Best Weed Grinders To Make Things Easier For You

If you’re any kind of a cannabis user, then a good weed grinder is a must in your weed paraphernalia no matter how you prefer to consume your cannabis. Not only do grinders make your life easier, but it also gives you more bang for your bud. The best grinder should provide you with a smooth grind which means that it systematically cuts your weed into small, uniform pieces all the time. If you want your weed to have an extra kick, then you want to be able to collect some kief – which is the fairy dust that contains a high concentration of THC – with your grinder.

So, will any grinder do for you? Of course not. Just like any product in the world, not all weed grinders are made equal. Some are duds, failing at the one thing they need to do – cut up your weed. Since you’re all about convenience, we decided to give you some help by listing all the best weed grinders on the market today.

Top 10 Weed Grinders Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher

The Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher is a  cool-looking device that is made out of heavy-duty aircraft grade aluminum with sharp diamond cutting teeth and a stainless steel mesh screen. The lid contains neodymium magnets so your herb remains fresh and safe from getting spilled. It also features a thin Poly-O ring for smooth grinding. The device has a scratch resistant black anodized finish that won’t smudge, flake, or peel. And you even get a platinum warranty plus a 100% no hassle money back guarantee.

We love the fact that this device has a lot of sharp teeth (49!) so grinding is very efficient. The textured grooves on the top and bottom of the grinder give you a good grip; no need to worry about the grinder slipping through your fingers while you twist it around. The filter is great for collecting kief. And the size is just perfect. The herb is ground consistently and you can grind a lot at a time.

However, the catcher could be larger considering the amount you are able to grind in the top compartment. Also, the slight squeaking noise it makes when you grind can be annoying after awhile. In addition, the grind, though consistent, is a bit too coarse for vaping. However, you can turn it upside down for a finer grind.

Platinum Grinders Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher


  • Solidly built
  • 100% money back guarantee and platinum warranty
  • Kief collector


  • Slight squeaking noise
  • Coarse grind
  • Small storage chamber

2. Zip Grinders

Big Weed Grinder

The Zip Grinder is one of the largest grinders we’ve ever had the pleasure to use. The device is made out of aerospace grade aluminum and features 49 diamond shaped teeth, a 100-micron mesh screen, a clear top and side, and a pollen scraper tool.

We love the window, allowing you to see how much herb you’ve ground without having to open the chambers. Plus, you can really grind a lot of her in this thing so you rarely have to use it more than once a week unless you’re a pretty heavy smoker. The kief catching capabilities of this grinder are really great as well. You’ll find that you’ll get a pretty consistent grind from this device. Plus, if you want your weed to-go, you can take out the middle chamber and fit the entire grinder in your pocket.

However, it’s pretty easy to cross-thread this if you’re rushing. Also, the magnet is a bit weak.

Zip Grinders


  • Large holding capacity
  • Sharp teeth
  • Good kief collector


  • Weak magnet
  • Easy to cross-thread
  • Some of the herbs get stuck on the walls and teeth

3. Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder

The Golden Bell 2-inch Spice Herb Grinder is a compact little thing, standing only as tall as 1.4 inches. Easy enough to stick it in your pocket so you have your herbs with you wherever you go. It’s a 4-piece weed grinder so you get a mesh screen and kief collecting chamber. You also get a pollen scraper to make things easier. The lid is magnetized and a thin Poly O-Ring allows you to smoothly grind your weed every single time. The finish looks nice and the device itself feels solid in your hands. Naturally, since it’s small, the catching chamber can only house around 2 teaspoons of ground herb.

However, even this small, it does the job of cutting your herb into uniform pieces. Another thing we noticed is that it doesn’t seem to do a good job of collecting kief on its own.

Golden Bell 4 Piece 2″ Spice Herb Grinder


  • Compact
  • Consistent grind
  • Affordable


  • The sharp teeth tend to dull after several months of weekly use
  • Small storage chamber
  • Weak magnet

4. Chromium Crusher Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder

Budget Weed Grinder

The Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4-Piece Grinder is the best we’ve ever found. It’s made out of heavy duty and durable zinc alloy. It features a clear top with a mill handle for easy grinding, a magnet in the lid, and a mesh screen for filtering fine pollen. You even get a pollen scraper to make things easier.

Now, those who experience hand/finger pain or arthritis will find that grinding buds with this crank makes things a whole lot easier. The clear lid lets you know if there are any buds left unground. With the teeth this sharp, you can be sure you’ll get everything ready for use in no time. Plus, for the price, having a kief collector makes the Chromium Crusher a pretty sweet deal.

