5 Ways to Prevent Falls in the Home [Infographic]

For anyone living with an elderly loved one, you know that preventing falls is extremely high on the priority list. When a fall happens, our loved one can damage him or herself far more than younger counterparts.  The two most dangerous rooms in the house for an elderly person are the kitchen and the bathroom.  Here are some simple, easy things which you can do that can prevent falls in the home.

  1. Wear shoes

Going barefoot or wearing socks is great, but shoes not only give extra support but they also give anti-slip protection.  Those shoes should have non-skid soles.

  1. Attach the rugs

Rugs have a tendency to catch feet at the least convenient moment.  For your older loved one, they might not be able to quickly recover from tripping over the edge of the rug.

Go around the house and check your rugs.  If you’re able to remove them altogether, then that might be the better option. If not, put on a no-slip backing on them to keep them tacked to the ground. Pay special attention to the edges.

  1. Install more lights

The more you can see, the better.  By putting in more lights, you’re taking a giant step toward fall prevention.  With enough lighting in the room, your loved one should be able to clearly see their surroundings.

Most ceiling fans, bathrooms, and kitchens have space to install more lights. Use high-watt CFL lights for the maximum effect.

  1. Get in touch with your inner child with nightlights

Falling while going toward the bathroom at night is another big cause of falls. The way to the restroom should be lit by nightlights. Nightlights can come in all shapes and sizes, even ones which are reminiscent of children’s toys.

Install the nightlights where you believe your loved one will be walking at night. At the very least, have one in the bedroom near the door and another in the bathroom.

  1. Remove the clutter

Finally, the floor should be as clutter-free as possible. This may be trickier than it sounds if your loved one can no longer bend down to clean things up. If that clutter doesn’t get cleaned, it can make for a serious tripping hazard.

Making sure that your loved one doesn’t fall is key to keeping them safe and independent. By taking these simple steps around the home, the chances of a fall that can break a bone or cripple someone for the rest of their life are reduced. Take a look at our infographic for more suggestions on fall-proofing the most dangerous room in the house: your bathroom.

kitchen safety for seniors infographic

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