Best Email Validation Services To Confirm Lower Bounce Rate

Email marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with customers, both old and new. However, your ability to send them an email is largely dependent on the validity of the email addresses on your list. Wrong email addresses will not only stop you from sending your email, but it will also cause you to become blacklisted. Once you’re on an email blacklist, none of your emails are going to get through, even if you got some of their email addresses right. To ensure that your email marketing efforts do not go in vain, you’re going to need to make sure that your email list is clean. The only way to do that is to use email validation services. Of course, you can’t just pick any service provider. You’ve got to find one that’s thorough, leaving you with a clean, fully deliverable email list that you can work with. If you’re looking for the best email validation service for your business, we’ve got just the list for you:

Top 10 Email Validation Services of 2020 Reviewed

1. Email Oversight

Score: 0/10

If you want to be smart about your email marketing, you’ll need an email validation service that does more than just filter out undeliverable addresses. Email Oversight does that. As a verification engine, this cleans 99.5% of your emails which improves your email deliverability and sender reputation. It identifies known spam traps, bots, dormant accounts, and other email-related problems. The service syncs with MailChimp and Constant Contact so you can easily validate emails whenever needed.

Managing your data has never been this easy or fast. The program can process 2 million records in 24 hours. Even better, your data is always secure due to PGP encryption and decryption at every point during the work-flow process. But that’s not all.

Email Oversight also offers Data Enrichment Services so you can get the most out of your email marketing campaigns. This extra service enables you to gather more data about your customer such as name, address, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, and interests. With this data, you can segment your users better.
You can also reverse email append. Meaning, you can input data and use it to find the email address associated with it. Other highlights of this service include an email verification API and postal validation. If you’re not sure Email Oversight is the service for you, you can sign up to get free 200 credits (1 credit = 1 email verification) as well as a 30-day free trial, however be aware the service is pretty expansive and quality is lower then for others. 

2. Validity

Just like Email Oversight, Validity offers more than just email validation services. But before we get to that, let’s talk about BriteVerify. This is the company’s email verification software that is so easy to use. You can drag and drop your email list into the window.

After scanning your list, you can immediately see the total number of records as well as the cost before you say ok. You can also integrate it with your email service provider (ESP) such as Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Mailerlite, and many more. Which means you can easily verify email addresses just before you send out your newest newsletter to your subscribers. The software removes the risky emails directly from your list or email platform. Plus, you get a Risky report which lets you know what were the problems found on your list.


Aside from BriteVerify, Validity also offers a number of other software solutions such as ReturnPath which helps you improve your sender reputation and optimize your email marketing program. The only things we don’t like about Validity is the pricing and the lack of a free trial or even free credits! A penny per email doesn’t seem like much but if you have a hundred thousand on your list, then you’re going to shell out a thousand bucks for it. In addition, you can’t try out the service first before making your final decision.

3. NeverBounce

 Like a lot of email validation services, NeverBounce offers single email verification through their API and bulk email verification. Its verification process includes mail server validation, domain health check, DNS and MX validation, and syntax checks. That’s not all. This provider also automatically removes duplicate email addresses on your list at no charge.NeverBounce

So, you don’t need to worry about spamming your subscribers. In addition, it removes high risk or potentially problematic email addresses from your list, protecting your sender reputation. According to NeverBounce, they can process 10,000 email addresses within 2 to 10 minutes, around 100,000 email addresses in 45 minutes. That’s incredibly fast which reduces wait time for you. What we like about NeverBounce is the fact that you get 1000 free email verifications through their API per month.

So, you can filter out bad emails right away, before they even get included on your list. Plus, their rate is much cheaper than BriteVerify at only $0.005 per address for email lists with 10k to 100k email addresses. Moreover, they verify B2B and B2C emails. However, it doesn’t try to fill out missing fields on your email list using information that can be found online, a feature that is offered by other service providers.

4. Xverify

Xverify is a trusted brand in this industry with more than 7 years of experience and 2 office locations in the US. One of the best things about this service provider is the customer’s ability to speak directly with an email consultant to learn about their services, plans, etc. You’ll find it much easier to make a decision because all the information is given to you.

Another reason to love Xverify is that they are certified in the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework and the Swiss-US Privacy Shield Framework for data security. The bulk email verification service catches high-risk email addresses that may damage your sender reputation. It also looks for habitual complainers, bad domains, spam keywords, role-based accounts, and disposable email addresses (DEA).Xverify

Even better, it monitors your own IPs to see if you’ve been blacklisted and has built-in fraud protection to ensure that any email addresses provided to you are not temporary accounts or linked to an online fraudster. Like many of the email validation services, Xverify can also be integrated with several ESPs including MailChimp, Marketo, iContact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor, and SendGrid.

