Best Surfboards for Beginners – Learn How to Take on the Waves!

Looking amped dude! Yes, that’s the language of a surfer, and if you want to get to that level, and tackle the goliath waves, you will have to start somewhere. Summer is around the corner, so it’s the best time to get your arsenal together as you wait to learn some surfing skills. One thing you need to have is one of the best surfboards for beginners. Ignore the complicated options for the big boys – the newbie-friendly surfboards are built to be light and present few risks.

In the market for a good beginner surfboard? Well, read on and find out ten great options you can try and some helpful tips to help you shop for the best. All these combined will help you take on the waves and soon become a pro!

Top 10 Surfboards For Beginners Of 2020 Reviewed 

2. South Bay Board Co. 8’ Verve

Best Surfboard for Beginners and Kids

Whether you are a total surf novice or a regular surfer dude, you know that the first thing you look for in a surfing board is performance. South Bay Board Co. is custom-designed with a 7′ Ruckus, 8’ Verve & an 8’8 Heritage surfboard that is perfect for any skill level. Besides that, this bad boy has an incredible shape design but that’s not all; it is made from super-durable material. South Bay Board Co. is fingerprint-proof and wax-free; you will maintain its original texture for a long time.

If you want to introduce your kids to surfing, this is the best board they can grow with without getting bored. It is perfect for any bodyweight, floats easy, and has impressive paddle abilities. Its small size will help you maneuver easily. This board comes with a set of fins and a leash plug.

Premium Beginner Soft-Top Surfboards


  • Very durable
  • Does not need waxing
  • Maneuvers very easily


  • Very durable
  • Does not need waxing
  • Maneuvers very easily


1. Giantex 6′ Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board

Best Surfboard For Kids And Adults

This surfboard is the perfect choice when you decide to learn a new skill. With its responsive and strong bottom skin, the stiffness and speed will ensure you enjoy every step you make. Designed with transaction pad and free leash for convenience, the comfort-ability with this will ensure that you look forward to the next practice session. Designed with removable fins, the traction and hold will ensure that you take the least time to learn how to ski.

The board is made of long-lasting top foam and a fast sleek bottom that is durable allowing you more time to learn without breaking. With simple assembly steps instruction manual, the ease at which you get to get learning to surf. The magnificent coloring is not only beautiful but also makes your surfing experience memorable.

Giantex 6' Surfboard Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board


  • Built to last
  • Comes with fins that gives it traction and hold
  • Easy to assemble


  • Fin holes may not be perfectly aligned
  • Not the best where the user is very heavy
  • Bubbles may form at the paint top if exposed to sun for long

3. Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard

Best Lightweight Surfboard

This is certainly one of the best boards to learn surfing because it’s extremely lightweight. The board makes it easy to learn with its special wave catching-design. This design makes maneuvering seem very basic. The traction pad gives the board the ability to remain stable and float over the water easily. For you to have something to hold on to as a beginner, a free leash is attached to the edge of the board. A HDPE slick bottom gives the board amazing speed ability that will allow you to learn surfing fast.

The board comes with detachable fins that make the stability and control of the board be at your feet. The board’s top form is 72’’, very durable and easy to transport as the fins are removable. With its foam material, be assured that the experience you get when learning to surf is one that will remain in your head for ages!

Best Choice Products Surfing Surf Beach Ocean Body Foamie Board Surfboard


  • Sleek wave-catching design
  • Traction pad and free leash
  • Easy to transport


  • Not the best to duck with
  • Color wears off with time
  • Not very strong for heavy learners

4. California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)

When sleek design and custom mold shaped board designs meet, the product is the CBC surfboard. This board has three multi-layered wood stringers that are laminated all wrapped in a waterproof material. With its large design, learning to surf has been made easy and very comfortable. With the three fins, stand guided that the convenience with this board is like no other.

The special design form makes the maneuverability of the board one to reckon with. Where the waves are small and the winds moderate, the design of this board will easily adapt to. To protect you when you fall, the board’s material is soft, quite forgiving and will not injure you when you fall.California Board Company Surfboard (7-Feet)


  • Safe soft top when you fall
  • Traction pad grips well
  • Very light


  • Controlling when you lie on it is quite hard
  • Only for lightweight persons
  • Small to learn with at small waves

6. SBBC – 7’ Soft Top Surfboard

Best Surfboard For All Skiing Levels

At 7’ long and 22’’ wide and a weight capacity of up to 170 lbs., this board is one that will make your learning experience unforgettable. The length and thickness of the board is the best for learners as the support it will accord you is massive. The board’s top deck is IXPE made and has a fingerprint texture that will keep your feet well grounded. The soft top is very friendly for the initial surfing days and will let you look forward to the next lesson.

For stability and fun performance, the nose of the board is rounded while the tail is squash shaped. A concave bottom runs all through and enhances speed and the performance of the fins. Additionally, the heat release valve will take care of undesirable heat from the bottom. A rubber-made tail bumper ensures that the board can be stored upright safely.

SBBC - 7’ Soft Top Surfboard


  • Customized learner- friendly design
  • Durable material
  • Stable and convenient to learn with


  • Not the best where waves are minimal
  • Pricey
  • A bit heavy for kids

7. 8′ Beginner Foam Surfboard – The 8′ Verve

Best Premium Surfboard For Beginners

The 8’ Beginner Foam Surfboard is a high-performance board and designed to accommodate learners’ needs. Its custom mold design that is very light in weight will counter waves at an angle that will leave you very stable. To prevent water from bothering and interrupting you as you learn, the board has PVC enforced fin holes. A rounded egg shape ensures the stability of the board.

