Best Money Belts For Your Safe And Secure Travel [Updated Oct 2019]

To an inexperienced traveler, one money belt seems as good as another. For some belonging in the older generation, a fanny pack works just as well. But there’s a lot more to consider when choosing a money belt than just how big the pouch is and will the belt fit around your waistline.

Moreover, there are a lot more choices in the market today than just what you see in Walmart or Target. And it definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of accessory. If you’re planning on getting one for your next trip, don’t you worry about a thing. We’ve already combed through various money belts online to find out which ones are best money belts in ensuring you enjoy safe travels.

Top 10 Money Belts Of 2019 Reviewed

1. Alpha Keeper Money Belt for Travel

Money Belt For Travel with RFID

The Alpha Keeper Money Belt is quite possibly the most popular money belt bought on Amazon. And it’s easy to see why. There are several styles to choose from (though they aren’t that stylish), you get three RFID blocking layers constructed into the pouch and 7 RFID protected sleeves, and an aluminum zipper to avoid detection from metal detectors.

Alpha Keeper Money Belt


  • Water-resistant
  • Aluminum zipper
  • Extra RFID protection (3 layers + sleeves)


  • Looks like a fanny pack
  • Not waterproof
  • Ports for your earbuds are only available with the Green & Pink New Revolutionary Fanny Packs

2. Peak Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block

Money Belt for Comfortable Travel

The company claims this money belt to be the most comfortable in the world and it’s hard to argue with that statement. The unique ComfortSoft™ material is extra soft and feels cool against your skin. Aside from being extra comfortable to wear, the Peak Travel Money Belt is sturdy and comes with a built-in RFID block.

Even better, in case you do get robbed, the company offers a theft reimbursement of $250 and includes 2 Global Recovery Tags from ReturnMe, the largest lost & found company in the world, that will ensure that your lost items get returned pronto.

Peak Travel Money Belt with built-in RFID Block


  • Really soft material
  • $250 theft reimbursement
  • Double-release safety buckle


  • Tight fit for a passport with a cover/case
  • Not waterproof; perspiration can get the contents a bit wet.
  • Zipper can be hard to use

3. Eagle Creek Undercover Money Belt DLX

Money Belt for Backpacking

When it comes to travel security, Eagle Creek is one of the brands to beat. This money belt is thin yet spacious. It can easily fit passports for a family of 4 plus some credit cards and cash. Not only is it really roomy, but it stays slim/flat and you don’t even notice it when you wear it while sleeping –  perfect for those times when you’re sleeping in hostels or dorms during your journey to self-discovery.


  • Lightweight
  • Lots of space
  • Adjustable strap can be stored away when not in use


  • Plastic clasp and zipper are not durable
  • Limited color options
  • Doesn’t fit on people with larger waists

4. ExpertTravel Premium Travel Money Belt

It’s always reassuring to know that a company is willing to back its claim on the anti-theft features of its product. ExpertTravel is one such company. Not only will you receive $500 if your money is stolen while in their money belt, but you can also get your money back if you don’t like it. Yes, they’re that confident. And they should be. The belt is light, comfortable, and spacious that you probably won’t be returning it once you try it out.

ExpertTravel Premium Money Belt


  • Money-back guarantee
  • $500 theft reimbursement
  • YKK zippers


  • The elastic stretches after use causing the belt to sag
  • Can look a bit bulky for some body types
  • Not water resistant; sweat can cause your money to get damp

5. Venture 4th Travel Money Belt

The Venture 4th Travel Money Belt is simple, slim, and spacious. It is comfortable to wear and doesn’t chafe the skin. You know it’s been built to last – the pouch at least. Plus, it does the job. And the money-back guarantee that lasts an entire year isn’t anything to scoff at.

Venture 4th Travel Money Belt


  • 12-Month Money Back Guarantee
  • Made from durable 210D ripstop nylon
  • Can hold a lot of stuff


  • Can be pretty bulky for some people
  • The belt loses elasticity over time
  • Not entirely waterproof, more water-resistant

6. SevenBlu HIP – Fashion Money Belt

Best Money Belt for Running

Whoever said that money belts couldn’t be trendy haven’t seen the SevenBlu Hip money belt yet. It’s definitely been designed as a running belt – allowing you to carry your money, keys, and phone while you jog or do some other exercise. It’s also perfect for going to concerts. As for traveling, it couldn’t perform any better.

SevenBlu HIP – Fashion Money Belt


  • Stylish
  • Spacious
  • Multipurpose – sports, travel, and concerts


  • The zipper isn’t that durable
  • Sizing chart isn’t accurate
  • Hard to access stuff inside the pocket

7. Level Terrain FlipBelt

A great alternative to the SevenBlu Fashion Hip Money Belt, the Flipbelt is another trendy addition to the world of money belts where fanny packs rule.

