Best Gifts For Campers You Should Not Miss

Are you looking for the best gifts for campers but are stuck in the midst of an overflowing and overwhelming selection on the market today? Let’s admit it, the Internet could give you information overload especially if you are searching for something for someone. Nevertheless, no matter how daunting the task of shopping for the right item, outdoor adventure gift ideas remains as one of the best kinds around.

We highlight some of the best gift ideas for campers that you should not miss because we want you to enjoy shopping as well as the fulfillment of seeing your recipient happy with whatever you came up with out of your shopping adventure. Shop, compare and see why these items made it on our list before you finalize any buying decision today.

Top 10 Gift Ideas For Campers in 2019

1. Buff Multifunctional Headwear

Best Affordable Gift For Campers

The outdoors could have the most unpredictable weather conditions and you need just the right gear such as this Buff Multifunctional Headwear with 100% high-quality Merino wool, a remarkable imported fabric material. You would feel the difference when you wear the eco-friendly wool fabric from non-mulesed sheep source.

Buff Multifunctional HeadwearWhy should you buy it?

On top of giving you the ideal outdoor protection from the harsh cold or weather condition, the Merino wool multipurpose buff headwear has a lightweight construction of 125G/M2, giving you the versatility of usage for all-season performance. It is comfortable and soft with natural odor resistant on top of having that quick dry property for a breathable and warm feel even when wet. This practical gift idea for campers could give you not just the right camping gear but would make you fashionably stylish while enjoying your outdoor passion.

2. PETZL Headlamp TIKKA

Gifts For Night Trails

Outdoor enthusiasts encounter all types of weather and lighting conditions and this headlamp could light up their adventures, day in and day out. The must-have gift idea comes with the 200-lumen brightness that guarantees uniform and wide beam along with the red and white lighting to stay on top of your game even in nocturnal stealth. It comes with a single on/off button for lighting mode selection and the phosphorescent reflector.

PETZL Headlamp TIKKAWhy should you buy it?

You need this perfect headlamp for trekking, camping, or even household use, which has a special design to cater to all the lighting demands of night trails. It is quite handy and practical to use since you can easily place it on your head with a snug fit that you can easily adjust. You can conveniently see where you placed your headlamp even in the dark because of its body reflector and it is fully rechargeable and compatible with CORE batteries.

3. Platypus Wine Preserver

Gift Wine Enthusiasts

Who says you could never enjoy your favorite drink when you are in the outdoors? This Platypus Wine Preserver is your perfect match if you just could not get enough of your daily dose of wine, no matter where you may be, day in and day out. The select US materials to produce this wine preserver ensure long-term use with a limited lifetime warranty. The collapsible container minimizes oxygen exposure so that wine could last up to three days, depending on how often you open it.

Platypus Wine Preserver

Why should you buy it?

As the name implies, the Platypus Wine Preserver serves as a life extender of your wine as it minimizes the exposure of the liquid to oxygen. It is easy to carry around with its lightweight construction and collapsible design for easy storage and handling. The industry grade materials guarantee superior protection from leakage while ensuring no plastic aftertaste, making it a recommended gift idea for campers and outdoor lovers.

4. Katadyn Water Filtration System

Gift For Hydration Boost

Staying hydrated in the outdoors is a necessity, not a choice, that’s why you need this Katadyn Water Filtration System to enjoy your adventure while staying fit and healthy all the time. It features the patented BeFree 0,1 micron water filter, which gets rid of the harmful organisms in the water including protozoa and bacteria. The EZ-Clean membrane makes this water filter easy to clean as it sifts 1,000 liters of water contaminants. The flow rate of its Free Flow Channels design is 2L per minute, which is impressively fast.

Katadyn Water Filtration SystemWhy should you buy it?

The innovative water filter is a handy way of staying hydrated in the outdoors while making sure that you are getting high quality and clean water all the time. The camping gift idea is unique, safe, and convenient not just for outdoor adventurers but other user groups such as militaries and health organizations with its top quality and long-lasting performance. You can get an exceptional water filtration system in a compact container, making it ideal for traveling, paddling, backpacking, camping, biking, fishing, and sailing.

