Best Wood Spoons for Every Kitchen

The invention of wooden spoons can’t be explained clearly. However, what we can all agree to is that they were godsend. The first of its kind could have been fashioned by an enterprising caveman, who got some twigs from a nearby pod and snapped them together to prod meat over an open fire. Centuries later, people have been able to carve out simple wooden spoons from trees such as acacia wood, beech, and bamboo.

If you have read most recipes as you try out that new dish, you always come across suggestions that you should “stir with a wooden spoon.” Well, there’s a reason they recommend these kinds of spoons over your usual spatula or silicone spoon. For starters, they feel great in your hand. Stirring sautéing veggies or sauce using a wooden spoon feels so fulfilling. Secondly, they are not conductive, meaning that you can insert the spoon in hot food for a long time and still remain cool. And the best thing about it? They won’t damage your non-stick pans!

Do you have wood cutting boards at home and now want to upgrade your cooking spoons to wooden versions? Well, it’s time you read our review on the best wooden spoons and find out some great options for your home.

Top 10 Wood Spoons of 2020 Reviewed

1. OXO Good Grips Wooden Corner Spoon & Scraper

Best Wooden Corner Spoon and Scraper

If you are looking for a wooden spoon with a good grip for scrapping your cooking pots as well as other users in the kitchen, you’d be glad to know that OXO good grips beat the odds. This durable, everyday kitchen companion is well crafted using one of the best hardwood trees for maximum service. Beechwood is very sturdy and features good texture and pattern. 

OXO Good Grips is also one of the safest wooden spoons for using on non-stick pans. This is because it does not scrape off the non-stick material. As much as it is made from hardwood trees, the spoon has a smooth top surface which allows you to scrape off the remnants from your cooking pot and pan. The head features a pointed corner which makes it much more comfortable while cleaning cooking wear with sharp corners and edges where a chamfered spoon would be less effective. This ultimately makes using the tool very straightforward.

OXO Good Grips naturally features an oil finish which gives it a crispy finish. This utensil is very easy to clean through hand wash with warm water and gentle dishwashing liquid.  The handle features a streamlined rounded design with a hooking hole drilled at the tip. This enables you to attach a hook and strap for ease of storage. Did we mention that the handle is also conveniently long for efficient use? Yes! You no longer have to struggle while stirring your favorite dish. Your hands are kept at a safe distance. The spoon measures about 0.8 x 2.5 x 12.5 inches and only weigh 3.36 ounces.

OXO Good Grips Wooden Corner Spoon & Scraper


  • Durable and efficiently long
  • Features a sharp edge for ease of use 
  • Easy to clean


  • Could be more durable
  • Not heavy duty
  • Not effective for flat foods

2. FAAY Wood Spoons

Best Teak Handcrafted Wood Spoon

There’s always something great about Wooden Spoons by FAAY, we could say they come in golden teak, they are heat and moisture resistant, and they are also lightweight. They come in handy while in the kitchen, crafting up a few delicacies for your loved ones. These spoons come with a handle ergonomically designed for comfort while handling them. Overall the spoons feature a very exquisite brown finish which adds a touch of style contrast and variety to any kitchen.

FAAY Teak Corner Spoons feature elegant and rounded edges that are gentle to the pans and cooking pots. This is especially important because the non-stick pans come with a delicate black finish known as Teflon, which can easily be scraped off by sharp and rigid objects. The head also features an angular corner which has a straight tip for reaching the curves and straight edges that rounded heads would typically find it challenging while scraping off the unwanted scale and leftovers. The straight tip also goes a long way in aiding stirring and even cooking.

These corner spoons are naturally obtained from teak trees which are grown in Thailand. Their natural color varies depending on the nature of the soil the tree has been grown on. These utensils do not feature lacquer nor glue. They, however, assume their glossy finish from the coconut oil finish. Their quality construction is achieved through the natural handcraft technique by the world’s best artisans. They are generally straightforward to clean and also maintain. They are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and weight just a little over 0.6 ounces

Corner Wooden Spoon, Scraper, 13.5 FAAY Wood Spoons for Cooking Handcraft from Teak


  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Do not feature harmful chemical products
  • Feature an angular corner tip for enhanced performance


  • Could be a lot larger and effective
  • Poor customer relations
  • Could be a lot more durable

3. AOOSY Wooden Spoons

Best Ellipse Wooden Ladle Spoon Set

Wood spoons come with a range of uses, including cooking and eating. Yes, eating! Aoosy proves that wood spoons can beat the odds of being used for eating just like the silverware in your kitchen. This wonderfully crafted utensils come in sets of five and feature an elliptical head shape design. They are created from one of the Japanese’s natural plants. They come in handy while serving soups, salads, beverages that need sugar, stirring and other functions that spoons generally serve. 