Level Terrain FlipBelt


  • No zippers, fasteners or clasps that can break
  • Can hold large phones, gel packs, and money
  • Inconspicuous, can hide right under your clothes


  • Size could be a hit and miss
  • Belt can “ride up” while performing streneous exercise like jumping and running
  • Pockets are not zippered

8. Tarriss RFID Blocking Money Belt

While there some companies that offer a money back guarantees and theft reimbursements, only a handful 100% lifetime guarantee, and warranty. One of these companies is Tarriss. If you’re a regular traveler, this is definitely something you should consider. In addition to that, the RFID blocking has actually been tested by the US Government and given the green light! It also doesn’t hurt that it can be worn in several positions – around your waist, across your chest (over one shoulder), etc.

Tarriss RFID Blocking Money Belt


  • Microfiber material for breathability
  • Lifetime warranty
  • US government-tested


  • Elastic loses tension after use
  • Zipper and clasp seem flimsy
  • Not water resistant; sweat can dampen money inside the pouch

9. Blue Sky Basics Waterproof Pouch with Waist Strap

Waterproof Money Belt

Plenty of money belts are water-resistant but only one on our list is truly water-proof. In fact, your stuff isn’t going to get wet even if you’re 32 feet underwater. Just think, you don’t have to worry about losing your travel documents, phone, and money while you’re diving in the Caribbean. It’ll be right there with you. Where else can you find a money belt that offers this?

Blue Sky Basics Waterproof Pouch


  • Completely waterproof
  • Can still use touchscreen of phones while inside the pouch
  • 100% lifetime guarantee


  • Too bulky/ bigger than most other money belts
  • Strap is too long for small waists but too short for large ones
  • Totally indiscreet

10. Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet

Money Belt Inside Pants

Now, this isn’t exactly a money belt. It’s more of a travel wallet that can be attached to your belt (making it a money belt!) and hid under your clothes, specifically on your thigh. Unlike other money belts on this list which you can probably discreetly open and close while in public (not recommended, of course), this money belt will get you arrested for public indecency. On the flip side, this is one money belt that thieves won’t be on the lookout for. After all, no thief is going to ask you to take off your pants, right?

Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet


  • Roomy
  • The pocket width ensures that all currencies will fit
  • RFID blocking


  • Can be bulky; Need to be worn with really loose pants
  • Can’t be used while wearing clothes without belt loops
  • Hard to access

Some money belts that are also worth taking a look at include the Eagle Creek Silk Undercover Money Belt, Eazymate Fashion Running Belt, and the Ody Travel Gear Money Belt

How To Choose the Best Money Belt? – Buying Guide!

Whether you’re just going across the country or crossing to the other side of the world, you need to be sure that you won’t get robbed blind. This means that you’ll need your travel documents safe as well as some emergency cash and credit card in case, you know, an emergency occurs. Obviously, you’ll need a money belt. Now, the money belt you buy will depend on how you plan to use it – i.e. what you plan to store inside it, where you plan to use it, how accessible do you want it to be.  We’ve got a few tips to help you choose the one that suits you perfectly.

Make a list of all the items you want to secure

If all you need to hide are some emergency cash, a credit card, and an ID, then you can go for a small-sized money belt. If you need to include a phone, your passport, and other travel documents, you may need to start looking for a larger-sized money belt with several pockets or compartment to store all those items.

Think of the activities you’ll be doing while wearing your money belt

Some money belts are designed for being worn while running or engaged in some kind of sport. This means that no matter how much YOU bounce, the belt WON’T bounce or bunch up around your waist. Other money belts are designed to be water resistant or waterproof. This could be useful if you’re planning on going to a place that is humid or a place where you’re bound to get wet.

Consider the length of time you’ll be wearing the money belt each day

Would the material of the money belt chafe or irritate your skin? If you sweat, will the fabric wick moisture away or absorb it? Is the material anti-microbial? Or will it start to smell funky after a long day under your shirt?

You need to find a money belt that would fit you well AND look inconspicuous when worn under your clothes

This means that you need one that will remain comfortable on you while you’re walking, sitting, dancing, etc. while still remaining hidden – not noticeable under your somewhat loose clothes.

Check for extra features such as a hidden pocket

The hidden pocket is perfect for when you’re robbed at gunpoint – or RFID blocking which protects your credit cards from being scanned without you knowing it.

While you consider these tips when buying your money belt, don’t forget to consider the price. Most are less than $20 but there are still some that can be pretty expensive for a budget traveler. Just remember, as far as travel accessories go, this may be the most important one yet.

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