and adjustable height to accommodate different people.
  • Transfer Bench – This is specially designed to assist one get in and out of a bath tub. They have a sliding mechanism with a safety strap for secure movement. They are longer than the conventional shower chair. It has four legs where two are placed inside the tub while the other two are outside the tub. They are not recommended for people with severe injuries.
  • Folding Stool – This is recommended for people with minimal mobility or balance issues. It doesn’t have a backrest or armrests and fits even in small bathrooms or bathtubs. You can easily fold it once you are done showering and is ideal for travel.
  • Fold Down Shower Chairs – They are usually mounted into the bathroom and provide a high level of support when showering. They usually have two sets of handlebars where one is on the seat and the other is on the shower.
  • Rolling Shower Chairs – These usually have wheels with a locking mechanism for security and safety. They usually have a flip-up seat and are highly portable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shower Chair

Here are several factors to take into consideration before adding that shower seat into your shopping cart;

  • Height Adjustment – Most shower chairs allow you to adjust the height of the legs to accommodate different bathroom setups. It’s important to adjust the seat to height that will let your feet touch the floor as you shower. Some of the products allow up to six increments in height.
  • Design – There’s a lot of features to look for when looking at the design of a shower chair. Features such as a backrest and an armrest contribute greatly to a comfortable shower. The armrest can be padded for a better grip. The design should be user-friendly to allow a smooth entry and exit from your bath. The legs should be sturdily built with rubberized feet that helps prevent the seat from slipping.
  • Drainage – It’s important for the seat to have holes to help drain water as you shower. These drainage holes helps prevent pools of water from collecting on the seat which may make you slip.
  • Weight Capacity – The maximum weight that a shower chair can handle is an important factor in your selection. Most will accommodate a weight of between 300 to 450 pounds. Ensure that the seat you get can support the weight of the user to prevent injuries when the seat breaks due to an overload.
  • Bathroom size – The space available in the bathroom is also important to ensure that the shower chair fits well into it. You can have the measurements of the shower with you as you shop for an ideal shower chair.


There’s no need to compromise on safety and comfort when showering especially when you have mobility and balance issues. The market is filled with lots of bathroom essentials such as bath mats, shower head filters and other times that will enrich your bathroom experience. We hope that this review has provided insight on the best shower chairs that will keep you safe as you indulge in some water therapy through a bath.