5. EVAC Dry Sacks

Best Gift For Waterproof Packing

They say it’s best to pack light when camping or having any type of outdoor adventure but making sure that you have a reliable and quality item for the packing is an equally important task. The EVAC Dry Sack uses 70D lightweight nylon materials and the patented eVent waterproof fabric for the storage and compression of clothes. The high-performance Denier fabrics are extremely tough with high thread count and PU coating of 10,000mm hydrostatic head rating.

EVAC Dry SacksWhy should you buy it?

The practical gift idea for campers comes in different color variations and could hold a wide variety of items for storage and packing important outdoor stuff including sleeping bags, jackets, clothes, vests, even sleeping pads and so much more. You can spare valuable packing space with this oval shape sack with remarkably flexible contours. It is waterproof and could protect all the stuff inside through its tape-sealed and double-stitched seams.

6. KUNGIX Tent Stakes

Best Quality Tent

You are not a certified camper if you do not have the right accessories for campers and that includes the best tents and this set of high-quality tent stakes, which could withstand the harshest and most challenging of conditions in the outdoors. It features the 7075 aerospace aluminum alloy tent stake with much higher tensile strength so that you do not need to worry about your tent peg breaking. You get 10 pieces of the ultra light spikes inside the waterproof bag and the attached reflective pull cords for fast and easy storage.

KUNGIX Tent StakesWhy should you buy it?

The Kungix Tent Stakes set is the ideal gift idea for campers and outdoor adventurers that you should get because of its innovative features from the lightweight industry grade aluminum alloy to the waterproof bag and reflective cords for easy storage and handling. You can choose from five color variations of black, red, gold, blue, and silver. Campers would surely appreciate you giving them a functional accessory that all outdoor lovers must have within reach all the time.

7. Adventure First Aid Kit

Best Gift For Outdoor Safety

Safety is the utmost priority of outdoor adventurers and campers and this watertight and lightweight first aid kit is the perfect gift for them. You can conveniently carry this waterproof lightweight first aid bag on your back with a comprehensive set of first aid supplies, which remain safe and dry no matter what the outdoor condition may be. It features the water resistant outer and inner bag with waterproof zipper and taped seams.

Adventure First Aid KitWhy should you buy it?

This ultra-light first aid kit features some of the basic things you need such as the basic supplies for scrapes and cuts, pre-cut and shaped moleskin, medications for common ailments and pain management, splinter picker and tick remover forceps. The design is for all types of outdoor activities such as rafting, kayaking, canoeing, mountain biking, backpacking, hiking, climbing, and mountaineering. It is the perfect gift idea for outdoor adventurers and campers to keep you safe when you are dealing with minor cuts, scrapes, and other related conditions.

8. BRS Outdoor Gas Burner

Gift Portable Cooking

You need not to sacrifice good food especially if you are outdoors because there is always a way to cook your favorite food whether you are up in the mountains or anywhere that your outdoor adventures would lead you. The titanium camping gas stove is made from high quality and ultra-light materials so that you would not find it difficult to carry around. It features the folding design with compact dimension so that it fits your backpack or sack.

BRS Outdoor Gas Burner

Why should you buy it?

You should buy this portable and super light gas burner for yourself or for someone who loves going outdoors whether for a camping trip, trekking, mountaineering, canoeing, hiking, and everything under the sun. It is an ideal gift idea because it is light and portable yet one of the strongest and most durable stoves for its size. Most importantly, it is an innovative cooking device for outdoor activities, which is worth your money.

9. MPOWERED Solar Lantern

Best Eco-Friendly Lighting Gift

Outdoor lighting is always a challenge especially if you are looking for something that is also eco-friendly so that you reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying your choice of recreation and entertainment. The MPOWERED Solar Lantern is undoubtedly the best gift for campers in terms of lighting your location with its exceptionally durable and long lasting solar LED light. The solar powered lantern could last up to 12 long hours when you charge it for 7 hours on a single charging setting. It is collapsible, inflatable and lightweight with the waterproof and submersible design.

