Best Wall Mounted Sinks for Bathroom

The feel and look of your bathroom is determined by a few things. The first is the overall design – the kind of camping showers you use, the tiling, and items such as bathroom mats. The next and perhaps one of the most important is the bathroom sink. Today, designers are considering wall mounted bathroom sinks because they offer convenience for spaces without countertops and are firm enough.

If you are looking to redecorate your bathroom or designing one from scratch, you are right to get the best wall mounted sinks for the bathroom. We save you from the hassles of browsing through dozens of options to find the right fit, we have reviewed 10 cool wall mounted sinks that you can purchase for your bathroom and give it a new life. Read on and make it happen!

Top 10 Wall Mounted Sinks for Bathroom of 2019 Reviewed

1. Wallcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Sink White Porcelain Ceramic Vessel Sink & Chrome Faucet Combo

Best Rectangular Corner Bathroom Sink

Ceramic sinks are not only beautiful but they are also durable. They can turn around your bathroom and make it look great. When it comes to the Wallcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Sink, you have an exquisite product. It boasts of high functionality, given its 18.1 by 10 by 5 inches dimensions. You can use it for hand washing, teeth brushing, and so on.

It is made of porcelain, a material that’s extremely easy to clean. All you need to maintain the polished surface is to wipe with a cloth. It comes with a chrome finished brass faucet for great results. It doesn’t matter your preferred bathroom décor. This sink will certainly work for you.

Walcut Bathroom Wall Mount Rectangle Corner Sink


  • Comes with chrome finished pop-up drain and brass faucet
  • Stain resistant, easy to clean and maintain
  • Made of durable, polished white porcelain material


  • Installation may prove difficult if you do not have the requisite compression lines
  • The faucet does not sit perpendicularly, given that the hole isn’t wholly flush
  • Some reviewers have found the faucet with which it comes to be too tall

2. American Standard 0321.026.020 Declyn 4-Inch Centerset Wall Mount Sink, White

Best 3-Hole Centerset Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

When it comes to bathroom sinks, products with three faucet holes are usually the best. With such sinks, you can easily tailor the water temperature by turning on both the cold and hot water faucets. You will find all that in this American Standard wall-mounted bathroom sink. In addition to high functionality, this sink is made of polished vitreous china, which is easy to clean and maintain. It hardly retains water spots and only needs minimal wiping to clean.

The center basin is 17 inches long. It comes with wide shoulders on which you can place your toiletries. You can use it in virtually any type of bathroom, whether it is at home, school, hospital, prison or so on. What you get is a homely wall-hang sink that’s also very beautiful.

American Standard 0321.026.020 Declyn 4-Inch Centerset Wall Mount Sink


  • Comes with three faucet holes for installation of both cold and hot water sinks
  • Made of white vitreous china, which is both strong and durable
  • Suitable for use in bathrooms in different environments


  • Some reviewers have complained about the surface glazing nor being completely uniform
  • The drain may be too tiny to serve a three faucet hole sink
  • The package does not include faucets and other appliances

3. KOHLER K-2084-7 Soho Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

Best Single-Hole Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

If you have no platform to support your bathroom sink, then you are better off buying a wall-mounted one. With this type of sink, the wall provides support. One such sink is the KOHLER K2084-7 Soho Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink. It is made of black vitreous, which is not only hardy but also very beautiful. This sink can greatly complement the décor and ambiance of your bathroom.

It is a 20 by 18 inches rectangular basin that’s big enough for any kind of use you may have for it. Whether you want to wash your hands or brush your teeth, this is the sink for you. Even though it has a ready faucet hole, this the package does not include faucets.

