Best Cordless Drills To Make Your DIY Projects Easier

There was a time when you had to get a lengthy extension to power up your drill. But with innovation, drilling has become a walk in the park. With cordless drills, you can dismiss all the hustles of having to drag a cord with you to fix that leak in the roof. You can use it anywhere and at any time without the need for a power source.

These tools have come a long way since they were first introduced. No longer are they considered inferior over their corded counterparts. These days, cordless drills have become the top preference of people more so because, besides the convenience of portability, they now have more power to stay on for longer periods of time. They charge quickly too and hold charge for longer.

Because of their growing popularity and undeniable benefits, many different types of cordless drills have hit the shelves. When buying a cordless drill, there are several things you should consider. What’s most important is that you look at the features, quality, and mechanism of the tool before making your final decision. You can start your search with our collection of the best cordless drills in the market today.

Top 10 Cordless Drills Of 2020 Reviewed

1. Bosch Compact Tough Drill

Best Cordless Drill for Light-duty Use

One of the leading models in the light-duty category, Bosch Compact Tough Drill comes packed in a beautiful wish metal carry case, ready to take on DIY projects for any household .The Bosch 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Drill features two-speed transmission and 21 clutch settings, perfect for drilling and driving applications. It incorporates electronic cell protection to help increase the lifespan of the batteries.

Offering top-grade performance in a handy, lightweight package, Bosch has a maximum speed of 1,300 rpm for fast drilling. This tool measures 7.1 inches in length, making it a good fit for tight spaces. The ergonomic soft-grip handle allows for easy and comfortable use. Furthermore, the drill uses Durashield housing designed to resist various jobsite conditions.

Bosch Compact Tough Drill


  • Lightweight
  • Variable speed setting
  • Up to 1,300 rpm for fast drilling speed


  • Just 18-volt power capacity, not intended for heavy-duty use

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2. DeWalt DCF886D2 20v X

Best Cordless Drill for Heavy-duty Use

The DeWalt DCF886D2 20v X is an exceptionally well-built power tool designed to handle many types of jobs, from light ones to the tough tasks. It speed settings range from 450-1,500rpm, which makes it suitable for fastening and drilling applications.

The drill incorporates 3 LED lights that will allow you to work even in dark spaces or into the night hours. It also comes with a belt hook which ensures your safety and convenience as you ladder up some tough drilling jobs.

If you are a handyman, a construction worker, or a homeowner who enjoys DIY projects around your home, the DeWalt drill is the power tool for you. Many users admire the battery strength and durability, which uses a fuel gauge to keep track of the usage left. The package includes 2 Li-Ion batteries.

 DeWalt DCF886D2 20v X


  • Compact and lightweight
  • High-speed transmission
  • High performance motor


  • Too much for basic home DIY work

3. Black & Decker LDX120C

Best Cordless Drill for Basic Projects

Powered by 20v lithium-ion battery, the Black & Decker LDX120C is designed to help you tackle your household chores. It’s handy quick release enables convenient bit changes with one-handed motion. And because of its relatively smaller and lighter built, you can work on various household projects without your hands feeling too tired. The anti-slip handle also gives you a safe ergonomic experience.

Furthermore, the drill’s variable speed setting can reach as high as 3,000rpm. You can also trigger activate the drill by giving out the extra initial force and then slowly releasing your finger from the trigger.This power drill features 11-position chuck, which should be enough for basic home projects. It is smaller than other 20v drills in the market, which makes it more comfortable and easier to use. The drill also incorporates LED light and weighs only 3.6 pounds.

Black & Decker LDX120C


  • Variable Speed
  • Small and portable
  • Anti-slip grip handle


  • Battery charging takes longer

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4. Hitachi Pro Driver Drill

Best Brushless Impact Cordless Drill

Well-liked by many buyers on Amazon, the Hitachi Pro Driver Drill features great power and functionality in one of the most compact, lightweight, and ergonomically designed tools today.Hitachi is one of the most reliable power tools in the market if you’re looking for the best brushless impact driver. Because of its sleek design, it’s convenient to use in confined spaces as well as in awkward areas like ceiling joists. You will find the integrated LED light very useful especially when working in dark areas.

