Best Pallet Jacks to Make it Easy for You

Moving heavy items around your home or at your place of work requires strategy, strength, and a dependable heavy lifting tool. Straining our backs as we try to lift heavy stuff will not only cause serious fatigue but may also lead to the development of chronic back problems as you grow older. Investing in a material handling and movement tool will prove worthy of your money time since it makes life much easier. Pallet jacks, also known as pallet trucks, is what you should invest in to help lift items around you.

While pallet jacks are seen as products for a busy warehouse, there’s a wide range of designs that includes small jacks for home use or a small business establishment. Choosing the right pallet truck for your intended use requires careful consideration of the size of the pallets that need to be stacked and their weight.

The best pallet jacks are sturdily built to help you lift items safely and quickly. We have compiled a list of the best pallet trucks available in the market that are efficient, expertly crafted and will provide you with a safe stacking experience.

Top 11 Pallet Jacks of 2020 Reviewed

1. Mighty Lift ML55-2 Heavy Duty Pallet Jack

Best Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck

Strain no more when loading and offloading heavy materials by investing in this ML55-2 Heavy Duty Pallet Jack from Mighty Lift. It’s a galvanized one-piece truck pump that is suitable for a busy enterprise and can handle a large load without caving in. It has a weight capacity of 5,500 pounds and weighs only 160 pounds. It features German-made seal kits which guarantee quick and smooth lifting and lowering of loads.

It boasts of an ergonomic handle that has been reinforced using protective shock-absorbing coating for enhanced user experience. The forks are made of high tensile steel and have an extra 15-inch reinforcement to ensure better performance even in a harsh material handling environment. The pallet jack comes with foot control to ensure efficient and safe operation. There are also ten grease fittings spread all over the product to ensure better lubrication and easy maintenance.


Mighty Lift ML55-2 Heavy Duty Pallet Jack


  • German seal kits for smooth lifting
  • Ergonomic handle with shock-absorbing coating
  • Foot control for safe operation


  • Doesn’t include a scale
  • Not ideal for wide pallets
  • Needs constant lubricating

2. Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack

Best Manual Pallet Jack Truck

Invest in the Crown PTH Pallet Jack to easily handle material movement in your enterprise. It’s a hand pallet jack with an ergonomic handle that gives you a good grip as you push pallets around. The three-position lever is designed to raise items easily, lower them, or have them in a neutral position. The manually operated hand pallet truck is made of heavy-duty steel that will provide you with quality extended service for years to come.

The overall width of the pallet jack is 27 inches with 14.4inches between the forks to accommodate sizeable pallets. The forks have a length of 48 inches to handle long pallets and a fork clearance of 2.95 inches for better maneuverability. For easy movement, the pallet jack is fitted with seven articulated wheels that have a 200-degree steering angle.

Crown PTH Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack


  • Ergonomic handle and three-position lever
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Seven wheels with a great steering angle


  • No brakes for downhill loading
  • Price on the higher side
  • Lots of imitations in the market

3. Pallet Jack Hand Pallet Truck Heavy-Duty

Best Heavy Duty Pallet Jack

Looking for a jack that can efficiently lift and lower pallets in your business? You have come to the right place. The Pallet Jack, by Flybold, provides a high lift ratio with only a few pumps. Thus, it is capable of lifting a heavy pallet with minimal effort. Similarly, you can take this pallet jack through the lowering motions better than similar products. It is for these reasons and more that it is considered the best heavy-duty pallet jack, anywhere.

The pallet jack comes with a pair of cushioned handles that are comfortable to hold, pull, and push. Don’t expect to get blisters in your hands while using this pallet jack. It comes with abrasion-resistant wheels that can support pallets of the heaviest weights while preventing marks on the floor. You can use this pallet jack in small and tight spaces, primarily due to the 192-degree turning abilities. The powder-coated surface is both scratch-free and rust-resistant. The ISO-certified has an anti-wear hydraulic system and promises to provide a long life of service.