MPOWERED Solar LanternWhy should you buy it?

A solar lantern is an innovative gift idea that is absolutely practical and you could use it if you are into overnight camping or night trails thus, it is a functional and relevant gift for outdoor lovers and campers. You can get 10 powerful LED lights in white color, which you could actually set in three different modes namely, one second flashing, bright, and super bright. The rugged outdoor lantern has top and bottom straps so that you can comfortably clip it on your backpack or hang it on your tent.

10. Victorinox Classic Pocket Knife

Best Multi-Functional  Swiss pocket knife

The classic Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife is a timeless favorite of campers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers then and now with this item introducing new upgrades time and again. The compact lifesaver could fit in your pocket but remains to be one of the most versatile, multifunctional, and practical gears in the outdoors and beyond. It comes in stainless steel construction with Swiss-made precision, strength, and durability. One pocket knife includes a blade, nail file with screwdriver, tweezers, toothpick, scissors, and key ring.

Victorinox Classic Pocket KnifeWhy should you buy it?

There is no need to further explain why you should get the Victorinox Swiss Army pocket knife for yourself or someone who loves camping and all types of outdoor adventures. The high quality and unique product is a status symbol for practical use in varied areas as it follows exacting standards, industry grade construction, and the most stringent quality control and inspection. It is a popular and default gift idea especially if you want to find an item that all campers and outdoor lovers would immediately need and appreciate.

How To Choose Best Gifts For Campers

Shopping for the best camping gift ideas is a daunting task especially with the overflowing choices you have on the market today. We know how the task could become overwhelming if you do not have an inch of a clue which item to buy. On top of giving you our most recommended list of products with their features and the reason behind it being a valuable and practical gift, we make your shopping easier with this set of criteria to narrow down your list.

What exactly do you need to look for in an item for it to qualify as the best gift idea for campers with modern demands and preferences?


Being in the outdoors rid you of all the comforts you have at home or in your comfort zone thus, you need items that are fully functional. The best gift ideas lead you to choosing items that have multiple purposes for practical use such as helping you save on time, space, and energy when you are in the outdoors. Items with multiple functions allow you to save your money when looking for an all-in-one gift instead of buying numerous different items at the same time.


There is a thin line between affordability and quality and this is something you should master when it comes to finding the best gift ideas for your camping loved ones, friends, or colleagues. Choose an item that is affordable but not ridiculously cheap that it is questionable when you think about the overall quality of the product. However, getting the ideal gift for campers must also not drain all your savings or available money. Good thing there are numerous camping gears that you could choose from with the quality you can trust but would absolutely not break the bank.


The overall quality of the product determines how it function, look, and how long it could actually last especially if you want something that is heavy-duty for the harshest outdoor conditions. High-quality gift ideas for camping lovers and outdoor adventurers are durable and could stay functional for a long time no matter how much you used them during your trip. Some of the proven and tested items feature the finest materials such as aluminum alloy stakes for your tent or 100% Merino wool for warmers and headgears.

Oh and..

The most helpful and practical gift ideas when looking for something that your camper friend or loved one would surely appreciate could cut your time and effort when shopping. You need to choose the best item based on their quality and durability, affordability or cost, and functionality. These are important considerations to help you come up with the right stuff that would not be a total waste of time and disappointment.

We give you the list of highly recommended products for the best gifts for campers and make sure that you have a comprehensive idea of the items with reference to their links on the online market. Some of our top picks for campers vary from the simplest wool headgears to tent stakes to the most innovative water filtration systems. Our product list is as diverse and resourceful so that you can have the right product depending on the choice of your recipient and other factors such as your personal preference and budget.

Make pre-buying research because it would surely save you tons of worries when it is high time to make that important purchase. Enjoy shopping with our reliable and proven gift ideas for camping buffs and see a world of difference when you do your shopping today!