Best Volleyball Knee Pads For The Champion You Are

In the game of Volleyball, the knees are a crucial part of your performance since they provide the necessary support to your body as you tackle the ball. Doing so puts a lot of strain on your knees due to the demanding nature of the game. As a player, you need toga to take the necessary caution to ensure that your knees are protected and cushioned for better performance and an extended life span in the amazing game.

Just like picking the right sports shoes for any game, choosing the ideal best volleyball knee pads can be quite a task. There are a number of factors to consider such as the tightness of the pads, their length, the fabric used to make pads among other things. Allow us to provide you with a review of some of the best volleyball knee pads available in the market today and hopefully, you will land a cool pair that will bring out the champion in you.

Top 10 Volleyball Knee Pads Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads

Best For Men And Women

You won’t have to worry about your knees with these extra padded knee pads which have been built with innovative shock absorbing padding to provide you with superior protection. All the area around your knees will be covered by a dual layer of NBR cushion that is not only comfortable but highly secure.  The pads are made of high-quality nylon making them breathable while ensuring optimal temperatures around your knees as you play.

You will also be mesmerized by the pads’ ergonomic design built to provide freedom of movement for men, women, young adults, and even juniors as they play or even train. The knee pads come in two sizes; middle, large and extra-large. It’s important to measure the circumference of your thighs before ordering – for 28-46 cm go for the middle size while above 46 cm goes for extra-large.

Rawxy Volleyball Knee Pads


  • Good protection; super comfy
  • High-quality construction
  • Breathable fabric


  • Needs constant adjusting
  • Can be a bit bulky
  • Limited size selection

2. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Best For All Sports

When you want ultimate freedom of movement as you play, then these innovatively designed knee protectors will give you just that. These pads are super light in weight which allows you to jump, dive and even squat without any inhibitions. The unisex design is made of high density foam with good elasticity and breathable fabric which helps keep the skin dry despite a sweaty game.

The knee cushions aren’t only limited to the game of volleyball but can be used by footballers, cyclists and for other sports. It’s available in small/medium and large sizes which accommodates the knees of all sizes.  Many have praised the knee pads’ ergonomic design which grips your knee snugly without the need for constant adjustment. However, day one with this pair may be a bit uncomfortable but after some time they totally blend in with your knees.

Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads


  • Super light in weight
  • Unisex
  • Multi-purpose


  • Uncomfortable at the start
  • Too snug for some knees
  • Cushion wears out fast

3. Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads

Best For Back Players

Nike is an established brand in the world of sports and these knees are proof that the brand doesn’t leave anything to chance when it comes to ensuring the player’s total comfort.  Specially designed with Dri-Fit technology that provides great comfort as you play. Don’t be fooled by the minimalist design because these knee protectors have a streamlined look specially designed to ensure maximum comfort.

They also have a low profile but high-density foam pad which makes them ultralight but highly protective. Better yet, they come in three sizes; x-small/small, medium/large and large/ extra-large which accommodates all types of players. You can also choose between black, white and a fancy looking zebra/grey/volt color.Nike Essentials Volleyball Knee Pads


  • Innovative design
  • Ultralight
  • Variety of sizes


  • Less coverage
  • Maybe uncomfortable at the back
  • Not very durable

4. Mizuno T10 Plus Kneepad

Easily identifiable by the trademark Mizuna Running bird logo, these knee pads will have you feeling like a true champion. The new and improved slimmer design will provide adequate coverage around your knee area which will conveniently shield from any bruises or scaring.

They have also been enhanced with foam for increased comfort as you play.  The no-fold design is also another great feature of these knee protectors since you won’t have to worry of constant pulling up.

For these knee pads, the only colors available are either black or white which is a limited color selection. Moreover, these knee pads come in a one-size fits all which makes them limited to a certain group of players since some may not find the size ideal.

Mizuno T10 Plus Kneepad


  • Improved, slim design
  • No-fold design
  • Enhanced foam for greater comfort


  • Limited color range
  • Available only in one size
  • Poor quality

5. adidas Elite Volleyball Knee Pads

Best For Women

As a woman, you will love the design and the improved functionality of these great knee protectors. Made with the performance of an athlete in mind, these pads have a breathable fabric to ensure maximum comfort.  On getting this pair of knee protectors, you will be impressed by the high quality of craftsmanship on them.

For a woman looking for a lightweight pair of knee pads, then your search has come to an end since these two aren’t bulky. The pads are also easy to wash and dry quite fast.  They come in only two colors; black or white and three sizes; small, medium and large.

adidas Elite Volleyball Knee Pads


  • Not bulky
  • Easy to wash
  • High quality


  • Many have issues with the sizes
  • Maybe too thin
  • Only for women

6. Mcdavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads

Best For Knees, Elbows, And Shin

Made using superior HEX technology, these knee protectors are designed with a closed cell padded foam which gives them amazing breathability for improved functionality. As a volleyball, you will come slide, dive and even kneel but your knees will be safe with these quality knee pads that a 9mm HEX technology pad.  Better yet, they have been designed to offer protection not only to your knees but can also be used to protect the elbows and the shin.

It’s designed with advanced moisture absorption technology that ensures that your knee remains dry as you play. The pads are machine washable which makes cleaning them a breeze. Designed to have a snug fit, these knee cushions come in over seven sizes and over ten different colors to choose from.  Made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, this pair of pads fit and feel good around your knees.

