Best Wood Chippers & Shredders to Create Nutrient-Rich Mulch

Having a lawn or backyard full of trees, flowers and shrubs are magnificent and eye-catching. Not only do they add to the beauty of your home but also provide a nice place to entertain and host events. However, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that the lawn stays in great shape since trees will often shed their leaves and twigs, which may become an eyesore if not handled right. One way of taking care of fallen branches and twigs is using a wood chipper/shredder that turns them into small pieces that can be used for mulching or composite materials.

Wood chippers are specially designed to conveniently shred leaves and branches leaving your lawn in top-notch condition. Wood shredders and chippers can be gas-powered or electronic where both produce wood chips of different diameters. In your selection of an ideal wood chipper, you need to ensure that the device can handle the type of debris you need shredded.

Selecting an ideal wood chipper/shredder can be hectic since there are many products available in the market. We have brought you a comprehensive review of the best wood shredders that will conveniently turn your branches and leaves into mulch. Have a look.

Top 13 Wood Chippers/Shredders of 2020 Reviewed

1. Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7-Inch Cutting Diameter Electric Silent Wood Chipper

Best Silent Wood Chipper

When it comes to making mulch for your vegetable garden, you need a dedicated wood chipper. The Sun Joe CJ603E is capable of silently processing branches, brush, twigs, and leaves into high-quality mulch. It is a powerful wood chipper that makes use of a 15-amp motor to shred and chip wood branches of maximum thickness of 1.73 inches. Thanks to the safety hopper, the engine automatically locks up when the locking knob is opened.

The best silent wood chipper is suitable for use virtually anywhere, given its compact size and 7-inch mobility wheels. So you can take it where the work is rather than the other way round. The manufacturers of this wood chipper believe so much in it that they are offering a two-year warranty to every buyer. You may use it to process yard waste, dry shrubs, and so on.

Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp 1.7



  • It operates in near-absolute silence
  • Has a safety hopper that prevents the motor
  • A compact wheeled design suitable for use anywhere


  • Reports of it shredding only sticks
  • The need to continually unclog opening and exit holes
  • Not possible to load multiple sticks

2. GreatCircleUSA 7HP Heavy Duty 212cc Gas Powered Wood Chipper Shredder

Best Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

Transform your landscaping experience by investing in this dependable heavy duty wood chipper shredder from GreatCircleUSA. It boasts of a 4-stroke, single cylinder, 7HP and 212cc gas-powered engine that can easily handle wood with a diameter of up to 3’’. It has a reduction ratio of 15:1 that will turn those fallen branches into re-usable wood without much hassle.

The 3 in 1 multifunction construction allows you to use the top hopper, a large cone, and an easy access inlet using a vacuum to provide you with multiple shredding options. For convenience, when collecting the shredded wood, the product comes with a catch bag that can be easily fixed on the side. This wood chipper shredder has been expertly crafted with a safe and easy to use design. It comes with two Polyurethane tires for easy movement around the lawn. It also has an automatic fuel shut off for added safety.

The wood chipper shredder allows for easy attachment of a vacuum for an enhanced wood chipping experience. You no longer have to worry about this heavy-duty machine getting damaged due to low oil levels since it has a sensor that automatically goes off when that level is reached. It has an oil capacity of 16oz and runs on unleaded gasoline with a maximum capacity of 0.7 gallons.

GreatCircleUSA 7HP Heavy Duty 212cc Gas Powered Wood Chipper Shredder


  • 3 in 1 multifunction construction
  • A reduction ratio of 15:1
  • Sensor to detect low oil levels


  • Heavy and bulky
  • Vacuum attachment sold separately
  • Catch bag made of flimsy materials

3. Earthquake Tazz K33 Chipper Shredder

Best Designed Wood Chipper

Shred branches and debris in a powerful manner by investing in the Tazz K33 chipper shredder from Earthquake. Its powerful Viper engine will chew through branches and leaves in minutes with its 4-cycle, 301cc technical specifications. The machine can accommodate branches with a diameter of up to 3 inches and huge masses of leaves at a go.

Its durable components will come through in a massive way since they are made using high-level expert craftsmanship. The rugged steel hopper is sturdily built to withstand bumps and dents as it feeds the twigs and leaves into the grinding chamber. Inside the grinding chamber where all the action happens, there’s strong tri and j-hammers that reduce leaves and branches at the ratio of 20:1. Standing at the height of 34’’, the K33 allows you to load the debris without having to lift them above your head.

The Tazz K33 includes a durable and one of a kind debris bag that has a zipper at the bottom, making collection and disposal of leaves easy. The debris bag is made of a rugged fabric whose thread doesn’t run and has a dock and lock connector that lets you attach it to the chipper. Its 11-inch tires are sturdily built for easy movement and will never go flat. The chipper also allows for the attachment of a 22518 vacuum kit that’s sold separately. Both the chipper and the engine come with a five year warranty.

