Best HDMI Splitters to Allow you to View Content on Different Displays

So, you have more than one TV or monitor in your home but want to view the same content from your Blu-ray, Xbox, or Roku TV. Well, it seems impossible when you look at the source and discover that there are a limited number of HDMI ports. So, what do you do? How do you expand the content to be viewed on multiple screens? The answer is simple — use an HDMI Splitter!

An HDMI splitter is an inexpensive device that allows you to expand your HDMI ports to allow you to view content — whether games, movies, music, or projection content — in different screens/displays. You can get one that splits into two, four, or even eight times.

Purchasing an HDMI splitter may seem like an easy task, but we can assure you it’s not. Some are built to support the latest video and audio technologies such as 3D video and 4K resolution, whereas others may cause picture delay. To ensure that you get the right fit, go through our product review, keeping in mind all the points we have highlighted in our buying guide. You won’t leave empty-handed!

Top 10 HDMI Splitters of 2020 Reviewed

1. HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter

Best Bi-Directional HDMI Switcher

Are you into devices and tired of switching HDMI Cables? If that’s the case, you will need a perfect solution for your ports. Furthermore, you will not go through that hustle of interchanging and unplugging devices all the time. This switch is not only easy to set up but also very effective in operation. It has an LED light that shows which port is active. With a premium switch made from solid aluminum and alloy, this splitter is undoubtedly very durable.

This splitter is compact and just amazing as it does not require any external power supply to operate. On top of that, you can split your signal to devices that are in different rooms. Surprisingly, the HDMI switch will provide high bandwidth of 10.2Gbps that fast and stable. If you are a person that is into precision, then this splitter is for you because it will not compromise on the picture quality. You will get the 1080P as you wanted. Cool right?

HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter


  • Perfect solution if you are running out of HDMI ports
  • Compatible with devices with a standard HDMI interface
  • Good quality yet inexpensive


  • You need to have a constant power supply for it to work effectively
  • It does not come with an HDMI cord
  • The splitter does not work well on long-run cables.

2. DotStone HDMI Switch Bi-Directional HDMI Splitter

Best Bi-Directional 4K HD Splitter

Are you looking for a way to display one HDMI signal on different screens? Or do you need to show two different signals on the same screen? What you need is a dedicated bi-directional HDMI switch such as this product from DotStone. It is the best bi-directional 4K HDMI splitter, given its ability to support the highest resolution possible.

We are talking about a plug and play device that requires no external power. Once you plug it in, you can push the switch to select the HDMI port to use. An indicator light will show you the HDMI port that is switched on. The good thing with this device is that it is compatible with most of the devices with an HDMI interface. It works with input devices such as PCs, PS3/PS4, Blu-ray DVD, and so on. The display mediums include monitors, projectors, and FHD TV sets. The package contains the HDMI selector and a three-foot HDMI cable.

Dotstone HDMI Switch Bi-Directional



  • A 4K HDMI splitter
  • It is bi-directional
  • Compatible with most HDMI input and output devices


  • Doesn’t work with an Amazon firestick
  • Transmits to one HDMI cable at a time
  • Reports of it interfering with a PC’s booting

3. avedio links HDMI Splitter 1 to 2 Amplifier High-Speed HDMI Cable

Best Full-HD HDMI Splitter

If you’re looking for a splitter that will give two signals without distorting your signal, think of the avedio links HDMI Splitter. This splitter offers you signal amplification and supports deep color of up to 36bit. Additionally, it will easily handle all your Blue-Ray output with ease and agility.

The splitter allows you to display with two screens at the same time from the same HDMI source. The different outputs have a resolution that will support 3D, 4K, 3480x2160p, and frequency of up to 60Hz. The splitter supports HDMI version 1.3 and 1.4 and deep color technology in addition to various audio formats.

avedio links HDMI Splitter is very portable, measuring 2.5×2.1×0.5 inches thus it could be used in anywhere. The connection is as easy as it could ever get allowing you to plug and play without the need for external drivers.

