Best Snap Circuits and Electronic Kits for Kids to Grow and Nature Their Skills

Snap circuits! Honestly, these are the toys that we can say are truly electrifying. Your kid is smart — they can solve puzzles in minutes or work out complicated math problems, but wait until they get these small electronic toys and you will realize how much potential their little brains hold.

You see, snap circuits, and electronic kits for kids are designed to light up learning, not to mention make it interesting. They allow your little engineers to explore electricity in a captivating and creative way. Your munchkins can make lots of cool things using these kits by simply snapping pieces together. No soldering mess or components that will put your kid at risk; everything is designed to make it easy and safe for any kid to use.

Now, that’s the fun part of these toys. The more frustrating part is finding the right options for your little one. If you want to sharpen their brain and hone their engineering skills at a tender age, we are here to help you. We have done all the hard work for you, finding some of the best snap circuits and electronic kits for kids to ensure you get the right fit. We also have an informative guide that will take you through helpful points to assist you in making that purchase.

Top 14 Snap Circuits and Electronic Kits for Kids of 2020 Reviewed

1. Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit

Best Snap Circuits for 100 STEM Projects

If your kids love hands-on tasks that keep them busy, then Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 is the way to go. This exploration kit houses a whopping 30 components for your kids to come up with up to 101 projects. This electronic exploration kit includes an alarm circuit, slide switches, snap wires, speaker, and an integrated music circuit, all of which snap very easily onto the plastic grid. 

This kit does not require soldering. For easier identification, each of the pieces is color-coded, which makes it easier to identify them. For kids who are aspiring to venture into the world of electronics and robotics, these pieces, when combined make circuit boards just like the ones found on television sets, radios, and so many others.

The snap circuits provide a learning opportunity for your little ones on how these electrical circuits work in everyday devices they interact with. The smart channels also offer an opportunity for your kids to gain other crucial skills like following instructions and building. You can expect projects such as musical doorbells, sound-activated switches, voice-controlled lamps, light police siren, and a flying saucer. You can do this by purchasing the UC-30, 40 and 60 upgrade kits. Take your kids fun to the next level.

Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Does not soldering
  • No tools required
  • Can house up to 100 different projects


  • Could be of better value
  • Could be a lot cheaper for the quality
  • Some products are a bit fault

2. Snap Circuits Snaptricity Electronics Exploration Kit

Best Snap Kits for 75 STEM Projects

Looking for the best experience for your children to learn problem-solving skills, following instructions, and diligence in work? Snaptricity electronics exploration kit will get your precious little ones started on some of the best electrical projects. Your children will get to introduced to electricity and magnetism. 

With this project, your kids will venture into magnetic fields, how power works to run different everyday items in your home, how switches control various types of lighting within your home as well as a basic introduction to parallel and series circuits and their effect on electricity. Other than the color manual instructions which are made to make it easier for your kids to follow, Snaptricity is an award-winning kit. Both the exploration kit and snap circuits are registered trademarks under Elecno electronics. 

These snap circuits also use circuit safe fuse technology which is unique to snap circuits. However, these battery cells are obtained separately from the equipment. The good thing about this kit is that it’s compatible with other supplies. The whole kit comes in a package of 15 x 9.6 x 1.8 inches and 2 pounds in total weight. The snap kit is recommended for kids of age 8-15 years.

Snap Circuits Snaptricity Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Comes with CircuitSafe fuse technology
  • Award-winning snap circuit line
  • Compatible with other Snap Circuits


  • Battery cells have to be acquired separately
  • A little pricey
  • Could use more descriptive instructions

3. Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit

Best Snap Circuits for 200 STEM Projects

It is never too early to start to introduce your precious ones to activities that not only keep them actively engaged, but also give them cognitive skills that will enhance their lives. Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics is the perfect game which will boost your kid’s creativity, problem-solving skills, teach them how to follow instructions as well as satisfaction for complete projects. 

Arcade Electronics Exploration kit comes with 30 snap modules which will complete more than 200 projects. This is a fantastic opportunity for your kids to engage in comprehensive, fun activity as well as learning opportunity with electronic circuits for ages 8-14 years. The snap circuit arcade offers solid STEM concepts reinforced with exciting learning activities topped with lots of creativity. 

