Best Luggage Scales That Are Reliable, Convenient, and Time-Saving!

Folks, look at it this way — you pack your travel bags and head to the airport. You get to the check-in counter happy about that vacation you have been planning. Just as is the norm, you put your travel bag on the scale, hoping that the attendant will put a tag on it before it’s sent to the cargo section. But everything doesn’t go as planned: your bag is overweight!

Now, the problem is not even offloading some of the stuff you had carried; the problem is the hefty fine that you are slapped with. A cool $200 that would have booked a night at a good hotel! It happens to many people, and chances are it will happen to you.

So, how can you avoid such a predicament? Simple — get a luggage scale to weigh your bag before you leave home! You see, a luggage scale is reliable and affordable, and will save you lots of time and money whenever you are on the go. But first, you need to know how to pick the best luggage scales for your needs. We are here to help you. We have covered ten cool luggage scales, and even gone further to provide some helpful tips to assist you in choosing the right one.

Let’s look at them:

Top 10 Luggage Scales of 2020 Reviewed

1. Dr. Meter 110lb/50kg Electronic Balance

Best Easy to Read Luggage Scale

What’s the point in having a luggage scale when you can’t read it properly? With the Dr. Meter Electronic Balance, you will never have to worry about that. It has a backlit LCD screen that enables you to view the readings both during the day and at night. You can use it to measure both the weight and temperature.

Designers at Dr. Meter understand the rigors of regular travel. That’s why they made this scale to be heavy-duty and durable. You can carry it with you anywhere without having to worry about it breaking down. Additionally, the scale is compact, portable, and easy to carry. Its surface is painted with a rubber layer to make it easy for you to grip with your hand.

Like two of the previous scales we have already discussed, this device can measure up to 50 kg (110 lbs). In terms of kilograms, it is accurate by 1/100. If you measure pounds, the accuracy level is 0.02lb. With this scale, you will get the precise weight of your luggage. When not in use, the scale automatically turns off to preserve energy.

[Backlight LCD Display Luggage Scale]Dr.Meter 110lb50kg Electronic Balance Digital Postal Luggage Hanging Scale with Rubber Paint Handle,


  • Has a clear, LCD backlit display
  • Compact, heavy-duty, and durable. Suitable for travel.
  • Has high accuracy levels


  • May not be very stable
  • Some users have said it feels somewhat cheap

2. Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Best Sleek Luggage Scale

When it comes to designing ultra-sleek devices, Tarriss stands out of the crowd. The Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale is a small, light, and beautifully-designed device. Even though a digital scale, it is so different from similar devices, thanks to its elegant design. Don’t underestimate this scale. It can measure luggage of up to 110lb or 50 kg in weight. It has accuracy levels of 0.1 kg or 0.2 lb. that margin of error is as precise as can be.

The readings are displayed on the LCD screen. Luckily, the screen has no backlight. That essentially means you can save the battery charge. But that isn’t the only feature that ensures the battery is able to serve you for a long time to come. The auto-off function ensures the scale goes off when no longer in use.

When it comes to luggage scales, the more lightweight, the better. This weighing scale is compact, lightweight, and easy to carry. It doesn’t matter if you want to pack it in your suitcase or simply carry it in your pocket.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale


  • Has an elegant, highly-functional design
  • Comes several functions that save the battery life
  • A compact, lightweight luggage scale


  • Some users have complained about the battery draining easily
  • The readings keep bouncing up and down especially when large luggage is involved

3. Travelon Micro Scale

Best Micro Luggage Scale

When you are in a rush to the airport, and you have no time to pack, the smallest, compact devices always come in handy. The Travelon Micro Scale is just that. It is small and lightweight, suitable for packing together with the rest of your luggage without much of a hassle.

Looks can be deceiving. The fact that it is a small, lightweight scale does not mean it cannot measure your luggage. In fact, you can use it to measure anything up to 50 kg or 110 lb. As long as you can lift it in your hands, you can measure it. Unlike other scales which are shaky when weight is loaded, this device flashes a red light as soon as the luggage locks into position. You can read it that easy and simple.

After measuring your luggage, you might remember to turn it off or you might not. If you do, the On/Off switch will come in handy. In case you forget, the auto shut-off function will come in handy. Either way, your battery will last longer.

