Best Water Repair Kits For That Quick Plumbing Fix

Water is life but at times when it leaks into the wrong places, it can cause much havoc. A burst pipe or leaking water joints are a nuisance and can end up damaging so many things when not taken care of quickly. But what happens when you have a water leakage and there’s no time to engage a professional plumber? You need to always have a water repair kit in your home or at your workplace for that quick water leakage fix.

There are numerous water repair kits out there designed to offer a fast solution to your water problems and picking the right one will help salvage the situation in a quick and convenient manner.

You will need to choose a kit that’s suitable for the water gadget you need to be repaired. Be it a toilet, a water pump impeller, water heater or any other gadget, there’s a repair kit for it. But how do you settle for the ideal repair kit with so many gadgets today? There’s no denying that a visit to the tool shop, you will find a massive array of products and at times you can get confused on what to settle on.

But not to worry for we have compiled a list of the best water repair kits available on the market today to help you with your water solution needs. Here you go.

Top 7 Water Repair Kits Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Sloan Valve A-36-A Regal Water Closet Repair Kit

Do you have a very old water closet that you need to be repaired? Then this is the ideal diaphragm to fit into any leakages in these closets. As you may have realized, such old closets may be built to last for a lifetime but with time they may need a little touch-up. It’s small with a standard 4.5 GPF which will fit just right into your flush.

This chrome coated part will fix that water leakage in your toilet at an affordable price. However, you have to be sure of your toilet’s specifications since it’s only designed for particular water closets.

Sloan Valve A-36-A Regal Water Closet Repair Kit


  • Fits right
  • Very affordable
  • Durable


  • Designed for specific water closets
  • Limited use

2. NEXT BY DANCO HydroRight Universal Water-Saving Total Toilet Repair Kit

Do you feel tired with your toilet leaking and just need your bathroom area dry and safe again? Then don’t be afraid to do an overhaul of your toilet by converting it from a standard toilet to a two button, a dual flush toilet that is designed to be free of any leakages while saving you tonnes of money in water bills.

With this toilet water repair kit, you won’t need any tools during installation since it’s designed to get fixed without removal of the tank. So, within ten minutes your toilet water leakage problem will be fixed. It’s also built with smart technology that will quickly detect leaks and inform you for necessary action. Even better, it’s chemical and chlorine resistant hence can be used to repair salty water toilets. More to that, it doesn’t warp.

It also has a patented water lock which automatically shuts out any excess water so that your toilet never leaks even a drop. The team at Danco give you a lifetime warranty for this plumbing repair kit. You may need to take some time to understand the instructions for installation and may need to deviate a bit from them depending on your water repair needs.

NEXT BY DANCO HydroRight Total Toilet Repair Kit


  • Water saving kit
  • Smart tech for detecting leaks
  • Chemical and chlorine resistant
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • The low flush button maybe stubborn
  • The installation may be challenging to some

3. Camco 07023 Apcom Style Plumber’s Pack Water Heater Repair Kit

If your water heater has an issue, then this repair kit is designed to have it feeling like new. It comes as a two-piece with a lower and upper thermostat all fitted with protectors, has two high watt density elements at 4,500 watts and a voltage of 240 volts and comes with a limited one year warranty.

Camco Apcom Style Plumber's Pack Water Heater Repair Kit


  • Quick to fix
  • Thermostat has protectors
  • 1-year warranty


  • High wattage and voltage
  • Limited to water heater repair

4. Quiksteel Plastic Tank Repair Kit

Is your water tank leaking? Then you can use this kit to quickly and permanently repair it with an easy-to-apply technique. Whether it’s a small pin hole or a large crack on the tank, this plastic epoxy putty will sort you out in a matter of minutes. The great thing is that this kit is so convenient to use that you won’t need to empty your tank to carry out the repair.

At an amazingly low price, you will no longer stress over that water tank leakages. Even better it’s impervious to petrol and other automotive fluids, therefore, can also be used on gasoline tanks for your automobiles.

You may be wondering whether the product is safe for your drinking water. Yes, it is. Therefore with this water repair kit, you have a permanent solution to your leakage problems. However, you need to roughen the surface for it work effectively. Don’t be fooled by the cheap looking packaging- it gets the job done well.Quiksteel Plastic Tank Repair Kit


  • Permanent repair
  • Safe for drinking water
  • Easy to apply
  • Very affordable


  • Works only on rough surfaces
  • Requires multiple application

5. Universal Toilet Tank Repair Kit

The Universal Toilet Fill Valve Kit is designed to quickly fix that slow filling valve in your toilet – that one that makes a loud cracking noise. The adjustable valve is designed to fill most standard toilets and is easy to install. It has an adjustable valve height of between 7.8 inches and 13 inches.

It also has an instant water return shut out which prevents any leakages once water fills up. You can also easily adjust the inlet water level.

