Best Baby Bottles To Prevent Gas And Colic

Every mom is keen on getting the best baby bottle to use for their babies- and the market is choking with these must-have accessories.

While it’s easy to fall for any model that is touted as the best, zeroing in on a bottle that your baby will love from the word go is a completely different challenge. The numerous options available only make it harder to figure out what to go with.

Whether you are hunting for the best baby bottle for newborns or a breastfed baby, there are a lot of vital considerations to make here including the materials used (plastic, glass, silicone, or stainless steel), baby bottle size and shape, and the nipple’s shape and flow rate.

You also need to ensure that the bottle won’t cause colic or gas and that it won’t leak its contents.

If you find all these considerations to be overwhelming (it’s totally understandable, by the way), our best baby bottle buying guide (after the reviews) might be the right place to start.

Otherwise, let’s jump to our 10 picks for the best baby bottles to buy in 2019.

Top 10 Baby Bottles Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Philips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set

Best Baby Bottle with Wide Nipple

Our top pick in this list is from a brand that you’ll rarely miss in most drug stores that stock good baby bottles. This is a kit consisting of all the feeding bottles and nipples that your baby will need from their first week of life, all the way till 9 months and over. This makes the Philips Avent a favorite among moms who want to sidestep the hassle of looking for the next best baby bottle once the kiddo outgrows the previous one.  

The set includes 3 four-ounce bottles, 2 nine ounce bottles, Soothie pacifiers, and a bottle brush. The bottle itself features an ultra-soft nipple which feels like the actual breast. It integrates the unique Airflex vent tech that is able to vent out air from getting to your baby’s tummy. The bottle also employs an ergonomic shape to its design so you can be comfortable as you feed your baby for long periods.

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle


  • Ultra-soft nipples that mimic the real nipple
  • Easy to transition to a size up
  • The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold


  • Assembly instructions aren’t so clear
  • The bottle may be darker than pictured
  • Some users claim the lid gets loose after some time; although it varies with the nature of your use

2. Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle  

Best Bottle For Breastfed Babies Who Refuses Bottle

If you are struggling with a baby who won’t accept any feeding bottle, the Comotomo might be just what you want.

This baby bottle incorporates several very thoughtful design concepts that make it easy to switch from breast- to bottle-feeding without the baby raising hell. Its amazingly soft and squeezable silicone nipple with a wide base allows the baby to make chin contact and to create a decent vacuum seal just like with mom’s breast.

The bottle itself is made of silicone and it’s squeezable too. By applying just a little pressure, this unique feature creates a near-natural let down to the feed making it a superb option for babes who want a real breast feel.

Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottle  


  • Closest feel to a real breast
  • Wide base and the squeezable bottle makes brushless cleaning easy
  • Looks awesome


  • It’s pricey
  • The wide base makes getting a compatible pump adapter a struggle

3. Mam Feed and Soothe Set

Best Baby Bottle For Travels

Made in Austria, the Mam Newborn Gift set is currently the talk of the town more so with moms whose kids suffer from colic.

At under 20 dollars, this set includes two 5-ounce bottles for 0-3-month infants, two 9-ounce bottles for 4+ months infants, and 2 pacifiers for newborns.

A unique feature of the Mam baby bottles is their patented vented base that has been engineered to prevent colic, gas, and reflux by preventing air bubbles from being trapped inside the milk and getting into the baby’s tummy.

Another interesting feature that is worthy of mention here is that these bottles can be sterilized in the microwave in 3 minutes without a sterilizer.

If you are looking for the best baby bottle for travels, we bet this one will impress you (remember to compare this model with the Pacific Hot-Tot insulated stainless steel bottle reviewed here if you want a travel baby bottle, though).

Mam Feed and Soothe Set


  • Great for travels
  • Nipples have a symmetrical orthodontic shape and are textured to remain in the mouth
  • Cap is leak-proof
  • Price is a steal


  • Ventilated base makes it weighty

4. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottle Closest To Breastfeeding

Available in 9oz and 5oz, the Tommee Tippee is pretty much similar to the Comotomo baby bottle above in most fronts; it has a real breast-like nipple shape and size and a wide base (it’s slightly smaller than Comotomo’s though) to make a perfect vacuum seal when feeding.

It also mimics the natural retraction and elongation movements of the breast thereby reducing the risk of rejection even further.

While the bottle is not squeezable, your baby is most likely going to fall in love with its nice curvature thanks to its excellent grip.

We should mention here that you’ll be getting 3 bottles here at almost half the price of the Comotomo. The fact that most babies don’t tend to reject the Tippee makes this a very good deal.