These utensils adopt an understandable and straightforward design. They take after the natural tree they are made from and are rich in color. Coming in just about 8.7 inches, these spoons are made from the Nanmu tree. The set comes with a clear, natural varnish which does not cause poisoning. The lacquer has been rated food grade and is as eco-friendly. The veneer comes in handy in making sure that the spoons do not go bad consequently making them more durable.

These soup spoons have been rated dishwasher safe. They are easy to clean and hence can be used while on the go or during outdoor activities. These utensils are very safe to use on other kitchen tools like cups, plates that have susceptible surfaces. They do not scratch out the shiny surfaces or even the Teflon material.

Wooden Spoons, Wood Spoons for Eating


  • Rich and natural wood patterns
  • Versatile
  • Excellent quality


  • Very fragile should handle with care
  • Not compatible with microwaves
  • Could be a little bit larger

4. Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil

Best Olive Wood Spoons

Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil owes its quality build, exceptional design to the Scandinavian company, Scanwood Denmark which was founded back in the early 1900s. This utensil is made from ton the best trees, the Italian Olivewood. Bearing this in mind, you can impeccable service from this kitchen companion which comes with versatile uses from stirring, flipping pancakes, scouring leftovers at the bottom of the pans and cooking pots.

The Olive Wood Utensil features stunning natural grains and patterns and also bears a warm color and glow. It does well to bring your kitchen the natural allure creating a sense of balance and liveliness not to mention the sustainability aspect. Olive wood is known to be a hardwood whose tools last a lifetime. Therefore, these wooden spoons save you the trouble of buying new ones now and then in place of broken ones.

They also feature a variety of designs including soft and rounded edges, elliptical and flat tips as well as different magnitudes of depth on the head for carrying more weight. The flat side pointed tip design helps in clearing sharp edges and corners where food gets stuck while cleaning your cooking pots.  The great depth helps while serving ready-made food while the flathead comes In handy while stirring liquids and flipping pastry.These spoons are very light with a total weight of 3.52 ounces only.

Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil


  • Features gorgeous natural grain patterns
  • Impeccable design and style
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Not recommended for heavy use
  • Come with an unpleasant odour
  • Can significantly alter the taste of your delicacy when soaked for too long

5. Organic Bamboo Cooking & Serving Utensil Set

Best Bamboo Cooking and Serving Wood Spoons

Neet brings you an all in one cooking and serving set, which comes with six pieces of utensils for all your kitchen needs. The blend of tools includes spoons and spatula together with a utensil holder. These utensils come handcrafted using one of the world’s most reliable and most reliable plants, bamboo, which is not only very durable but also accentuates your kitchen appliances and overall décor. Bamboo makes a sustainable source for these utensils thanks to its study composition and enhanced growth rate.

These bamboo spoons make a great companion for your kitchen, especially when you have to keep in mind the non-stick pots and pans. They are both soft on the non-stick material as well as hard on the scale that remains at the bottom of your cooking pans and pots. The bamboo contains a natural antibacterial which makes this plant the most ideal for kitchen utensils. The kitchen set can be used for a range of tasks right from stirring, cleaning the bottom of the pans, serving and even tasting the delicacies.  They also form a great source of DIY art projects for your kids at home.

When used moderately and adequately, these kitchen tools can serve you for up to a lifetime, and that’s why a very comprehensive lifetime warranty backs them. The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee on its products and promises a 100% risk-free procurement. You can, therefore, put aside your doubts and enjoy the best that Neet has to offer. The product comes in 12 ounces and measures 2.5 x 2.5 x 12 inches when packaged.