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 Out, avedio links HDMI Splitter


  • Supports deep color technology
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Quality output simultaneously


  • No USB power adapter included in the package
  • Doesn’t extend to monitors
  • It is not compatible with HDCP2.2

4. HDMI Switch, GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch 3×1 Switch Splitter 

Best 3 Port 4K DMI Splitter with Pigtail Cable

What a better splitter that can save you both time and money than a 3×1 HDMI Manual Pigtail Switch. This switch has a 3-input port that connects to three devices at the same time, therefore, avoiding reconnecting and disconnecting all the time. Amazingly, this splitter has a very easy set-up and a user-friendly switch. You will not require any external power supply to operate this switch. The switch itself obtains power from the connected devices.

You can now enjoy quality movie time because this switch has an updated 4K video transmission and can support HDTV and 3D video. Awesome, right? With its direct stream digital, you will love this splitter as you can now enjoy watching without any compromise on the video and the audio. Furthermore, you will have no delays in the transmission.

HDMI Switch,GANA 3 Port 4K HDMI Switch 3x1 Switch Splitter


  • Has easy switching inputs
  • It is perfect for multiple displays and systems
  • Works great and the price is attractive


  • Does not work well on PS4 Pro
  • Can only work well on simple HDMI Switching
  • Does not have an aesthetic design

5. OREI HDS-108 1×8 Powered 1080P V 1.4 Certified HDMI Splitter with Full Ultra HD 4K/2K @ 30Hz 

Best 8-Port HDMI Splitter

So, you are looking for a functional switch? Worry no more. OREI HDS-108 Splitter is able to duplicate HDMI signal and to 8 displays at the same time. Amazingly, you will not lose any signal while at it. This splitter supports all the audio options: LPCM, Dolby-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD/Dolby True HD/DTS-HD master audio. This means that it can now bring style to your home while at the same time enjoying the best quality sound on your tv and sound systems.

If you are into movies, you will be able to enjoy Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution & 3D with deep color quality. This splitter is a perfect home accessory that will enable you to connect to many devices without degradation on quality. And on top of that, it is HDCP 1.2 Protocol Compliant.

OREI HDS-108 1x8 Powered 1080P V1.4 Certified HDMI Splitter


  • Simple set-up and great in dispending signal
  • The splitter is made from quality heavy-duty metal
  • Has an inside cooling unit that aids in heat absorption and dissipation


  • Cannot work with HDMI cables over 30 Feet
  • Cannot extend monitor screens
  • Cannot work on multiple HDMI sources on TV

6. HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 3 4 Out Weiliante 4K Aluminum Ver1.4 HDCP 1×4 Ports video Converter

Best 4-Port HDMI Splitter

This is an excellent accessory that should be in your house already. This splitter will mirror a single HDMI source to other 4 HDMI displays. Then the four displays will show the same video and audio simultaneously. The videos and audios amazingly do not lose quality. The HDMI Splitter, when powered, will act as a repeater to boost the signal allowing you to exceed the 15m long distance.

If you are a serious gamer, then this splitter will sort you out perfectly. It can stream on dual monitors without any delays. On top of that, it is super easy to install and operate. This splitter is durable as it is made from a sleek aluminum housing.

HDMI Splitter 1 in 2 3 4 Out WEILIANTE 4K Aluminum Ver1.4 HDCP 1X4 Ports Video Converter


  • Easy to operate with zero lag splitting
  • Compact with a sleek aluminum housing
  • Splits perfect picture quality


  • Can sometimes split well on fewer screens
  • It’s very small
  • Just a bit pricy

7. J-Tech Digital 8-Port HDMI v.1.3 Splitter 1×8 Full HD 1080P Certified with 3D [JTD3DSP0108]

Best 3D-Certified HDMI Splitter

The J-Tech Digital 8-Port HDMI v.1.3 Splitter is the perfect splitter for large scale output displays. J-Tech, with its ten years experience, created this component to serve clients in multiple industries ranging from industries to residential needs.

The device lets you split the signal from a single source and experience video of resolutions of up to 1080p and 3D. Additionally, the audio quality is not distorted and maintains a High Definition output, including the DOLBY Digital audio.