Chromium Crusher 2.5 Inch 4 Piece Tobacco Spice Herb Grinder


  • Kief collector
  • Very sharp teeth
  • Grinding teeth mesh neatly


  • The screen isn’t as fine as we would like
  • The magnet is weak
  • Some bits and pieces get stuck on top of the rotating blades

5. Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder

This is a 3-inch weed grinder made out of durable zinc alloy with 45 sharp teeth and glide rings to provide you with a smooth grind every time. The lid is magnetic and the manufacturer offers a 100% money back guarantee along with a lifetime warranty. The mesh screen sifts the “pollen” really well and easy to replace should you accidentally break it. The consistency of the grind is spot on.

However, those who want to use this for spices need to take note that the holes in this grinder are too big for those. Cross-threading may be a problem, especially if you don’t take the time to line them up properly. Also, there are some reports that the black paint used in the weed grinder flakes.

Kingtop Herb Spice Grinder


  • 100% money back guarantee + lifetime warranty
  • Mesh screen collects pollen really well
  • Consistently smooth grind


  • Cross-threading issues
  • Herbs only; not for spices
  • Reports of the black paint flaking

6. Kozo Best Herb Grinder (Upgraded Version). Large 4-Piece

Best Weed Grinders

The Kozo Best Herb Grinder is designed to give you an even, fluffy consistency in the least possible time. It comes with precisely positioned, sharp grinding teeth for all types of herbs. In this case we are talking about weed, which is used by burning. So, you need a fine consistency that burns more efficiently. The magnetic lid holds tightly and won’t come off even when you turn the grinder upside down. When grinding your herb, the unique grip at the top and bottom grip comes in handy.

Yet, this is an improvement from the previous version. The latest weed grinder comes with a removable screen made of mesh. Also, it can hold more ground weed that the previous version. You can grind substantially more weed and keep it inside with zero spills using the mesh. The grinder is made from durable aluminum material that stays intact no matter how hard you open it. Besides, it can withstand heavy usage and last for a long time. The grinder comes with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, a testament by the makers on the quality of work.

Kozo Best Herb Grinder


  • Capable of producing a smooth, well burning weed powder
  • It comes with a magnetic lid that holds in place tightly
  • It is made from durable aluminum material, which lasts long


  • Weed particles tend to get stuck in the teeth of the grinder
  • Reports of the plate falling out after it had been used a few times
  • It may not attach as good as a normal grinder

7. Ezee Grinder Herb & Weed Grinder

This weed grinder is also a 4-piece device that is made from aerospace aluminum with 50 sharp diamond teeth and a glide ring for an efficient and smooth grind. It features a magnet in the lid and a fine wire mesh screen for collecting pollen. It also comes with its own velvet carry bag.

So what’s the difference between the Ezee Grinder and the Black Tie Grinder? One, it’s cheaper, at half the price. Two, it comes with its own cleaning brush. And three, it can be modified to a 3-piece weed grinder if you need it to be more compact and pocket size. However, the mesh screen doesn’t allow you to collect much kief and the magnet isn’t as strong as we’d like. Make sure to use the bag when traveling with this grinder so you don’t waste any herb. Also, the fit of the bag is a bit on the tight side so you may find it slightly difficult to put the grinder in or pull it out.Ezee Grinder Herb & Weed Grinder


  • Can be converted to a 3-piece grinder
  • Smooth grind
  • Affordable


  • Magnet is weak
  • The bag is a bit small
  • The mesh screen is too fine

8. HBI Electric Tobacco Shredder

Electric Weed Grinder

If you don’t want to expend more effort than it takes to put your buds inside a grinder, then this one is right up your alley. The HBI Electric Tobacco Shredder shreds your leaf/bud/herb into itty-bitty pieces in just a few seconds with a push of a button. There’s no complex process involved. And there’s even a safety feature – you can’t grind anything unless the lid is closed. This churns out a fine grind which is perfect for vaping. You also have much more control over how fine you want the grind to be just by how many times you push the button. However, there’s no kief collector and the device can be a pain to clean.

