Best Deep Fryers to Provide you with Crispy, Tasty Treats

Ask most people, and many will admit that digging into a platter of deep-fried wings, chips, fish, or chicken is one of their fondest childhood memories. There is something about that crispiness and tantalizing taste that comes with deep-fried food that most people find hard to resist. If you are one of those people who can’t go a day or two without some nice fries or crispy treats, then investing in a deep fryer is a great idea.

Deep fryers or in some corners known as flash fryers are specially designed kitchen tools that allow you to submerge your food in hot oil which cooks them quickly and nicely. The fryers are available for commercial and home use depending on the size, design, and available features. Most come with temperature control knobs and a basket to place your food.

Similar to selecting a microwave or a toaster, there are various factors that you need to keep in mind as you select the most ideal flash fryer for your needs. You will have to look at its capacity, safety features, and general construction, among other things. We have compiled a comprehensive review of the best deep fryers available in the market that will help you prepare mouthwatering and jaw-dropping crispy treats. Let’s dig in.

Top 11 Deep Fryers of 2020 Reviewed

1. Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer

Best Electric Deep Fryer

Deep frying doesn’t get better and crispier than this with the Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer. It boasts of a bucket style  design that you can place on the counter without eating up too much space in your kitchen. The heavy cast aluminum built is non-stick, so your food will never burn while the non-skid rubber feet ensure stability as you fry. The easy to clean,  non-stick design is also on the outside, which prevents smudges and other dirt from building up on the appliance.

The GranPappy comes with a Snap-On lid that helps store the oil after use so that it doesn’t spill and can be used over and over again. The electric fryer operates at 1,500 watts and doesn’t have temperature control features since it fries food at optimum temperature automatically. It has a capacity for six cups that let you cook six large servings of crispy treats. A handy scoop is included that lets you lift, drain, and serve your food without making a mess. The safety magnetic cord adds to the safety of this innovative flash fryer.

Presto 05411 GranPappy Electric Deep Fryer


  • Non-stick inside and out
  • Handy draining and serving scoop
  • Non-skid rubber feet


  • Outside can get very hot
  • Can’t be immersed in water
  • Non-stick is easily scratched

2. T-fal Deep Fryer

Best Oil Filtration System Deep Fryer

The powerful T-fal deep fryer is just what you need if you love crisp fries, hush puppies, chicken nuggets, or any other type of deep-fried delicacies. It has a capacity of 3.5 liters of oil and can cook a load of 2.65 pounds of food. It’s easy to use and comes with a two-position cooking basket that allows you to handle and drain food easily. It has a patented EZ-oil filtration system that provides greater efficiency when it comes to oil in terms of storage, and cost-saving when deep frying.

It boasts of a precise thermostat that provides you with optimum temperature control. The superior immersed heating element ensures that the appliance doesn’t take ages to heat up and quickly recovers the temperature once the food is put in. It’s also easy to clean with removable parts that can be thrown into the dishwasher.


T-fal Deep Fryer


  • Dishwasher safe
  • A patented oil filtration system
  • Immersed heating element


  • Quite shallow
  • Cord falls off too easily
  • High chances of oil spills

3. Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer for Large Family Meals

Hamilton Beach is one of the most popular brands when it comes it comes to kitchen appliances due to their high-quality standards. Their 35021 Electric Deep Fryer of an oversized 8-cup capacity that lets you prepare meals large enough to feed the whole family at once. It is loaded with lots of safety features such as cool-touch handles for easy operation and a break-off cord that prevents toppling over in case the cord is tampered with.

To prevent oil spatters as you cook, the appliance has a sturdy lid that lets you cover the food as it cooks, and monitoring is done using a view window basket. The basket comes with hooks that makes draining easy and less messy. It also has an immersed heating element that helps the oil heat up faster. It comes with a temperature indicator that lights up when the oil reaches the optimum temperature for frying.  It also has removable parts such as the lid, heating element and oil tank for easy cleaning,

Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer


  • Cool-touch handles and break-off cord for safety
  • View window basket
  • Hook for easy draining


  • Consumes lots of oil
  • Not great for seafood
  • No audible timer

4. Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Best Automatic Temp Control  Deep Fryer

The Presto FryDaddy is a smaller version of the Presto GranPappy and is built to meet the high quality and safety standards of the brand. It has non-stick sides on the inside and outside, which provides you with smooth cooking experience and makes cleaning a breeze. With a capacity for 4 cups of oil, you will save money and still get to cook four large servings of food. Better yet, once the oil has cooled, you can easily store it without it leaking or getting an odor by snapping back the sturdily built plastic lid.

The FryDaddy has no controls to set the temperature but comes with an internal thermostat that regulates the temperature at an optimal level automatically. It has a voltage of 120V and operates at a wattage of 1,200 watts.  The product comes with a handy scoop that helps lift and drain the oil once the food is ready. You will get a one year warranty on purchase of this electric deep fryer.

Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer


  • Fries at optimal temperature automatically
  • Non-stick sides
  • Allows the oil to be re-used


  • Sides get hot
  • Can’t be covered when cooking
  • Reduced capacity

5. Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer

Best Insulated Deep Fryer

Enjoy some tasty onion rings, fries, shrimp, donuts, and other nice foods by investing in the Cuisinart deep fryer. The1800-watt deep fryer has a 4-quart capacity that will let you cook large family meals at once. Its immersed heating element allows the appliance to heat up quickly and retain optimal temperature once you put in the food.

It has a large stainless steel construction that’s easy to clean and will provide you with extended service. The outside is insulated and doesn’t get too hot while frying. It also comes with cool-touch handles that are user-friendly and safe for extended periods of cooking. It also has a 1-gallon draining container that’s enamel-coated and has a pouring spout for easy emptying. Has a capacity of 2.3 pounds of food and comes with a one year warranty.


Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer


  • Cool-touch handles
  • Immersed heating element
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel construction


  • May have some sharp edges
  • Achieving optimal temperature is hectic
  • Flaws in the design

6. Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Stainless Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer for Small Meals

Oster brings you this compact deep fryer that will help you create great culinary delicacies for your loved ones. It comes in a sturdily built stainless steel housing whose sides don’t get hot when frying.  It’s 1.5 liters (6 cups) capacity allows you to save costs on oil while the 900 wattage heats up the appliance quickly providing you with consistent crispiness and taste. It comes with a fry basket whose handle allows you to easily lower and drain your food.

It has a hinged lid to prevent oil from splashing as it cooks and a large viewing window on the lid to allow convenient monitoring of food as it cooks. It also comes with a magnetic break off the cord for increased safety. The power indicator lights up to alert you when the appliance is on. In terms of hygiene, parts of the deep fryer are dishwasher safe, which makes cleaning easy while the hinged lid has a filter which helps prevent odor from the oil.

Oster CKSTDF102-SS Style Compact Stainless Deep Fryer


  • Hinged lid with integrated filter
  • Magnetic break off cord
  • Large viewing window


  • Small capacity
  • Cleaning can be hectic
  • Oil may spill easily

7. Minca Electric Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer for Small Kitchens

If you live alone and are looking for an ideal deep fryer that’s fast and convenient, then the Minca Electric Deep Fryer is a perfect match. It has a capacity of 10 cups of oil and comes in a compact size that’s convenient for storage. It has an adjustable temperature control that ranges from 265° to 375°F, which is ideal for achieving perfect crispiness and taste in food.

It comes with a fry basket to dip and drain the food which has a cool-touch handle that allows you to easily and safely lower food into the fryer. It comes with a lid that closes to prevent oil from spattering and reduces any odors. The 1,500W heating element heats up fast to fry your food quickly and give a great, crisp exterior. The basket is removable while the interior is non-stick to make cleaning easy.

Minca Electric Deep Fryer


  • Non-stick interior
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Adjustable temperature control


  • Not ideal for large family meals
  • Knobs may loosen with time
  • The indicator light is flimsy

8. DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer for Even Frying

Say goodbye to messy and risky deep frying by investing in the DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer. It boasts of a rotating basket design that lets you achieve even crispiness on all the food using half the amount of oil consumed by other deep fryers in the market. It has an adjustable thermostat that can be set to heat up between 300 and 370 degrees and comes with an indicator light that lights up when the optimum temperature is achieved. The built-in digital timer alerts you when the food is ready to prevent over-frying.

The fryer also boasts of a patented oil drain system that helps easily clean the appliance by opening the hose at the front to drain the oil. The inside is non-stick for easy cleaning. The dual replacement filters help prevent odors and oil vapors from building up in your kitchen. It also comes with a condensation shield which prevents oil from dripping onto the cord. For safety, the flash fryer comes with a detachable magnetic cord, and cool-touch handles to prevent any injuries.

DeLonghi D28313UXBK Roto Deep Fryer


  • A patented oil drainage system
  • Dual replacement filters
  • Condensation shield

9. Chefman 4-Liter Deep Fryer

Best 4-Liter Deep Fryer

Looking for a way to fry food without leaving a splattered mess all over the place? The Chefman 4-Liter Deep Fryer comes with a frying basket that quickly drains the oil. You can use it to fry large quantities of French fries, chicken, doughnuts, and so on. With this deep fryer, you can be assured of restaurant-quality frying right there in your kitchen. Say goodbye to uncooked or overcooked food.

What are some of the special features of this particular deep fryer? Firstly, the heating element is a 1700-watt affair. Using the convenient temperature control, it is possible to set the precise temperature at which you want to cook your food. The air filter ensures the even distribution of heat so that your food cooks all round. You will be able to see the menu as it prepares through the viewing window. It is safe to operate, given the magnetic cutout cord that prevents accidents and spills. The fryer comes with a one-year warranty.

Chefman 4 Liter Deep Fryer



  • It is capable of frying large food quantities
  • Allows for precise temperature controls
  • You can see the food as it cooks

10. KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer

Best Triple Basket Deep Fryer

Get to prepare a variety of crispy meals with the KRUPS KJ502D51 which comes with a triple basket construction that lets you cook one big batch and two small ones at a go. It comes with four preset functions for effortless frying and allows you to adjust the temperature to cater to your personal preference. The fryer can be completely disintegrated for easy cleaning and boasts of an immersed heating element that heats up quickly.

