Best Headbands for Men

No, the 80’s aren’t making a comeback. But headbands definitely are. These accessories are still popular among athletes around the world for several reasons. Not only do they help prevent sweat from dripping down your face, it also keeps your hair out of the way. And in some cases, these babies can keep your head warm while you’re exercising in cool weather. Of course, with so many headbands to choose from, how do you know which one will fit your head AND your needs best? Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. Below are the 10 best headbands for men in the market today.

Top Headbands of 2020 Reviewed

1. Suddora Sweatband/Headband

Best Workout Headbands

If you want something simple, durable, and effective, then you shouldn’t look further than Suddora Headbands. These headbands are designed to keep the sweat out of your eyes and your hair out of your face. It is made of a blend of comfortable and flexible materials – 80% cotton, 12% spandex, and 8% nylon. These materials provide the headband with superior sweat-wicking powers – effectively soaking up all your sweat, no matter how strenuous your activity may be. It also ensures the highest level of comfort. It’s super soft which means you won’t hesitate to put it on before you start working out. In addition, it’s very flexible. It will stretch to accommodate your head but it won’t lose its shape or size. Plus, they’re machine washable. You can get these headbands in various colors and designs. Of course, there are drawbacks. The price is a bit steep for just one headband. Also, some customers find it a bit thick/bulky. The headband also takes quite a bit to dry after washing unless you use a dryer.

sudorra headband


  • Absorbs sweat very well
  • Very comfortable
  • Doesn’t lose shape


  • Takes long to dry
  • A bit pricey
  • Some users find it too thick

#2: Poshei Mens Headband

Best Headbands for Sweat

You don’t have to worry about looking like Richard Simmons when you’re wearing a headband because Poshei Men’s Headbands are designed to make you look cool and not a throwback to the 80s. This headband is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which makes it stretchable, breathable, and gives the headband moisture-wicking capabilities. It’s thin and lightweight; you can easily wear it under a helmet if needed. It fits well (not too tight) and stays in place, no matter how much you move around. Plus, it can even keep your ears warm if needed. As an added bonus, you get four different colored headbands in one pack at a very affordable price. However, you’ll need to wring out the sweat if you plan on working out for more than 45 minutes. In addition, this headband is hand wash only.

poshei Mens Headband


  • 4 in one pack
  • Cool design
  • Thin and lightweight


  • Requires wringing after 45 minutes of sweat
  • Hand wash only

3. Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover

Best Running Headbands

The Halo II Headband Sweatband Pullover is no ordinary headband. It features SweatSeal with Grip Technology which redirects the sweat away from your eyes and keeps the headband in place while you’re working out. It is made of Dryline fabric which absorbs sweat easily and dries out quickly. More importantly, this material has an infusion of silver ions that prevents bacterial growth which, in turn, prevents your sweatband from getting smelly after a long workout. The Halo II Headband is thin enough to fit underneath your helmet. Plus, it’s really comfortable to wear. However, this sweatband is quite expensive. In addition, some users report getting a line on their forehead after prolonged use due to a snug fit. Moreover, it isn’t an ideal choice for heavy sweaters.

Halo Headband Sweatband Pullover


  • SweatSeal with Grip Technology
  • Dryline Fabric
  • comfortable


  • Expensive
  • Not for users who sweat heavily
  • Can be a snug fit for some

4. Nike Swoosh Headband

Best Non Slip Headbands

If you’re looking for a headband with a brand name you can trust, then the Nike Swoosh Headband is for you. This simple yet effective headband is made of 70% Cotton, 19% Nylon, 7% Polyester, and 4% Rubber. It’s comfortable and stretchable which makes it perfect for most head sizes. It stays in place and keeps your face dry while you’re working out. It measures 2 inches wide and more than 1 inch thick. The headband is machine washable AND very durable. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors. All great things! Just take note that some users find the headband a little too tight for their taste. This headband is more suited to people with small to medium-sized heads. In addition, it is quite expensive due to the brand. The headband also takes a while to dry.