You need not turn on the motor to activate the light, just lightly trigger the drill and you have an edge of identifying the exact spot for your drivers.This drill is powered by a lightweight 1.5 Ah lithium-ion slide battery that glides easily into place, creating an ergonomic handle.

With up to three times the number of charge cycles of traditional batteries, you won’t be needing to replace batteries every now and then. The motor utilizes a steady stream of power for precision and consistency.Hitachi drill is also known for having unmatched torque which is ideal for hardwood, masonry, and another heavy-duty drilling.

Hitachi Pro Driver Drill


  • All-around performance
  • Variable Speed & 22-setting clutch
  • Built-in LED flashlight


  • Slightly slower top speed for drilling

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5. Makita XDT111

Best Multipurpose Cordless Drill

Sleek but powerful, the Makita XDT111 cordless impact driver makes tightening, driving and loosening bolts, screws and other fasteners. It features a three-year warranty on the tool and one-year warranty on the Lithium-Ion battery. The four-brush design produces 26% more RPM without decreasing torque. It also features one-touch 1/4 inch hex chuck for convenient and quick bit change.

Because of previous customer issues with the battery, new releases of Makita XDT111 feature the Star Protection Technology that monitors conditions during each use to prevent overloading, over-discharging and overheating. This cordless drill is just four pounds, light enough to be used in different tasks, heights, and areas. And if you’re looking for a power tool that can be used for drilling, fastening, or hammer driving, you should check out Makita drill.

Makita XDT111


  • Variable speed: 0-2,900 RPM & 0-3,500 IPM
  • 4-pole motor
  • Full metal housing


  • Some users report battery issues

6. Milwaukee M18 FUEL

Best Lightweight Cordless Drill

Utilizing a Powerstate brushless motor, the Milwaukee M18 FUEL is one of the most powerful 18v drills on the market today.

It features three fastening modes, a brushless motor that has 55% faster application speed, and the top-rated red lithium battery pack. Weighing just 3.1 pounds, this drill is pretty lightweight, making it easy and convenient to use especially in tough areas and tight spaces .The bad news is that you need to buy the battery and charger separately as they are not included in the package.

The Milwaukee impact driver is another amazing piece of power tool suitable for various household projects and even light construction work. This versatile piece of machinery can be used in an array of applications, such as drilling holes, fastening screws, and even changing car tires.

Milwaukee M18 FUEL


  • Powerful but compact
  • Five-year limited warranty
  • Metal Ratcheting Chuck


  • Limited extension handle positions
  • Batteries and charger not included in the package

7. Rockwell RK2852K2 Li-Ion Brushless Drill/Driver, 20V

Best Brushless Cordless Drill

The Rockwell RK2852K2 features a brushless motor that increases the overall runtime by 50 percent more on a single charge, compared to a standard brushed motor. It is the best brushless cordless motor on the market, given the fact that it comes with a lifetime battery guarantee. If the batteries start misbehaving along the way, the company will give you new ones free of charge.

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight cordless drill, try the Rockwell RK2852K2. It is small enough to work with while holding in one hand. Thus, you will be able use it in small spaces while experiencing very little fatigue. When working in dark areas, the LED light will come in handy. It will illuminate the working space and help you work more efficiently. The machine comes with a ½-inch ratcheting chuck that securely holds the bit when used for tough applications.

Rockwell RK2852K2 Li-ion Brushless Driver


  • A compact, lightweight drill
  • The brushless motor is 50 percent more efficient
  • Has an LED light that light up dark areas


  • Reports of it developing a chuck wobble
  • Reports of a broken forward reverse switch
  • May be problematic at a fast drilling speed

Check price on Walmart.