Travelon Micro Scale


  • Small and easy to carry
  • Has a battery-saving auto shut-off function
  • A backlit LCD screen that is easy to read


  • Some users have said their devices malfunctioned
  • Made of cheap plastic

4. Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale

Best Portable Hanging Luggage Scale

Worried about having to pay for overweight luggage? With Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale, you have a handy tool to help you scale down on what you are carrying. It is easy to power up and use. If you have nowhere to hang it, you can simply lift the scale after hooking the luggage in place. It has a high-accuracy sensor that quickly shows you the weight of your luggage. With that, you will know if you meet the airline’s weight requirements. If it is more than required, you can redistribute the additional items into another bag.

You can use this scale virtually anywhere. It is a pocket-sized tool that’s easy to carry. If there is no room in the luggage for the scale, you can easily put it in your pocket and get going.

It displays the readings in large digits available in both kilograms and pounds. So, you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to understand what’s on the scale. It can measure any bag with a weight of up to 50 kg (110 lbs). It is the perfect choice for regular travelers who understand the weight restrictions by the airlines.

Etekcity Digital Hanging Luggage Scale


  • Displays readings in large, visible digits
  • Small enough for carrying with you on your travels
  • Has a 1/10 accuracy level


  • Not suitable for luggage above 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Some users have complained about the reading being inaccurate

5. Fosmon Digital Luggage Scale

Best Lightweight Luggage Scale

People travel to different places at different times. As such, there is the need for a lightweight luggage scale you can easily carry around with you. When that is considered, the Fosmon Digital Luggage Scale definitely fits the bill. Whenever you want to use it, all you need to do is to push a button. You can easily switch between kilograms and pounds, depending on the units you intend to use. So, you don’t have to stick to just one unit.

Did you know that this scale is also useful when it comes to measuring temperature? The available units are both the degree Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The scale has a weight capacity of 50 kg (110 lbs). Regardless of how big your luggage is, you can easily get the readings on the Backlit LCD display screen. In fact, it is possible to read this scale from a distance. The battery indicator shows when the scale is running out of power while the overload indicator shows when your luggage is above the maximum weight limit. With the Fosmon Digital Luggage Scale, you can never be disappointed.

Digital Luggage Scale (2 Pack), Fosmon Digital LCD Display Backlight with Temperature Sensor Hanging Luggage Weight Scale


  • Displays readings on a large LCD backlit screen
  • Measures luggage in both kilograms and pounds
  • A compact, easy-to-carry scale


  • Cannot measure anything above 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • The button tends to buckle when pressed too hard
  • May take time to get the weight of your luggage

6. SHANJE Luggage Scale

Best Luggage Scale for Multiple Readings

Luggage scales do not have to be restricted to measuring only the heavy luggage. Instead of sticking to kilograms and pounds, this scale can provide readings in terms of grams and ounces. The maximum weight it can handle is 50 kg or 110 lb. That range is wide enough to accommodate anything between the small and large luggage.

You can either use the hook or lanyard. Every time you swap from one functionality, you have to restart the device. Whichever functionality you choose does not affect the results. You will read your measurements on a backlit LCD screen. Thus, the scale is suitable for use during the day or at night.

The scale weighs a paltry 3.5 ounces and is, therefore, easy to carry around. You can take it with you everywhere you go. It can easily fit in a pocket or suitcase. Apart from using it at the airport just before boarding a plane, the scale is great for shopping or home use. The makers of this scale have designed it to be stable and comfortable to handle. As long as it remains steady, it will give you accurate measurements.

SHANJE Luggage Scale


  • Provides readings in grams, kilograms, ounces, and pounds
  • Has an easy-to-read backlit LCD screen
  • Pocket-sized and easy to carry


  • May give inaccurate results when shaken while in use

7. Etekcity Digital Fish Scale

Best Multipurpose Luggage Scale

Don’t allow the name to fool you. This is as much a fish scale as it is a luggage scale. Like the first scale we featured from Etekcity, this basically works by hanging the luggage on a hook. It is relatively bigger and, therefore, comes with a carry bag. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot easily slot it into your luggage. In fact, it should easily fit in your luggage.

The scale comes with an easy-to-read LCD backlit scale. It displays large digits which you can easily read during the day or at night. Using the data hold function, you can retain the readings on the screen for up to 60 seconds. The point is to enable you to read the scale after pulling the luggage down.

Another notable feature of this scale is the auto-off function. It is key, especially when it comes to saving power. Additionally, the batteries have an insulation strip which prevents the wastage of power when the scale is not in use. Using the tare function, it is easier to get the net weight of your luggage. Owing to its design as a fish scale, the device comes with a heavy-duty hook to boot.

