Best Baby Walkers – Top Choices For Your Infant

The issue of whether or not parents should buy baby walkers for their toddlers has been a highly contested debate for quite some time now.

While the American Academy of Pediatricians is still pushing for the ban of these baby accessories, as Canada did in 2004, it also notes that baby walker-related injuries have reduced after tougher safety standards were put in place in 2010.

Most of the modern baby walkers are now designed to prevent most of the accidents that have plagued these fun tools for years including falling out of the walker and getting pinched by the metallic hinges that collapse the walkers.  

In addition, the best baby walkers 2019 now have wider frames that restrict children from accessing areas that could prove disastrous, including kitchens.  

Keep in mind, however, that although most models have ‘stair-fall protection’, the risk of rolling down a stairwell is still real. There’s a lot that you can do to avert this, though, including limiting the use of the walker to rooms with no stairs or sealing the staircases, and always having an adult supervise the toddler when using the walker.

Top 10 Baby Walkers Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Joovy Spoon Walker

Best Lightweight Baby Walkers

The Joovy Spoon is currently the most trending baby walker on the market this year thanks to its futuristic design, ease of use, and lightweight construction.

Compared to the Vtech Sit-and-Stand above, the Joovy does not have a sophisticated entertainment console, but that’s probably because of the manufacturer aimed at creating something that doesn’t look like a toy- and we believe they hit the ball out of the park here.

This walker measures 27.7in x 25.5in x 18in when unfolded and what’s so interesting is that it folds flat (9in x 25.5in x 27.75in to be precise) to fit in tight places for storage or travel.

The Joovy Spoon walker has 3 adjustable height positions also, a heavily padded back support, and a 30-pound maximum weight capacity.

Joovy Spoon Walker


  • Trendy looks
  • Lightweight
  • Folds flat for breezy storage


  • Pushing is a challenge on carpets

2. Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Best Handheld Baby Walker

Our third best pick in these best baby walker reviews is from Fisher-Price, an American manufacturer popular for educational products for infants and children.

The Learn with Me Zebra is pretty much similar to the VTech in that it is a sit-and-stand walker that will keep the child entertained while sitting down, and also add a little more stability as they take their first steps.

The Zebra can be used by babies as young as 6 months (although they’ll use it as a toy at this age) to when they can walk freely by pushing it along. For infants who can’t kneel and stand up to it yet, it’s advisable to put something like a throw-away pillow below to reduce its speed and the risk of the walker sliding out from under the toddler.

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker


  • Encourages small kids to kneel and stand up
  • 2-in-1 walker
  • Educational


  • Wheels move freely and can, therefore, slide out under the baby

3. VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

Best Baby Walker For Baby Learning To Walk

The Vtech Sit-to-Stand is one of the best baby walkers that is meant for kids who can pull themselves up already and have excellent neck/head control but are yet to walk on their own usually at between 9 months and 2 years.

It’s also among a few other cheap models that we can recommend at this price tag, and the fact that it is a 2-in-1 unit means that you are getting a highly functional walker even at a tight budget.

VTech dubs this walker the ‘Sit-to-Stand’ since the child can push it along when standing, or remove the entertainment console and use it while sitting down.

The 2-AA battery powered entertainment console is quite busy and features a pretend telephone handset, 70+ sing-along songs, and fun phrases. It also has 2 colorful spinning rollers, 3 light-up buttons, and 3 shape sorters to develop your baby’s problem-solving skills.

This is also one of the best baby walkers for hardwood and carpets and actually has 2 variable speeds to make scooting on these 2 surfaces easier and safer.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker


  • Very affordable
  • Lots of activities for the baby
  • Grows with the kid
  • Usable on different surfaces


  • Wheels need a little more traction
  • The telephone can get lost easily

4. Nantucket 2 Developmental Baby Walker

Best Baby Walker For Boy

The Nantucket 2 comes from a brand that is world renowned for the level of safety that it endows its baby products with; Safety 1st.

This baby walker has a minimalistic yet impressive design that incorporates most (if not all) of the most important features that you’d want to see in the best baby walkers for 2019, without being too toy-ish as it’s the case with most walkers of its type.

Its seat is adequately padded, something that we really like, and the entire seat is also fully machine-washable.