8. Kobalt 1424A-03

Best Cordless Drill for the Money

If you’re looking for a powerful cordless drill at an affordable price, the Kobalt 1424A-03 is right for you.This 24v power drill is surprisingly powerful for its price. In addition to the 2,000rpm max speed, this machine can produce up to 650 inch-pounds of torque, which is so far the highest among the other drills reviewed here. It comes with an auxiliary handle which can allow you to operate the drill with either your left or right hand. The tool is backed by a 5-year limited warranty and the battery comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

This isn’t a perfect drill by any means though. Because it consumes a lot of power, the battery gets drained easily. And without a spare battery, you would have to wait for one straight charging hour to be able to use the drill again. Well, there’s a built-in fuel gauge that lets you know if the battery is almost out of power.

Kobalt 1424A-03


  • Maximum speed of 2,000rpm
  • Produces a lot of torque
  • Spins at high speeds


  • Easily runs out of battery power
  • Only comes with one battery

9.  TACKLIFE 12V Cordless Drill Driver, 3/8-inch Metal Chuck

Best Compact Drill Set

One of the most outstanding features of the TACKLIFE 12V Cordless Drill Driver is the fast charging ability. In just one hour after you start charging, the battery will be full and ready to use. When fully charged, the battery can drill 30 holes on 5mm steel and 150 holes on 50mm softwood. It is a dual machine with drilling and screw driving functions. To use the screwdriver, you will have to select a speed between 0 to 350RPM. Drilling, on the other hand, requires a speed of up to 1300RPM, which the machine can easily deliver.

This is the best compact drill set, given that is measures 7.5 by 7.1 by 1.8 inches. It is ergonomically designed to enable you to handle it with just one hand. In dark working environments, the LED light will illuminate the space and make it easier for you to work. The 3/8-inch all-metal chuck tightly clumps onto the bits and never loses grip, even when there is turbulence. For metals, the maximum drilling capacity is 10mm while wood can be drilled up to 20mm.

TACKLIFE 12V Cordless Drill Driver


  • Has a fast-charging battery
  • Dual functionality
  • Has a handy LED light


  • The drill bits are of a low quality
  • Includes only one battery pack
  • The LED light goes off immediately after the drilling stops

10. Worx WX169L.9

Best Pistol-Grip Cordless Drill

Another favorite drill choice of Amazon shoppers, the Worx WX169L.9 combines power and convenience in a 20v pistol-grip drill. A great choice for multiple DIY projects that involve multiple screw heads to jostle with, the Worx WX169L.9 cordless drill is equipped with a detachable cartridge and six drill bits. It is lightweight and feels good in your hand.

It also has two chucks that makes working with wood much faster. The dual speed setting is also a great feature. It’s powerful and ergonomic. Unfortunately, you would have to buy the charger and battery separately.

Worx WX169L.9


  • Variable 2-speed design
  • 15 + 1 position clutch settings


  • Battery and charger sold separately

How To Choose the Best Cordless Drill: the Ultimate Buying Guide

Many people think that cordless drills have limited usage. But actually, they are among the most versatile power tools in the market. A power drill has a very simple mechanism – a trigger switch activates an electric motor, which in turn drives a rotating chuck.

Using various attachments, a cordless drill can be used for many purposes as well, such as sanding, driving screws, polishing surfaces, and grinding different materials.

When shopping around for the best cordless drill, consider the features and capabilities you will need. The good news is there are hundreds of cordless drills in the market which should address your needs. The bad news, however, is that it’s not always clear which brands and models you should be considering.

Types of Cordless Drill

Before you start comparing different models, the first thing you need to do is to streamline your search based on how you expect to use the drill. Generally, cordless drills can be grouped into three categories: light-duty, general use, and heavy-duty.