5. Clearout

Clearout Email Verification and Email Finder tool works towards expanding reach, lowering hard bounces, and improving email deliverability rates. It is designed to improve sales and marketing efforts by simplifying the way of discovering and reaching the ideal prospects via emails. Clearout is one of the must-have tools to execute an email campaign successfully. Its Email Verification tool ensures that you are reaching out to the right address, reduces bounce rates, and improves email deliverability. And its Email Finder tool works towards expanding your reach by fetching the verified email address of your leads.
ClearoutIt offers real-time validation, bulk validation with 98% accuracy & many powerful features like WordPress plugin, Google sheets add on, JavaScript widget, Domain/Email whitelisting & Blacklisting, Gibberish check & Anti greylisting along with seamless API, and various integration. The WordPress plugins and JavaScript widgets can be used with all your forms, landing pages, apps to ensure capturing of valid hot leads in real-time.
Clearout comes with different pricing plans: pay as you go plan to start at 3000 credits at $21 and monthly & yearly subscription/customized starting at 5000 credits at $23.2. You also get 100 credits for a free trial.


6. ZeroBounce

Like most of our other picks, ZeroBounce offers single and bulk email verification services. Through its API, you can already filter out bad or invalid email addresses. It automatically detects typos, temporary email addresses, invalid domains, role-based domains, and possible fraudulent email addresses. Their bulk email validation system, on the other hand, lets you clean your subscriber list by removing bad emails such as spam traps, habitual complainers, and catch-all email addresses.

What we like even more is the fact that ZeroBounce also adds valuable metadata to your list. It fills out missing fields, gathers information such as the full name and gender of your leads, and even gets the geolocation data of your email addresses. With this added data, you’re able to know more about your subscribers and better segment your list so you can market the right product and information to them.


In addition, the company also offers ZeroBounce A.I. which is an email scoring system that rates the value of each email address on your list. Similar to other service providers, you can integrate ZeroBounce with numerous ESPs such as Cloudflare, ActiveCampaign, Asana, AWeber, Constant Contact, and many more. That’s not all.

One of the highlights of their service is data security. Not only is the company approved for the EU-US Privacy Shield, but they also use military-grade ciphers to encrypt your data. They also delete your data from their system every 30 days so your data is always protected.

7. Webbula

Protecting your sender reputation and email deliverability is easy through Webbula. It offers a variety of services that will not only identify invalid emails on your list, it also scans for hidden and malicious threats such as spam traps to prevent your IP from getting blacklisted.

Webbula’s email verification service scans your list for fake emails, invalid emails that will hard bounce, and typos, All you need to do is drag and drop your list for cleaning. Their Email Hygiene service, on the other hand, identifies fakes, bots, seeded trackers, disposable domains, spam traps, honeypots, complainers, zombies, and other delivery and conversion threats.

Similar to Email Oversight, Webbula also offers data appends to help you better segment your customers and accurately target them for promos, discounts, etc. Not sure if you’d like their services? Well, Webbula also offers a free trial. The only thing we dislike about them is the fact that they don’t have pricing plans published on their website which makes it slightly harder to compare them to competitors.

8. EmailListVerify

Bulk email verification was never this simple. With EmailListVerify, you can clean your list with 99% accuracy and a guarantee of a 10x reduction in bounce rates. This verification engine has an 8 step-process which includes domain and SMTP validation, syntax verification, catch-all domains checking, spam-trap detection, MTA validation, MX records validation, hard bounce checking, email duplicates removal, and disposable emails cleaning. In addition, the service also detects abusers (spam complainers), bad domains, and spam keywords.EmailListVerify

The company also offers real-time email checking through their API. You can integrate this verification service with several ESPs including Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Sendgrid, and Mailerlite. One of the best things about EmailListVerify is that you get a 10-day free trial where you can verify 1,000 emails (100 emails per day).

You don’t even have to provide a credit card to do get the trial. Plus, the turnaround time is pretty quick, around 120 minutes. Moreover, they offer pay-as-you-go plans that are a lot more affordable compared to other providers. However, online customer support is limited. And there’s not a lot of details included in their report.

9. EmailHippo

EmailHippo has been around since 2009, a trusted email verification service. It offers three products. The first one is CORE which is their bulk email verification service which scans your email list for syntax errors, burner/temporary emails, spam traps, and catch-all mail servers. What we love about this product is that you can control what file you download and view.