Designed with the utmost safety in mind, the Nantucket 2 Baby Walker has a wide base for superior stability, and an easy wipe activity tray with 3 toys, 12 amusing songs, and a flashing light to stimulate your baby’s visual and auditory senses.

Nantucket 2 Developmental Baby Walker


  • Simple yet stylish design
  • Wide base for adequate stability
  • Nicely padded and machine-washable seat
  • Folds compactly for easy storage and travel


  • Wheels aren’t large enough to go over rugs

5. Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy

Best Baby Push Walker For Hardwood Floors

We are huge fans for the award-winning Hape Wonder Walker Push walking toy, not only because of being one of the most adorable in these reviews but because of its excellent agility on almost all floors too.

The first thing that we really love about the Hape is the excellent stability that makes it practically hard to tip over on all sides be it backward, forward, or sideways. This is essential especially for kids who are just learning to pull themselves up and it really boosts the child’s courage to use the walker.

We also like its spacious storage base that allows the baby to tag along with his other toys and friends. Adding stuffies at the front also adds to the weight of the walker thereby reducing its speed and consequently reducing the risk of the walker sliding out under the baby.Hape Wonder Walker Push and Pull Toddler Walking Toy


  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Kid-friendly non-toxic colors
  • Very stable
  • Rolls easily on all surfaces


  • Turning might be a bit tricky at first
  • Variable speeds would be a great improvement

6. Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker

Best Narrow Baby Walker

This walker is marketed to toddlers between 6 and 12 months and with excellent neck/head support but who are finding it hard to gain balance when walking.

Featuring an elliptical design, the Baby Einstein is brightly colored to attract its intended users, and an array of removable and washable toys to offer your babe hours of enjoyment.

The Baby Einstein Walker’s seat has a good amount of padding (although not the best), and like other walkers here, this one has adjustable height positions too and, therefore, tends to grow with the baby while remaining comfortable throughout its usable life.

The rear wheels move back and forth only (its major con) but the front wheels do swivel thereby allowing the rider to turn and move the walker in all directions.

Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Walker


  • Wheels won’t scratch floors
  • Easy to set up
  • Great colors


  • Non-swiveling back wheels inhibit sideway movements
  • Reports of front wheels jamming easily

7. Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker

Best Baby Walker For Older Kids

If your toddler is obsessed with good-looking vehicles, the Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker is what you should be considering.

This walker is meant for 6 months old toddlers but the good thing is that it remains usable until they are 3 years of age, and when they are around 25 pounds heavy.

The Storkcraft Mini-Speedster measures 27’’ in length, 14’’ in width, and 25’’ in height when open. This wide base is so the walker won’t tip over and this risk is further reduced by the fact that both the front and rear wheels have a 360-degree swiveling design.

Mind you, this walker’s electronic toy tray has a realistic driving experience with a movable steering wheel and realistic car sounds.

Storkcraft Mini-Speedster Activity Walker


  • One-hand quick fold design
  • Adjustable and removable seat pad
  • Very comfortable and easy to clean


  • The seat requires adjustment after every use

8. Disney Music and Lights Walker

Best Baby Walker For Taller Kids

The Disney Music and Lights is designed for parents who are looking for the best baby walker for taller babies (up to 32 inches) and who weigh up to 30 pounds. In addition, this is the only walker that is meant to accommodate the baby until they celebrate their 4th birthday.

While the walker that we are reviewing here is the pink model that tends to fit girls best, the Disney Music and Lights are available in 5 other designs some of which are gender-neutral.

This walker’s wide base has 4 swiveling wheels that are sturdy on both carpeted and wooden floors, and grips that restrict movement in uneven surfaces.

Your little one will also get tons of enjoyment from the 4 princess-themed toys at the front and swing open activity trays.

Disney Music and Lights Walker


  • Cute
  • Has grips to prevent movement in uneven terrains
  • Relatively easy assembly


  • Reports of trouble adjusting the height

9. Tiny Love Meadow Days 4-in-1 Baby Walker and Mobile Activity Center

Best Baby Walker With Lockable Wheels

In an era where baby walkers have been demonized right, left, and center, a model with lockable wheels is perhaps the best solution- and only the Tiny Love Meadow Days offers this functionality in these best baby walkers reviews in 2019. But there are a whole lot of other things to love about it.