KOHLER K-2084-7 Soho Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink


  • Made of black vitreous china, which is strong and durable
  • A multi-purpose sink that serves well for hand washing and teeth brushing
  • Comes with a faucet and overflow hole


  • The package does not include faucets and other appliances
  • The stated dimensions may not be completely accurate
  • Some reviewers have complained about the sink arriving when it is already broken

4. Scarabeo 5002 One-Hole Teorema Rectangular Ceramic Wall-Mounted/Vessel Sink, white

Best Premium Wall Mounted/Vessel Sink

Your bathroom needs to feel comfortable, relaxing, and stress-free. For that reason, you need a sink that not only makes life easier but which also enhances the general ambiance of your bathroom. With the Scarabeo 5002 One-Hole wall-mount sink, you have an incomparable product. It is made of white ceramic material and measures 24 by 13 by 6 inches. Its rectangular shape makes it suitable for wall mounting.

To help prevent possible flooding in the bathroom, the sink includes an overflow drain. Thus, the sink doesn’t have to completely fill up. Given its white ceramic composition, this sink is extremely easy to clean and maintain. You will hardly notice any water spots and cleaning takes just a little bit of wiping. So, why buy a sink that only makes life too difficult for you?

Scarabeo 5002-One Hole Teorema Rectangular Ceramic Wall Mounted Vessel Sink


  • Made of easy to clean and maintain white ceramic material
  • A highly functional sink that eases life for you and your family
  • The ceramic material is hardy, making the sink highly durable


  • Some reviewers have complained about the basin is too small
  • The package does not contain faucets and other fixtures
  • Has only one faucet hole

5. Halo Clear Tempered Glass Vessel Sink Complete Set With Chrome Faucet Drain

Best Glass Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

The Halo Clear Tempered Glass Vessel Sink is uniquely designed and is bound to become the focal point in your bathroom. If you are used to rectangular porcelain sinks, this is a complete departure from the norm. It is made of durable tempered glass and is bound to last for a very long time. You only need to touch the half-inch-thick tempered glass to know you are dealing with a hardy sink.

In terms of dimensions, the sink measures 24 by 23.5 by 6 inches. It is deep enough to hold enough water for virtually any purpose. The sink comes with a drain and a chrome-finished faucet. Thus, you don’t have to spend extra cash buying faucets.

Halo Clear Tempered Glass Vessel Sink


  • Made of hardy, long-lasting tempered glass
  • Its unique design makes it the perfect bathroom décor enhancer
  • A sizeable sink that’s suitable for every purpose you may have for it in your bathroom


  • The package does not come with a p-trap drain
  • If you are not a plumber, you may not understand how to use the accompanying mounting hardware
  • Does not have an overflow drain

6. DuraSteel Stainless Steel Hand Sink

Best Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Bathroom Skin

Are you looking for an exquisite sink to add to your bathroom? It doesn’t matter if you are replacing an old sink or installing it for the first time. Make a statement with the DuraSteel Stainless Steel Hand Sink. It is made of stainless steel of the highest quality. This is a 20-gauge stainless steel product that’s fully anti-stain and anti-rust. Additionally, the sink has rounded edges which makes cleaning, polishing, and drying extremely easy.

Apart from being great for domestic use, this sink can also work perfectly in commercial settings. Use it for functions such as hand washing, teeth brushing, and so on. For wall-mount sinks, one thing you would worry about is the likelihood of dirtying the wall. Not so for this sink. it has a high backlash to ensure that does not happen.

DuraSteel Stainless Steel Hand Sink


  • Made of durable, anti-corrosive, anti-rust stainless steel
  • Ergonomically designed for easy cleaning, polishing, and drying
  • Has an attached backlash to prevent dirty water from splashing and damaging the wall


  • Does not come with space for placing your soap
  • Mounting this sink on the wall may not be enough, since you may require additional support
  • Some reviewers have complained about the sink being too small

7. Renovator’s Supply 10918 Unique Wall-Mount Console Sink, Clear Durable Tempered Glass

Best Durable Glass Bathroom Sink

Wall-mount sinks for the bathroom are supposed to be stylish, strong, and durable. All of these attributes can be seen in the Renovator’s Supply 10918 Unique Wall-Mount Console Sink. It is made of clear tempered glass, which has the ability to transform the décor in your bathroom. You cannot describe this as vast. It has a small basin on a 27.8-inch by 21-inch projection. Thus, you don’t have to worry about where you will be placing your soap and other toiletries.

