Parental Control Software Categories: Choose The Right One

Every parent goes through sleepless nights when their child gets of age and starts to scour the internet. Parents cannot watch over their children all the time and to alleviate their worries, some software development companies have created a plethora of after and protection programs that are designed to both restrict as well as record child activity over the internet. Let’s take a closer look at some of the options that are available.

Child Protection Software Categories

  • Monitors
  • Filters
  • Time Limiters
  • Focused Apps; keylogging


These are platforms that follow your child’s use of the internet, it records the sites entered, which pages were viewed and for how long. According to, some platforms come with system configurations that set limits to sites and blocks certain sites. The best monitors will work with mobile devices and send you alarms when your child has accessed a forbidden site, or when certain language is being used.

Child Safety

Among the leading monitors, today are:

  • Qustodio; this is the most comprehensive monitor and comes with filter and keylogging controls as well as many more options.
  • Net Nanny; similar to Qustodio but with slightly fewer options.
  • Kaspersky Safe Kids
  • Symantec Norton Family


These are applications that you preset the degree of interaction, so any sites that have certain words or are considered to be inappropriate are filtered and blocked. These programs usually come with preset databases, but you can add more filtering options too. You can also set a complete filter which only allows your child to access specific sites, this is a reverse filter where everywhere is restricted, but for a handful of sites, you allow your child to visit.

Among the leading filters, today are:

  • OpenDNS Family Shield; this enables cross-platform filtering
  • Clean Router
  • Mobicip
  • SafeDNS

Time Limiters

These are applications that limit the time your child can surf the internet, and are great additions to filters and monitors.

Time Limiter

Among the leading Time Limiters, today are:

  • WebWatcher; a great time controller
  • ESET Parental Control
  • Screen Time

Focused Apps

There are many types of specialized apps focusing on all kinds of different categories of application; these include keyloggers that record every time you use the keyboard and what was typed. There are screenshot takers that take screenshots every time the internet is accessed and continues to take shots frequently during use.

Among the leading Focused Apps, today are:

  • KidLogger; a key logging and site recording app.
  • Spyrix Keylogger; a keylogging app.
  • Kiddle; Googles safe search engine for children.
  • uKnowKids Premier; this is a site and content tracker, alert system and geofence t.

There are many more apps on the internet that provide multiple safety and security features to protect your children from the dangers of the internet. However, these do not come in place of good education, teaching your children over time, about the issues and problems on the internet and of cyberbullying. The most important lesson all children must learn is based on the old and tested saying “don’t talk to strangers”, unfortunately, the internet is all about strangers, and while they cannot offer your child candy, they can persuade children to do all sorts of things from giving away private details about the family, sending photos of the child, and sending to the child photos, as well as threatening children.


To be honest, you must never feel safe or complacent in the hard cold world of the internet. You must download at least three systems that work cohesively, a Monitor, Filter and Logging app together with a geofence tracker. Even after downloading these systems, maintain a strong vigil. Since your child does have access to the internet from other locations, and the only real way to be sure is to watch out for the tell-tale signs of emotional changes. When you do notice such changes, check to see where your child is surfing from apart from home.

Time limiting is optional, but if you want your child to enjoy reality, limiting the hours on the net is a perfect way to maintain a stable upbringing.

The bottom line is this, no matter how many subscriptions you pay for and how well you protect your child from the internet, they will get exposed to the internet on other children devices. It is your duty to explain the dangers of the places they visit on the other devices, and in many cases, children are much more open to discussion than you think. The most important thing to look for is when they claim to have a friend online, a friend that is not from school or the neighborhood. That is when you need to do some digging and vet the friends your child is interacting with online.

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