When assembling the different pieces, snap circuits use building pieces reinforced with snaps. The pieces snap to a base grid whose functionality mimics the printed circuit board of the conventional electronic devices. For easier identification, every piece included in the kit comes with a specific color code and functionality. For the device to work efficiently, three AA battery cells are required but are not included in the kit.

Snap Circuits Arcade Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Can support up to 200+ projects
  • Features clear and concise manual
  • Multi-colored


  • Does not come with AA battery cells required to run the device
  • Could be cheaper
  • Could use multilingual instructions

4. Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit

Best Snap Circuits for 175 STEM Projects

Bring school home with the Light Electronics Exploration Kit which comes with a whopping 175 STEM projects for your adorable ones to explore. This light exploration kit by snap circuits will ignite your little one’s passion with over 55 color-coded components which come in handy in developing electrical circuit projects that will keep your kids hands-on. With this package, your son or daughter will learn how to construct working circuits fiber optics and also other electronic devices. 

The components snap onto each other, creating a working electronic circuit as well as devices. DIY projects are easy to complete. The game is recommended for ages 8-14 years, worried about where to start? Well, the challenges of the game are organized in a systematic order to allow your child to grow and develop their skills as they advance to different levels — the manual acts as a precise and exact guide as to where to start and finish. 

What can you expect from the package?

You can expect projects such as an infrared detector, a strobe integrated circuit, color-changing LED bulb, a glowing flying fan, fiber optic communications and spinning strobe light. With experience and time, kids will be in a position to create circuits as well as electronic devices individually.

Snap Circuits LIGHT Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Does not require soldering required
  • Snaps easily to the plastic grid
  • No tools required


  • AA battery cells not included in the kit
  • Could use better build
  • Could be more durable

5. Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750R Electronics Exploration Kit

Best Snap Circuits for 750 STEM projects

If you are looking for both quality and quantity for snap circuits, snap circuits extreme exploration kit comes with a whopping 80  parts which will get your kids up to 750 different experiments to venture in. This model of the electronic exploration kit offers an in-depth experience for your little ones to learn from various tests.

Extreme SC-75-R provides an opportunity for multilevel students for homeschooling, middle schools, and high school, students. This provides an excellent opportunity for the students to master the fundamental principles of electronics. This kit features Teachers PAK model TG-750, which is also sold separately. As much as it is optional, it covers the teacher’s guide, five project books, and three student guides as well. So, if you are worried that you are not well-prepped to guide your adorable ones through the snap circuits, worry no more.

The teacher guide will guide you through from introduction to snap circuits taking through every chapter that your son, daughter, or even students need to cover with tests and quizzes. What topics can you expect from this snap circuits extreme exploration kit?          Resistors, Motors, Parallel, Relays, Switches, Batteries, Capacitors, Circuits, Transformers, Series, Circuits, Digital Recording, Diodes, 7-segment Displays, Integrated Circuits, Transistors, SCRs, Analog Meters, FM Radio.

Snap Circuits Extreme SC-750R Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Build up to 750 different experiments
  • Snap case made from heavy-duty plastic for durability
  • Comes with a well elaborate full-color manual


  • No battery cells included
  • A little pricey
  • Could use a less sophisticated storage organizer casing

6. Snap Circuits Sound Electronics Exploration Kit

Best snap circuits for sound exploration

Snap circuits electronic discovery kit brings you another one of their snap circuits to introduce your little ones to their dream careers in electronics. The sound electronic exploration kit harbors 40 plus snap modules which can be used to creatively complete 185 projects. All the 40 modules included in this kit are color-coded and numbered, making them very easy to identify. The circuit components included here in all snap together creating working circuits, electronic devices as well as assemblies.

It is never too early to introduce your little ones to hands-on electronics, and that’s why this kit is recommended for ages eight and above. What does that mean for younger toddlers? Well, for kids of five years onwards stand to benefit from this kit but with the guide of their parents to prevent them from accidentally swallowing small parts included in the package. The 185 DIY projects form a concrete basis for your adorable ones in electronics while actively engaging them in a fun and entertaining activity.

What can you expect from the kit?

The set comes complete with an assortment of modules including an adjustable resistor, an echo IC, specialized keyboard, a photoresistor, of course, a microphone, and other small accessories. The snap circuits are made in such a way as to easily snap onto the already provided plastic grid. It is, however, good to note that this kit does not require solder to put the different parts together.