You can view at-a-glance summaries through the dashboard so you understand your data better. You can download the entire list at once which now includes detailed results. Or, you can choose to download by result type if you don’t have time to go over all the data at once. Aside from the bulk email verification service, EmailHippo also offers an API for email validation.EmailHippo

This service includes spotting emails that are blacklisted and domains that charge gatekeeper fees, detects role-based email addresses and temporary email addresses, and syntax errors. Other features include MX record checking, Greylist detection, spam, and fraudulent email detection, dark web link checks, freemail detection, and mail server location checks. With so many features offered to ensure the quality of your email list, it’s no wonder why EmailHippo is still around a decade after it began.

10. MyEmailVerifier

If you’re looking for an affordable email verification service, then you should definitely check out MyEmailVerifier. This service provider offers pay-as-you-go plans that are less than half the cost of most other providers. There are also prepaid plans you can choose from if that’s more your style.

That’s not all. You can even try it out for free with 100 email credits to see if their service works for you. So, what does their verification engine do? It features a syntax verifier based on IETF standards, domain/MX record checker, role account detector, catch-all detector, SMTP verification, free domain checker, and greylist domain detection. MyEmailVerifier also offered improved validation for Yahoo emails, both free and business.MyEmailVerifier

Plus, if you want to filter out bad emails before it gets to your database, you can use their API for real-time verification. Turnaround time is also pretty fast with this verification service. Its system can verify more than 1000 emails in 10 to 15 minutes. It takes 0.75 seconds for the system to verify one email. The only thing we dislike about this service provider is that it doesn’t automatically delete duplicate emails.

11. DataValidation

DataValidation is an email deliverability solution provider that lets you clean up your subscriber list directly from your ESP (like Mailchimp, SendGrid, etc.) or using their API. Unlike other providers, DataValidation offers both real-time verification and batch email verification through their easy-to-use API.

In addition, the system features an email monitoring service which periodically checks the health of your list so you know when you need to run it through verification again. Your results are archived on the platform so you can access it anytime you need to. You can upload large files that contain up to 500,000 email addresses which make it perfect for companies with a large database. Plus, DataValidation rates each email address with an “Email Assurance Grade” based on a number of factors such as unsubscribes, history of clicks, bounces, etc.DataValidation

The service detects duplicate emails (which it removes), catch-all accounts, habitual complainers, honeypots, and spam traps. In case you’re wondering, your data is pretty secure with DataValidation because they are GDPR Compliant.

How to Choose an Email Validation and Verification Service: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Email marketing may be old school but it’s one of the most effective ways to find customers and retain them. It enables you to create a relationship with customers, old and new. Best of all, it has an ROI of 3,800% which means that for every $1 you spend, you can earn an average of $38. Not bad, right?

However, email marketing isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of factors that you’ll need to consider in order to make it an effective channel for your brand. But before you can even look into how you can create the perfect email campaign, you first need to ensure that your email will be landing in the right place – your customer’s inbox. 

That’s pretty easy, right? Well, it depends. It’s not unusual for customers to input the wrong email address. Maybe they misspelled it. Maybe it was intentional. It could also be that you wanted to give your email marketing a head start by purchasing an email list. Whatever the case may be, there are bound to be invalid email addresses on your list. 

Now, it doesn’t seem like such a big deal. So what if you have a couple or more wrong email addresses? Big deal. Well, it is, in fact, a big deal. First, it means that you carefully crafted email isn’t going to be received by some of your targets. Worse, invalid email addresses mean that you will get a high unknown user rate. This is the number of times that your email bounced back because you sent it to an unknown user.

This unknown user could be an email address that has never existed, one that is no longer being used by anyone, an address that has been terminated by the mailbox provider, or, worse, a spam trap (an email address used to trap spammers). If this number is high, it indicates to ISPs that you are not practicing good email marketing list management.

It also indicates to the ISPs that you are not trustworthy, possibly a spammer. Not someone whose email should be landing in their user’s inbox. If this happens, your email address is then included in a blacklist which results in one of two things. Your emails will either end up in the spam folder or never get delivered at all. You lose not only money and time. You may lose customers too.

This is where email validation services come in. If you want to make sure that your list is clean – no invalid email addresses insight – you’re going to need to use an email validation service to sniff out the good from the bad.

Aside from ensuring you’re only sending out emails to people who actually exist, managing a clean email list does one more thing for you. It helps improve your sender reputation. The better your sender reputation is, the more likely your email will land right where it should. 

How Does an Email Validation Service Work?

Obviously, it filters out invalid email addresses from your list. But how does it do that? Well, there are three main steps used in any email validation service:

Step 1: Email Syntax & Formatting Check

The service checks your list of email addresses if any are not formatted according to the standardized email formatting requirements or the specific formatting requirements used by certain email providers such as Yahoo.