Earthquake Tazz K33 Chipper Shredder


  • Unique debris bag with a zipper at the bottom
  • 301cc Viper engine
  • Two tri and j-hammers


  • Vacuum kit sold separately
  • The pull start engine may be difficult for some people
  • Chute needs to have a wider opening at the bottom

4. SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder

Best 3 in 1 Wood Chipper

This wood chipper from SuperHandy will guarantee that your lawn is always looking tidy and well landscaped. It has a 3 in 1 design with a top hopper, a side chute and a vacuum inlet that brings versatility to wood chipping. The top hopper allows branches with a maximum diameter of ½ inch while the side chute can accommodate limbs with a diameter of 3 inches. At the back, you can connect a vacuum kit that’s sold separately for easier mulching.

The SuperHandy wood chipper boasts of a powerful recoil of a with a horsepower of 7 and engine capacity of 208cc. The 4-stroke, single-cylinder engine is fueled using unleaded gasoline that’s free of ethanol and has a capacity of 0.7 gallons. The machine has an allocation to hook a tow bar that lets you attach the chipper to your ATV or small tractor for easy movement.

The chipper has an air-cooled system with a noise level of 104 decibels. It also has a sensor that shuts down automatically when the oil level is too low. The chipper’s back housing is slightly slanted to prevent constant jamming and make chipping/shredding easier. The chipper has sturdily built x5 –hammers and x2 knives that quickly grind through the leaves and branches. The product comes with a three-year warranty.

SuperHandy Wood Chipper Shredder


  • Allocation for a tow bar and vacuuming kit
  • 7HP and 208cc single-cylinder engine
  • Powerful grinding chamber


  • Vacuum and tow bar kit not included in the package
  • Quite heavy
  • Poor quality debris bag

5. DK2 Power 14HP 6″ Gas Powered Chipper Shredder

Best Heavy Duty Wood Chipper

If you are looking for a monster of a machine to crush those twigs, leaves, and debris in your backyard, then this gas-powered chipper shredder from DK2 is the way to go. It’s designed for commercial use and has an incredible horsepower of 14. The dual belt drive with 13-inch blades are adjustable and can slice logs with a diameter of up to 6.25 inches. The blades are double-edged and reversible for added versatility when cutting.

The chutes open quickly allowing you fast and easy loading of leaves and debris into the drum. It boasts of two 36 inch legal road tires that have an extended axle to help maneuver on uneven ground. It also comes with a quick drop stand and a two-ball removable tow bar that lets you attach to a mobile unit for easy transportation. The feed chute has two handles for easy handling of the chute while the chute pipe rotates up to 180 degrees for easy loading.

Your safety has not been left to chance with a complete safety kit included in this product. It comes with a set of lockout keys, safety goggles to protect your eyes, ear protectors to block out the noise and work gloves to shield your hands. There’s also an oil bottle to help with oil lubrication and tools to help you assemble with the chipper shredder. You will also get the Commercial Command Pro 3 year warranty with this product.


DK2 Power 14HP 6" Gas Powered Chipper Shredder


  • Powerful 14HP gas-powered engine
  • 13 inch double-edged and reversible blades
  • Lots of safety items such as work gloves, ear protectors and lockout keys


  • Expensive
  • Loud
  • Heavy

6. Landworks Heavy Duty Gas Powered Wood Chipper Shredder

Get to experience the power of this heavy-duty wood chipper from Landworks that comes with cutting edge technology and quality slicing components. It has a 3 in 1 multi-function capability with a top hopper that can handle logs with a maximum diameter of ½ inch, a side chute that can accommodate 3-inch logs and a vacuum inlet for easy loading of leaves.

The device has a power of 4.2W and a speed of 3600 RPM. It has a noise level of 104Db, and the system is forced air-cooled. The powerful engine has a capacity of 212cc and consumes 0.7 gallons of unleaded gasoline that should be ethanol free. You can also purchase accessories such as the tow bar and vacuum kit for an improved wood chipping experience.

Landworks Heavy Duty Gas Powered Wood Chipper Shredder


  • 3 in 1 functionality
  • Ability to add accessories such as a tow bar and vacuum kit
  • Air-cooled system


  • Loud
  • Mulch bag is small and fills up fast
  • Motor not covered with warranty

7. Champion Power Equipment Chipper Shredder

Best Single Cylinder Wood Chipper

Reduce waste and create mulch easily with this portable chipper shredder from Champion Power Equipment. Its chipper has a diameter capacity of 3 inches which accommodates most branches while the chute is made of steel that’s resistant to dents and bumps. It boasts of two chipper blades made of hardened steel that will quickly and neatly slice through the debris.