HBI Electric Tobacco Shredder


  • Fast shredding
  • More control over the grind
  • Easy to use


  • No kief collector
  • Hard to clean
  • Made in China

9. Medium Santa Cruz Shredder

Weed Grinder for Vaping

The Santa Cruz Shredder is one of the popular weed grinders recommended by vape experts. This 4-piece grinder is made from anodized aluminum that makes this device less likely to get scratches, teeth damage, or thread damage. It features an extra fine stainless steel mesh screen for sifting through pollen. And the magnet used to keep the lid on is very strong, strong enough to keep the grinder closed even when it falls to the ground. Even better, the grinder features a unique tread pattern to prevent cross-threading as well as a grip pattern on the top and bottom of the device which makes grinding hard stuff like stems much easier. However, this grinder is a bit pricey and the herb gets in the thread.

Medium Santa Cruz Shredder


  • Solid and durable
  • Strong magnet
  • Consistently fine grind


  • Very expensive
  • The herb gets in the thread

10. Formax420 Death Star Grinder

If you’re a fan of weed and Star Wars, there ain’t no other grinder for you than this one. The Death Star Grinder looks cool and is made out of zinc alloy. It’s pretty heavy for such a small thing but it grinds like a dream. However, you can only grind a small amount at a time. It does come with a kief collector but, again, it is so small so you definitely won’t be catching much here. On the other hand, it’s very discreet; no one will know it’s true purpose unless you tell them or they have one just like it.

Formax420 Death Star Grinder


  • Cool design
  • Grinds well
  • Discreet


  • Can only do small amounts at a time
  • Not for storing ground herb
  • Kief collector does not catch a lot of pollen

How to Choose the Best Weed Grinder: The Ultimate  Buying Guide

What is a weed grinder? Well, it’s a small device that makes a cannabis user’s life a heck of a lot more convenient. Basically, it chops up your weed efficiently and consistently produces a smooth grind (or at least, it should). Of course, not all weed grinders are the same. Some are manual while others are electric. Some are duds while others require you to pay top dollar. The list goes on. So, if you’re in the market for a really good weed grinder (read that: the best), then you should know exactly what to look for. This guide gives you an in-depth look at the features of the best weed grinders so you’ll be sure to always get the best high from your bud.

What Exactly Should Your Weed Grinder Do?

As we’ve already mentioned, some weed grinders fail in their primary purpose. And that is this: it should break down your beautiful buds into finely ground bits so that your vaporizer is more efficient. The added bonus is that you don’t get frustrated breaking it down with your bare hands and getting your sweaty hands smelly. In short, an effective weed grinder should produce an herb that has been ground down into a fine consistency.

This is very important because the overall surface area of the herbs that gets in contact with the heating element affects the flavor of your weed. If you want your weed to be a more effective medication or provide you with a more potent high, then this is the way to go. Keep in mind that a great grinder should also help you save money in the long run. Because your vaporizer has become more efficient, then you should be using less per session. In short, a good grinder should make a little go a long way.

What Are the Types of Weed Grinders?

There are two main types on the market – manual and electric.

Obviously, a manual weed grinder requires you to put in some effort. Not as much as cutting up the buds yourself but still a bit of effort – twisting the top of the device to ground down the buds. This isn’t really a hardship but it’s not as fast as an electric weed grinder. However, these give you more control regarding the consistency of the grind. Manual grinders are also easier to clean and generally last longer.

Electric grinders, on the other hand, do all the work for you. If you’re going for one of these, you should look for one that has long battery life (it should last a couple of sessions before recharging), a large grinding chamber, and a kief catcher (if you want one). Your electric grinder should also be easy to use, whether it’s loading your weed into the chamber or pouring it directly into your vaporizer.

What are Compartments?

Weed grinders differ based on the number of compartments built in the device.

A weed grinder with 1 compartment (also known as two-piece grinders) is just that. The grinding chamber where you load the weed and where it is ground is also where you’ll be retrieving the weed. What people like about this type of grinder is that it’s pretty intuitive compared to grinders with multiple chambers which is perfect for beginners. However, there are times when the size of the pieces isn’t consistent. And collecting the ground herb afterwards can be a pain with all the teeth in the way.

A 2-compartment weed grinder is exactly what the name implies. This device consists of three pieces (the lid and the two chambers). The first chamber is the grinding chamber where all the teeth are and where you’ll be placing the weed. At the bottom of this chamber are holes where the ground herb will fall through. Because only a certain size can fall through, you collect a more even grind compared to the 1-compartment device. Retrieving the ground herb is a lot more convenient as well.

A 3-compartment device is also called a 4-piece grinder. Aside from the two chambers, you get a third one at the bottom that is separated from the second chamber by a fine screen that sifts through the ground herb and lets the kief fall down to the last chamber.