Snap Circuits Sound Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Does not require soldering
  • The pieces are color-coded and numbered for easier identification
  • The projects are arranged systematically with the order of complexity


  • Requires 4 AA batteries not included in the kit
  • Would be better if the parts were water-resistant
  • Would be better if AM radio feature was included

7. Snap Circuits UC-30 Electronics Exploration Upgrade Kit | SC-100 to SC-300

Best Snap Circuits for 200 STEM Projects

Looking into upgrading your SC 100 to SC 300? Yes, we all agree that kids outgrow their toys as fast as they outgrow their everyday wear. The good thing about snap circuits is that, although kids may outgrow the electronic exploration kit or even lose interest after having covered all the topics and experiments, you can always upgrade it so that the challenges are much relevant to their age. New ventures will also rekindle their interest and passion. 

Snap Circuits UC-30 Electronics Exploration Upgrade Kit comes with additional parts and also manuals taking your SC-100 to the next level. You get to spend less for an upgrade, and your child receives a new 200 projects to keep working on. Isn’t that exciting?

To sum it all, this upgrade is still recommended for ages eight and above. Not only will the update keep your child more actively engaged, but boost their growth and knowledge ion electronics. With the help of the manuals included in the kit, you and your child will get an opportunity to tackle much more advanced experiments deepening the roots in the course. There is no better way for your little ones to learn and indulge.

Snap Circuits UC-30 Electronics Exploration Upgrade Kit


  • You can expect 200 more projects from the kit
  • The upgrade kit intergrades seamlessly to the SC-100 snap circuit
  • Requires no tools to fix the parts onto the plastic grid


  • Could be a lot cheaper for an upgrade
  • Does not come with its synthetic network
  • Does not come with replacements for broken SC-100 modules

8. Snap Circuits UC-50 Electronics Exploration Upgrade Kit | SC-300 to SC-500

Best Snap Circuits for 200 STEM Projects

With time your little one will exhaust all the projects that come with snap circuits SC-300 kit. As opposed to going for the SC-500 all new equipment, the snap circuit UC-50 Electronic Exploration Upgrade Kit which comes with an extra 200 projects works as well as the SC-500 kit but this time at a subsidized cost.

The SC-50 Electronics Exploration Upgrade Kit comes with 12 additional parts to add on to the already existing components of the SC-300 kit. This gives you more elements to keep experimenting with for different projects.  The 12 assortments of modules that come with this kit include the following transistors, FM radio components, a meter, ICs, recorders, and others. All these modules integrate with the already existing modules to come up with more complex experiments.

The SC-500 is recommended for ages eight onwards but also works for ages five going up. The upgrade in the SC-300 to SC-500 will keep your kids on toes in electronics. The experiments will keep them actively engaged and while at the same time improving their cognitive skills which are critical to their overall growth and development.

Snap Circuits UC-50 Electronics Exploration Upgrade Kit


  • No tools required 
  • Does not require solder
  • Modules integrate seamlessly


  • Does not come with its plastic grid
  • Could be a lot cheaper fr an upgrade
  • No replacements for broken modules for SC-300

9. Snap Circuits BRIC

Best Snap Circuits for 20 STEM Projects

Kids love indulging in activities that bring endless possibilities, challenging but also fun. Bricks come with endless possibilities. You can make anything from houses to cars. Electronic exploration kit comes with an assortment of amusing experiments which are fun and also create an opportunity for the kids to learn. When combined, these two create a new world of fun for the kids. The snap circuit BRic combines building bricks with electronic exploration kit to build absolutely anything. 

With this Bric to Snap, your little ones will be able to wire up their builds with the snap circuit lights, moving parts, sounds as well as 3D circuits. With this, they will be able to come up with absolutely anything that comes to their imagination. The Snap Circuit Bric gives your kids the opportunity to not only to build a structure but also learn how different lights work for various buildings like skyscrapers or what and how different gears work for multiple moving objects.

This Kit is recommended for ages any age, unlike other Snap Circuits. The projects in this Snap Circuits Bric are very engaging as well as challenging.  They will involve both you and your little ones as yo engineer the structures and integrate them with snap circuits giving you and your precious ones an opportunity to bond and spend some quality time.