The shredder has a 13.8-inch chute with four shredder hammers that will shred any shrubs and leaves efficiently. The 338cc OHV engine is a single-cylinder with a fuel tank that has a capacity of 1.6 gallons of gasoline. For safe operation, the chipper has a sensor that automatically turns off when the oil level is too low. Its oil capacity is 1.2 quarts. The 12-inch tires never go flat while its vertical design makes chipping easy and hassle-free.

Champion Power Equipment Chipper Shredder


  • High quality steel chute
  • Low-level oil sensor
  • Dual chipper blades


  • Consumes a lot of gasoline
  • Not ideal for high altitude areas
  • Less powerful than standard gas-powered chippers

8. WEN 41121 15-Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder

Best Dual Blade Electric Wood Chipper

Create mulch in an easy and efficient manner using the WEN 41121 wood chipper. It’s powered by a 15 amp electric motor which cuts debris at a speed of 8000 cuts each minute. The electric chipper can accommodate branches and leaves with a diameter of 1.5 inches. The chipper has two 7-inch blades that quickly slice through the debris. The two 6 inch wheels help make transportation easy while a push stick helps with onboard storage.

The chipper comes with a collection bag to help gather the debris. For increased safety, it has an internal mechanism that prevents the chipper from starting when the hopper is open. The product is made using strong materials and comes with a two year warranty.

WEN 41121 15-Amp Rolling Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder


  • Speed of 8,000 cuts per minute
  • Internal safety mechanism
  • Dual 7-inch blades


  • One has to wear gloves when feeding the chipper
  • Not great with sycamore branches
  • May clog at times

9. Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder

Best Leaf Shredder

Shred leaves and chip wood into useful mulch using the Patriot CSV-2515 wood chipper. It starts at the flip of a switch and chips quickly through branches with a diameter of two and a half inches. It easily plugs into a standard 110V outlet and has a power output of 14 amperes. Weighing only 100 pounds, this chipper shredder is light in weight and comes with two large wheels that make transportation easy. The award-winning machine is quiet while operating and feeds all the processed material into the provided collection bag.


Patriot Products CSV-2515 Electric Wood Chipper/Leaf Shredder


  • Top hopper has a large opening
  • Light in weight with two wheels for easy portability
  • Maintenance-free electric motor


  • Doesn’t include a cord
  • Its durability is wanting
  • Large branches easily blow the fuse

10. Earthwise GS70015 Electric Garden Chipper Shredder

Best Small-Sized Wood Chipper/Shredder

Say goodbye to messy oil or gasoline by investing in the Earthwise GS70015 electric chipper shredder. It’s powered a 15 amp electric motor that has steel blades for fast chipping and shredding. The chipper accommodates braches with a diameter of 1.75 inches, and the processed material is collected into a 40-liter waste bin. It has a slim design and made using lightweight materials which make transportation easy.

For added safety, the chipper has an automatic switch that goes off when there’s an overload. The two durable are large and make transportation easy. It also has a leaf chute and a tamper tool to keep your hands free and safe when chipping. Assembling the chipper is straightforward but comes with an instruction manual for further guidance.

Earthwise GS70015 Electric Garden Chipper Shredder


  • Auto shutoff switch in case of overloads
  • Slim lightweight portable design
  • Includes a 40-liter waste bin


  • Doesn’t include safety glasses and gloves
  • Produces a lot of dust
  • Flawed internal design

11. LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder

The LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder is what you need to create composite materials from debris in your backyard. It’s powered by a 15 amp electric motor that will slice through leaves and small branches at a mulch ratio of 10:1. The chipper can work on most wood which doesn’t exceed one and a half inches in diameter.

It has 8-inch wheels for easy portability and comes with a collection bag at the bottom. It also features two blades that can be changed easily using the provided changing tool. For added safety, the package comes with a push stick that helps keep your hands safe.

LawnMaster FD1501 Electric Chipper Shredder


  • Includes a push stick for safety
  • Mulch ratio of 10:1
  • Has two easy change blades


  • Not ideal for bamboo sticks
  • Hard to find replacement blades
  • Collection bag could be of better quality

12. PowerSmart PS10  Electric Garden Chipper/Shredder

Best Portable Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

Convert fallen branches, leaves and foliage in your backyard into rich mulch using the PowerSmart PS10 Electric Shredder/Chipper. It has a 15 amp motor and can easily cut debris that doesn’t exceed one ad 5/8 inches in diameter. It boasts of a compact design with 6-inch wheels for easy portability. For safety, it features a hopper that locks and prevents the motor from operating when opened. It has a red and black durable construction and comes with a two-year warranty.

