Best Duct Tapes For That Quick Fix

Best duct tapes provide a quick fix for almost anything. Through watching videos on the internet, you will learn that you can repair most damages using duct tape. In your home, you most likely never lack some crucial items like a pair of scissors, bread slicer, and best duct tapes. Whether it’s to fix a leak in the house or spend some time on a Do It Yourself project, then duct tape is a must. Actually, you will realize that you reach out for a duct tape more often than you think.

Unlike a gaffer tape, duct tape or duck tape is thin pressure sensitive tape that’s often made of polyethylene. At most times, duct tape comes in plain silver or black color but manufacturers are now giving people more color options including printed ones. When shopping for duct tape, most people think that if it sticks then the duck tape is good. But there are numerous factors that make a good duct tape such as the thickness and weight.

Join us as we explore some of the best duct tapes that will change the way you look at and shop for this must have quick fix item.

Top 10 Duct Tapes Of 2019 Reviewed

1. XFasten Transparent Filament Duct Tape

Best Transparent Duct Tape

To start us off, let’s look at some great features of this transparent utility-grade duct tape that will have endless uses in your home or office. The tape is made to meet industrial-strength standards yet it spots a minimalist, elegant look. Its transparent design with subtle lines makes it a great repair tool for where appearances do matter. It has a smooth lined construction and be used for almost anything including wrapping, patching or simple fixes.

The back is covered in quality polyethylene while the inside has a thick rubber adhesive that will stick on almost any surface. Whether it’s wood, vinyl, plastic, cardboard, paper, the metal you name it, this tape will bond nicely. With a thickness of two inches and a length of 30 yards, this elegant tape is designed to wrap around many items and hold everything firmly in place.XFasten Transparent Filament Duct Tape


  • Adheres to almost any surface
  • Beautiful transparent look
  • Industrial grade strength


  • May stick together if rolled out slowly
  • May not hold well against heat
  • Not ideal for outdoor fixes

2. GatorCrafts  Multi Colored Duct Tape

Best Multi-Colored Duct Tape

For your next DIY project, then this multi-colored tape form GatorCrafts is a must have. The fun colors bring out one’s creativity with six rainbow color options available on each set. The colors include blue, light pink, neon green, bright yellow and purple.

The wide variety of colors can make for fun craft projects in a kindergarten where kids can explore their imagination and create beautiful pieces. The multi-color duct tape can also be used when moving to mark different boxes for easy identification. The low residue thin tape comes with strong cinta Americana adhesive that will stick easily on any surface and easily peels away without much damage.

GatorCrafts  Multi Colored Duct Tape


  • Appropriate for all ages
  • Multi-colored for easy identification
  • Strong cinta Americana adhesive


  • Younger kids may find it hard to rip it apart
  • Not  heavy duty tape
  • Some find it too thin

3. Scotch Duct Tape

Scotch as a brand that has made tapes for close to a century is dedicated to making life easier for you with fast and easy to use items. One such product is this duct tape that will fix almost anything in our home or office. Available in a wide range of colors such as pearl white, cherry red, blue and pink, you can pick a color that suits your needs.

The tape easily tears by hand and rolls out easily to carry out your repairs or fixes. With a thickness of 1.88 inches and a length of 20 yards, this tape will offer you a great experience as you wrap your gifts, seal leaks or mend tears.

Scotch Duct Tape


  • Available in many colors
  • Tears easily and rolls away quickly
  • Made to stick


  • Some find it too shiny
  • Color fades fast
  • Some complain that it doesn’t stick as it should

4. Duck Brand 283051 Printed Duct Tape

Best Printed Duct Tape

Duck Brand is one of the most recognized brands when it comes to best duct tapes and rightfully so due to its strong adhesive properties. The tape that comes in beautiful prints such as wood grain, desert star, digital camouflage, and even rope will bring life to your projects. For sure, your next fix will stand out with these beautiful prints. Measuring 10 yards with a thickness of 1.88 inches, this tape is strong enough to hold everything firmly in place.Duck Brand 283051 Printed Duct Tape


  • Beautiful prints
  • Tears away easily
  • High-performance adhesion


  • Roll is too small
  • Too visible for some
  • Some find the prints don’t look realistic

5. Gaffer Power Premium Grade Tape

Best Water-Resistant Duct Tape

For a heavy-duty professional duct tape, then this roll of super strong tape from Gaffer Power is a worthy investment. It’s super wide with industrial grade strength for all your taping needs. With a thickness of 4 inches, this tape is strong enough to stick for a long time. The back is non-reflective and blends easily with any background. It’s also water resistant and has a wide variety of uses in our home, office or business.

Gaffer Power Premium Grade Tape


  • Professional grade strength
  • Non-reflective back
  • Water resistant


  • Some find it too thick
  • Doesn’t rip well vertically
  • Not easily cut using hands

6. GatorCrafts Colored Duct Tape

Your DIY projects will never be the same again with this set of colored tapes from GatorCrafts. Bring all your projects to life with a wide range of best duct tapes that look good and stick well. The product comes in a set of 12 colorful tapes that can be used in a classroom set up for art and craft that help increase a kid’s imagination. The wide variety of rainbow assortment colors is also perfect for labeling boxes when moving. Each tape is 2 inches in thickness and comes in a 20-yard roll.

