Best Golf Clubs for Men, Women, Kids and Pros

A round of golf with few of your best friends or family can be one interesting endeavor to look out for on a weekend. On the flip-side, you may be angling to become a professional golfer in the near future. Both of these situations can be thrilling experiences. However, this can only be made possible with the right golfing equipment. Talking of golf equipment, a golf club tops the list as this will distinguish a good game from child’s play. It will set you apart from those who talk the talk and the bandwagon that walk the walk and make it to the tee.

Living in an age where golf club brands are sprouting by the day, it may be an uphill talk trying to figure out the best option for your playing preference. As such, we have taken guesswork out of your search process and compiled a list of top ten golf clubs you can depend on to give you an exciting gaming experience.

We may not guarantee that you will hit 100 on 18 holes but you will surely get value for your money with these golf clubs. Whether you are looking to play golf for fun or professionally, these golf clubs will give you just the right touch for a perfect game. Notably, you can buy golf clubs individually or opt for a complete set, but in most cases, a complete set is preferable for convenience. This following is a list of top eleven golf clubs.

Top 10 Golf Clubs Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Knight, Women’s XV II Complete Golf Set

Best for women

If you are looking to start out in golf as a woman, then this is the perfect golf club set to go for. This set is designed to work best for the right handed. It comes complete with and allow fairway wood, 12.5-degree driver and a low COG 6-9 cavity backed irons.

Knight Golf Women's 12 Piece Complete Box Set

You also get to enjoy a perimeter weighted putter featuring a precision face. Its black cart bag ensures that you have enough storage space for your clubs.


  • Works best for right handed lady golfers
  • Features easy-to-hit hybrid and perimeter weighted irons
  • Fitting head covers for the driver and fairway wood


  • Not preferable for professional players
  • Not strong enough to withstand frequent use
  • Not preferable for men

2. Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

The Callaway Women’s Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set has been specially designed to appeal to both novice and professional women golfers. The golf clubs have been made with modern technology in mind to take care of your performance from tee to green. The complete set features 3 wood, driver, 6 9 iron, 4&5 Hybrid, sand wedge & pitching wedge, stand bag, putter and 4 head covers.

Callaway Women's Strata Ultimate Complete Golf Set

The full titanium drivers with a wide sweet pot are just perfect for more forgiveness as you bomb it off the tee. The 6 9 irons have been designed with high flight technology to help deliver control and distance. What’s more, you have the putter with a precise face to ensure distance control and better accuracy. These come in handy when looking to sink more putts.


  • Made with modernized golf technology for ultimate performance, distance and forgiveness.
  • Shafts made of lightweight steel for better workability
  • Specifically made for women golfers


  • Not the strongest of the clubs available in the market
  • Driver likely to get dents easily
  • Some complaints of too much flex on the driver

3. PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set

Best for kids

If you are looking to introduce your kid to the game, then the PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set is the way to go. This golf club set features high lofted clubs that make it much easier for a beginner to work with.

PreciseGolf Co. Precise X7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids

The golf clubs have been designed with modern technology that ensures the player achieves better forgiveness  and makes it easy to hit. In fact, it comes complete with a junior hybrid wood that can be used conveniently by your young golfer. The ultralite flex graphite shaft is an assurance of quality and durability. What more, the set comes in a lightweight junior bag complete with a stand for more convenient storage.


  • Longer-carrying, high launching and fun inspiring shots for juniors
  • Clubs made from durable material
  • Works for both left hand and right handed players


  • Not suitable for children under 9 years
  • Driver head not very stable
  • Not made for professional play

4. Nitro Golf Set Blaster Youth 6-Piece Complete with Bag

Best for shorter golfers

To introduce your kids to golf, you need to capture them while they are still young. The best age is anything between 3 and five years. To actualize that, you will need the best golf clubs for youth. We are talking about the Nitro Golf Set Blaster, the perfect set for kids who are just starting. It is a set of three golf clubs for right-handed players to learn the swing early enough. You will get one driver, two irons, and a putter all in the same set.

But what makes this set of golf clubs unique? First, all the shafts are made from graphite, making them durable and lightweight. Your kids will not have to exert a lot of energy to lift any of these clubs. When you buy this product, you will also get s gold club cover and a sling golf bag. With all of these features, carrying the clubs to and from the golf course will be easy. Additionally, your kids will find it extremely easy to learn and become golf pros using these clubs.