PowerSmart PS10 Electric Garden Chipper/Shredder


  • Safety hopper that locks automatically
  • Durable construction
  • Light in weight with wheels for easy portability


  • Doesn’t include electric cord
  • Blades dull quite fast
  • Not for intense wood chipping

13. Farmer Helper Wood Chipper

Best High Performance Wood Chipper/Shredder

Attach this high-performance wood chipper to a small tractor and get to convert large branches and leaves into useful mulch. It features twig breaker blower paddles and chips wood with a diameter of 4 inches. The adjustable discharge funnel provides direction and height for chipping. It has an angled chipping position that allows you to feed wood into the machine conveniently. For efficient airflow when chipping the wood chipper has air intake vents.

Farmer Helper Wood Chipper


  • Has an adjustable discharge funnel
  • Chipping position is angled for easy feeding
  • Air intake vents for improved airflow


  • Heavy
  • Hard to transport without a tractor
  • Doesn’t work well with evergreen branches

How to Choose the Best Wood Chipper: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Truth be told; one of the best landscaping options for your backyard is planting trees, flowers, shrubs, and grass. Not only does this type of vegetation maintain the natural beauty of your yard, but it also provides a serene and beautiful place to relax and host barbecues for loved ones. However, maintaining this type of natural landscaping isn’t easy since trees will shed leaves and dry branches. This debris doesn’t have to go to waste when you have a wood shredder which is specially designed to convert them into nutrient-rich mulch that can be used to enrich your garden.

Difference Between a Wood Chipper, Shredder and Chipper Shredder

You will be forgiven to assume that these three devices are the same but they are different. Here’s how;

  • Wood Chipper – This is a heavy-duty outdoor machine that is used to chop up branches, stumps, and sticks into smaller pieces. They usually don’t have a shredder and often have a gas-powered engine. Their significant feature is a long chute where you feed your debris and have a collection bag for the wood chips created.
  • Shredders – These are often small in size and less powerful than wood chippers. They are mostly used to shred leaves into mulch and have an electric motor.
  • Chipper Shredders – One of the things that you will notice about this machine is that it looks much like a wood chipper only smaller. The main distinction between the two is that a chipper shredder has more than one chute compared to a wood chipper that has only one chute. Chipper shredders are loved by homeowners due to their multi-functional design and versatility.

Difference Between a Gas-Powered and Electric Wood Chipper and Shredder

The two main types of shredders available in the market today are either gas-powered machines or electric ones. So, what are the pros and cons of each?

  • Gas-powered – They are powerful and chop branches fast with some having a speed of 8,000 cuts in a minute. They can handle larger loads than their electric counterparts and are preferred for wood chipping. Better yet, they are highly mobile since they aren’t restricted by any cords. However, their noise level is quite high and are expensive to maintain.
  • Electric Chippers – Compared to their gas-powered counterparts, these are quieter and more environmentally friendly since they don’t produce and fumes. They are less expensive to maintain but aren’t ideal for large branches since they don’t have much power. They also limit your movement since they have to be plugged into a power source.

Factors To Consider When Selecting a Wood Shredder

  • Purpose – As mentioned above, these machines are similar in appearance but serve different purposes. If you are looking for the total experience, you may want to go for a chipper shredder that will take care of all types of debris. If the goal is to create wood chips, then a wood chipper is recommended.
  • Design – Most chippers and shredders will have a top hopper or chute, internal grinders, and an outlet to collect the final product. If you are dealing with large logs, you need to ensure that the chute can accommodate a wider diameter and is long enough to fit tall branches. The height of the machine is important and should be such that you don’t have to lift the debris above your head.
  • Blades – These are a critical component of the power equipment and will determine the cutting experience. Some machines come with dual blades that are adjustable or reversible for faster cutting. It’s also important to ensure that the blades are made of high-quality materials such as steel that doesn’t dull quickly. You also need to ensure that replacement blades for your chipper are readily available.
  • Safety – Wood chipping and shredding exposes you to a wide range of risks, and it’s important to stay safe. Some of the safety gear that you will need include safety goggles to protect your eyes, ear protectors to block out the noise and work gloves to handle the debris. Some of the machines also come with a sensor that automatically shuts off when there’s an overload to prevent damage on the motors.
  • Portability – Most of the wood shredders come with large wheels to help ease movement. Others may have an allocation for a tow bar kit that you can attach to your ATV or small tractor for easy movement.
  • Maintenance – If you are looking for a low maintenance machine, then an electric wood chipper is ideal since you don’t need to constantly change oil or replace spark plugs and other parts. However, this comes with less power and limited coverage in terms of distance.


Don’t turn your backyard into an eyesore by leaving fallen branches, leaves and foliage scattered everywhere. Invest in a wood shredder and create useful mulch that can be recycled in your garden and provide much-needed nutrients to your plants. Hopefully, our comprehensive review of the best wood shredders has shed light on what you need to transform your back yard into a well-landscaped relaxation haven.