The 8-Port HDMI v.1.3 Splitter offers the most premium powered splitter, certified with 3D support and with an output capacity of 10.2Gbps. Additionally, this device supports signal retiming and comes with a power adaptor and a user manual.

J-Tech Digital 8-Port HDMI v.1.3 Splitter 1x8 Full HD 1080P Certified with 3D [JTD3DSP0108]


  • Will split a signal to up to 8 displays
  • Quality sound and video output
  • One year warranty


  • May overheat if used for long hours
  • Doesn’t come with a select-port option for HDMI output
  • Needs common resolution for both monitors

8. gofanco Prophecy Intelligent 4K 60Hz HDR 1×8 HDMI 2.0 Splitter

Best 8-Port HDMI Splitter

Scaling and downscaling for HDMI splitters has been made possible with the gofanco Prophecy Intelligent 4K 60Hz HDR 1×8 HDMI 2.0 Splitter. The gadget supports HDR 4K, 4K, 3D, and deep color output on the output monitors and screens. Dolby TrueHD audio, DTS-HD and Dolby Digital sound formats are a feature you don’t want to miss form this splitter.

What will make you love the gofanco splitter is the ability to support mixed 1080p and 4K display outputs. In essence, you could have a display output of 4K displayed at 1080p with the device’s ability to bypass the hindrance. And what’s more- you can enjoy up to 10 layer-output as it can easily cascade several splitters with ease and stability.

The make of the gofanco splitter features metallic enclosure strong enough to last long and minimum EMI/RFI noise. This system will not overheat even with a connection of 8 splitters as the air gap works perfectly for ventilating the splitter. The firmware is upgradeable to the most.

gofanco Prophecy Intelligent 4K 60Hz HDR 1x8 HDMI 2.0 Splitter


  • High-quality audio and video output
  • Upgradeable firmware
  • Supports downscaling


  • May loose audio with time
  • The Elgato may have issues detecting initially but improves with time
  • Will  not support downscaling to 480p and 720p

9. CableCreation 4 Ports HDMI Switcher Splitter

Best 4-Port HDMI Splitter with IR Remote Control

When it comes to splitting input signals to one output, the CableCreation 4 Ports HDMI Switcher Splitter is all you need. With this appliance, a connection of 4 input devices can be connected with an HDMI cable and give a seamless output on one screen. Using a button or remote control, you could easily choose from which device you want to watch from.

The switcher works perfectly for various devices including PC, TV, PS, Xbox, among others. This machine supports 3D, Full HD, 1080p, and 4K@60Hz resolutions of most displays and will not lose the signal.

CableCreation 4 Ports HDMI Switcher Splitter is made of aluminum allow casing that’s durable and high grade. To make your work easy, the remote control is availed that allows you to choose which input to watch at the comfort of your sofa. The package comes with an HDMI splitter, a power cord, and a remote controller.

HDMI Switch 4K, CableCreation 4 Ports HDMI Switcher Splitter


  • Compatible with a wide range of audio and video displays
  • Supports high resolutions
  • Comes with a remote control


  • The device has no power on button
  • Power light is quite bright
  • Remote does not come with batteries

10. HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter Techole Aluminum HDMI Switch 3-in-1 Out

Best 4-Port 4K HDMI Splitter Box

With the Techole Aluminum HDMI switch, you can stream content from three devices to one HDMI display. It is the best aluminum HDMI switch 3-in-1 out, given that removes possible flash, lag, or diminished resolution. You can use it with different kinds of devices, including PCs, Roku Stick, Apple TV, DVD players, Blu-Ray players, and so on. It is rechargeable via a USB cable.

One thing about this HDMI switch is that it features strong construction with a rust-free aluminum frame. The safe, durable frame will hardly break or overheat. It is suitable for use in settings such as the office, school or home. The convenient built-in remote control makes it easy for you to switch from one channel to another without getting up from your seat. You may use it for better videos and audio in your home. It can also give you highly immersive gaming experience.