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Baby Bottle


  • Affordable
  • Great shape for baby’s grip
  • Wide opening makes cleaning easy


  • Markings on the side aren’t easily readable

5. Nanobebe Anti-colic Newborn Bottle Feeding Starter Kit

Best Baby Bottle To Use While Breastfeeding

A closer look at this newborn baby bottle should reveal something… it is shaped like a breast. The Nanobebe bottle is purposely designed for newborns who will be switching between the breast and the bottle.

At the bottom, this plastic baby bottle curves inwards to make it easy for you to hold it at an angle that is comfortable for you and the baby. There is also a rubber grip to prevent slipping.

The nicely shaped nipple, on the other hand, has a 360-degree double venting system that minimizes the air pressure inside the bottle to curb colic.

Mind you, this is a set of 4 bottles and other essential registry items you’ll need including a smart non-electrical warming bowl, 2 flexy pacifiers, and 2 breast pump adapters.

Nanobebe Anti-colic Newborn Bottle Feeding Starter Kit


  • Lots of accessories included
  • Dome-shape of the bottles allows stacking and thereby saves you space
  • Shaped like a breast to trick the baby
  • The curved shape makes warming or cooling the milk much faster


  • Be sure to secure the bottom properly or it will leak

6. Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle

Best Baby Bottles For Babies Who Hate Bottle

It’s almost impossible to review the best baby bottles of 2019 without the Munchkin Latch showing up. It’s very likely that you’ve already heard about it, right? So, does its popularity correlate with its functionality?

The Munchkin Latch comes in a pack of three 4-ounce bottles and has a whole lot of good to go for. One thing that really impressed us about this anti-colic baby bottle is its uniquely designed accordion-style nipple that stretches and pumps just like the real thing. It also flexes with the baby’s movements to maintain a strong latch to avoid air ingestion which might make the infant uncomfortable.  

Interestingly, this nipple won’t release milk unless the user applies some force. This is a bonus feature that ensures that the bottle doesn’t make your child a lazy feeder.

Keep in mind: if you are not a fan of assembling small pieces, this baby bottle might suck. If that’s a non-issue, though, this bottle’s swiveling soft nipple and easy-to-handle shape make transitioning to and from the bottle and the breast a breeze.

Munchkin Latch Anti-Colic Baby Bottle


  • Wide opening for easy cleaning
  • Relatively light
  • Swiveling soft nipples mimics breast nipple


  • Lots of tiny bits to assemble and clean
  • The anti-colic valve at the back requires a special cleaning tool (sold separately)

7. Dr. Brown’s Original Bottle

Best Anti-colic Baby Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Original bottles are a household staple for one major reason: its patented 2-piece internal venting system that has been clinically tested and proven to minimize gassing, colic, and spit-ups the 3 major challenges that plague bottle-feeding.

This venting system looks like a pipe that runs from the top to the bottom. When you tilt the bottle during feed time, most of the air present in the milk is routed through the straw-like vent to the back of the bottle thereby reducing the possibility of the baby ingesting air and getting gassy afterward.

The Dr. Brown’s Original bottles are sold in 8-ounce and 5-ounce sizes. Their nipples are made of silicone and the 5-ounce models have slow-flow nipples that are ideal for paced feeders.

What most moms and caregivers also like about these bottles is that they fit in most breast pumps to make pumping and storing an easy task.

Dr. Brown's Original Bottle


  • Clinically tested and proven to reduce gassing, colic, and spit-up
  • Fits most breast pumps
  • No nipple confusion


  • Vent system is another piece to clean

8. Pura Kiki 11 Oz / 325 Ml Stainless Steel Infant Bottle

Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottle Overall

One thing that we can’t stress enough when talking about the best BPA-free baby bottles is that they are not completely chemical-free. Actually, a study recorded in the National Institutes of Health proves that certain plastics with the BPA-free certification are still capable of leaching harmful contaminants.

If this is your major concern, a stainless steel baby feeding bottle might be your next best option- and the Pura Kiki is a great recommendation here.

What we love about this bottle is that the manufacturer uses stainless steel for the bottle as well as the nipple collar, and a silicone nipple– an impressive design that reduces the amount of plastic that comes into contact with the milk as much as possible.