For example, Yahoo email addresses cannot start with a number. Because of the complex nature of email formatting rules, it’s not really possible for anyone to check their list manually. With a verification engine, the list can be checked out in milliseconds.

Step 2: Domain Confirmation

Once the format of each email address has been checked, the next step is to check the domain name. The verification engine checks the DNS records to make sure that it’s valid and active. It also checks if the MX or mail exchanger can receive mail. If either the domain name is invalid or the MX is unable to receive mail, then the email address is considered invalid. 

Step 3: Mailbox Verification

If everything goes well in the first two steps, then the last thing that the service will do is to make sure that this specific mailbox exists. It does that by using the SMTP protocol to ping the mailbox and verifying if it can receive an email. Take note that a legitimate email validation service will do this without actually sending an email message to the email address. 

Other Features

A lot of email validation services also offer extra features, risk assessment tools that will further ensure that potentially problematic email addresses are removed from your list. Some of these tools include catching duplicate email addresses, spam traps, catch-all email services, temporary email addresses, and role accounts (email addresses that start with admin@, postmaster@, info@, and sales@).

Some email validation services provide real-time email verification by enabling you to integrate an API in the system you use to collect customer data such as a sign-up form on your website. 

How Do You Choose the Best Service?

Because there are a lot of email verification services, it can be difficult to find which one will work best for you. Each company uses its own algorithms and servers. As we’ve also mentioned, the addition of risk assessment tools will vary. To find the best service for your business, you should invest time in learning more about each service using the questions we’ve listed below.

  • Who are They?
    • Your email list is gold. One of your company’s most valuable assets. So, you should make sure that you will entrust it only to a company that has a solid reputation. Don’t risk your data getting lost or stolen. Maybe even sold. Check their website to see if they have a physical address and phone number you can reach. Get in touch with them to verify their services. Make sure to read reviews.
  • Do They Have the Right Amount of Experience?
    • Validating email addresses is very complex. Being able to contact various mail servers using their preferred methods requires a large network of servers. They will also need to develop algorithms and databases. Plus, they must have a good server reputation. All of these things take time and continuous updates. Steer clear of email validation services that have just popped up. Stick with the ones that have several years of work under their belt.
  • What Kind of Data Security Do They Have?
    • Data security is important. We all know that, but not everyone practices it. Even companies. Because you will be handing over your data, it is important that you make sure that what the policies of the company are on data security and retention. Where will your data be stored? Do they use HTTPS/SSL connections? Make sure to read their Terms of Service and any other information they provide regarding data security.
  • Do They Have Multiple Plans Available?
    • No two businesses are alike. Your email validation service should know that and offer multiple plans to meet the various needs of different business owners. 
  • Do They Send Emails?
    • As we’ve already mentioned, a legitimate email validation service will NEVER send an email to an address on your list. They shouldn’t need to.  Any provider that does this during their verification process cannot be trusted.

Top 5 Comparison Table

Still not sure which email validation service is right for you? We’ve created this table comparing the top 5 service providers on our list. 

Email Oversight Validity NeverBounce Xverify ZeroBounce
Cost (100k Verification) $400 $1000 ($0.01 per email up to 250K emails verified) $500 ($0.005 per email up to 100k emails verified) $400 ($0.0050 per email from 50k to 100k emails verified)  $400
Free Email Verifications 200 credits none 1,000 single email verifications (API only) 100 credits 100 credits
Accuracy Ratio 99.5% 98% 99.9% 98% 98.8%
Turnaround Time 2 million records in a 24 hour period 100-110 minutes for 100,000 credits 100,000 emails completed in 45 minutes. 100,000 email addresses in 1 hour 100,000 email addresses within 1 to 2 hours
Real-Time Verification API Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extra Features Data Appending & Enrichment Services; Identifies spam traps, complainers, bots, and litigators Offers other software products such as Return Path, TrustAssessments, and DupeBlocker Team accounts, free email list analysis, identify role accounts, and email network information Scans for habitual complainers, spam keywords, role-based accounts, and disposable email addresses (DEA), and IP blacklisting; Also includes built-in fraud protection and affiliate marketing options Catches spam traps, spam complainers, catch-all addresses. Also has A.I. email scoring and email list append.
Free Trial 30-day Free Trial No Yes Yes Yes
Integrations Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, and Sales Force Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Mailerlite, etc. Aweber, Agile CRM, Constant Contact, Contactually, Cognito Forms, Hubspot, Mailchimp, etc. Mailchimp, Marketo, iContact, AWeber, Campaign Monitor,  SendGrid, etc. Cloudflare, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Magento, Zoho, etc.
Multiple Plans Available Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Another service you may want to check, which allows you to find online information on a person is one of the best background check services.

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