Nitro Golf



  • The shafts are made from lightweight graphite for smooth swinging
  • You get three different clubs in the same set
  • It comes with a sling golf bag for easy transportation


  • The golf bag is not capable of standing upright
  • Some users found the golf clubs too heavy
  • The bag doesn’t have shoulder straps

5. Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set

Best for Beginners

This is the perfect golf club set for beginners as it is designed to improve distance. This 10+ piece set comes with 8 clubs for better variety when playing.  Its comfortable irons feature a perimeter weighting with a large sweet spot that will get you thinking you are already a master of the sport even as a beginner.

Wilson Men's Ultra Complete Golf Set

What’s more, the set has a 460cc Titanium matrix driver that takes advantage of its low COG to propel the ball from the tee to the greens like a pro. The set comes in a lightweight golf bag with enough pockets and a stand to ensure easy retrieval.


  • Designed to generate distance
  • Available in different colors
  • Come in a lightweight ergonomic bag


  • The grips are a bit shaky
  • 5 iron not included
  • Set not comprehensive enough for a professional golfer

6. TaylorMade M4 Men’s 4-PW Iron Set

Best for men

TaylorMade M4 Men’s 4-PW Iron Set has been designed with higher lofts, faster face and a lower COG. Its Ribcor technology  helps localize face flexibility, thus delivering more energy from the clubhead all the way to the ball with every swing. Notably, its heel and toe weighting have been optimized to help increase forgiveness and MOI thanks to the additional weight on the perimeter of the club head.

TaylorMade M4 Iron Set

The new RIBCOR technology design used ensures that the perimeter of the club head is stiff enough to focus flexibility on the hitting area to achieve greater distance. What’s more, its speed pocket structure as well as the ultra-thin leading edge collaborate to give you speed especially for shots hit low on the face. You will fall in love with the face slots that help protect ball speed. The set also features unique shaft options coupled with multiple shaft choices to give you personalized performance on the greens.


  • Convenient and versatile for golfers of all abilities
  • Designed to deliver maximum and high launch ball speed
  • RIBCOR technology ensures more distance and accuracy


  • Lower loft in each iron may affect launch or spin
  • Not preferable for women
  • The feel and sound at impact can be quite harsh

7․ Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set (12 Piece)

Best for taller players

If you are looking for a golf club set that guarantees maximum performance from tee-to-green, then the Callaway Men’s Strata Complete Golf Set got your back. This 12-piece set features 3 wood, driver, putter, 5 hybrid, PW, 2 head covers and a stand bag.

Callaway Men's Strata Complete Golf Set (12 Piece)

The 460cc lightweight forged driver has been designed with a large sweet spot and a titanium head to give you more forgiveness as you aim to hit it farther off the tee. This is coupled with an oversized 3 wood with an aerodynamic head shape that easily gives you those long, high-flying shot. Its 5 hybrid acts as a great alternative to the inconvenient long irons and this gives you more confidence during your shots. The mallet putter with alignment completes the package by offering unmatched accuracy.


  • Set provides a good combination of forgiveness, distance and control
  • Lightweight and durable stand bag with 5 convenient pockets
  • Works best for distance


  • A little too long for shorter players
  • Wood club head not too firm
  • Bag not as comfortable to carry

8․ Majek Golf All Hybrid

Best for Pro Players

Majek Golf All Hybrid is a golf club set specially designed to suit professional golfers yearning for that smooth hit. Its flexible graphite shafts are made to minimize vibrations this helping keep your joints and muscles at optimum service. The pure engineering approach used in this golf club has seen the deeper cavity back create an even tighter dispersion of shots. This feature also helps increase your accuracy when making off-center hits.

Senior Men’s Majek Golf All Hybrid Complete Full Set

The club’s aerodynamic design means more reduction in drag and this leads to higher club head speeds. The crown is designed from wide to thin to help lower the center of gravity, thus promoting higher Launch angle. Additionally its shaft is made from lightweight graphite  to help improve on the swing speed and thus offer greater distance.


  • Comfortable and firm black velvet grips
  • Ideal for correcting slicing
  • Cavity back design increases accuracy


  • Not ideal for left handed players
  • The shafts are not flexible enough
  • The driver may break or dent easily

9․ Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set

The Pinemeadow Men’s PGX Golf Set is designed to appeal to the meticulous golfer who loves to track their swing, thanks to the white finish on its wood, driver and hybrid. This finish also helps you determine how you are lined up when addressing the ball. Its steel shafts have been designed in a way that allows you to easily spank the ball without the risk of snapping your wrists.