Organic Bamboo Cooking & Serving Utensil Set By Neet - 6 Piece Set Spoon & Spatula Mix


  • Durable and lightweight
  • Versatile set
  • Great warranty policy


  • Could be of better quality
  • Features splinters
  • Does not hold up well in lots of water

6. ECOSALL Healthy Cooking Utensils Set

Best 24 Spoon Wood Utensil Set

ECOSALL has one of the best wooden cooking utensils for a range of uses in your kitchen. The set comes with six different spoons which all feature a different design for various kitchen uses. The spoons are made from natural, hardwood trees which makes them both durable and also eco-friendly. These quality utensils owe their sturdy design to the beechwood tree. The spoons are rich in grain and texture which gives them an excellent aesthetic appeal and feel which handing them.

ECOSALL wooden spoons come in 12 inches long and 2 inches wide. They are designed with long handles to protect your tender hands from getting burnt while preparing food and also for ease of handling. They are feature a hole at the tip of the handle for the comfort of storage. The handles also feature a good grip, thanks to the textured and grainy feel which prevents instances of accidents like falling off your hands when wet. 

ECOSALL wooden spoons are designed to be lightweight yet very sturdy and robust. They are not coated with any material. They include a flat spatula for flipping pancakes and eggs, elliptic spoons with beautifully smooth edges and one with grooves for enabling liquids to sip through.  These can be used as a serving spoon and also stirring. The set also includes elliptic spoons with one sharp edge fine tip for reaching sharp edges and corners on your cooking pots. They come in threes with two of them having holes and grooves for sipping liquids through. You can use this for scraping off scale and leftovers and also stirring.

Healthy Cooking Utensils Set


  • Easy to clean
  • Soft and gentle on Teflon cooking pans and pots
  • Versatile


  • Could be more efficient in scooping 
  • Can be a touch on hands
  • Could be more durable

7. KitchenAid Gourmet

Best Thick Spoon Wood

KitchenAid Gourmet wooden spoon comes in a cherry wood construction with long handle and ring for hooking the utensil during storage. The spoon features very random, smooth and consistent contour patterns on the head. The cherry wood has natural well saturated brown colour which combined with the dark spur contours result in delightful colour and design. 

The utensil features an elliptical head with smooth, thin edges. It is deep enough to warrant a graceful scoop while serving food, yet light enough for ease of handling. The handle comes in a streamlined cylindrical shape. The grainy surface gives you a good grip for safety while handling hot substances. The basting spoon comes free of defects such as bad odors and also altering tastes. It can be used for a range of kitchen purposes including mixing, serving, stirring, tasting and even flipping small delicacies. It is generally very soft on all cooking ware; hence, you are guaranteed of compatibility with most of your kitchen cookware. 

The serving spoon is recommended for hand wash only.  When it comes to quality guarantee, this basting spoon comes with a lifetime warranty and also a free replacement for products found to be defective under regular use.

KitchenAid Gourmet Cherry Wood Basting Spoon


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to handle 
  • Excellent grip


  • Quite thick
  • Could use a variety of designs
  • Not compatible with microwaves

8. Le Creuset Wooden Scraping Spoon

Best Wooden Scraping Spoon

Le Creuset is yet another one of the best wooden spoons for all your kitchen uses and needs. This utensil comes in 14 inches in length, which is long enough for efficient use. This spoon’s handle, which features an elliptical design is very comfortable to use. The surface of the handle is very grainy for an enhanced grip.

Crafted from the beech tree, one of the best hardwood trees for quality home products, this spoon is not only durable but also very efficient in scrapping of scale and leftovers from your non-stick pans and cooking pots thanks to its sharp corner tips. The head of the spoon features a flat spatula-like design which makes it ideal for flipping pancakes, stirring food, mixing ingredients and other necessary kitchen uses. The softness of this utensil guarantees safety for your Teflon cooking ware as well as other fragile cooking materials.

Le Creuset spoon does expel bad odors as well as absorbing flavors. It is compatible with handwash and straightforward to clean. It’s also worthwhile to note that it dries off quickly. The apex of the handle features an eyelet for hanging the spoon for ease of storage.

