Best Mouse Traps to Get Rid of the Stubborn Mice

It goes without saying that mice are a real hazard. They chew on furniture, gnaw on electrical wiring, and worse – they carry and spread diseases such as Lyme, plague, and pox. Thus, the moment you see any sign that these little pests thrive in your home, you should take action immediately. Fortunately, getting rid of mice is easier than ever before and you don’t always have to ask for professional help. With a good-quality mousetrap, you can effectively eliminate those notorious pests in the shortest possible time.

In this guide, we will cover the best mouse traps available in the market today, their pros and cons, and what makes them a great buy. After reading this article, you should also be able to clear up any confusion you might have before rushing to purchase what you think ‘might’ be a good product with the help of our comprehensive buying guide.

Top 8 Mouse Traps Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap

Best Mouse Trap for Home Use

Made with precision stainless steel spring, the Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap includes 6 superior-quality mouse traps enough to cover an average home. If you often have issues with stolen bait, The Better Mousetrap is a good choice. Thanks to the specially designed grooves that hold the bait and secure a successful catch.

The non-absorbent plastic bait area suffocates the mouse without breaking the skin, thus, producing no blood or mess. Another interesting thing about this product is that the spring is made from stainless steel which is precisely installed to provide better ‘snap’ and ‘grip’. According to the manufacturer, this trap has 30% more force than most other traps. To clean and reuse, simply rinse the trap in the warm soapy water.

Intruder 30442 The Better Mousetrap


  • Durable and reusable
  • Made from non-absorbent plastic
  • No-touch design


  • Should be placed away from pets and children due to the large bait area

2. 30 Catchmaster Mouse Glue Board Sticky Traps

Best Glue Mouse Traps

The 30 Catchmaster Mouse Glue Board Sticky Traps will take care of a number of pests around your home, from the destructive mice to the dangerous spiders, insects and scorpions.

One package includes 30 glue traps – more than enough to provide coverage for an average home. It’s a great alternative for situations where snap traps or poisons are prohibited, especially when you have very young kids and pets at home. It measures 5″ x 8″ and can be laid flat on a surface or be folded into a square box. However, for larger rats, it’s difficult to guarantee a catch as their force may withstand the glue and walk away.

30 Catchmaster Mouse Glue Board Sticky Traps


  • Effective against multiple pests
  • Inexpensive


  • Should be placed out of range of small children
  • Rats trapped are not automatically dispatched

3. AB Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch and Release Rats Mouse Mice Rodents

Best Humane Mouse Trap

If you’re after a human approach to getting rid of mice and other rodents in your home, you won’t go wrong with the AB Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap.

This live animal trap makes it convenient to catch mice. Simply station it at your desired area and leave. The trap will do its work. This product features a strict locking mechanism to ensure that once the mouse is caught, it won’t be able to escape.

It’s very humane because it doesn’t kill nor cause any injury to the rodent caught. It also doesn’t contain chemicals or poisons, making it safe for you, your kids and your pets. The cage is made from durable materials, therefore, it’s something you can use for a long time. The only downside is that you have to take the cage somewhere else to free the mice. Make sure to release them in an area away from your home and other residences. Otherwise, they could go back or infest other homes.

AB Pro-Quality Live Animal Humane Trap Catch


  • Effective and reliable
  • Reusable
  • Has money-back guarantee


  • You have to find a release area away from your home

4. Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap

Best Trap for Large Rodents

Ideal for anyone who wants a humane approach to eliminating rodents, the Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap is easy and convenient to use.

This rodent trap features a smart circuit technology that detects the rodent as it enters the trap. Once inside, the mouse steps on the metal plates, triggering the electric circuit that delivers 8,000-volt shock. The rodent gets electrocuted for two minutes to ensure a high kill rate (since rats are capable of restarting their heart). Each time the trap catches a rodent, a ‘red light’ flashes to indicate a ‘kill’. Before the device drains one set of 4 “D” batteries, it should have eliminated up to 60 rats.

The nicest thing about the Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent is that it ensures a hands-free cleanup. Ideal for attics, basements, garages, and sheds, it produces no blood, mess, chemicals, or poison.

