Best Windshield Wipers For A Safe Drive

When it comes to safety on the road, wipers are arguably one of the most important car accessories you can own. Whether it’s the rain, snow, birds’ poop, or an insect choosing to grace your field of view, there is always a chance that the integrity of your windshield would be compromised. Well, this is where windshield wipers come in.

Windshield wipers are often what stands between you and near-death through accidents in the rain. Because of this, wipers nowadays are made to be as efficient in their job as possible. The quality of their blades, as well as material and shape, is made in such a way that it clears out as much rain in each wipe as possible. They also make less noise which can be annoyingly distracting. So if you are dealing with those old, squeaky wipers, it might be time to upgrade.

We are going to look at the best windshield wipers in the market today to help you make a wiser choice.

Top 8 Windshield Wipers Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade

Winter Windshield Wipers

Topping our list is the Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade. As a popular, reputable manufacturer of amazing technology products, Bosch has made another breakthrough in creating an award-winning bracketless beam wiper that features state-of-the-art design and stellar performance.

The Bosch wiper blade is definitely one of the leading windshield wipers on the market today mainly because it has several amazing features that you won’t find in most of its competitors. First is the dual rubber lining that makes way for quiet operation. It also serves as an added protection to the rubber blades, therefore increasing the wiper’s lifespan by about 40%.

Because of the bracketless design, Bosch wiper is ideal for winter seasons as it prevents snow or ice from building up. The wiper is also equipped with dual steel springs to ensure that a uniform amount of force is applied across the entire wiper blade. Furthermore, the patented beam design of Bosch wipers optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions. The model featured here is the 26-inch wiper. However, this product is also available in other sizes, particularly 13” and 24”.

Bosch ICON 26A Wiper Blade


  • Lasts 40% longer than other brands
  • Sturdy built
  • Simple design


  • Some customers say that it’s a bit challenging to install

2. TRICO Exact Fit Wiper Blade

Real Integral Wiper Blade

The TRICO Exact Fit Wiper Blade is a solid wiper suitable for all weathers and is available at a very affordable price.

These wiper blades are available in a variety of different sizes. This means if you have a vehicle with a very different windshield, there’s a good chance that you can get a Trico wiper that will fit. Despite being inexpensive, this product is made from quality materials, which make them suitable for any season.

The blades themselves are made from HighGlide Treated Rubber which has the ability to glide perfectly well on the windshield without causing a lot of drag and unnecessary noise. Furthermore, the Trico wiper doesn’t leave out any of the structure exposed, so you can be assured that nothing can get stuck inside and damage the blades. It also makes use of a unique attachment method and comes pre-assembled to perfectly match the specific arm type of a vehicle. that makes installation as easy and smooth as it can get.

TRICO Exact Fit Wiper Blade


  • Contoured performance
  • Durable construction
  • Very affordable


  • Can be installed only on the vehicle’s original mounting points

3. PIAA Super Silicone

Silicone Windshield Wiper

Going simple is always the best way, and that’s what this product is all about. But apart from its sleek, easy-to-install design, the PIAA Super Silicone is made with a superior type of blades.

Available in 15 standard sizes, PIAA Super Silicone wipers will most likely fit into any type of windshield. The greatest feature of this product is perhaps the specially patented silicone rubber blades which are way more durable than rubber, and highly resilient against wears and tears, as well as the damaging UV rays. The entire wiper blade is made in such a way that even though it’s not activated, it makes sure that there are absolutely no streaks left behind by repelling water from the windshield.

PIAA wipers have a solid construction and according to the manufacturer, it’s twice as durable as regular rubber wipers. Even more, the company offers silicone wiper refills so in case the blades already gave up on you, there’s no need to purchase an entire wiper.

PIAA Super Silicone


  • Silicone blades
  • Aerodynamic frame
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

4. Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper

Hybrid Windshield Wiper

Available in a variety of different sizes, the Michelin Hybrid Windshield Wiper Blade features a practical design and simple locking mechanism that makes installation and use a breeze.

One of the unique features of Michelin hybrid wipers is the patented Smart Flex technology in which the blades adapt to the curve of your windshield. This ensures that the blade makes sufficient contact to the surface of the windshield and effectively wipe off rain, ice or snow that blocks your view of the road. This amazing feature also guarantees superior wiper performance even during harsh weather conditions.

This hybrid wiper is equipped with an aerodynamic cover that protects the blades and keep them from clogging dirt, ice, and snow. It also has a unique lock connector system for easy installation so you can always do the replacement yourself. The simplicity of the product design makes it a hit among many drivers worldwide.

Michelin 8026 Stealth Hybrid Windshield Wiper


  • Conforms to windshield curve
  • Equipped with a blade cover


  • Doesn’t cover all sizes of car windshields despite size variations

5. Valeo All-Season OE Replacement Wiper Blade

Windshield Wipers For All Seasons

Manufactured by a top-notch brand, the Valeo 900 Series is another brilliant windshield wiper that’s most likely to meet most of your needs.