Le Creuset Wooden Scraping Spoon, 12.5-Inch


  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient at removing browned leftovers
  • Great grip


  • Could use a longer handle
  • Not heavy duty
  • Limited in a variety of uses

9. Vremi 5-Piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set

Best 5-Piece Bamboo Kitchen Utensil Set

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable sources of raw materials for manufacturing kitchenware, and that’s why Vremi 5-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set is made from the same material. It is not only durable and sustainable, and it is lightweight, does not absorb liquids and flavors fast and also does not produce bad odors once dry. Furthermore, this type of wood features natural wood texture patterns and is also very grainy. The design of the kitchen utensil set adds a touch of class and style to your kitchen while at the same time complementing the overall décor of your home and kitchenware.

The utensils set ergonomic handles to come reinforced with silicone in an assortment of colors. The silicone is very durable and also heat resistance. It forms a good grip for the handle while at the same time adding color to your kitchen. The tip of the handle features an eyelet which makes storage for these utensils straightforward. The handles feature a streamlined rectangular shape with fine and edges. This enhances efficiency while using the set. The set features a spatula with a blunt edge and four elliptical spoons with varying designs including a dull elliptical spoon, an elliptical forked spoon, and an elliptical spoon.

The set can be used for a variety of tasks in your kitchen including but not limited to mixing, stirring, flipping, serving and sautéing. The collection is very safe to use, thanks to the BPA free silicone handle. The spoons do not shrink and are very easy to clean and dry. It is recommended that the spoons be washed with warm soapy water by hand.


  • Easy to clean
  • Ergonomic colorful handles
  • versatile


  • Not compatible with dishwashers
  • Limited length
  • Could be a little more durable

10. BICB 12-Inch Wooden Spoons

Best 12-Inch Wooden Spoons

Quality is critical when it comes to wooden spoons, and that’s why BICB spoons are made from one of the highest quality materials from beech hardwood trees. The six set quality utensils promise quality service that will last you long enough before you will require an extra set. the construction of the wood features smooth streamlined edges all-around the body. The surface of the spoon is engulfed with soft grains and minute contour patterns which give the set a very appealing appearance. The color tends to fall under the mild brown tones which can complement dark tones in your kitchen

The spoons feature long handles measuring 12 inches in length. This helps keep your hands safe from excessive heat which can damage your skin. The long handles also increase the utensil’s efficiency by increasing the effort distance. The deep bowls make it worthwhile while tasting and serving food portions. To keep your cooking ware safe from damage, these spoons have soft and smooth edges that do not scratch delicate surfaces like Teflon material for non-stick cooking ware.

This set is convenient when it comes to preparing an assortment of delicacies. They can be used in more ways than one in your kitchen. They are also straightforward to clean. Just immerse them in warm water mixed and handwash them. They are speedy to dry.

12-Inch Long Handle Wooden Cooking Mixing Oval Spoons


  • Quick dry
  • Easy to clean
  • Deep bowls for tasting


  • Do not feature eyelets for hooking 
  • Could be more durable
  • Could be more versatile

How to Choose The Best Wood Spoon – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Wooden spoons come in handy in all aspects of the culinary arts. It is an excellent heat resistant utensil, and it is mild on the steel pans as well as lightweight when stirring food. So, here are some few tips that perhaps will go a long way in guiding you on the best wooden spoons.

Go For The Toughest Ones

When choosing the best wooden spoons, durability is vital and so is the sturdiness. These spoons feature construction from a variety of wood species. Some are made from hardwood whiles others are made from softwood. So, if you want your wooden spoon to last, then go for the one made from hardwood trees like teak and Bamboo. These types of spoons are not only reliable, but they are also very durable. 

Spoons made from softwood trees easily crack, break, and even absorb both aroma and moisture. This can be detrimental to your delicacies especially if you are using a single spoon for preparing several treats. If you are having doubts about the type of wood the spoon is made from, always seek advice from retailers. They will usually have all this information at hand.

Go For Good Design

What is your primary goal for the wooden spoon? If you may have noticed, most of these utensils come with a shallow head. These suffice fewer servings and are generally used for tasting delicacies while cooking. They are also great for scrapping the small bits of food stuck at the bottom of your skillet.

However, other designs feature a supreme head, and which can suffice a little more food per serving. These are great for serving food after its done cooking. Whatever your reasons are for these ideal utensils, you are free to go for the ones that are a little more convenient for you and those that will help you achieve your purpose.