Mcdavid 6440 Hex Knee Pads


  • Advanced breathability
  • Wide selection of colors and sizes
  • Machine washable


  • Quite thin
  • Not for high impact poses
  • Poor stitching

7. Powsure Volleyball Knee Pads

Best For Outdoor Sports

Knee protection doesn’t come better than this with pads made of Eva sponge that’s designed to give you ultimate protection. The designers have prioritized comfort and breathability by using 80% polyester and 20% spandex. The knee pads have been made to give you reasonable coverage and you can be sure that most of your knee area is secure with these pads.

The pair comes in a one unisex design with a one size fits all construction. They will keep you warm and prevent any muscle or joint aches. You can also choose between red or black depending on your taste preference.

Powsure Volleyball Knee Pads


  • Super comfy and breathable
  • Unisex design
  • Multipurpose use


  • Comes only in one size
  • Not ideal for constant kneeling
  • Could be tighter

8. GRANDCOW Knee Pads

Best For All Sports

Designed for use in both sports and work, this pair of knee pads will add a lot of value in your life.  You will get to protect your knees from any injuries, bruising or muscle pains especially if your activities involve a lot of bending and kneeling. They are made of a combination of nylon and spandex which offer you great breathability.

The pads are easy to put on and remove with a four-section cushion that protects your knees from different angles. They are also machine washable and quickly dry after a wash. The inner fabric is designed to help with blood circulation and retain heat keeping your knees warm.



  • Multipurpose use
  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Great heat retention capability


  • Not ideal for repeated use
  • Quite tight
  • Can’t be worn for extended periods of time

9. HALLDER Volleyball Knee Pads

Shock absorption is a critical part of knee pads and this company has invested heavily in that using Eva sponge during construction. The high-density sponge is designed to prevent any injuries that may arise due to the impact force. The large elastic force around the pads ensures a snug fit as you play and reduces constant adjusting.

You can also use these for all types of sports such as football, snowboarding, and even extreme sports. However, when cleaning these pads avoid mixing them with other clothes to avoid staining.

HALLDER Volleyball Knee Pads


  • Great shock absorption
  • Highly protective
  • Highly elastic


  • Easily stain when washing
  • Foam doesn’t hold its shape
  • Some have issues with the size

10. ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad

Up your game with these 6 inch low profile sleeves designed to cushion your knees as you play.  Made of dual-density padding these pads will offer you the necessary protection. They have a microbial fabric that eliminates any odor.  They also fit snugly without the need for Velcro straps to hold them in place. They come in a one size fits all with the ASIC logo boldly engraved on the front.

ASICS Ace Low Profile Knee Pad


  • Fabric eliminates odor
  • Snug fit
  • Machine washable


  • Less coverage
  • Quite thin
  • Not for extreme activity

How to Choose the Best Volleyball Knee Pads: The Ultimate Buying Guide

In the game of Volleyball, one of the most vulnerable body parts is the knees yet they are the backbone of a player’s performance. As a volleyball player, you need to squat, dive and even kneel as you tackle the ball. It’s of utmost importance to always protect your knees lest they get bruised or scarred hindering from becoming the champion that you are.

Important Considerations When Buying Volleyball Knee Pads

Whether you are a pro volleyball player or just play the sport as a hobby, there are a number of factors to look out for before picking your knee protectors. They include:

  • Position – The position that you are playing in the pitch is a great determinant of your choice since it determines the type of padding that you will go for. Those that play at the back need to be swift but dive less hence need a less bulky knee pad. Those playing at the front have a lot of contact with the ground hence need heavily padded knee protectors. Beginners in the game may also need well-padded protectors until they get used to the game.
  • Fit – Knee pads that don’t fit right around your knees aren’t worth it. The game of volleyball is quite intense and you can’t afford to constantly keep adjusting your knee pads since they are loose. On the other hand, if the knee pads are too tight, they may hinder proper blood circulation which hampers performance.
  • Comfort – There are many types of knee cushions available in the market but your choice will boil down to what you are most comfortable in. If a knee pad with less padding and longer coverage is what makes you most comfortable, then go for it.
  • Fabric – The most common material used to make knee pads is nylon, spandex or polyester. In most times you will find a combination of these fabrics to ensure maximum functionality. These fabrics are preferred due to their breathable nature which is crucial for enhanced performance.

Should I Wear Kneed Pads When Playing Volleyball?

If you play volleyball, you should wear knee pads, no matter the level you play at. It is good for both men and women since it prevents accidents caused by all sorts of debris on the court. In case of a fall on the court, you are likely to get hurt by injuries by coming into contact with small rocks, staples, bobby pins or hair ties. Importantly, you need the knees to jump, sprint, and run while playing volleyball. That’s why you should protect them. However, whether you choose to play with knee pads boils down to your personal preference.

How Can I Stretch Tight Knee Pads?

You may find that the knee pads you bought are too tight to play with. The best action is to stretch them around a large object or shoe. However, don’t put them in a dryer, with the high heat on. If you make that mistake, you may end up with knee pads that have been shrunk even further.

How Can I Tighten Lose Knee Pads?

When it comes to tightening loose knee pads, the options are very limited. If you like, you may take it to a seamstress to have it tightened. But that might be the same as buying another pair of knee pads, especially when it comes to the cost. With the many brands that are available at less than $20, why would you waste time trying to tighten a loose pair or volleyball pads?


Volleyball is a fun sport with a lot of action but increased exposure to knee injuries. However, with the right knee protectors, you can say goodbye to bruises, scars, muscle, and even joint aches. Hopefully, you will find the best volleyball knee pads to suit your preference and go out there and become the champion that you are meant to be.