When you buy this product, you get more than just a sink. It comes with a drain assembly as well as a faucet. In short, you have everything you need to connect to the plumbing system to get the sink up and running. Why waste money on a sink that does not come with these appliances?

Renovator's Supply 10918 Unique Wall Mount Console Sink


  • The package includes faucets and drain
  • Made of strong, durable, clear tempered glass
  • The projection serves as a great platform to place your soap and other toiletries


  • The sink does not have an overflow drain
  • It comes with only one faucet hole, which means you cannot install cold and hot water faucets at the same time
  • Requires thick wood or concrete backing to install, given its 60-pound weight

8. 14.25-Inch Ceramic Corner Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

It is not enough to have a wall-mount sink in your bathroom. The best are sinks which you can install in one of the corners. These are not only sturdy but they are the least likely to balk under the weight of water. This 14.25-Inch corner wall-mount sink is certainly recommended for any bathroom. It measures 14.2 by 14.2 by 8.5 inches and is suitable for a small bathroom.

One thing you will appreciate about this wall-mount sink is that it is made of durable, easy-to-clean, white ceramics. It hardly develops water spots and is extremely easy to clean. You don’t have to worry about discoloration either.

14.25 Ceramic Corner Wall Mount Bathroom Sink


  • Made of strong, durable, easy-to-clean ceramics
  • A large enough sink for use in a small bathroom
  • It is meant for installation on the corner for extra support


  • Does not have a place to put soap and other toiletries
  • Has only one faucet hole
  • The package doesn’t include faucets and other appliances

9. Scarabeo 3009 One-Hole ML Rectangular Ceramic Self-Rimming/Wall-Mounted Bathroom Sink

Best Self-Rimming Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

Scarabeo is an Italian made brand of sinks that features exquisitely designed products. This particular product measures 36.2 by 18.5 by 0.4 inches. That makes it expansive enough for virtually any purpose in the home. It doesn’t matter whether it is washing, scrubbing or brushing teeth. You will find this ceramic sink highly functional and easy to maintain. Given that it hardly develops water spots, cleaning it is as easy as wiping with a dry cloth.

It is basically a self-rimming sink which is easy to install. You don’t have to ask a plumber to help you with the work. The only thing that may discourage you from attempting a DIY job is the 60-pound weight. You would definitely need another pair of hands to put this particular sink in place. It comes with round edges so that you do not get hurt when you accidentally bump into it.

Scarabeo 3009-One Hole ML Rectangular Ceramic Self Rimming Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink


  • An expansive sink that’s also multi-purpose
  • Made of strong, durable, easy-to-clean ceramics
  • Easy to install, given its self-rimming nature


  • Comes with only one faucet hole
  • May prove hard to install, given its 60-pound weight
  • Not clear if the sink has an overflow drain

10. 19-Inch Wall-Mount Bathroom Sink

Best Corner Wall Mount Sink for Large Spaces

White vitreous china wall-mount bathroom sinks are conspicuous. There is no way a visitor will fail to notice this sink once you use it to renovate your bathroom. Even though modest in size, this sink is bound to create a unique focal point as concerns the overall bathroom décor. To install it, all you need is to mount it on the wall. The package comes with all the brackets you need for the job. Why should you look for another sink?

Another aspect of vitreous china sinks is that they are easy to clean and maintain. They are less likely to develop water spots and all the cleaning that’s required is wiping. The sink comes with an overflow drain to ensure that your bathroom doesn’t unnecessarily flood. Any excess water is simply drained away in a discreet, eco-friendly, and clean way.