Pallet Jack Hand Pallet Truck Heavy Duty



  • It can make sharp turns of 192 degrees and operate in tight spaces
  • Has a lever handle and footswitch for quickly lowering pallets
  • It has an ISO-certified, leak-proof hydraulic system


  • Some customers experienced poor customer service
  • It is hard to adjust the tie-in release point
  • Reports of the jack arriving with some scratches

4. Source Pallet Jack

Best Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck

Easily move your load from one level to the next with this hand pallet from Source that’s ergonomically crafted to provide you with hustle free movement. It has a fork length of 48 inches with an outside to outside width of 27 inches which will adequately grip your pallet when loading or offloading. The three-position lever on the handle allows you to easily operate the pallet jack during movement.

The fork tips are tapered, which allows easy entry and exit when loading. It boasts of heavy steel construction that can handle the heavy lifting of weights of up to 5,500 pounds. It also has a heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder that allows you to load and offload from any height. It comes with polyurethane wheels that enable easy movement while pushing a load from one point to the next.

Source Pallet Jack



  • Can handle a weight of up to 5,500 pounds
  • Tapered fork tip for easy entry and exit
  • Three-position lever on the handle


  • May jam from time to time
  • Horrible instructions
  • Not for light use

5. SAGA Pallet Jack

Best Battery-Powered Pallet Jack Truck

Spare your back from any heavy lifting by investing in this digital pallet jack from SAGA. It boasts of a digital scale that helps you quickly determine the weight of your pallets. The scale displays weights of up to 6,600 pounds and has a keypad that lets you switch between kilograms and pounds (LB/KG). The LCD has a backlight for better visibility and a zero function for improved accuracy.

When lowered, the forklift has a height of 3 1/3 inches and measures 7 ½ inches when raised. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that will provide you with extended battery life when fully charged. The pallet jack has a strong steel construction that will provide you extended material handling service. The pallet jack comes backed by a one-year limited warranty.

SAGA Pallet Jack



  • Can handle weights of up to 6,600
  • LCD display
  • Advanced digital scale


  • Short battery life
  • Doesn’t attach easily to a pallet at times
  • Better accuracy required

6. G941 Semi-Electric Pallet Truck

Best Semi-Electric Pallet Jack Truck

Make work easy in your warehouse as you load and offload pallets using the GP41 semi-electric pallet truck. It features an electric forward and reverse mode which lets you easily push any load. It also comes with a hydraulic pump that helps you lift loads to your desired height. The forks are 48 inches long and easily attach to your pallet. It has two wheels that move smoothly and an ergonomic handle with a lever that turns easily. Its battery-powered where the battery is easy to remove and can provide you with six hours of service when on full charge.

G941 Semi-Electric Pallet Truck



  • Semi-electric for easy operation
  • 48’’ forks for easy attachment
  • The lever that easily turns


  • Battery dies out fast
  • The electrical component may stop working
  • Poor customer service

7. Strongway Mini Pallet Jack

Best Mini Pallet Jack Truck

If you are looking to move small pallets, then Strongway is the way to go. Its mini pallet jack can handle a weight of 2,200 pounds using the sturdily built forks. The steel forks have tapered ends that ensure a smooth entry into the pallets. It boasts of two non-marking seven-inch wheels made of polyurethane and turns to a 180-degree radius.

The pallet jack also has 2-inch guide rollers for hustle-free entry into pallets. Its hydraulic pump is fully welded and leak-proof for easy lifting. The three function handle is easy on your hands and can be depended on for lifting and lowering of loads. The poly steering wheels have a turning radius of 190 degrees.

