E-learning Apps You Should Get For Your Kids

The digital age, through technology, is affecting our lives in every possible way. From business to research, from education to entertainment, we’re all now heavily dependent on digitized solutions.

Today, highly resourceful apps are readily available for web-based learning for kids. These apps help kids learn innovatively.

While some of these apps are needed to be bought, many of them are completely free. So why not make the best use of them if they help build a better future for your child?

Here we are going to explore ten most amazing e-learning apps that you should try with your kid(s).

Habitat the Game: Teaching your Kid to Care

Habitat the GameHabitat the Game is a very detailed yet simple app developed for kids. This app will allow your kid to take care of a virtual polar bear. 

Simple tasks like turning off the light & conserving water are some of the functions that your kid has to perform in this app. Best for kids over four years old and available for free.

Duolingo: Let your Kid Learn Multiple Languages at Ease

DuolingoWe are living in a multicultural world with globalization at its peak. So make sure that your kid is well prepared for this new cultural dimension. Encourage him or her to learn more than one language.

Duolingo is the best e-learning app to serve the purpose. This app can help a student to learn different languages including French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and English.

You can use this app for free. Though there are in-app purchasing options available, they are optional. You can join your kid to learn a new language by using this highly interactive app.

DragonBox: Making Math Fun


Unfortunately lots of kids these days are really afraid of math. But DragonBox has come with the mission to change that. You will get five different learning apps that your kid can use to learn the basics of mathematics. Though DragonBox is not free, there is no in-app purchase or hidden cost once you buy this wonderful learning app.

Quick Maths for Second to Sixth Graders

Quick Maths for Second to Sixth Graders

Want your kids to have a very strong base in mathematics? Make sure that you have Quick Maths installed in your device. This app is designed to help your kids improve their general math skills.



YouTube Kids for Education and Entertainment

YouTube Kids for Education and Entertainment

YouTube Kids is designed to assist kids to access their favorite shows at ease. This will not only help them with their learning but will also be a great source of entertainment.

This fun app is free to download and use. It is user-friendly so your kids will be able to run it at ease.

Science360 for Advanced Learning

Science360 for Advanced Learning

Developed by the National Science Foundation, Science360 is designed to be run through tablets. This app can be used for accessing digital content on science and engineering.

There are tons of videos and images available for children as well. All these contents are highly authentic and detailed. Kids can access 3D images as well by using this app.

Crossword Puzzles for Helping your Kids to Excel at School

Crossword Puzzles for Helping your Kids to Excel at School

This app is designed to enhance a kid’s learning ability. At the same time, it also helps students to become more interested in their lessons. If you want your kids to take their studies in a fun way, Crossword Puzzles is the app you’re looking for.


Flow Free: An App to Enhance Kids’ Analytical Ability

Flow Free

Who didn’t have those puzzle boxes at their young ages? They are fun and challenging. Flow Free is a very special app that offers 2000 puzzles for free.

You can get more by purchasing their expansion packs. This learning app is not only designed for kids but adults as well. So you and your kid both can spend some fun time together while trying to solve some puzzles.

Spelling Stage: Making Spellings Easier than Ever

Spelling StageIs your kid is having problems with spellings? Install Spelling Stage in your phone or Tablet today and let your little cutie pie play with it.

This app includes a huge collection of words for kids from different age groups. This app is very easy to use.

Just like most other e-learning apps for kids, Spelling Stage is also quite easy to use. So your kids can access all the features without breaking a sweat.

My Molecularium for High School Students

My Molecularium for High School Students

I have seen way too many high school kids despising chemistry. Is your kid also struggling with all those formulas and theories? My Molecularium is then your knight in shining armor.

This app is designed to help students understand chemistry in a fun way. No matter how difficult the theories or formulas are, My Molecularium will ease it all, holding their interest for long.


The number of students using smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices is increasing day by day. There are loads of apps hitting the digital world every single day.

If your kid is too young for any of these apps, there are great toys they can play with.

However, when your kid is growing up, make sure that your kids are not getting too occupied with gaming and social networking. Take advantage of modern technologies to help them better their academic performance. Learning should not be boring or too difficult. The apps talked about above have shown us how technology can make education fun and engaging.

So do try them out. Most of them are free anyway!

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