What Material Should Your Weed Grinder Be Made of?

Weed grinders can be broken down into several categories based on the material used to make them.

Acrylic weed grinders are the cheapest you’ll find. However, these are less durable than the other types of weed grinders and also less precise with their grind. If you want to “practice” grinding, then you can learn your way through the process using one of these. However, these devices generally don’t last long. Also, there’s a danger to their teeth breaking and contaminating your weed.

Most of the weed grinders you’ll find in the market are metal grinders. However, they may be made of different metallic material. There are a lot of devices made out of aluminum and this type is the most affordable of all metal grinders. Now, we all know that there are different qualities to the type of aluminum used in a product. It’s the same with grinders. Your best bet is to find a device that was made from high-grade aluminum such as anodized aluminum so you know that it will last for a good long while.

Another type of metal used to make weed grinders is stainless steel. This is a rare option in the market. It is better than aluminum because it’s more resilient and less likely to dull faster compared to aluminum.

Titanium grinders are on the high end of the scale. These devices often have the sharpest teeth, grinding down your herb into a fine consistency. Compared to the other metal grinders, this device’s teeth to keep its sharpness the longest despite repeatedly heavy use. And even if this is metal, titanium is pretty lightweight so the device is very portable.

Then there’s the most beautiful of all grinders, the wooden ones. These are mostly bought for aesthetic purposes. There’s just something about the look and feel of wood. And then there are carved designs to make it even prettier. However, because these are carved, there are only 1-compartment devices available. You won’t be able to get a kief compartment with a wooden grinder. If you still want one, keep in mind that the device should be raw wood; no paint or finishing can be used on your device because it will contaminate your herb. The teeth of a wooden grinder are also less consistent in producing smooth grinds compared to metal grinders.

How Many Teeth Should it Have and What Shape is Best?

Based on testing and reviews, the more teeth you have, the merrier you’ll be with the outcome. Obviously, a weed grinder won’t be effective without its teeth – the most important feature of all. Generally, for a 2.5-inch diameter weed grinder, “more” is around 50 (give or take few). This amount of teeth ensures that the herb is ground thoroughly. Based on the same tests and reviews, diamond-shaped teeth seem to work best. Teeth with this shape tend to cut through the weed more smoothly (with the least resistance). It shreds the buds systematically, consistently providing you with a smoother grind with uniform consistency.

Aside from the diamond shape of the teeth and the number of teeth your grinder has, you also need to look at the placement of the teeth. If you want consistent results, you need a device that has an equal distribution of teeth around the grinding chamber.

Let’s Talk Size

Naturally, bigger is better if you want to be able to store large amounts of ground herb. However, the size affects portability. If you want to smoke on-the-go, then you’ll want a small grinder. If you only smoke at home, you can opt for a large-sized device. This is especially important if you’re a heavy smoker. Also, are you just going to grind for yourself or do you plan on sharing? If you’re using marijuana for medicinal purposes, then you might want to opt for a large device so you can stock up for ease and convenience.

Should I Get a Magnetic Lid?

Some weed grinders feature a magnetic lid which ensures that the device remains airtight at all times. This way, you can be sure that nothing spills out and you can maintain your privacy because the smell doesn’t leak either. While this is a really good feature to have in your weed grinder, it’s not a necessity unless this is a particularly important preference for you. Take note that a device that has this feature may cost more.

Maintenance, Replacements, and Warranty

Cleaning your weed grinder is a must after every use. After all, you want it to last for years, right? Then it should be a top priority of yours to check how the device must be cleaned and if this is something that you have no problem doing a lot. Some weed grinders even come with its own cleaning tool.

It’s important that you also learn whether or not the manufacturer offers replacement parts for its devices. For example, if your weed grinder has a kief collector, then you’re bound to replace the screen at some point. It’ll be in your best interest if the manufacturer offers replacement parts so you don’t have to shell out money for a new device.

Because this is a device that will be experiencing wear and tear, it’s also very important that you check the manufacturer’s warranty. Some of the best weed grinders come with lifetime warranties. Remember, only manufacturers with confidence in the quality of their product will provide you with a lifetime guarantee.

Because of the legalization of marijuana in several states years ago, there have been a surplus of weed grinders on the market. And it’s very tempting to just buy the first you see. After all, it couldn’t be as bad as you doing the chopping, right? But if you want to get your money’s worth – not only through the device but with the weed as well – you need to make sure that the device you choose has all the features you need with the performance to back it all up.