Go For Different Handles

Most wooden handles will come entirely in wood, while others will come reinforced with these materials such as plastic and silicon and even metal along the stems. These reinforcements add an extra touch of style and design while also serving the purpose. A good example could be silicon handles, which are not only heat resistant but also can be tailored ergonomically to suit the user’s hand for an enhanced grip.

These handles often come ribbed or dotted for more grip. Those that feature stainless steel and also plastic reinforcements are also heat resistant and do well to add an aesthetic finish as well as durability.You should know that some of these materials do come with their downsides. Some of them like steel, and also plastic may increase the weight of the spoon, consequently hampering with the ease of use. 

Go For A Variety Of Shapes

IF you are DIY enthusiast, you can carve out your own wood spoons, but to get the best shapes and quality, you’re better off purchasing one that fits your needs. When it comes to the form, we are mainly talking about the shape of the head and also the handle. Wooden spoons come in different types for different purposes, including rounded shapes, oval shapes, chisel-shaped and so on. When buying these items, buy in various forms for a variety of tasks that we may have tackled earlier on like serving, sitting and also scraping. 

Those for serving come in different forms, also with some made purposefully for serving stews and others for salads and also dried foods like rice. Often, those used for salad come with hollow grooves and others in a forked manner for enhanced performance. 

However, it handles with sharp and corner edges appear more robust and also bulky. They also pause a little challenge when it comes to ease of cleaning but are equally good when it comes to grip.  Each of these different handles come with their pros and cons. It all goes down to personal preference.

Choose A Spoon That Is Easy To Store

When you have a set of cutlery and crockery, storage means everything, and that’s why you should for a spoon that has holes and loop on the edge of the handle for storing. These holes make it easier when storing the spoons since you can hook it up under your wall cabinets after cleaning them for an enhanced drying process as well as of accessibility. 

However, don’t be bothered if your preferred wooden spoon doesn’t feature this hole. You can always add one much later and perhaps add a loop for a more enhanced range of storage options.

What Size Should You Go For? 

When buying wooden spoons, make sure you go for different sizes for versatility in the kitchen. Some may come in 10 inches long, others in 12 inches, and even 14 inches long. The function determines the length of the spoon.

Stirring spoons are generally longer than serving spoons. The difference in length may also be determined by the amount of food being made. Serving spoons for a more massive helping will often come larger than those you can use for one or two people helping hence the need for variety.

Pay Attention To The Edges 

Before you buy any wooden spoon, pay attention to the size of the sides. Are they thick or thin and what does this mean for you? Well, those spoons with thinner edges are indeed more likely to break faster than those with thicker borders, but it is also true that those with thicker edges increase the total weight of the spoon by a considerable margin. 

The durability of these utensils, as seen above is entirely dependent on the type of wood used, and therefore, if you go for a spoon with a thin edge but made from hardwood trees, then it is not only going to be lighter, but also durable. The thickness of the sides does not translate into durability; it may turn to a flimsy robust spoon that you might end up buying and throwing it into your kitchen drawers for good.

If You Are Interested In Style, Go For The Artistry 

Though individual wood sculptors’ handcraft many of these spoons, you are likely not to get so many of them, and the few on the stores are a little pricey. However, one or two pieces would go well with the regular spoons. Most of these spoons feature animal and human forms sculpted from the handle giving you an artistic impression of life. They form a good collection for those traveling and or collecting souvenirs.

Things To Avoid Or Pay Special Attention To:

When buying wooden spoons, the biggest mistake people make is focusing on the design and visual appeal as opposed to the construction and durability. Just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s going to serve you long enough. Focus on the build and let the visual appeal will be a secondary factor.

This includes Perspex spoons, silicone spoons, stainless steel, which may not be the best while using nonstick pans, and also plastic spoons, which are bad conductors of heat but melt quickly. If you have to go with either of these four, then silicone and Perspex stand out since they are durable and can withstand significant amounts of heat when compared to plastic.


If you love spending time in ht kitchen, we bet you have a polyamorous relationship with your wooden spoons. You don’t have a favorite, and all you can think about is adding more to your arsenal. Whether you want the simple spoons for cooking, the classic round-headed ones to give your kitchen a classic look, we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. It’s time to cook in style!