Universal Toilet Tank Repair Kit


  • Valve height is adjustable
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic water shut off
  • Very quiet


  • Limited to toilet repair
  • May need a longer tube for the hose

6. Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl Underwater Kit

With this repair patch, you will quickly fix any underwater leakages and instantly become a hero. Whether it’s your floating inflatable pool or inflatable water slides that are leaking water, this repair patch will quickly solve the problem. Each patch is made from a tough, matte finish which is abrasion resistant and doesn’t puncture.

Its see-through design is made to fit into any color without visible signs of repair. Unlike other vinyl patches, the Tear-Aid patch has an inhibitor which prevents from becoming gummy and loose when under water. The patch works well on uneven surfaces and isn’t easily damaged by heat. The kit contains three patches of different sizes, a 12-inch reinforcement filament, two alcohol prep pads and illustrated instructions.

Tear-Aid Repair Type B Vinyl Underwater Kit


  • Tough, matte finish
  • See-through patch
  • UV treated
  • Doesn’t get gummy or loose
  • Works on uneven surfaces


  • Some complained of weak adhesive
  • The kit may come with only one patch

7. FERNCO FPW3132CS Pipe Repair Kit

Traditional methods of repairing such as cementing and welding are cumbersome and messy. However, this water pipe repair kit will provide an economical and user-friendly way to repair your water pipes. It works on all types of pipes; dirty, corroded, wet or dry. It also doesn’t get worn out by salty water. It’s a water-activated fiber wrap and sets like steel for a repair that will last for a really long time.

FERNCO FPW3132CS Pipe Repair Kit


  • Works on all pipes
  • Easy to set
  • Durable fix


  • Wrap may need to be cut into sections
  • Can be messy

How To Choose the Best Water Repair Kits: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Nothing as worrying and messy as water leaks, right? Be it your toilet, under sinks, water pipes in the house, water heater, under the water sink or even your above ground pool. The truth is, as long as water is flowing, there are chances of it leaking in case any of the parts are damaged. There’s no denying that engaging the services of a plumber can be expensive and even getting a quotation in the first place may take days.

But did you know that the market has quick fixes that will solve your water leakage problems in a matter of minutes? Even better, most of these water repair kits are easy to install and don’t require the services of a professional plumber. Depending on the water appliance at fault, there’s a water repair kit designed for it.

So, what are the types of water repair kits out there? Let’s consider some of them:

  • Toilet water repair kits – These are designed to fix water leakages in your toilet system. Some come as a total overhaul of the pumping system which not only makes your toilet system feel new but also helps save you water. The repair kit can also be a valve which takes care of the leakage and provides quiet operation of the toilet system.
  • Repair Patches – These are adhesive like stickers that you can easily fix on the point where water is leaking from. They are particularly handy for inflatable water slides and above ground pools. When choosing a particular patch, ensure that the quality is good to prevent disappointments once it starts peeling due to the water.
  • Pipe repair kits – Most of the water goes through pipes which means that these appliances are more prone to leakages. The market has wraps that go round the point of leaking and provides a steel-like seal. To be honest, these kits are usually better that traditional methods of repairing pipes such as cementing and welding which are quite time wasting.

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Kit

  1. Water appliance to be repaired – Before settling for a particular kit, ensure that it will actually address the issue at hand. For example, you can’t use a valve repair kit to correct a water problem on a pipe.
  2. Size of the leakage – Some leakages may be small enough to adequately repair while others may be too large and beyond repair. However, don’t rule out the possibility of repairing the water leak without seeing whether there’s a solution in the market first.
  3. Ease of installation – To be honest, most of the water repair kits are easy to set and will fix your water problem easily. However, you will find some that have complicated instructions which may give you a headache.
  4. Safety – Go for a product that doesn’t corrode or react with chemicals since contaminated water isn’t good for anyone.

So, no More Plumbers?

Well, if you get the right water repair kit, you can literally say bye to expensive plumbing services. However, it doesn’t hurt to consult in instances where the water leakage problem keeps recurring since this may call for professional plumbing attention. That said, you may find that the said repair kit requires professional installation.

What is the best time to do repairs?

Well, ideally, there is really no best time to do repairs. It all falls down to when your particular need arises. However, there are some common signs that can tell you if your system needs repair. If, for example, you are experiencing occasional leaks or if the water won’t go down your system, then it probably needs to be looked at.

Can I do the repairs by myself?

Yes, you can. The water repair kits today are made to be as DIY as possible. They are easy to install and come with clear instructions you can use. However, if you get stuck, you should feel free to contact a more professional plumber.


Investing in a plumbing repair kit is economical and saves you time. Once you identify where the leakage is coming from, consider the solutions available to help fix it. Most of the water repair kits are quite affordable and will provide a lasting solution to your water problems. In the event that one of your water gadgets leaks, don’t throw it away yet – ensure that it’s totally beyond repair before doing so. So, don’t let water leakages bother you anymore with our list of the best water repair kits in the market today.