Its hour-glass contour with a comfortable silicone sleeve adds grip to the bottle making it easy for older toddlers to hold on. Again, this sleeve adds to its impressive design and also reduces condensation.Pura Kiki 11 Oz / 325 Ml Stainless Steel Infant Bottle


  • 100% plastic-free
  • Compatible with several other lid attachments of standard lid width
  • Has internal volume markings
  • Lightweight


  • Reports of leaks when the bottle is inverted

9. Pacific Baby Hot-TOT Stainless Steel Infant Bottle

Best Stainless Steel Baby Bottle For Winter Strolls And Travel

The Pacific Baby Hot-Tot is another (better) alternative to the Pura Kiki above- and it’s not hard to see why. This is the only baby bottle in this list that has been designed to keep its contents hot.

In our opinion, this is a practical solution for parents and caregivers who want a bottle that will keep liquids- including breast milk and formula- warm during extended outdoor strolls and activities. There’s no doubt that this bottle works as described.

This affordable stainless steel baby bottle has a capacity of 7 ounces, and it’s available in a range of stylish color prints.

In addition to its temperature management capabilities, its nicely-shaped and textured silicone nipples with vent does a great job of minimizing colic.

We also like that similar to the Pura Kiki above, you can replace this bottle’s nipple with other attachments to convert it into a sippy bottle, sports bottle, or straw bottle as the baby grows.

Pacific Baby Hot-TOT Stainless Steel Infant Bottle


  • Keeps liquids warm for long
  • Cute color prints
  • Top converts from nipple to straw or sippy cup


  • Debit to the insulation, reheating takes almost double the amount of time that a standard bottle requires

10. Joovy Boob PPSU Bottle

Our last pick here has been aptly named the Boob because, well, it feels exactly like one. The Joovy Boob PPSU Bottle simulates breastfeeding really well, which is what you’ll need if you want to get your little one to actually eat. When compared to other models in our collection, the standout feature of the Boop is its glass construction. The nice people at Joovy claim that the glass used for this really affordable baby bottle is extremely thermal resistant and can move from refrigerator to microwave without risk of breakage.

What impresses us most about this bottle is the natural shape of its stage 1 flow nipple. It has a perfect combination of softness and resistance that makes it extremely comfortable for the baby to suck. Its design is made intuitively to prevent nipple collapse, therefore good for an easy breast-bottle transition. The Joovy Boob also comes inclusive of stage two medium flow nipples. Its bottle is also easy to clean, with premium PPSU material that doesn’t absorb color or odor.

Joovy Boob PPSU Bottle


  • Cleaver comfortable design
  • Nipple is anti-collapse
  • The construction is really durable and thermal resistant


  • Users claim the nipple is way hard
  • Has a really slow flow
  • The inner ring sticks inside; complicating the cleanup process

How To Choose Best Baby Bottles: The Ultimate Buying Guide

The very first decision that you’ll need to make when buying the best feeding bottle for a newborn is whether to go for a plastic or glass bottle.


Plastic bottles have become quite popular in the recent past especially after manufacturers started using BPA-free plastics. These bottles are also relatively cheaper than their glass and silicone alternatives.

It’s also hard to beat the best plastic baby bottles as far as weight is concerned. Of course, the weight of the bottle might not be an issue for you. But it becomes a real concern when your little one is old enough to hold the bottle by himself/herself.

It’s not all bread and butter with this material, though. For instance, even with the FDA approval as being BPA-free, there are some of them that are known to leach estrogenic chemicals after being heated or microwaved. This means that they are not 100% safe for the baby.


The best glass baby bottles are considerably pricier than plastic bottles. They are also relatively heavier and shatter easily when dropped. On the upside, they are not only BPA-free but they also won’t leach any harmful chemicals into the milk when stressed.

Silicone and Stainless Steel

Silicone and stainless steel glass bottles offer other excellent alternatives if you want a bottle that is completely chemical-free. Bottles made from these materials also tend to be relatively light and durable in that they don’t break.

The only issue is that they are way expensive and a little bit hard to find. Most drug stores don’t stock them actually.

What Should You Know About Baby Bottle Sizes?

Generally, baby bottles for formula or breastfeeding come in 2 major sizes; small-sized models that measure 4 ounces, and bigger bottles that hold up to 8 ounces of milk or formula.

Bigger isn’t always better here, but it all boils down to the age of your babe and whether you intend to pump or use formula exclusively, or a combination of the 2.

4-ounces are generally recommended as the best baby bottles for newborns and 1-month old babies for 2 major reasons. First, infants tend to take 1-2 ounces per sit during the first 2 months, and over 4 ounces by the end of their 3rd month. Secondly, it’s not advisable to use leftover breastmilk for the next meal.

That being said, it’s advisable to get several small-sized baby bottles to ensure that each meal is fresh and to minimize wastage.