 Rat Zapper Ultra Rodent Trap


  • Suitable for larger infestations
  • Uses ordinary bait
  • Hands-free no touch, no view disposal


  • Drains batteries quickly

5. Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap (4 Traps)

Best Plastic Mouse Trap

Scientifically designed to deliver the right snap velocity, the Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap is a great choice if you’re in the hunt for an affordable plastic mousetrap. Known for being superior in quality, this trap features a special trigger sensitivity along with the right amount of speed to effectively capture mice in one snap. Compared to traditional wooden traps, this one has larger teeth which is specifically designed to prevent escape.

But since it’s made from plastic, it may wear out over time after several uses. For mouse traps like this, you will also need more than one to cover your entire home.

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap (4 Traps)


  • Very easy to open and latch safely
  • Can be used outdoors


  • While most rats are killed instantly, it doesn’t kill them outright all the time.

6. JT Eaton 409 Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap for Solid or Liquid Bait

Best Economical Mouse Trap

Safe, dependable and effective – the JT Eaton 409 Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap can hold both solid or liquid bait.

Made from durable plastic materials, this snap trap makes use of a high-tension spring that effectively eliminates mice and other small pests. It has a red label to confirm that the trap has been properly set. And because you can do so using your hand or foot (not fingers), it’s easier and much safer to use. Compared to other plastic traps, JT Eaton mouse traps are smaller as they are designed to fit in tight spaces. However, some customers say that the first snap isn’t always lethal. And since it’s small, larger rats have a tendency to escape.

JT Eaton 409 Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap


  • Easy to set
  • Durable construction
  • Affordable


  • Requires caution when replacing bait or resetting the trap
  • Not suitable for larger rodents like rats

7. Vensmile Humane Smart Mouse Trap No Kill Live Catch

Best Flask-type Mouse Trap

Another humane and safe way to eliminate mice, the Vensmile Humane Smart Mouse Trap features a sleek design for a successful live catch.

This very distinctive live trap is consists of a transparent flask with air holes so the mouse caught can breathe. This means even if you can’t take it out soon enough, you know that the rodent is still alive until the time you release it. What’s more, it can capture more than one mouse at a time.

Another impressive thing about this product is the 60-day money back guarantee. This means if you’re less satisfied with the results, you can return the same to the manufacturer and get your money back. The Vensmile trap is reusable and easy to use, not to mention that it’s safe for pets and children too.

Vensmile Humane Smart Mouse Trap


  • Safe and humane
  • Reusable
  • Comes with one-year guarantee


  • Finding a release area is a hassle
  • Too small for bigger rats

8. Viktor Electronic Rat Trap

Best Mouse Trap for Instant Kill

In merely three seconds, the Viktor Electronic Rat Trap would have eliminated any mouse trapped inside. Choose this product if you want a surefire way to eradicate rodents while giving them a quick no-suffering death. The best thing about this product is that it does a humane kill. There’s no unnecessary stress or suffering of the rodent. It also provides easy disposal and cleanup.

Very easy to use – simply put the bait, turn it on, and empty. Viktor features a patented design that makes escape less possible. Even more impressive, it has an ‘auto-reset’ feature which makes it ready to eliminate mouse all the time. With each kill, the indicator light located on top of the trap blinks green for up to 24 hours.

When the battery is running low, it blinks red. Take note, however, that this particular electronic trap is made for indoor use only. Rain, dust and other factors can easily deteriorate the device.

 Viktor Electronic Rat Trap


  • Can kill up to 50 mice with one set of batteries
  • Foolproof trap
  • Bait is placed in the far wall to ensure a successful catch


  • Not suitable for outdoor use

How To Choose the Best Mouse Trap: the Ultimate Buying Guide

Living with mice in your home can be unbearable. Just like you try to get rid of flies using a fly swatter, you should also consider buying a mouse trap to get rid of them. Choosing a one, however, is no simple job. There are several things to consider, such as the type, size, how many it can trap at a time, and how effective it is.

Types of Mouse Traps

  • Spring-Loaded “Snap Trap”

This is the most common type of mouse trap that’s generally made from wood or plastic. It’s usually sold in multiples and is disposable. It has a very simple mechanism, containing a spring-loaded device on one end with a thin metal bar on the other. Once the mouse crosses to get the bait, it trips the wire and the trap snaps shut.