Snap Circuits BRIC Structures, Brick & Electronics Exploration Kit


  • Comes with over 140 building bricks
  • Easy to read the full-color manual
  • Features easy to snap 75 adaptors


  • Could use more detailed instructions
  • Could use waterproof design
  • Battery cells not included

10. Teenii STEM Physics Science Lab Basic Circuit Learning Starter Kit

Best Physics Science Lab Basic Snap Circuit

Teenii STEM Physics Science Lab Basic Circuit provides a great opportunity for you to introduce your little ones to electricity and magnetism as well. With this kit, high school kids, as well as your precious ones at home, get introduced to the basic principles of circuits as they also investigate how both magnetism and electricity work. This is achieved through a series of experiments. 

The kit comes with an assortment of 50 components including voltage, mini lightbulb, ampere meter, generator, magnets, motor amongst others all which come in handy in completing these experiments. The Kit also comes with a clear and very detailed manual. The manual is very useful in helping you and your kids to maneuver through the kit giving instructions on how each module included in the kit works.

Most of the circuit electronic exploration kits come with abstract pieces which are great for playing with. This kit comes with real components which are naked to the human eye. Using the manual while doing all the projects will guide the kids in learning the common rules that guide the series and parallel circuit relationship between the resistance and voltage and also the schematic diagram drawing and also the magnet effect of current.

Teenii STEM Physics Science Lab Basic Circuit Learning Starter Kit Electricity and Magnetism Experiment for Kids Junior Senior High School Students Electromagnetism Elementary Electronics LERBOR


  • Comes with a very detailed manual
  • Real components not abstract
  • Numerous experiments to work with


  • Does not come with battery cells
  • Could have more modules for wide coverage
  • Could be a little cheaper

11. ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit

Best UNO Project Super Starter Kit

Elegoo is an advanced project super starter kit which comes with UNO boards. These UNO boards are used as the main brains for most of the experiments or projects. The UNO board is compatible with most of the everyday electronic devices like smartphones, televisions, motors buttons speakers, cameras, GPS Units and also internet. You can use a personal computer to upload various programs to the board after which you will be able to create interactive objects and digital devices which can be able to sense and control objects such as robots in the digital and physical world.

Sounding technical? This super starter kit comes with tutorials that can help you achieve all these experiments using the 24-lesson tutorials included with it. The Tutorial introduces the software setting IDE, the principles that guide on how sensors work and also a program that will enable the UNO board to be in control of the sensors.

Some of the most important parts that will help drive successful experiments include: one,  74HC595 and LEDs which is a serial to parallel converter. This device has eight outputs as well as three inputs that can be used in feeding the data into the controller one bit at a go. Two, 4 digit 7 segment display which comprises of 7 LEDs going by the name segments. These segments are arranged in a pattern reminiscent to figure 8 and usually consist of eight segments. They also have a dot placed on the right side acting as a decimal point.

ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial and UNO R3 Compatible with Arduino IDE



  • Free PDF tutorials
  • Very economical
  • Comes with power supply


  • Would be better if the parts were water-resistant
  • Would be better if AM radio feature was included
  • Could use better build

12. Keywishbot Electronic Component Base Fun Kit Bundle

Best Snap Circuits for Arduino and electronics

Looking for an affordable way to introduce your precious ones to electronics and programming? Keywishbot is one of the most basic beginner Arduino kit. This kit comes with all the modules required to begin Arduino, Raspberry pi. This kit boasts more than 200 components which by the way goes a long way in aiding you and your precious ones complete your experiments. 

Keywishbot is crafted with integration in mind and that’s why it is compatible with various kits and boards such as UNO R3, Arduino kit, Nanpo, and also Mega 256o R3. This means that, even though this kit does not feature a UNO Board, you can always acquire one from elsewhere without having to worry about its compatibility.

When working with electronics, customer support is key, especially when dealing with very fragile items. Keywishbot understands this too well and that’s why the technical support is not only free but also very helpful. This Kit is recommended for ages 12 and above. In instances where children below that age need to use this kit, parental guidance is recommended.

Keywishbot Electronic Component Base Fun Kit Bundle



  • Very economical
  • Quick responding technical support
  • Compatible with various kits Arduino UNO R3, NANO, MEGA 2560 R3, Arduino kit.


