Careers in Tech for Fresh Graduates Looking for a Career Path

The Tech industry or technology industry is one of the most active and highly recruiting industries. Numerous programs and universities are also available for students looking to enter the tech industry.

The Tech industry is one of the industries which does not stop working even during rough times like the pandemic. The importance of artificial intelligence and digitalization was more cherished in tough times.

This is the reason why the tech graduate can never go unemployed. Careers for the students pursuing or completing a tech degree are immense.

The fresh graduates do look for career paths that are educational and maybe slightly risky. The open ocean of the tech industry in any country has millions of opportunities for newbies.

In the USA, there are many international students that look forward to building careers in tech. So international students are the majority with tech jobs in the USA. Performing academically and getting to work under OPT jobs can make their future brighter.

Now, let’s see what the best careers are for fresh graduates in the industry of technology one by one:

1.    Social Media Marketing

Digital or social media marketing is the job profile required to fill at every company and every organization. Digital marketers are those individuals that maintain and look after the profile of the company on social media.

Social media or any online portals are maintained by digital marketers.

As social media is something that everyone can use and operate, the fresh graduates from the tech background are more learned and interested.

Making a career path as a digital marketer can lead to a long and successful future as the importance of digital platforms is increasing day by day.

The fresh graduates may get the responsibility of maintaining an image, posting, advertising, promoting, and communicating online with the customers and clients.

2.    Web Developer

Web development is the program that is taught to the students of the tech industry. The generation of codes for making a website or developing software is the main role of a web developer.

A web developer is the job profile for the graduates who have mastered the software languages for coding. Software languages include JavaScript, Python, C++, and many more.

A web developer is a profile for the entry-level candidates as well in which they can start with a small internship in the company. Many companies have their criteria for hiring fresh graduates through training. In fact, web development is one of the best jobs without a degree you can get just by passing employer-provided trainings and internship

Web developers have a bright future and they are very much needed in every company that is looking for digital exposure.

3.    Data Analysts

Under this job profile, the roles and responsibilities are related to collecting the data from different sources. Data analysts are individuals who require the knowledge of the digital language as well.

An entry-level candidate under the tech field of study can apply for data analysts and build their career. A data analyst’s role is majorly around the formatting and collecting of the data.

Along with the tech language, a little knowledge of design can also improve the chances of promotions and appraisals.

4.    Digital Project manager

A digital project manager is a high-positioned job profile under which an individual is responsible for the tech team. The responsibility of the digital project manager leads and maintains the whole team under one specific project.

A digital project manager is the position that a tech graduate can go for if they know design platforms, teamwork, leadership skills, and many other skills under communication.

Formats, content writing, and operating digital platforms are also some of the skills that a digital project manager should know.

5.    UX Designer

UX designers are the individuals who are responsible for designing websites, software, and every other digital mode of communication.

The knowledge of UX design is very much in demand in the industry of tech and is highly paid. Multiple degrees like certification, diploma, or even graduation can help individuals become a designer.

A simple degree in science can also help a graduate to choose their career in UX design along with some training.

UX designers are in demand as they can develop a digital platform with their knowledge of tech and design. They work according to the client and their demand for service.

6.    Network engineer

The job of the network engineer is the easiest one to get. The responsibility on the other hand includes securing the data, backing up the data, and protecting important data or information of the company.

Network engineers role roams around software and applications. Installing the application or the required network to make the task complete on time and with ease.

Network engineers need not have a big degree but they can work and learn on the same spot of developing a career.

7.    Computer Support Specialist

This profile is related to the computer usage of other people. Computer support specialists provide guidance and help to people regarding the usage and operating of the computer.

Many companies and firms hire such specialists for their clients and customers. The main role of such people is to assist with computers.

There is no requirement of high qualifications to build a career as a computer support specialist.

A fresh graduate in tech can build their career under this and even work in their college or university as a computer support specialist. This can also be a start for freshly graduated tech students to learn more and get experience in the digital base.

8.    Application developer

An application developer is a professional who according to the requirement of the client develops an application.

Their role starts from knowing the requirement, then designing the application which can be easily accessible, along with providing security from all the threats.

Overall, designing according to the requirement, security, backup, and easily operable application is the role of an application developer. Coding of the application is also one of the functions.

An application developer is made within an individual during their academic days only. Many students do grow their interest in application development and thus build their careers in it.

9.    Tech Sales Engineer

For a fresh tech graduate, a tech sales job is a very good start and very rewarding. Tech sales engineers get a lot of training periods along with their work.

Along with the tech-related things, under this job profile, an individual gets knowledge about B2B lead generation, sales and marketing as well.

Tech sales engineer becomes a required individual in both marketing as well as the tech sector. Tech sales engineers start learning on their very first day and they gain lots of demands and success.

It is a low-risk job profile that can be very beneficial for fresh graduates. An undergraduate holder can apply from the science field. The graduates can learn about sales and marketing beforehand then it will be a benefit for them but if not then they can learn it on the job.

10.    Software developer

To become a Software developer, there is a need for the right coding and logical analytical skills required.

Secondly, a student can get a degree in programming and a master’s in software development separately.

It depends entirely on the student to either get a job or work as a freelancer after mastering software development programs and others. A graduate can also master programs that facilitate finding passive income jobs from home to start a career in various specialized roles and opportunities.

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