The most interesting bit about the Meadow Days is that it is a 4-in-1 unit: you can lock the wheels and let the child swivel around thanks to the 360-degree swiveling seat or use it as a bounce. This walker also has a handlebar at the back with which the toddler can push it and there’s also an option to sit in the seat and scoot around.

This walker is fitted with 6 developmental toys and has 3 adjustable heights to accommodate growing babies.Tiny Love Meadow Days Baby Walker


  • Lots of activities for baby to discover
  • Grows with the kid
  • Doesn’t feel cheap


  • Assembly instructions aren’t so clear

10. Baby Trend Walker, Emily

Best Walker For Baby Learning To Walk

The Baby Trend is the best baby walker made for mums and dads who don’t want to spend so much on a fun tool that the child will only use for a few months.

Even at its relatively low price tag compared to other pricier models in this list, your babe won’t be missing a lot with the Baby Trend, Emily.

Starting off with what we love most about it, this walker has a decently padded seat so it won’t cut into your toddler’s skin, and it actually has one of the tallest backs for excellent support for the kid when scooting around.

Although we didn’t find 2 of its 3 toys so interactive for the babies, the Emily makes up for that with a large surround tray that the kid can place other 3rd party toys and even food.

Baby Trend Walker, Emily


  • Wide base for stability
  • Large surround tray for placing additional toys or food
  • High back padded seat


  • Few toys to play with
  • Can be outgrown fast

How To Choose Best Baby Walkers: The Ultimate Buying Guide

We’ll be upfront with you on the price vs quality when it comes to choosing the best baby walkers in 2019. Great baby walkers come at between $80 and $100 and they bring almost all the key features that we’ve highlighted later in this article.

If you want something that easily stands out from the crowd, be ready to spend up to $150. This price range tends to bring a few more features than the previous category, and the walkers generally look cooler and of a much higher quality.

You could also get a cheap baby walker for as low as 30 bucks if you are working on a tight budget. However, keep in mind that these lean more on the side of toys than true walkers and are made of cheap materials, so don’t expect them to last that long.

Adjustable Height Positions

Most baby walkers are designed to grow with the child and have at least 3 adjustable height positions. This versatility lets you set the seat closer to the ground to accommodate your tiny toddler’s height, and you can adjust it to a higher setting as the child grows.

Adjustable height positions not only increases the usable life of the walker, but it also means that your child will always leverage its usefulness throughout her toddlerhood.

Entertainment Console

There are still mixed opinions on whether a walker does boost a baby’s walking development or not, but it’s undeniable that these are great entertainment tools for kids, and can keep the user busy as you carry on your household chores.

On this note, check out for the best baby walkers with entertainment console in the front. This is a set of electronic units that light up and/or produce sounds or non-electronic clicks or vibrations to keep the child entertained as they move across the floor.

A removable console is a bonus since the toddler can take it anywhere he/she goes whether on a stroller or a car seat.

Seat (the type of fabric used and padding)

This is yet another important feature that most people tend to overlook despite its major contribution to the toddler’s comfort.

It’s important to check out the type of fabric used for the seat, whether it is soft and plush, or rigid, and whether or not it might cause itchiness once the toddler sits on it.

Not most baby walkers have a padded backrest on the seat, but there are still some manufacturers that care to include a decent amount of padding that we really like and highly recommend. A nicely padded backrest adds to the overall comfort of the walker in that it does not dig into the baby’s skin.


Experts firmly hold to their opinion that baby walkers are not fundamental in toddlers’ process of learning how to walk.

All in all, most parents (and probably you too) like the idea of using the walker to keep the baby busy as they go on with other demanding house chores, as well as supporting the child not to fall when trying to reach their walking milestones.

Before purchasing a baby walker, ensure that your baby is ready for it. Well, there isn’t a set age when toddlers should use a walker, however, according to Consumer Reports, most toddlers are ready to use it at between 4 and 16 months. They should also be able to hold their head firmly and also use their feet to scoot around at the minimum.

The 10 baby walkers that we’ve included in this guide are what we deem to the best at the moment according to the criteria in our best baby walkers buying guide. But there are still a few others that we didn’t manage to review but they are still recommendable including the;

  • Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker
  • Delta Children First Exploration 2-in-1 Activity Walker
  • BABY JOY Baby Walker