Etekcity Digital Fish Scale


  • An easy to carry the scale
  • The LCD backlit screen is easy to read during the day or at night
  • A tare function makes it easy to get the net weight of the luggage


  • Some users have said the scale is not accurate
  • You can to regularly buy button batteries

8. Rhorawill Portable Handheld Travel Luggage Electronic Scale

Best Handheld Luggage Scale

The Portable Handheld Travel Luggage Electronic Scale by Rhorawill is just that. It is made using ABS plastic material and is easy to carry. Simply pack it in your suitcase before heading off to the airport. But the fact that it is lightweight doesn’t mean it isn’t up to the task. In fact, the scale can measure up to 110lb or 50 kg. The readings are in terms of grams, ounces, kilograms, and pounds. With an accuracy of 10 grams, the scale can measure anything from the smallest to the largest luggage.

It comes with a backlit LCD screen that displays large digits. Therefore, you can read it during the day and at night. The scale is designed to automatically lock the readings when it stabilizes. In essence, you can read the scale up to a minute after removing the luggage.

This scale has a hook that makes it possible to measure just about any luggage. It doesn’t matter if you are weighing a backpack or suitcase. As long as you are carrying something with you to the airport, the scale will do just fine.

Portable Handheld Travel Luggage Electronic Scale


  • The scale is simple and easy-to-use
  • Has an LCD screen with a blue backlight
  • A lightweight scale that’s easy to carry


  • May give an error message after only a few times of use

9. Camry Luggage Scale

Best Luggage Scale with LCD Screen

What are you looking for in a luggage scale? If it is an easy to handle device, then the Camry Luggage Scale is all you need. It comes with an ergonomically designed rubber handle so that you do not accidentally drop it. Since it is easy to carry, this scale can save you the embarrassment of being told you have overweight luggage.

You never know the time when you will arrive at the airport. To make it easy for you to read the scale regardless of the time of day, this scale has an LCD backlit screen. It works well even at night. Once you have hooked the luggage on the scale, the auto data lock function kicks in. You don’t have to keep turning the scale to read it.

The scale is designed to measure to precision. With an accuracy level of 0.1 pounds, this scale will give you precise measurements. The scale has the capacity of measuring up to 50 kg of 110 lb. Always be prepared for the airlines with a highly functional scale with a data lock function. When the exact weight of your luggage is reached, the device will beep to alert you.

Camry Luggage Scale


  • A compact, easy-to-carry scale
  • The LCD backlit screen makes it easy to read even in dim light
  • Has a data lock function with a beep


  • Might prove problematic when weighing a bigger luggage

10. AmazonBasics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale

Whether you travel less or a lot of the time, you need an effective way of avoiding extra charges from airlines just because you are carrying luggage of excessive weight. This AmazonBasics digital weight is everything you are looking for in a luggage scale. It is compact enough to pack in your suitcase, so there are no surprises waiting for you at the airport.

You don’t have to worry about how big or small your luggage is. This scale can measure anything up to a maximum of 50 kg or 110 lb. In order to switch from kilograms to pounds, all you need is toggle the push button. The reading is displayed on an LCD screen in large enough digits.

But just how is the scale powered? It makes use of a CR2032 battery, which is included in the package. When it runs out of power, the low-battery indicator will show you just that. It will be much easy to know when to replace the battery.

AmazonBasics Portable Digital Luggage Weight Scale


  • A compact, lightweight luggage scale
  • Easy to switch between the units
  • Comes with a handy low-battery indicator


  • The device may fail to turn off
  • Some people have complained about it failing to turn on

How to Choose the Best Luggage Scale: The Ultimate Buying Guide

No one likes to be held at the airport for carrying luggage of excessive weight. A common inconvenience is when you have to repackage your luggage to meet the airline’s weight requirements. To avoid the hassle, you can easily use a luggage scale to keep the weight at the right level. But you can only pull it off with the right luggage scale. In this write-up, we tell you some of the things to look for in a luggage bag.

Types of Luggage Scales

There are three main types of luggage scales, namely the manual, digital, and floor-model designs. We look at each of these types of luggage scales in detail below:

1. Manual Scales

Manual scales have a gauge at the top for showing the weight readings. It has a hook on the bottom on which you can attach your luggage before lifting it at the top. From the gauge, you will see just how much your bag weighs.

  • Alternatives: Since manual scales work by hanging the bag or luggage, the best alternative is the digital scales that work similarly. The major difference is that a digital scale will have an LCD screen instead of a gauge. It is also easier to read, even when it is dark.
  • Here’s something to Avoid: Don’t buy a scale that’s too big and hard to carry on your travels. Some weights also tend to have only one measurement unit. Look out for scales that can give you measurements both in kilograms and pounds

2. Digital Scales

Digital scales are electronic devices. They use battery power and have LCD screens on which the weight readings are displayed. When it comes on attaching the luggage, they work the same way as the manual scales. Apart from being more accurate, they are easier to read. You can read the scale even when it is dark.