  • Does not include UNO baseboard
  • Could use better build
  • Requires an upgrade for more advanced experiments

13. REXQualis Electronics Component Fun Kit

Best Snap Circuits for Advanced Learners

REXQualis Electronics Component Fun Kit is one of the best fun kits in the market. This kit owes its quality build to REXQualis Inc, one of the professional manufacturers of electronic products and components. This kit comes as a valuable addition to your Raspberry Pi and Arduino. The kit boasts a whopping 300pcs of sensors and other relevant components. Each of the modules is carefully packaged in their own bags to reduce the effects of damage. Remember these components are pretty fragile and a little brush against a hard surface could render them useless.

As opposed to many other brands, REXQualis focuses on both quality and quantity bringing you double of the components as compared to other brands.  The 220 Ohm come in 40 pcs with other value amounting to 20 pcs. This guarantees you sufficient modules for your different experiments without having to keep rushing back to the store for more spares.

REXQualis breadboard features a power supply that can support both 5VDC and also 3.3VDC. The breadboard also features a push switch making it easy to turn the power on and off. In addition to that, you will also find a male-to-male USB  cables, a feature that most other brands lack.

REXQualis Electronics Component Fun Kit



  • Features a male-to-male USB cables
  • Extra components for efficiency
  • Power supply dual support for 5VDC and 3.3VDC


  • Could use a larger container package
  • Could use a better build
  • Does not feature a tutorial in the packaging

14. littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

Best Gizmos & Gadgets Snap Circuit Kit

Electronics have never been easier with little Bits Electronics Gizmos and Gadgets Kit. LittleBits features new and meticulously crafted mounting boards which not only make it easier to move your circuits up and down but also keeping them intact and neat. Not only do you get the all improved mounting board but also a whopping 15 electronic building blocks, all the necessary tools needed to bring out the passion as well as a manual to guide you through comprehensive 12 projects.

The electronic building blocks by littleBits come with magnetic bits which integrate seamlessly. Through this, kids are able to imaginatively convert small ideas into great inventions preparing them for tomorrow’s challenges. It’s never too early to unleash your little one’s creativity and passion. With LittleBits, young minds can learn how to code and prototype various ideas turning them into real-world gadgets that solve real-world problems.

LittleBits is recommended for young children of ages 8 onwards even though younger ages can still weave their dreams with this kit. If you are looking into developing lasting skills in your kids, perhaps this is the best kit to use.

littleBits Electronics Gizmos & Gadgets Kit


  • Great build
  • Features detailed manual for easier learning
  • Educative and inspiring


  • Very costly
  • Impossible to clip the wires and return the heads
  • Wires do not come with breadboards

How to Choose the Best Snap Circuits and Electronic Kits for Kids: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Snap circuits kits are a great way to introduce kids to electronics and magnetism. This kits do last and often very easy to use. They provide a fundamental approach to learn and foster interaction between you ab your kids. Elenco which has been up and running for several decades boasts its success in snap circuits innovation which has accelerated STEM education. 

A wide array of kits come with several types of features that distinguish one model from another. Therefore, choosing one model from another can be overwhelming. In this piece, let us have a look at some of the things to consider when selecting the best Snap Circuits Electronic Exploration Kits

Kit Size

There are so many things that come into play when thinking about the Kit size. Having taken a look at some of the best Kits out in the market, we are confident you some rough ideas about how big the Kit should be. Packages come labeled the number of pieces included as well as the how many projects that can be completed. Kits that come with a small number of modules say, below 30 will have limited experiments. The more the number of components, the more the tests you and your child can venture in. So, be sure to look out for this feature. 

What Type of Kit Should You Settle For?

Yes, we understand that the main aim here is to introduce the young professionals to electronics, but snap circuits come with undeniably a variety of features. These features include robotics, magnetism, lights, 3d illumination, sounds, and so much more. Be sure to go for the kit that will demand their attention and interest. For instance, 

  • Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Exploration Kit is well known for electricity
  • Snap Circuits Snaptricity Electronics Exploration Kit would be best for kids interested ion magnetism and electrical circuits
  • Snap Circuits BRIC would also work well for kids interested in sounds 
  • Keywishbot Electronic Component Base Fun Kit Bundle would best suit those interested in Robotics

Does it Work for the Whole Family?