Made using high-quality Tec3 Rubber, the Valeo 900 is the most popular wiper series of the said company. It’s cleverly designed with integrated spoilers for superior strength and durability and doesn’t have a metal superstructure that collects debris. A notable feature of this wiper is the addition of integrated flexors that allow an even blade-to-windshield pressure. That means even if you’re driving on a windy day, your wipers are able to sustain the wind force and keep going.

And because of the simplicity of its design, the Valeo wiper has gotten great feedback from users. It doesn’t require an adapter and is very easy to install. No screwing necessary too.

Valeo All-Season OE Replacement Wiper Blade


  • Sleek, effortless design
  • Aerodynamic shape
  • Available in different sizes


  • Heavy rains might interrupt the usual smooth operation

6. Rain-X RX30228 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade

Versatile Windshield Wipers

Because it comes with multiple attachments, installing Rain-X RX30228 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade is definitely easy and convenient. This also makes it a versatile option for most vehicle owners.

One of the most popular wipers on the web, Rain-X is such a versatile product that comes available in 15 different sizes! Most likely, you will find the Rain-X wiper blades that suit your car even if you happen to have a very different type of windshield. Even more, it comes with multiple attachments. So whether your car uses a J hook or a bayonet, you can install your wiper with ease.

Looking at its construction, you will agree that Rain-X is another quality product. First of all, it features a galvanized steel frame that is less prone to rust and corrosion. Meanwhile, the natural rubber squeegee is resistant to cracking, splitting and tearing (which results from changing weather conditions). Overall, it’s a great, easy-to-install wiper that provides a smooth, noise-free operation.

Rain-X RX30228 Weatherbeater Wiper Blade


  • Best compatibility
  • Quality construction
  • Comes in most sizes available


  • Slightly higher in price

7. AERO Premium All-Season Windshield

OEM-grade Windshield Wipers

With blades made from specially blended rubber that effectively resists tough weather conditions, AERO Premium All-Season Windshield is another popular product that many vehicle owners swear by.

OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer”. In this case, OEM wipers are those that were manufactured by the same company that manufactured your vehicle. Aero is basically one of the major OEM companies that supply wipers for many car/vehicle manufacturers. Thus, you can be sure that you are buying from a trusted brand that specializes in producing quality wipers.

Aero wipers are designed with aerodynamics in mind which means lesser drag and quieter operation. The company has also designed their wipers with no exposed metal parts so there will be no issue with dust, ice or snow getting stuck. Furthermore, the specially blended rubber not only clears off water or snow from your windshield, it also acts as a windshield cleaner, giving you a clear view all the time.

AERO Premium All-Season Windshield


  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Premium, OEM grade quality


  • May seem slightly more expensive

8. Trico 25-240 Force High-Performance Beam Blade

Windshield Wipers Against Strong Wind

If you’re looking for a high-performance beam blade that is capable of resisting a high level of force, you won’t go wrong with Trico 25-240 Force.

This wiper is equipped with VorTec aerofoil that converts wind force for maximum windshield contact and a patented swept-wing spoiler that enable the wipers to resist crosswinds, buffeting truck winds and traffic turbulence. And like the Trico Exact Fit series, this model also features HighGlide rubber for a smooth and quiet operation.

Trico 25-240 Force High Performance Beam Blade


  • Patented swept-wing spoiler for strong winds
  • VorTec aerofoil converts wind force
  • Durable structure


  • Requires an adapter to be installed

Choosing the Best Windshield Wiper – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Windshield wipers come with many benefits. The basic one, of course, is that they help you clear your windshield so that you can have a better view when driving. These wipers, however, have a very basic structure – just like your scissor jacks. Mostly, they consist of flexible metal, blade, and some rubber coating to prevent it from getting easily damaged. Out of the three parts – the blade is the most important as it is in charge of wiping off water from your windshield.

Keep in mind, however, that the ‘blades’ referred in this guide is not the typical metal blades, rather, they are made from a soft material that can’t really damage your windshield.

Types of Windshield Blades

Rubber Blades

Most windshield blades, even the preinstalled ones by car manufacturers, are usually made from rubber for the reason that rubber is easy to find and are widely available. They are also inexpensive compared to other rubber blade materials. However, rubber easily degrades depending on the intensity of usage. Among the windshield blades available today, those made from rubber are most likely the first ones to give up.

But that doesn’t mean that rubber blades are no good choice by any measure. They are actually a great option because they are way cheaper than other materials. However, you have to keep in mind that rubber blades are not designed to last long and you can change them every now and then.

Coated Blades

Because of the issue of rubber blades wearing out easily, more manufacturers came up with ways to make them last longer. Thus, we now have coated blades. These are simply rubber blades with a coating material on top, which is either Teflon or graphite. So instead of the rubber touching the surface of the windshield, it’s the coating that makes contact first.

It creates a small amount of resistance which is barely noticeable but the good thing is, the coating makes the rubber’s lifespan longer overall. The best part is even if the rubber ends up drying out, the coating remains as good and doesn’t wear out easily.

Coated blades are certainly a bit more expensive but they often give the best value for your money because you won’t have to replace your wipers again and again.