A spring-loaded snap trap either kills the mouse by breaking its neck or spine or pins it down until you’re ready to dispose of the trap together with the mouse. This type of mouse trap is the most inexpensive one and generally fits in small areas.

However, it can be unsafe for little children and pets. It’s also kind of a gruesome way to eradicate mice and it can be difficult to clean up the mess after. Modern snap traps are reusable, like those mentioned in the reviews above because of their durable construction.

  • Glue Trap

Another inexpensive method of eliminating mice is the glue trap. It’s basically just a piece of cardboard coated with sticky resin and placed anywhere in the house or office. Once the mouse steps onto the board (which can either be baited or not), it is less likely to escape. Compared to spring-loaded snap traps, glue traps are safer for small children and pets. Eliminating a mouse is less gruesome too.

However, this method can be messy and once caught by your skin or clothing, it’s difficult to remove. When choosing a glue trap for rodents, look for one that has a really thick resin coating as some are too thin and therefore can only trap insects.

  • Live Trap

If you’re after a more ‘humane’ approach to eradicating mice, a live trap can be a better option for you. It is essentially a cage with a collapsible door. When the mouse enters, the door closes and the mouse can no longer escape. You then take the cage out somewhere and release the mouse free (although doing this can be a hassle). This type of trap is more expensive than the first two types but they are reusable.

If you’re choosing a live trap, look for a smaller cage. Bigger cages have triggering mechanisms that may not be enough to detect the presence of small mice. Multi-catch traps are also available. They are commonly used in offices and commercial spaces.

  • Electronic Trap

A much more modern and less gruesome way of eradicating mice is through an electronic trap. Unlike the glue trap and the snap trap, this one delivers an instant death, resulting to less suffering of the mouse. This one features a bait (such as peanut butter, cheese or bacon), luring the rodent to enter the tube. Once inside, the mouse gets electrocuted. If you’re going with electronic traps, consider a higher-end model that uses both battery and electricity as its power sources.

Electronic traps are easy to clean and disposing of the rodent’s body is pretty simple. They also don’t have moving parts that could pose threats to pets and children. Ultrasonic traps are also popular these days. This type uses ultrasound technology to drive away pests. However, they were not included in this review because there’s still an ongoing scientific debate on whether or not ultrasonic traps are effective.

Mouse Baits

While cheese may seem like the best bait for mice, many people swear by peanut butter. Mice love the taste and aroma of nuts and seeds. Moreover, peanut butter is sticky, therefore the mouse has to stay for awhile to eat it. This gives your trap enough time to catch the mouse. Some traps are peanut-butter scented (such as glue traps). They lure the rodent without the need for you to add an actual bait.

What is the best place for a mousetrap?

In any home, there are places with increased mouse activity. This is where you ought to place the mousetrap. When placing the trap, make sure it is next to a wall with signs of lots of rodent activity. Essentially, it is the place with visible signs of mice such as droppings, urine or foot tracks. In order to familiarize the mice with the traps, keep them unset for several days. This will tell the mouse that the trap isn’t a threat.

What is the most common mouse trapping mistake?

When setting a trap, it is hard to know how many mice you are targeting. Most people end up underestimating the number of mice present, which is one of the major mistakes. As a result, they only use a few traps. A majority of the mice remain to reign freely in the home and to breed. Within a short time, the mice population increases and the problem becomes even more complex.

Other Considerations

Choosing the best mousetrap for your home should depend on several factors. For instance, if you have very young kids as well as pets, snap traps may not be a good option. You may choose an electronic, glue trap, or live catch instead. If you can’t resist seeing a dead mouse, go for a more humane option like the live trap but you have to be prepared to dispose of it properly (release it far from your home). Furthermore, keeping your home clean is a preventive strategy to get rid of mice and other pests. If the infestation is too big for a trap to control, consider calling professionals to help you.


Rodents, especially mice, can cause so much trouble to any homeowner. Not only are they destructive (constantly chewing your furniture and other valuables), they are excellent carriers of diseases too. If you have mice living in your home, take action immediately. By taking into account the best mouse traps on this review, as well as the buying guide, you will be able to find the best product for your home.