The soft-top board is 3 inches thick, a length of 8 feet and 23 inches wide. All these combined ensure that you have ample room on the board, your weight is well supported and you remain safe while surfing. The shape and design of the board make sure that the stability and performance of the board enhance your learning experience. For durability, the board is covered in resin and tapered rails.

8' Beginner Foam Surfboard - The 8' Verve


  • Enhanced beginner experience
  • Great maneuverability ability
  • Easy to paddle


  • Pricey
  • Bulky to carry around
  • Quite fast for beginners

8. Gold Coast Surfboards – 6’ Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard – The Razz

Best Waxless Surfboard

Razzo, an Italian word for “The Rocket” is the perfect definition for this surfboard For it to swallow waves and maneuver smoothly, the board has a sleek design at the edges. With its shaped nose, you don’t have to worry about wasting your energy with pop-ups as it will gently cut into them. At the bottom, a concave design turns into a channel which forms a V shape at the tail which makes water movement more efficient and improves the forward thrust.

The board has an EPS core and an HPDE mesh bottom that is long lasting and survives long enough for you to be an expert surfer. It has a weight capacity of up to 200lbs which will cater for most body weights. To make it lightweight, the product is made of dual laid bamboo material that will easily glide over the water.

Gold Coast Surfboards - 6’ Hybrid Soft Top Surfboard - The Razz


  • Best for beginners
  • Light and strong
  • Short hybrid board


  • At times paddling is hard
  • It will have dents when tightly strapped
  • Maximum weight is 200lb

9. Wavestorm 8′ Surfboard, Brushed Graphic

Best Long Surfboard For Beginners

One of the essential things a beginner needs when learning surfing is a longboard as they are easier to handle. The Wavestorm is made of an EPS core that has 3 stringers and reinforced with a strong EBS IXL soft cross-link on the top. The build makes the top deck have a stable textured grip that is strong and rigid. With an ankle leash that is removable, the board ensures that you remain in place as you learn how to surf. To enhance support while you learn, the longboard comes with a traction pad and a set of fins.

The board has a water volume capacity of 86 liters and only weighs 6kgs. It takes the weight of up to 200lbs and will, therefore, handle most weights of beginners. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about water disrupting your surf lessons as it’s designed with a system that blocks water from the top deck. And yes, for you to store it safely and for durability, a woven board sock is provided when you buy.

Wavestorm 8' Surfboard, Brushed Graphic


  • Safe and fun for beginners
  • Flexible ankle leash
  • Takes up to 200lbs


  • Quite bulky to carry around
  • Not very thick that affects its stability
  • Customer service is wanting

10. Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard

Best Anti-Slip Surfboard

Imagine having a board that is streamlined, fast and has a high maneuverability capacity- the Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard is all that!. The rail & rocker design and the shape make the board very stable and quick. To allow you to concentrate on learning only, the board has a closed cell build that prevents water absorption. Scared of getting injured when learning? Liquid Shredder FSE has a soft deck that’s ding resistant in addition to the flexible fins.

As a beginner, the board accords you ample space on the platform that is broad which will ensure that you get to have enough support and stability. The deck material is designed with a non-skid ability that will not slide even when it’s wet. With removable fins, you are assured of quick speed gains as you enjoy your first lesson.

Liquid Shredder FSE Soft Surfboard


  • The construction assures you of stable and easy to paddle
  • Rounded and flexible fins make it absolutely safe for you
  • Very affordable price


  • Not recommended for heavy persons
  • Soft top makes it susceptible to scratches and marks
  • You have to buy a leash separately

Choosing Best Surfboards For Beginners

Just like paddleboards, there are different kinds of surfboards designed for beginners and the pros.  If you have to walk and talk like the surfing pro, chill and hang out with the best, then follow through as we explore what to keep in mind when selecting the best surfing boards for beginners.


A surfing beginner is bound to make so many mistakes while trying to catch balance, mistakes that sometimes can be grave. So, to avoid such instances, the best surfing board for a beginner should have high buoyancy. With this, such mistakes will be highly tolerated.

Soft top Surfing boards

Soft top surfboards are necessarily very effective in helping surfing novices in catching a number of waves, especially during the onset of white-water phase. This boards are very stable and enable the novices to be able to paddle faster and get on this heavy yet stable surfboards.

Quality and Length

Quality is key, and that goes not only for surfboards but also for everything else in life. With the boards ranging from 6’ inches to 8 inches, an adult novice would do well in an 8’ board leaving children to learn with 6’. For faster mastery of the art, bigger boards are a prerequisite. Length is key because longer boards make it easier to catch waves as opposed to shorter boards.


With different levels of difficulty, Surfboards come in different materials. For beginner boards, foam is the most common material used because of buoyancy. As one progresses to intermediating levels, then Molded plastic or thick resin is used to make better surfboards which present a level of difficulty. Such are pop out surfboards which are used by much more experienced surfers.

Frequency of practice

While surfing demands lots of practice, you may not be able to go out surfing every day. Not especially if you live far from the beach or shores. For this reason, if you are not going to surf frequently, it will make more sense to buy a surfing board that will make it more fun whenever you go out surfing. If you surf regular, a more challenging surfing board will do.


Wide surfboards are key for starters because of they of stability. They have more stability control and offer extemporary balance while standing up on the board. This is important while mastering the skill.


Now you have what it takes to be a pro, finding the best surfing board for a beginner should not be a struggle. If your attention are to the most important aspects like length, width, material (foam) and also the frequency of practice, you will be well on your way to a professional surfer.

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