HDMI Switch 4k HDMI Splitter




  • Comes with a convenient remote control
  • A durable, aluminum frame that can hardly break down
  • Provides the best audio and video


  • Some people said it doesn’t work with UHD players
  • Doesn’t support the PIP function
  • The package doesn’t include the USB plug for charging

How to Choose the Best HDMI Splitter: The Ultimate Buying Guide

With the development of high definition video technology, HHDMI has become popular in many applications. It is different from the HDMI Switch or Matrix. It’s specifically designed to allow you to expand your monitors, giving you an opportunity to view the same content from different displays. It is important to buy a splitter that will sort your needs while keeping in mind the features, functionality, pricing, and the after-sale services available.

Without further ado, let us narrow down a few points to consider before making a purchase;

Can the Splitter Support Resolution of up to 4K?

With today’s’ dynamic technology, you might want to invest in a splitter that offers the best resolution display. Luckily, most of the reviewed splitters are able to support 4K definition screens. You should also make sure that the display is able to keep up with the latest resolution.

If your TV is a 4K Ultra HDTV and the source component is 4K, then make sure that that the splitter is also 4K compatible. Consequently, if you want to pass an HDR encoded or a 3D video signal, the HDMI splitter needs to be able to be capable as well.

Is the HDMI Splitter Compatible With Your Other Devices?

Whether you are into gadgets or you are a heavy gamer, you need a splitter that is compatible with many devices. Some splitters will be able to support Xbox, PS3, PS4, HD TVs and many others. For this, you will need a splitter that will support data transfers with a high MHz or GHz rating. 

The ideal HDMI splitter is the one that will be compatible with all your other devices.  Without considering your current and maybe future devices, your splitter will be completely and utterly useless. Let’s be honest; if you are a person who is into gadgets, you are always looking to upgrade your TV, audio, and gaming devices. So, it will be wise to keep that in mind before you make that purchase.  You will want to look for a splitter that is HCPD Compliant.

Do Not Dent Your Bank Though, Go for One that is Within Your Budget

Let’s all be honest; when you are buying something, you want to get one that will not dent your bank. Honestly, we have reviewed some splitters that are quite affordable and not compromise on quality. A good example is the HDMI Switch 4K HDMI Splitter.

Before you decide on the best splitter, it is definitely a good idea to check on the price. The ideal splitter for you is the one that that has a reasonable price depending on the budget. Sometimes cheap does not necessarily mean expensive. If you are not tight on the budget, then you are lucky because you have more legroom to compare a wide variety of splitters and settle on the more ideal one.

Does the Splitter Have Enough Ports?

You might want to invest in a splitter that has more functionality. This will be in terms of the number of ports and the different screen display inputs. A splitter that has several ports is ideal because you can easily plug in more devices.  Keeping in mind the number of devices in your house, you will be able to decide on the best splitter for you.

A splitter with many functionalities may be more high-tech and sometimes a bit more expensive than the simple ones. But in the long run, it is worth it. Example of splitters with many functionalities is DotStone HDMI and OREI HDS.

What Amount of Power Do You Need to Transmit Quality Signals?

One of the biggest considerations when selecting the HDMI splitter will depend on the amount of the resolution of the available devices. If you have two displays that have different resolution, the splitter will automatically default on the lower resolution display.

Having that in mind, some of the HDMI splitters will have limited power and hence will transmit low-quality signal. In most cases, HDMI splitters that do not have an external power supply cannot transmit good signal. That is why some will obtain power from the available connected devices.

Does the Brand Come With a Warranty?

You shouldn’t cause yourself a lot of headache by investing in an expensive device that does even come with a warranty. Before you buy an HDMI Splitter, know the brands that are in the market and those that come with a warranty.  Buying a brand that has a warranty will save you some cash. In case you get any defects, you can return and get another one.

There is also a level of confidence you get when you find a brand that offers a warranty. It means that they are into customer satisfaction. It is important to read on other customer reviews to know if the product has any issues.  An example of a brand that comes with a warranty is the Dotstone HDMI switch is an example that comes with an 18- month warranty.


So, having said that, the things to consider in selecting the best HDMI splitter is; whether the device will offer you value for money, how compatible it will be with other devices, resolution quality, functionality, price as well as warranty. With this review, you will have no trouble finding the best splitter that will sort your needs.