KRUPS KJ502D51 Deep Fryer


  • Triple basket construction
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Can be disintegrated for easy cleaning

11. Nurxiovo Electric Deep Fryer

Best  Deep Fryer for Commercial Use

For commercial deep frying, Nurxiovo has designed this extra-large deep fryer with an oversized capacity of 8 and 16 liters for your needs. The stainless steel professional deep fryer has a temperature controller that breaks away when the optimum temperature is reached. It comes with protective stickers that prevent scratches and damage from bumping. The plastic handle allows you to safely dip and drain our food. The rotating fryer heads allow for easy cleaning.


Nurxiovo Electric Deep Fryer


  • Rotating fryer heads
  • Extra-large capacity
  • Temperature controller

How to Choose the Best Deep Fryer: The Ultimate Buying Guide

No one hates a platter of crispy and crunchy fries, hush puppies, fish balls, chicken nuggets, shrimp and many other fried delicacies. There’s just something about deep-fried foods that leaves your mouth yearning for more. Traditionally, deep frying was done using a cooking pan and oil, which was not only messy but also risky since oil easily splashes all over, which can cause serious burns.

However, such challenges were easily overcome by the invention of a deep fryer which is specially designed to allow you heat oil to your desired temperature and submerse your food without fear of scalding yourself or splashing hot oil all over the place. Any serious fried food lover can’t lack this kitchen friendly appliance in their home.

Types of Deep Fryers      

They fall into two major categories:

  • Electric Deep Fryers – These are the most common in the market and are considered the safest to use. Most are much smaller in size and are great for indoor use.
  • Propane Deep Fryers – Many chefs believe that this type of deep fryer will provide you with a tastier meal compared to the electric one. It can only be used when outdoors and has a large capacity where you can even dip a whole chicken without oil spilling over.

Differences Between a Deep Fryer and an Air Fryer

When shopping for a deep fryer which is also known as a flash fryer, you will come across the term air fryer. It’s common to confuse the two appliances since they are both used for frying. However, there are some major differences that will help you distinguish the two. They include;

  • Cooking style – While deep fryers use very hot oil for cooking the food, air fryers use superheat air to fry your food. Air fryers have a fan that passes air to a heating element below it which then cooks the food without the need for oil.
  • Taste – To be honest, if your main goal when it comes to fired food is taste, then a deep fryer what you need since it consistently provides you with that unique taste that only hot oil can provide. Air fryers are ideal when you want a crispy or crunchy exterior on your food.
  • Health – The major concern with air fryers is the amount of unhealthy oil that gets into your food since you have to completely immerse the food in hot oil to achieve your desired taste. For an air fryer, oil is not necessary, and if need be, minimal oil can be used, which leaves the meal healthy.
  • Versatility – With an air fryer, you can add in accessories that will allow you to roast and food. A deep fryer only lets you cook food by frying for a crispy finish.

Major Must-Have Deep Fryer Features

While these features are not a must, they are important to have on your appliance. They are:

  • Built-in thermostat – While you can get a separate cooking thermometer to monitor your oil, having an internal one is more convenient.
  • Cool-touch sides – An insulated exterior on your deep fryer ensures that the outside doesn’t get hot, which may lead to burns or other accidents.
  • Oil change alert – A deep fryer that alerts you when the oil needs changing ensures that you have good oil for all your frying needs.
  • Drainage system – Once you are done frying, you will need to drain the oil and the easier it is to do this, the better your experience with the appliance.
  • Auto-shutoff – When the oil gets too hot, a feature that automatically shuts off the appliance is safe and handy to have to ensure the oil doesn’t combust.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Deep Fryer

Here are several factors that you need to look out for before adding that flash fryer into your shopping cart:

Capacity – Different fryers allow you to cook a certain amount of food. When deciding on the capacity that your deep fryer needs to have, you need to consider the size of the meals you need to make. For a small family, then you don’t need to get an overly big deep fryer since it will need more oil to cook, which may lead to wastage.

Safety – When using a deep fryer, you will be dealing with extremely hot oil all the time, which is risky due to the high chances of getting burnt and scalding. Safety features such as an auto-shutoff button that goes off when the oil gets too hot is a great addition to your appliance. Another great safety feature is a break-off cord that disintegrates from the fryer in cases where the cord is disturbed or tampered with.

Use – As mentioned earlier, the intended use of the fryer is also an important factor. If you are looking for a big meals, a propane deep fryer is a great choice since it has more capacity. Have an idea of the type of meals you would want to make with your appliance so that you ensure that to get the right product for that.

Heating up – Often, electric deep fryers take more time to heat up compared to their propane counterparts. They also take more time to boil back again once you have added your food.


Indulging in the guilty pleasure of eating deep-fried food is allowed once in a while. Investing in a deep fryer will make cooking such foods easy, safer, and tastier. We hope that you have spotted the best deep fryer for your needs in this review and you will soon add it to your collection of quality kitchen appliances.