At around 4 months, your baby’s appetite will have grown. So, you’ll need to switch to a larger bottle, 8-ounce, or 9-ounce. It’s not bad to include both sizes in your baby shower registry. After all, you’ll still need to buy both.

How Many Baby Bottles Should You Buy?

Infants tend to eat after every 2-3 hours during the early months. If you plan to supplement breastfeeding with formula, 4 bottles are enough.

On the other hand, if you’ll be bottle-feeding primarily, you want to get at least 8 and up to 12 bottles to ensure that there is a clean and ready supply at any given time.

Does Baby Bottle Shape Really Matter?

Yes, the shape matters quite a big deal. Unlike a few years back when baby feeding bottles were only available in one shape (narrow and straight), the market today has them in different shapes to make feeding time much more comfortable and to combat different challenges that come with bottle-feeding such as colic and bloating.


The traditional bottles are still common in the market and might fit the bill if you are looking for a cheap baby bottle. Their major downside, however, is that they are known to cause gassing and colic.

Wide-neck bottles

Wide-neck bottles are shaped more or less like a breast. They are generally short with wide openings and have wider nipples that make feeding easy and comfortable. The only twist is that most of them don’t fit so well in most stroller and car seat bottle holders.

Angled-neck Bottles

You’ll also come across angled-neck bottles that are touted as the best baby bottles for gas and colic. This shape works by forcing air bubbles to travel upwards when feeding thereby reducing the amount of air that ends up in your child’s stomach.

Baby Bottle Nipples: Materials

The best baby bottle nipples are made from a range of materials although latex and silicone are the most common.


The main reason why you’d like to consider latex nipples is that they are impeccably soft. They tend to mimic your breast nipple the best thereby making it easy for the child to transition from the breast to the bottle without a lot of fuss.

The major downside is that latex nipples tend to deteriorate faster thereby requiring replacement sooner. In addition, while latex is BPA-free, there are studies that prove that they do leach nitrosamines (carcinogenic compounds) over time.

Also worth mentioning is that some babies may develop an allergy for latex especially if they are exposed to it during their early months of life.


Silicone nipples are generally the best- and for a reason. Although food-grade silicone is slightly firmer than latex, this material is hygienic and hypoallergenic. In addition, silicone does not have pores that might harbor bacteria, and it’s also resistant to extreme temperatures in the microwave, dishwasher, and even in the freezer.

Baby Bottle Nipples: Size/Stage

Bottle feeding nipples are classified in sizes (commonly referred to as stages) depending on their flow rates.

  • Preemies– baby bottles for preemies (premature babies) are specially crafted to meet their special condition. These models have an extra slow flow rate to ensure optimum safety of the infant
  • Stage 1– these nipples make the best baby bottle for newborns to 3-month olds. They have a slightly larger hole than that of a preemie but still smaller than what stage 2 or 3 nipples have
  • Stage 2– at the end of the third month, your babe will signal when it’s time to go a size up with the baby bottle nipple either by making frequent stops during the meals or by collapsing the nipple.
  • Stage 3 and 4– these nipples have the highest flow rates and are ideal for older babies

Important Tips When Buying the Best Baby Bottles

  • Make sure that it will be easy to wash- these little things require a lot of washing. To save time for other demanding tasks, go for bottles with fewer nooks and crannies
  • Get a baby bottle that reduces colic and gas. Your baby needs to feed well and burp properly. It’s the only way to know they are satisfied!
  • Ensure that it won’t leak- read previous mom’s reviews
  • To save your sanity, get a bottle with a wide neck that makes cleaning easy without the need for tiny bottle brushes. A bottle that you can wash with your hands and an ordinary brush or sponge is much better
  • For convenience purposes, get a bottle that is compatible with your breast pump. Being able to express the milk into the baby feeding bottle not only saves time, but it also means that there are few items to clean. We all know it, with a fussy baby, every second count.

Final Words

No two kids are equal. And this means two things; first, their preferences will vary greatly and second, there’ll never be anything like the best baby bottle for all newborns or toddlers.

While some babies take to these feeding solutions easily, others reject them completely. The good news, however, is that there is a feeding bottle for every baby out there. It all depends on their age and size, development, suck pattern, how often you bottle-feed them, and your ability to choose a bottle that fits their needs.

As a summary of what we’ve talked about in the baby bottle buying guide above, think about the construction materials and how good the nipples mimic the real nipples.

You also want to ensure that the bottle won’t be driving you nuts when it’s cleaning time. They should also be easy to assemble.

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