5 Ways to Recover From Spring Break

Spring Break is wrapping up for college students all over America. It’s time to hit the books again. But was your Spring Break restful enough? It’s very easy to party too hard and feel even worse than when you started!

We don’t want you to get off on the wrong foot with the second half of your classes.

Here are five things you can do to recover from your Spring Break.

1. Proper sleep

First off, a topic that’s dear to our hearts, you should be getting enough rest. After cramming for midterms all night long and then staying up to party, your sleep cycle may hate you and let you know it through sluggish thinking and nodding off at class. Get the recommended amount of 6-8 hours every night. Your brain, your mood, and your grades will thank you.

2. Proper nutrition

College students are notorious for poor diet, and Spring Break will blow any diet out of the water. Once you’re back at campus, make a choice to stick with nutritious meals until you’ve recovered from your break. You might feel so good afterward that you’ll want to keep up the habit.

3. Get a NapAnywhere

Many Spring Breakers love to travel, but sleeping while traveling can really hurt your neck and your back. With a NapAnywhere, you can catch some restful sleep anywhere you like no matter what the conditions. The foam pad conforms to your head and neck to give you all the support you need while you nap.

4. Re-read your syllabi

Remember that piece of paper you got at the start of the semester and forgot all about? That paper will have important information on what you’ll be studying for the rest of the semester. Get a head start on knowing what to prepare for by taking a good look at it again. That way you won’t be blindsided by upcoming assignments.

5. Get some real quiet time

If you spent your break partying the whole time, give yourself a chance to stop and smell the roses. Find an empty library carrel and just relax. Reflect on the good times you had and on your future studies. When you feel better, hit the books again.

Take these tips to heart so you can face the rest of the school year with renewed determination. For more information about how NapAnywhere can help you nap anywhere, check out some of our other posts.

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