Nike Swoosh Headband



  • Comfortable
  • Machine washable
  • Durable


  • Takes time to dry
  • Expensive
  • Not for large heads

5. Under Armour Men’s Performance Headband

This Men’s Performance Headband is from another well-known brand – Under Armour. But unlike the headband from Nike that’s on our list, this one features UA’s HeatGear technology. The headband is made of moisture-wicking materials constructed in multi-channel performance fibers that wicks away the sweat from your forehead, leaving it dry and you feeling comfortable. The combination of polyester (84%) and Elastane (16%) ensures that the headband is soft, breathable, and flexible. You won’t need to worry about the band losing its shape after a handful of uses. You can choose from a variety of colors just like Nike’s Swoosh Headband. However, these are much cheaper in comparison. Just keep in mind that this is not recommended for more than moderate sweat. If you’re a heavy sweater, you might want to look elsewhere. Moreover, the size is a little small for users with big heads.

Under Armour Mens Performance Headband


  • HeatGear Technology
  • Breathable
  • Durable


  • Not for large heads
  • Not for more than moderate sweat

6. Tough Men’s Headband

Stop the sweat from dripping down your face in style with Tough Men’s Headband. This stylish headband is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The soft, thin fabric keeps your head cool while wicking away moisture. It is stretchable, adjusting to your head size from first use, so your head is comfortable and stress-free. The materials also help ensure it is all-grip and no slip. The lightweight design improves breathability and enables you to wear the headband underneath a helmet. It is wide which makes it perfect for keeping your long hair away from your face. Plus, it dries quickly as soon as you wring it out. You can choose from a variety of designs including camo, skulls, and the US flag. However, it does get saturated fairly quickly. Not enough to cause the sweat to drip on your face but enough that you’ll feel it. A quick wringing though fixes that. Also, the size may be too big for users with small heads.

Mens Headband


  • stylish
  • comfortable
  • lightweight design


  • not for heavy sweaters
  • not for small heads

7. Adidas Interval Reversible Headband

When it comes to activewear, Adidas is one of the leading brands worldwide. So, it’s not really surprising that one of their headbands is on our list. The Interval Reversible Headband is quite similar to our other picks. It is made of absorbent cotton terry material (65%), nylon (20%), and rubber (15%). It features Climalite Moisture Wicking Technology that keeps your forehead cool and dry while you work out. The headband is soft and stretchable. And it fits most head sizes. In addition, this headband is machine washable. What makes it stand out is the fact that it’s reversible. You don’t have to buy two to enjoy some variety. Simply turn this one inside out to “create” a different look when you feel like it. As an added bonus, this headband doesn’t cost as much as the ones from other well-known brands. However, a lot of users have an issue with the imperfections in the stitching. This doesn’t affect durability, just aesthetics. Also, some felt that the headband was too thick.

adidas Interval Reversible Headband


  • Climalite Moisture Wicking Technology
  • machine washable
  • reversible


  • some users felt it was too thick
  • imperfections in the stitching

8. Atneato Ear Warmer Headband

If you like to sweat in cold weather, you’re going to need the Atneato Ear Warmer Headband as part of your activewear. This headband ensures that your sweat won’t be dripping anywhere. It also features a low-cut, wide design as well as an arc-shape that will keep the sides of your head as well as your ears all warm and toasty. As an added bonus, it also keeps your earbuds or headphones in place while you work out. The material is polar fleece which is not only super soft and comfortable but cozy too. However, it’s on the thin side which means that it won’t be much help if you use it when the weather is below 30 degrees. Also, it is a bit on the pricey side.

Atneato Ear Warmer Headband


  • arc-shape for ears
  • soft and comfortable
  • keeps earbuds in place


  • not for use below 30 degrees
  • pricey

9. Self Pro Performance Stretch Men’s Headband

The Self Pro Performance Stretch Men’s Headband is one of the most popular sweatbands in the marker for several reasons. One is the aesthetic appeal. It isn’t like the sweatbands from the 80’s. Instead, it features a lightweight, wide design that looks more like a bandana than a headband. It also comes in plain black which signifies “cool” and “badass.” Plus, there’s no branding that will lower the appeal. Second, it is made of 95% polyester and 5% spandex which provides it with moisture-wicking properties. It also makes the band breathable, soft, stretchy, and quick to dry. Third, this headband can double as a mask, filtering dust out. And fourth, it’s budget-friendly. The only drawbacks are that it is not ideal for more than moderate sweat and it can lose its shape much quicker than the other options.