Strongway Mini Pallet Jack



  • Steel forks with tapered ends
  • Non-marking poly wheels
  • Leak-proof hydraulic pump


  • Small weight capacity
  • Not for a busy environment
  • Delicate

8. 82 Long Pallet Jack

Best Long Pallet Jack Truck

Make work easier and faster in your warehouse with this long pallet jack from 82. It has a three-position hand control with three modes; raise, neutral, and lower. For lowering it can reach a height of 3 inches and a height of 7.5 inches for raising. It has two polyurethane wheels with a diameter of seven inches for easy movement on a variety of floors. Its frame is reinforced to comfortably support a weight capacity of 5,500 pounds.

M20L Heavy Duty Pallet Jack Truck




  • Long reach of up to 72 inches
  • Three control mode
  • Wide wheels for easy movement


  • Not ideal for short pallets
  • Short
  • Some have issues turning the handle

9. Big Joe Electric Power Pallet Truck Jack

Best Electric Pallet Jack Truck

Loading and offloading pallets has never been easier thanks to this Big Joe Electric Truck Jack. It’s powered by a 24V AC high torque that drives and lifts the motors. Its multi-function handle allows you to operate using either your hand or the thumbs that operate the throttle to lift and lower items. For safety, it has a reversing function and a loud horn to alert anyone of its presence, which reduces the occurrence of accidents in the workplace.

Additionally, it has a quick-release emergency brake that cuts power when the handle is released. The product also comes with an 85Ah absorbed gas mat (AGM) batteries that are low maintenance. Its polyurethane wheels roll smoothly on the surface for a friendly loading and offloading experience.

Big Joe Electric Power Pallet Truck Jack



  • Quick-release emergency brake
  • Loud horn and reverse function
  • Polyurethane wheels that roll easily


  • Heavy
  • The battery runs out fast
  • Some find the horn too loud

10. Eoslift M25 Heavy-Duty Hand Pallet Truck/Pallet Jack

Best SteeL Frame Pallet Jack Truck

Increase performance and efficiency when handling materials by investing in the Eoslift M25 that comes with a heavy-duty construction. It has a solid finish with superior durability, having been built using advanced robotic welding technology. It has an ergonomic handle with a hydraulic pump to help lift weights of up to 5,500 pounds.

The ergonomic handle has a loop design that helps reduce fatigue among the pallet jack operators. The pallet jack has rollers with tapered ends on the forks that helps with easy entry and exit into the pallets. The 7-inch poly steer wheels move smoothly on the surface and allow easy turning.

Eoslift M25 Heavy-Duty Hand Pallet Truck/Pallet Jack


  • Built using advanced robotic technology
  • Ergonomic handle with three control positions
  • Forks have tapered ends for easy entry and exit


  • Quite manual
  • Needs more safety features
  • Not for rough surfaces

11. Prime Scales PS-5000PJ Pallet Truck

Best LCD Screen Pallet Jack Truck

The PS-5000PJ is a new and advanced scale from Prime Scales that provides you with a cost-effective and efficient way to load and offload items. It has a durable construction that lifts weights of up to 5,000 pounds without caving in. It has a low profile that easily fits into pallets with an opening of 3.5 inches or more. It also boasts of a digital scale with an LB/KG conversion options that let you weigh your loads.

The large LCD screen displays the readings with a zero function for increased accuracy. The digital scale is contained in a stainless steel enclosure that’s waterproof. It’s powered by a rechargeable battery that can provide you with 100 hours of battery life when on a full charge.

Prime Scales PS-5000PJ Pallet Truck



  • Extended battery life
  • Large LCD display for the digital scale
  • Durable construction


  • Not the best for a harsh environment
  • The battery may need replacement after a while
  • Short charging cord

How to Choose the Best Pallet Trucks – Ultimate Buying Guide

Heavy lifting and poor posture are the leading causes of chronic back problems, and it’s best to avoid straining it at whatever cost. When in a busy industrial set-up, loading and offloading of materials is the order of the day. For better material handling and utilization of available space, loads are often stacked using pallets. Depending on the weight of the load and the height clearance, pallet stacking is one of the most popular methods of storage in a warehouse. To conveniently and safely raise or lower pallets, you will need a pallet jack also known as a pallet truck, pallet pump, and pump truck or in some areas a jigger.