19 Wall Mount Bathroom Sink


  • Made of exquisite vitreous china for enhanced bathroom décor
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with an overflow drain to prevent flooding in the bathroom


  • Comes with only one faucet hole
  • The package does not include faucets and other fixtures
  • May not be big enough to serve as a multi-functional sink

How to Choose a Wall-Mounted Sink for Bathroom: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The popularity of wall-mounted sinks for bathrooms in the home has been on the rise in the recent few years. These sinks look more like vessel sinks but are built to be mounted on the wall. Unlike other ways of installing sinks, wall-mounting makes it seem like the room has extra space. Also, the room looks tidier and cleaner. Installing this kind of sink requires a professional plumber. It is possible to hide away untidy plastic plumbing under a cabinet or vanity.

However, you can only achieve that after choosing and installing the right wall-mounted sink. Here’s how to choose the best wall-mounted sinks for the bathroom:


The material from which the sink is made determines durability, aesthetics, and maintenance requirements. Thus, you ought to pick a material that creates a perfect balance between durability and aesthetics. Here are popular materials from which wall-mounted sinks are made:

  • Stainless steel. Stainless steel wall-mounted sinks for bathroom are corrosion resistant, impact resistant, strong, attractive, and low maintenance. Thus, they are the most popular sinks used domestically and elsewhere worldwide. The major downside about this type of sinks is that they are noisy when water comes into contact with them. However, you can minimize the noise by having sound-absorbing pads installed.
  • Granite stone. Sinks made of granite are not only durable but they work well when it comes to complimenting the décor in the bathroom. Most sinks for bathroom, including the pedestal type, are usually made of this material. These sinks produce minimal noise and resist unnecessary scratches. If your bathroom features a granite wall, this kind of sink can blend in very well. It is resistant to watermarks and fingerprint stains. Only that granite is heavy and could easily crack.
  • Copper. Like stainless steel, copper is the other metal that works well when it comes to sinks in the bathroom. The sinks come either with single or double bowls. They come with a higher than average esthetic appeal, given the optional hammered or smooth finish. Since copper is antimicrobial, you don’t have to worry about sterilizing the sink time and again. With copper sinks, expect a green patina after using it for a while.
  • Fireclay. If what you need is a ceramic sink, then you should buy one made of fireclay. It is cured at extremely high temperatures and is, as a result, smooth, tough, and highly durable. The sinks are highly resistant to scratches and are easy to clean. Only that you may not find the exact shape you are looking for. Since they are heavy, fireclay sinks should only be installed by a professional.
  • Cast iron. When used to make sinks, cast iron has a coating of enamel or porcelain. Thus, they look smooth, just like fireclay sinks. Due to the versatile nature of cast iron, the sinks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The sinks are highly durable. When hit by heavy objects, the enamel may get damaged.


How big or small do you want your wall-mounted sink for the bathroom to be? If you are renovating or replacing an old sink, that shouldn’t be a big issue. All you need to do is get a sink with similar dimensions as the one you are replacing. You will have to consider the depth, side-to-side, and front-to-back measurements. The sinks come in different depths between 5 and 8 inches. Side-to-side measurements for rectangular sinks range from 19-24 inches. Front-to-back measurements could be anything between 16 and 23 inches. The diameter of the round sinks is anywhere between 16 and 20 inches.

Faucet Compatibility

It is important that the shape and size of the sink you choose work well with your faucets. Most wall-mounted sinks for bathroom come with pre-drilled holes for faucets. They can either hold a faucet with one handle or one with cold and hot water handles. You need a sink with a single hole to install a single-handle faucet. Where a single-handle faucet has escutcheon plates, you can install it on a sink with three holes. The holes should be large enough to drain your water, but also not to allow big particles that will make you go shopping for a drain cleaner later on.


So you have a thing for wall-mount sinks for the bathroom, right? If you do then you should carefully read through the reviews and buying guide above to know exactly what you need. You may choose ceramic, stainless steel or tempered glass sink. Another important thing to consider is the ease with which you will be able to clean and maintain your sink. Like everyone else, you could be attracted to a specific brand. Just be careful with what you buy!

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