Yes, that’s just about it. Though snap circuits were initially designed for kids and students, to introduce young kids to electronics and ignite their passion, today the whole family plays a significant role in guiding the kids on the experiments. Many grown-ups do find themselves intrigued and even carried away by these fun kits. They not only develop the passion in kids but also harbor interaction and bonding between family members. Be sure to look for the equipment that will not only catch your child’s interest but the whole family at large. A good example would be REXQualis Electronics Component Fun Kit which comes with 300 pcs sensors and is compatible with Arduino and raspberry pi.

What is Their Age Compatibility?

All snap circuits come with age requirements indicated on the packaging as well as the manual. For most snap circuits, manufacturers recommend at least the age of 8 years going onwards. However, for kids younger than this age limit, parents are advised to accompany them at all times for assistance and safety recommendations. Why is this? Some snap circuits do come with very minimal parts which can easily be ingested. Others come with batteries which harbor poisonous chemicals when exposed.

Is Your Safety Guaranteed?

Snaps circuits are generally very safe in your kids’ possession, especially at the recommended age. Just as the name suggests, snap circuits snap on to each other or the baseboard. This means no soldering required. Since they are straightforward to use, tools are also not necessary to join the different parts together. However, it would be advisable to keep small pieces out of reach of underage kids.

Should you focus on educational value?

It is never too early to introduce your kids to their interests and passion. As much as the primary goal of every snap circuit kit is to introduce your little ones to the world of electronics, not all packages may harbor the same educational value. When it comes to the language and terms used in the package, you can always assess the value your equipment will have upfront from the type of manual/guide and recommend one that will have a more significant impact on your little ones. Following the instructions on the manual and the complexity of the guidelines will determine the educational value of the kit as well.


Color codes fall under the instructions. But not all kits may come with all the module or components color-coded. This makes it very easy to make fatal errors leading to incompetence in completing the projects. Color codes guide you and your kids on where to place each part using a color chart or map.

Ease of cleaning

No parent wants dozens of little pieces lying all over the house, which may be hazardous. Regardless of this fact; these kits come with a vast number of parts, especially those with building blocks combined with snap circuits. Some manufacturers go ahead and include molded plastic storage boxes together with the kit which goes a long way in aiding in the storage of those little pieces.

Price range

What works for you may not necessarily work for someone else, but we thought to compare some products to give a highlight on the price range of several brands. After going through a selected sample of products, we came to find out that, most snap circuits range between $17 all the way $70. This does not, however, rule out that some products may as well spill over the $99 threshold with some going for as much as $300 a kit. But on average, at $35, you should be able to get a worthwhile package that will give you value for your money in terms of educational value and entertainment.

Things to Avoid or be Super Attentive

When reviewing some of these products, we came across a list of things that we felt that need special consideration and attention as well. We have highlighted them below. 

  • First is age. Though we have talked about this before, we felt dire need to highlight this point. Most Kits come recommended for ages 8years and above. However, that does not mean that younger kids cannot share in the fun. However, they may need assistance from their parents.
  • It is also worthwhile to note that some kits are recommended for junior high students because of the level of technicality. When purchasing snap circuits electric explorer kits, be sure to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions, so you don’t end up buying a package that may not fit his/her age.
  • It is good to note that the upgrade kit does not come with its plastic grid. So keep the original one safe and intact.
  • For precautionary measures,  keep all small pieces well organized in the molded plastic box that comes with the kit to avoid ingestion by minors.
  • Most Kits are not water-resistant. To avoid damage to the modules, avoid keeping them in dump areas or even placing them in wet areas. Most electronic devices don’t work well with moisture.
  • Snap Circuits are designed in such a way as to snap easily onto each other if not on the plastic board. So you do not need to purchase solder nor are tools required to mount the pieces together.


Snap Circuits are an excellent way to introduce our precious ones to electronics and magnetism. They come with a variety of features and components that acquaint kids with topics such as robotics, LED lighting, Sound, and even magnetism. Snap circuits help these young ones understand how circuits in electronics that we use everyday work. Most snap circuits range between $17 to $75 with those over that range coming with extra features. We have also concluded that most Snap Circuits are recommended for ages 8years and above, though, for those younger ones, assistance from parents is recommended. As you look into getting a kit for a child, be sure to check for age compatibility, the kit size, educational value, the pricing as well as the upgradeability. Go for a kit that you and your loved ones will enjoy and indulge in as a family.


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