2in1 Headband & Face Mask


  • lightweight design
  • doubles as a mask
  • moisture-wicking properties


  • not for heavy sweaters
  • can lose its shape quickly

10. Tanluhu Sweatband

The Tanluhu Sweatband is another budget-friendly option for athletes. These super absorbent headbands is made of 85% Cotton, 12% Spandex, and 3% Nylon. The band is not only good at holding sweat, it’s also quick to dry which is great for your skin. It’s breathable, comfortable, and lightweight. It doesn’t slip which means you can focus on what you’re doing. It’s also helmet-friendly; you can easily use it while wearing headgear. Moreover, this headband is machine washable. However, some users report that the stitching comes undone a bit after a handful of uses. Also, the headband requires a bit of stretching prior to use because it’s a little tight out of the box.

Tanluhu Sweatband Headband


  • budget-friendly
  • machine washable
  • non-slip


  • not as durable
  • requires stretching before use

How to Choose the Best Headband for a Man – The Buying Guide:

So, you want to buy a headband. Preferably one that doesn’t hark back to leotard-wearing 80’s and helps keep sweat from burning your eyes. Well, you’ve come to the right place. You can pick from one of our recommendations above or you can use our guide below to help you find the best sweatband that suits your needs and lifestyle.

Why are you buying a headband?

 Ok, this sounds like a dumb question to ask. But it’s important to know what you want to achieve with a headband in order to choose the right one.

A headband can be used to absorb sweat, manage hair, and keep your hair and ears warm. You’ll need to be aware of what you want to achieve in order to choose which features you want your headband to have. For example, if you want one to keep your head and ears warm while you’re exercising in cool weather, then you’ll want a headband that has layered warming fabric that can hold your body heat in. You’ll also need to look for one that can adequately cover your ears. If you want a headband to keep your hair off your face, you can choose one that has a thin width and maybe a dark enough color that makes it discreet. You’ll also want to look for fabric that won’t pull your hair, staying in place while you move.

Features of the best headband:

Moisture-wicking fabric

Obviously, you want your headband to absorb sweat, preventing any from dripping down your face while you exercise. This means that you need to choose a headband made of a material that easily absorbs sweat such as polyester and nylon. You also want to make sure that the same fabric dries quickly, so the headband doesn’t feel icky on your head. Moreover, you might want to look for a fabric that won’t smell after it absorbs your sweat.

Size and Fit

There’s nothing worse than a headband that doesn’t fit right. Either it’s too tight which gives you a headache or it’s too loose so it keeps sliding down. When buying a headband, look for one that suits the size of your noggin. Most, if not all, manufacturers provide the measurements of their headband, though many of these products only come in one-size-fits-most. Make sure to get your measurements before clicking the buy button because what fits a lot of noggins might not fit yours. In addition, make sure that the material of the headband includes spandex or an elastic band which will make it stretch AND remain in place.


Width is a matter of preference. Some people prefer headbands that are only an inch or two wide while others prefer their headbands to be wider, covering the entire forehead as well as a portion of their hair. If you want your headband to also provide warmth, you may want to choose a wide one so that it can cover your ears as well. Wider headbands also do a good job of ensuring thick, long hair stays off your face.


Naturally, you want to get a headband that’s soft and comfortable to wear. You definitely don’t want one that will feel rough and scratchy, irritating your skin while you’re running a marathon or lifting weights.


Some users prefer their headbands to be thick because it enables the material to absorb more sweat. Others prefer headbands to be thin and lightweight, so that they don’t even feel that they’re wearing one. Lightweight headbands can also typically be worn underneath a helmet.


Headbands come in all sorts of colors and designs. Some brands only offer a limited selection while others include camo and stripes among their selection.

Machine washable

Not everyone has the time or the patience to hand wash their headband. If this applies to you, make sure to check if the headband of your choice is machine washable.


Not all headbands are made equal. Some are more durable than others. Check reviews to see how long their headband lasted. Did it lose shape easily? Did it unravel at the seams after a couple of washes? Did the color fade fast? While buying headbands generally won’t break the bank, the cost of getting new ones again and again will accumulate.

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