GatorCrafts Colored Duct Tape


  • Many color options
  • Great for labeling items
  • Rips out easily


  • Not waterproof
  • Not for heavy-duty use
  • Leaves sticky residue on scissors

7. Northland Wholesale Decorative Tape

Best Decorative Tape

This decorative tape will make your next scrapbooking project a fun-filled activity. The package comes in a set of 18 colorful rolls with beautiful prints that will add value to your DIY project. Each of the theme colored rolls measures 1.88 inches and has a length of 5 yards. The fun and cute styles contain star patterns, hearts and colored paisleys in the background. The duct tape is flexible and easy to tear apart even by small kids.

Northland Wholesale Decorative Tape


  • Great for fun DIY projects
  • Comes in 18 rolls
  • Beautiful prints


  • Don’t stick well
  • Roll is small
  • Not for heavy-duty use

8. RamPro Chevron & Polka Dot Styles Duct Tape

For a wonderful appearance on your project, add a touch of the RamPro Duct Tape that is made to stick on a wide variety of surfaces. The duct tape color pack comes in a set of 12 colorful rolls each with a thickness of 1.88 inches and a length of 5 yards. Made to meet heavy duty taping needs, the tape has a strong adhesive that holds firmly in place.

There’s no need to use a pair of scissors to cut the tapes since each roll has a series of horizontal rows of indented dots that tear off easily using your hands. Better yet, the tape doesn’t leave any residual once you peel it off. It also makes for color coding when labeling a number of items.

RamPro Chevron & Polka Dot Styles Duct Tape


  • Indented dotted line for tearing
  • 12 pack of colorful designs
  • Sticks on a range of services


  • Small roll
  • Some of the tapes may not stick for long
  • Big project needs many rolls

9. Tape King Gaffers Tape

Stock your duct tape supply with this combo saving 2 pack from Tape King. The black and white roll is made to meet premium grade industrial strength with a thickness of 2 inches and a length of 30 yards for each roll. The tape is fully waterproof which adequately protects all your items.

The duct tape doesn’t leave a messy residue once you peel it off. It’s a multipurpose and useful tape for use in your home or office. The tape is also shrink wrapped to prevent the bottom layer that has the adhesive from building up dirt or dust.

Tape King Gaffers Tape


  • Large 30-yard roll
  • Fully waterproof
  • Beautiful matte finish


  • May leave some adhesive residual
  • Doesn’t hold well on concrete
  • Black layer easily flakes off

10. Duck Tape Colored Duct Tape

This duct tape from Duck Tape will make your next fix stand out with its colorful look. It’s designed for use in imaginative projects, repairs and crafting. The tape is available in an assortment of colors that will meet your needs. Its adhesion is great and sticks well on a wide variety of surfaces including wood, laminates, metal and even plastic. Each roll has a thickness of 1.88 inches and a length of 20 yards.

Duck Tape Colored Duct Tape


  • Great adhesive properties
  • Quickly peels out
  • Available in a wide range of colors


  • Leaves a residual
  • Won’t stay attached for too long
  • Doesn’t stretch much

Best Duct Tapes Buying Guide

There’s tape then there’s duct tape. Ever since the invention of this simple yet all so crucial item, life has been made much easier especially when carrying out repairs. You can do almost anything using duct tape; seal leaks, mend tears, wrap items, color code boxes, art and craft projects you name it. While most people are out there shopping for tape, they often go for the one that looks cute or colorful but rarely do they consider other factors that make for good duct tape.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Duct Tape

  • Color – Some people just want a clear tape that will stick yet won’t be visible or draw any attention. However, the market is now filled with so many color and print options when it comes to best duct tapes and you can play around with your imagination here. You will find that heavy duty tapes don’t have a wide variety of color options but the cheaper tapes are great for your craft projects.
  • Layers – To get the best quality duct tape out there, go for one with a number of layers on it. The outer layer is often made of polyethylene and may appear glossy or have a non-reflective look. The top layer should be weather and scratch resistant. The following layer should be easy to tear while the bottom layer should have a strong adhesive that holds everything firmly in place.
  • Tearing – One of the key things that make for great duct tape is its ability to roll away and tear for you to stick it. Duct tape should be tough enough yet rip away easily using your hands since cutting it with a pair of scissors may spoil it.
  • Thickness – One of the benefits of a thick tape is that you won’t need to keep looking for the edge which is not only annoying but may end up destroying your roll of tape.
  • Weight – Unlike normal tape, duct tape has some weight on it which helps stick firmly and provide a long-lasting fix.

Tips to Getting the Best Out Of Your Duct Tape

Often, most people stay away from duct tape because they find it messy and tough to tear apart. However, this type of tape is easy to use and provides some great results. Here are a few tips to help you get the best out of your duct tape;

  • Fold the end – Ask anyone and they will admit that finding the end of the roll is the most hectic thing when using tape. To save time and energy, ensure that you fold the end once you cut off a piece for this will change the way your experience with best duct tapes.
  • Tearing – Often, duct tape can be easily ripped apart using your bare hands but for a better experience have a pair of scissors nearby for easier cutting. However, using scissors to cut may leave the edge a bit rugged.
  • Tape Dispenser – If you use duct tape often, then investing in a tape dispenser is necessary since its serrated edge quickly cuts the tape and saves you time when applying tape to a number of items.
  • Cutting – Some people prefer cutting duct tape into a number of pieces when using it to save time when applying. However, this technique may be hectic since the tape may fold itself causing a mess. Thus, don’t cut the duct tape from its roll until you actually need to use it.


All said and done, having a roll of duct tape in your home or office is inevitable. Often, you will need to carry out a quick fix, wrap something or prevent a leak and duct tape will help you achieve that quickly and easily. Hopefully, in here you have found the best duct tape to stock up on for that moment when you need that quick remedy.

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