How To Take Care Of Your Nails At Home

Every woman wants wonderful-looking nails. But in order to make sure your nails are always strong and healthy, you need to be taking care of them on a daily basis. Simply by keeping them in better shape between visits to the salon, your nails will soon start to look amazing even without nail polish to pretty them up. Below are some easy tips for taking care of your fingernails so they won’t break, peel, or crack on you.

Trim your nails regularly

One of the most essential tips for healthy fingernails is to trim them regularly. So, at least once every 2 weeks give them a trim by cutting almost straight across each nail. Then you can use a nail file on the uneven edges and give them a gentle buff with an emery board to slightly round the corners.

take care of nails at home

Not only will this help them to grow, but it will also prevent your nails from getting snagged and ripping holes in your clothes. Remember too that the best time for trimming fingernails is always right after getting out of the shower as they’re much easier to cut. Keeping a nail file handy at all times is also a great idea, as you can smooth rough edges as soon as they happen.

Don’t mess with your cuticles

We’ve all heard this one a million times, but it’s worth repeating because so many of us don’t listen. Don’t mess with your cuticles. Why is this so important? Because your cuticle prevents germs from infecting your nails by sealing the area between your skin and the base of each nail.

Whenever you break that protective seal by cutting or trimming your cuticle, your nails are then completely open to infection. Just think about everywhere your fingers go. If you notice that your cuticles look a little rough, it’s a much better idea to use something with a blunt edge to gently push them back just after you are out of the shower. Other than that, just leave them alone.

Always use a base coat

Whether or not you’re planning on applying some polish, you should always apply a base coat to your fingernails. This is something you can learn all about by completing a nail technician course.

Not only does a base coat add a protective layer to help prevent nails from getting stained, but it also restores moisture for your nails to stay healthy. Plus they contain added chemicals to help them stick, sort of like liquid double-sided sticky tape.

The base coat sticks to both your nail as well as the polish to protect your nails and prolong your manicure by providing enough flexibility to move. Basically, without the elastic of a base coat, the rich colors of your nail polish would chip much faster. You can use a nail dryer to speed up time in between coats.

Moisturize your nails

The best way to ensure your nails are strong and flexible is by moisturizing them with oil. Because your fingernails need to be kept hydrated, just like the rest of your body does. Simply wipe some cuticle moisturizing oil or cream on your nails as part of your bedtime routine each night.

You can either purchase some high-quality cuticle moisturizer, avocado oil, or almond oil from your local pharmacy or beauty shop, or you can just use lip balm. Ultimately this will help stop your nails from becoming dry, flaky, and brittle.

Stop biting your nails

Obviously, you should never chew or bite your nails. But while you probably already know you shouldn’t, not everyone knows why. Apart from your nails looking terrible, there are also oral bacteria and other germs from our mouths which can be really bad for our health if they access our bloodstream beneath our nails. So if you struggle with breaking this difficult habit, try using a layer of clear gel to stop you from biting through your nails.

Alternatively, you can use bitter-tasting nail polish to help discourage you from putting your nail in your mouth. And never bite off ragged bits of the nail when they happen because it will often cause your nail to tear which can ultimately damage your nail bed.

Whether you always have your nails painted with pretty colored polish and designs, or you like a more natural style, these tips above will help change up your nail game for the best.