Types of Pallet Jacks

Pallet jacks come in a wide range of designs and modes of operation. Let’s explore the most common types that you are likely to come across:

  • Manual Pallet Jack – This is the most common and cheapest pallet jack that you will come across. It has a simple design of a steel frame with a hydraulic pump and a handle that you use to pump up and down as you raise or lower loads. Most of the manual pallet trucks have a load capacity of 5,000 to 5,500 pounds. An operator manually positions the two forks under the pallet, raises it off the floor and pushed it using the handle. This type of pallet jack is best for small spaces where height isn’t a major consideration, such as in grocery stores or backroom warehouses.
  • Electric Pallet Jacks – It’s usually twice the size of a manual pallet jack and is powered using an on-board battery pack. The operator walks behind or alongside it and presses buttons to lift or lower loads. Most of them have a load capacity of 4,500 to 6,000 pounds and can easily maneuver most spaces. However, the need to be recharged often and are not ideal for big warehouses since the operator will get tired walking along with it.
  • Rider Pallet Jack – This type takes care of the operators since it comes with sitting space for them to operate the pallet jack from. It works like an electric pallet jack with fewer controls for increased efficiency. While it makes work easier for the operator, it may expose them to more warehouse hazards and is also quite heavy, which causes serious damages in case of accidents.
  • Weighing Scale Pallet Jack – The unique thing about this pallet jack is that it displays the weight of your load on a digital display screen. This is a great feature, especially in big factories and warehouses for better material handling and efficient monitoring of loads. Some of the products even allow you to print the loaded weight for better reference.

Important Considerations When Buying a Pallet Truck

  • Fork Length – This is the most crucial determinant of what the tool can or can’t carry, and you need to ensure that the length is correct. Too long or too short forks will impact heavily on the maneuverability of the load and may result in reduced efficiency. When it’s long, the pallet jack will need a wider turning circle, and if it’s too short, it may not support the weight of the load fully.
  • Weight capacity – Each pallet jack has the maximum amount of load that it can comfortably handle without caving in or toppling over. Most manufacturers will provide details of the maximum amount of weight that should be loaded on the pallet jack. Exceeding this load capacity may not only cause the product to break but also poses serious safety issues to the operator.
  • Unit Weight – The weight of the pallet jack is also important since the tool will weigh quite a significant amount which may take a toll on some surfaces. It’s important to stay away from pallet jacks that are too heavy since they may damage the warehouse and other items in it.
  • Lift Height – There’s also the maximum height that a given pallet jack can raise items without toppling over. It’s important to factor this into your choice, depending on the stacking process in your warehouse or storage area.
  • Wheels – For easy movement as the pallet is pushed around or moves on its own, most come with wheels. Different materials are used to make these wheels with the most common being polyurethane and steel. Ensure that the pallet jack you choose has sturdily built wheels that will not cause damage or leave marks on the floor.

Pallet Variation

Before we wrap up, it’s important that we highlight the variations of pallet jacks that you may come across. They are;

  • Adjustable jacks – These have forks whose width can be adjusted to be narrower or wider depending on the construction of the pallet. Ideal for warehouses with pallets that have different sizes.
  • Stainless steel – These have been constructed using high-grade steel that has been galvanized to prevent corrosion, chipping, scratching, or rusting. Ideal for harsh material handling environments.
  • Narrow – These are similar to the manual jack pallets only that their width is 18 inches instead of 27 inches. They are ideal for maneuvering storage spaces with narrow alleys.
  • Mini Pallet Jack – This is usually the lightest model available and usually weighs about 30 kgs with a load capacity of about 1,100 pounds. Ideal for loading items into a truck or light lifting activities.


Taking care of your back and that of your employees is important to ensure maximum productivity at the workplace. Hopefully, this review has provided you with valuable information on the best pallet jack trucks that will help you load and offload pallets safely and efficiently.

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