Pinemeadow Men's PGX Golf Set-Driver

The set features a 460c lightweight driver built to offer great distance and artistic accuracy. The PVD set also features hybrid and 3 wood. With a clearly oversized wide sole irons, the golf club enables optimal launch and spin. What’s more, it comes complete with 3 custom head covers for more convenience.


  • Better visibility on address position
  • Smoother swing action
  • Durable steel shafts


  • They transfer vibrations
  • Tends to scuff much easily
  • Comes in one color

10․ Palm Springs Golf VISA Mens Club Set

Best for Taller players

Have you been struggling to find that perfect set for your 6feet- 2-inch stature? The Palm Springs Golf Club Set has been designed specifically to appeal to taller golfers. The set comes complete with 15 degree fairway wood, a 460cc driver and two hybrids. This is in addition to 5 irons and a pitching wedge.

Palm Springs Golf VISA Mens TALL GRAPHITE & STEEL Club Set & Stand Bag

The pitching wedge features a cavity back design to help you hit shots much easily with better consistency and control.  The set also features a putter with a unique head shape. This helps put more weight behind the point of impact, thus achieving that reliably solid role. What’s more, you get a lightweight stand bag as well as head covers.


  • Ideal for hitting off the grass without a tee thanks to its low profile sole
  • Ideal for taller players as it features 1-inch longer shafts
  • Pitching wedge and irons are designed to allow more forgiveness on shots


  • Not ideal for professional players
  • Shorter players are disadvantaged
  • Irons are weaker compared to standard versions

11. Confidence GOLF Men’s POWER Hybrid Club Set

Best for beginners

If you are looking for a golf club set that combines all the modern designs and style, then Confidence GOLF Men’s POWER Hybrid Club Set does just that.  The set features an oversized wood to give you a bigger sweets pot and a versatile hybrid rescue club that ensures you are out of trouble. With its cavity back irons, you arrest assured of more forgiveness.

Confidence Golf Power V3 Mens Golf Clubs Set & Stand Bag

Along with the pitching edge are 6 through 9 irons that have full cavity back for better forgiveness. The set also comes with 24-degree lofted hybrid to help you work on those challenging shots. Additionally you get a 460cc driver along with 12 degree loft for great distance and better forgiveness on shots. With a semi-mallet putter thrown in, you have a complete set. To top it all, you get an upgraded stand bag to help house all your golf clubs the beg features auto pop-out legs and plenty of pockets.


  • Friendly to beginners thanks to its large clubhead and sweet pot
  • State-of-the-art bag for better storage of your golf clubs
  • Easy to hit hybrid rescue wood


  • Not as durable compared to standard versions
  • The putter is a little heavier than normal
  • Not ideal for professional play

How to Choose the Best Golf Club: The Ultimate Buying guide

We understand that you can’t wait to hit the greens but have you taken into consideration what it takes? Getting that perfect golf club for your playing style, level and presence is not just about picking your shopping cart and picking whatever pleases the eye. If you are looking to buy a golf club set for the first time, to may be prudent to consider several factors. Most of these would border around usability, convenience, design, material and much more.

Notably, the technology used in making golf clubs keep changing by the day. For instance, golf clubs used to be made from hickory but this is no longer the case as most of them are now made from a carbon fiber known as graphite and steel.  This golf clubs buying guide will take you through all the nitty gritty you need to consider before you get shopping.

What are Your Goals for the Game?

Golf can be played on different levels and for varying reasons. As such, you will pick a golf club based on your golf goals. Are you the type that hits the greens once every few months with a set of friends or the fanatic that will use every chance they get in a day to hit the tee? If you are looking to play as a hobby, then you may not need to take too much attention to gold club specifics, but if you are a frequent player, then you will take a lot more time getting into the details.

What is Your Budget?

Golf clubs come in various price ranges. As much as high prices may not be an indication of a good golf club and vice versa, it is important that you go for a golf club that is not only affordable but also of good quality. This is especially so if you are starting out.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Golf Club

  1. Weight

Playing golf involves moving around from time to time. As such, you do not want to invest in a golf club set that is too heavy. This is especially so if you are stating out as you may not have the luxury to invest in a golf trolley. A heavy golf club means that you will wear out fast and this will deny you the chance to enjoy that all important swing.