Silicone Blades

With manufacturers’ constant quest for more durable, long-lasting windshield wipers through technology, silicone wiper blades have come to life. While they are not as common as the rubber blades, this material is more durable and resilient. Silicone is not easy to form and craft and costs more than rubber. Thus, you can expect that windshield wipers made with silicone blades are relatively more expensive. However, if you will consider how less often you need to change them, the price is certainly justifiable.

Silicone blades are commonly used in windshield wipers of sports cars, as well as off-road vehicles that are typically subjected to a lot of force.

The material used in manufacturing the wiper blades is just the start. There are some more things you have to take into careful consideration. A lot of people think that the best windshield wipers available in the market are universal and fit whatever vehicle there is. But the truth is these wipers make use of different mounting mechanisms that make them a great fit for some and poor choice for other vehicle models.

Size of Wiper Blades

Once you’ve decided which way to go – rubber, coated or silicone blade, the next thing you want to examine is the size of your wiper blades. It goes without saying that you need the same kind of wiper as the preinstalled one in your car. Otherwise, you might be confronted with some issues with mounting or installation.

The best thing to do is to check the manual of your car to check what sizes of wiper blades are suitable for your vehicle. But just in case you lost your car’s manual or don’t have time to dig into a pile of documents, one simple trick is to look at the size of your windshield. Basically, you want to look for wiper blades with a size smaller than that of your windshield. For a more accurate figure, measure the size of your current windshield wipers using a measuring tape. This should be your reference when shopping around.

Take note that the blades installed on the driver side have a different size than the blades installed on the passenger side. This is to make sure that both blades work in tandem. If they have the same size, they are likely to collide when activated at the same time.

Type of Stock Wiper Blade

Last but not least – you should know the type of stock wiper blade for your vehicle. The most common blades available these days are beam styles and bracket styles. Take note that a beam-style blade will not work on a mounting system that is bracket-type, and vice versa. However, there are also ‘winter blades’ and ‘hybrid blades’.

Bracket-type Blades: They have a metal framework that acts as a mount for the wiper. The blade commonly used for this type of wiper is rubber. Or in some cases, halogen-hardened rubber.

Winter Blades: If you live in areas with always severe weather conditions, you might want to look for winter blades. They are more like a traditional bracket-type blade but are covered with a rubber shell for added protection. However, they are not as aerodynamic as the bracket-type windshield wipers.

Beam Blades: They also called “bracketless wipers”, are different in the sense that the support for the blade is inside the rubber instead of outside. This makes them more lightweight and flexible, making better contact with the windshield. However, beam blades are more expensive.

Hybrid Blades: As the name suggests, hybrid blades combine the best features of bracket-type and beam blades. This means that they are lightweight and aerodynamic yet resilient enough to resist force and prevent clogging of ice and snow.

Wiper Arm Styles

Another important part of windshield wipers you should know is the wiper arm. There are three types of this: side post, J-hook, and bayonet. The most common style you will see these days are the J-hook which allows for a simple do-it-yourself job. Only the side post requires the use of a screwdriver. Be sure to choose blades with the correct type of attachment.

Warranty & Maintenance

Windshield wipers are among the least expensive car accessories. And generally, they don’t come with a warranty. Thus, if they malfunction, you have no choice but to purchase another set again.

The good thing is, with proper maintenance, you can lengthen the lifespan of your wipers. Regular cleaning and occasional inspections are important to ensure that there’s no dirt, dust or anything stuck on your blades especially if you travel a lot. If you find any debris, just clear it with some water and your wipers will go back to normal again. Such debris can cause the wiper to jam, and ultimately, break.

Price Range

The most common bracket-style wipers with rubber blades are the cheapest, and they cost between $5 and $15. Winter weather wiper blades are slightly higher in price – ranging from $10 to $20. Hybrid blades come next. The cost is around $15-$20 for just one blade. Beam blades are the most expensive, and they typically cost $15-$30 per blade.

Make Sure it Fits!

The best windshield wiper should hold up well, give you a flawless view of the road, and work silently. However, our recommendations come with an important caveat: you need to make sure the wipers fit into your car. Remember that even the best-rated wipers, as reviewed on this post, have their own share of negative customer comments on Amazon. The reason is that windshield shapes vary significantly, especially among newer vehicle models. Therefore, even the best wiper can perform poorly if it doesn’t fit.


As you drive on a rainy or snowy day, you need a reliable set of windshield wipers that will clear off water from your view and let you clearly see the road. It’s so dangerous to drive without windshield wipers that some states have even made it a federal requirement to install one, otherwise, you might be subjected to fine.

The moment your windshield wipers start malfunctioning or suddenly gave up on you once and for all, you need a replacement as soon as possible. But shopping around can be time-consuming. Thus, you need a reliable guide such as this to streamline your search and make the whole buying process hassle-free.

As to quality and reliability, you can certainly count on the best windshield wipers reviewed in this article. But of course, there’s no single wiper that fits all vehicle types and models. Thus, you have to take into account several factors before selecting any from this list. The size of your windshield, type of blade you prefer, your budget, even the weather conditions in the place you live, are all to be considered.

Happy driving and stay safe!

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