  • Alternatives: The only alternative to a digital scale is the manual one. That’s mainly because it works by hooking the luggage. Since its display is better, you wouldn’t want to replace it with a manual one.
  • Things to avoid: Digital scales are battery-powered. One of the things to avoid is a scale with an unreliable battery. In addition to powering on, the scale should be able to measure the weight. Also, pay attention to the display screen and whether it can work in dim light. The weight capacity of a particular scale is also important.

Floor-Model Scales

Not all digital scales make it possible to hang your luggage. Some are meant for use on the floor. They have high accuracy levels and can measure even very huge luggage. However, scales meant for use on the floor are larger and hard to carry. If you choose this kind of scale, then you can only use it at home.

Weight Capacity

This is about just how much weight a scale can hold. As such, it is useless to buy a scale that can only weigh so much. Before buying a scale, first, check its weight capacity. In fact, the maximum weight limit should be higher than anything you would ever expect to carry.

The weight capacity of most digital scales is up to 110 lb. or 50 kg. That’s good enough since most airlines have a weight requirement of around 100 pounds. You, therefore, don’t require anything out of the world.

How compact is the scale?

The weight of the scale is important since you want to know if you will be able to carry it with you. If you often go on international trips, you need something you can easily carry around. Most of the digital scales weigh around 3.5 ounces. That’s not just lightweight, but it is also convenient to carry.

If you choose a heavier, bulkier scale, it will only make your luggage heavier. It might prove difficult to carry on your back. With such a scale, you might end up being caught in the airline’s dragnet of people with off-limit loads.

Durability and Sturdiness

Most digital luggage scales are painted with rubber for easy handling and hooking of the luggage. Apart from the overall built of the scale, check that it has a durable strap or hook. You don’t want a strap that easily stretches at the weight of larger luggage. Also, check the material used to make the outer casing. If, cheap plastic, steer clear of it.

Scales with weaker outer casings are prone to breaking in transit. If you like going on adventure trips, you need something strong and sturdy. It should be able to withstand rough handling as well as unintended falls.

How Accurate Is The Scale?

Why should you buy an inaccurate scale? Accuracy refers to how sensitive or responsive your scale is. Most scales have stated accuracy levels both in kilograms and pounds. The smaller the fraction or decimal stated, the more accurate the scale is. An accurate luggage scale will give you the same measurements as that provided by the airline. With that, you will avoid paying high fees as a result of over-packing.

Types of Measurements

The measurement you get depends on the type of scale you buy. As such, measurements can be categorized as either digital or analog. With an analog scale, you do not need a battery. Rather, the measurement is displayed through a gauge. While not requiring a battery might be an advantage, it may also mean the scale is as accurate as it ages.

That’s why modern travelers are likely to swear by scales with digital display. These have high levels of accuracy. Besides, the measurements are displayed on bright screens. Whether it is an LED or LCD screen, it works perfectly in dim light.

Is The Scale Reliable?

Due to the way they operate, digital scales will need battery replacement at some point. Before buying a scale, check that it has a low-battery indicator. So as not to be disappointed, check that the batteries are in good working shape before departing. That way, you can be sure to have a working scale when you reach your destination. A reliable scale should also give an error warning whenever there is a mishap.

What Are Some Of The Additional Features?

Luggage scales may have additional features such as a built-in temperature gauge, built-in tape measure, and battery saver. Some electronic models will come with a battery saver. In most cases, this is in the form of an auto-off function. With that, you will be able to save your battery without much of a hassle. Others have a built-in temperature gauge. After pressing one button, you will know the prevailing room temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

But that’s not all. A good scale also needs a data or weight lock. Some scales have automatic data locks while others are manual. Regardless of the type of lock, it will give you time to read the weight of your luggage. Some even allow you to detach the weight first before reading the measurement.

Whether the Scale Has a Carry Pouch

It all depends on the brand you are buying. While some scales may come with dedicated carry pouches, others don’t. If it doesn’t, then you should check if it is possible to carry it in your pocket, purse or suitcase. What’s important is that the scale should be easy to carry.


So, which luggage scale will you buy? In this article, we have reviewed 10 of the best luggage scales and discussed them in terms of their features, pros, and cons. If that doesn’t help, then read the comprehensive buying guide above. At the end of the day, we have spoilt you with the best luggage scales of 2019 and the choice is all yours!