  1. Size

When it comes to golf clubs, size matters as there is no one size that fits all. It is, therefore, prudent that you understand your playing style and consider your height to help you choose the right size. In cases where you are ordering online, you may see the need to go to local store for window shopping. This will help you determine the right size that fits your playing preference. Otherwise, you may also opt for customized sizes to get that ultimate golfing experience.

  1. Set

When it comes to buying golf club sets, you will need to understand the type and the number of clubs included. For instance, it would be a disaster to buy a golf club set only to realize that it does not include a putter or a driver. Usually, a golf club set would include a wedge, putter, hybrid, iron and a fairway wood/driver.

Apart from this, it is important that you take your time to understand the type of course you will be frequently playing on. Is the course hilly, are the holes long or short? These will give you an idea on the type of golf clubs to choose.

Type of Golf Club

Notably, golf clubs come in different types and designs. For instance, there are woods, commonly known as drivers these have a noticeably large head which help offer power and distance when driving the ball from the tee.

There are iron clubs that offer versatility in your golf club set. You can easily make use of this right from the tee all the way to the green. Iron golf clubs offer favorable strengths and speeds after striking. This makes it the best option for both long and short range shots. When it comes to iron clubs, you can opt for hollow body irons that offers even better playing experience from the regular irons or better still opt for the good old forged irons whose soft delivers a good feedback every time.

On the other hand, you may opt for the middle ground between wood and iron in the name of hybrid golf clubs. Hybrid versions offer better playability and comfort during the game.

Golf clubs also come in form of wedges. Here, you can choose between the pitching wedge and the sand wedge. The sand wedge if most preferable for bunkers since it offers the loft and chop needed to get that gold ball out of the bunker. On the other hand, the pitching wedge works best in cases where you hope to get on the green without necessarily hitting the ball too far.

Talking of wedges, you may see the need to go for the cavity-backed versions that offer more consistency and better accuracy on shots or go for the rusty wedges that are believed to help spin the ball more.

The putter is also an important part of your golf club set as these will come in handy when you are on the green. This is because you can easily hit the ball just at the right angle thanks to its flat face and heavy head.

Putters have hitherto come in black. However, the recent introduction of red butters has helped make the game even more exciting. This is especially so considering how the green background and the redhead offer just the right contrast for increased attention and focus when making shots.

Golf Club Grips

The grip is the only part of the club that is in contact with your hands during play. Based on this fact, you ought to go for one that offer a comfortable and firm feel. The grip is usually made from rubber or leather. In other instances, fiber cords are used for the same purpose. The type you go for will be solely depends on your personal preference. The best thing about grips is that you can always replace them when they are worn out.

Golf Club Shafts

Usually, a golf club shaft is made from graphite or steel. This is the material connecting the grip and the head. While steel shafts are known for better control, graphite version on the other hand thrives on flexibility. This feature however, borders on both its strength and weakness. As much as the flexibility factor on graphite generates more power for the shot, the same cannot be said on its control.

However, it is important to note that steel is scratch resistant and does not break easily. It also gives you better swing control compared to graphite. Graphite, on the other hand, is lightweight and offers more flexibility to the player. Too much flexibility can, however, mean poor control and so you may need to take this into consideration too.

In other instances, a golfer will prefer a hybrid of both to get a taste on both worlds. This will however depend on personal preference. When buying a golf clubs, it is recommended that you pay attention to its length. A longer shaft will mean more distance for your shots while on the other hand, a shorter version promises more control.

Golf Club Heads

A golf club head forms an integral part of the gold club as this determines control. The head usually has a face that hits the ball. As much as the face is considered flat, it is not vertical since it forms a ‘loft’ back into the face. Usually club heads with lower loft angle are preferable for better control. This is especially so for players with a good swing speed. However, if you have lower swing speed, then you are better off going for higher loft angle.

Additionally, club heads are available in different sizes. While a larger club head offers more surface area to hit that sweet spot, a smaller club head on the other hand helps you achieve better control that will eventually see you maneuver easily. As a rule of thumb, a standard head is 460cc or less when for tournament or professional golf clubs. However, you may still opt for over-the-limit heads if you are simply looking for a golf club head to play with friends.

Final Verdict

With all said and done, your choice of the best golf club will boil down to basic factors like your style of play, level of experience, price and design. As much as you may find cheap golf clubs in the market, it is prudent that you focus more on its effectiveness, quality and user-friendliness. These will determine how fast your pick up and improve your skills especially if you are starting up. As much as you may find durable golf clubs, taking into consideration protective items like hand covers, head covers and bags matters a great deal in helping keep your equipment protected at all times.



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