Light-duty Cordless Drills

Suitable for small jobs around the house, such as changing a light fixture, drilling into a drywall, or assembling a furniture, light-duty cordless drills have relatively small motors and chucks. The chuck is what secures bits at the end of the drill. The greater the chuck’s capacity, the bigger the drill’s bits can hold and the more power it has. Light-duty drills typically run between 12 volts to 20 volts. They also have a fixed ¼-inch socket that accepts only ¼-inch hex bits.

General Use Cordless Drills

Usually powered by a 12-volt battery, cordless drills under this category are more powerful than they look. These drills have ⅜-inch chucks, which allow you to drill holes in wood with ease, or drive plenty of screws on a single charge. Since these drills normally have a spare battery, if you keep the other one hooked in a charger while the other one is in use, you will never run out of juice.

Heavy-duty Cordless Drills

If you enjoy various types of DIY home projects, you will need a heavy-duty cordless drill. Powered by 18- to 24–volt batteries, drills under this category can drive large fasteners and drill holes through thick boards with so much ease. They feature ½-inch chunks that are really powerful and can do so much. These drills are the most expensive. They are also heavier than the two other drill categories so before you buy, test out one with a battery clipped in place to see if you can manage to work with the drill for most of your home projects.

Drill Grip

This is one of the most overlooked factors when selecting the best cordless drills but one of the most important. Before buying one, you should check whether the handle feels comfortable in your hand. With the battery clipped to the drill, wield it above your head (as if you are installing a light fixture on the ceiling) to see if you are able to maneuver the drill with ease. Some drills have a “pistol grip” wherein the cylindrical battery is attached inside the handle, making them easier to grasp. But because there is no flat battery at the base of the handle, these drills won’t stand on their own so you have to decide which feature is more helpful and convenient for you.

What are Cordless Drill Configurations?

Cordless drills can either come as a standalone tool with one or two batteries, as part of a power tool collection called a “kit”, or as a bare tool with no battery or charger.

If you want only a basic drill, you should purchase a standalone model. If you want a more versatile power tool that does more than driving a screw, you should look for a power toolkit that is designed for various types of jobs. Cordless power tool kits usually come with two batteries and a charger, and you need to know how to operate it efficiently. But if you already have a compatible battery from a different cordless tool, you will definitely do well with a bare drill.


What Battery Power Should You Consider?

The power of your drill battery is measured in volts. Majority of cordless drills are powered by either 12-Volt or 18-Volt batteries. The 12-volt models are already enough to cover most household projects but if it’s within your budget, you can always go for a higher-power model so you can do more with your cordless drill.

But of course, the trade-off for power is weight. 18v drills might weigh up to 10lbs. If you prefer powerful drills, look for models with a T-handle.that is designed to prevent hand slippage. Since the battery is placed in the centre part, under the weight and bulk of the motor, a T-handle provides better balance than other models. If you’re buying a heavy-duty cordless drill, however, a pistol grip handle might be more suitable because it lets you apply pressure higher up and put more force in your work.

Speaking of batteries, you should also consider how long they need to recharge. Cordless drills come with a charger that could take anywhere from 15 minutes to three hours to completely power up a battery. But remember, faster doesn’t mean better. Since most models come with two batteries, you are less likely to run out of power. What’s more, fast chargers may cause damage to the batteries due to excessive heat.

However, if you are a contractor and prefer quick-charging drills, you may want to look for models that have temperature sensors and other features like feedback circuitry designed to protect the batteries.

How About the Speed? Is it Important?

Another important feature that you should consider is the speed of your cordless drill. Basic drills run at a single speed while more advanced models feature at least two fixed speed settings. Using a slide switch, you can choose the speed you need for a certain job. For example, you need a low speed to drive screws and a high speed to drill holes.

More high-end models have variable speed control features, allowing you to adjust the speed from 0 rpm to the top of each range. This is a great thing to have if you deal with different home repair projects. If you do more of hole drilling rather than screwdriving, look for the best cordless drills with higher speed ranges.


Just like the drill presser, the clutch is an adjustable component of a cordless drill that separates it from its cordless cousins. It disengages the drive shaft, creating a clicking sound when a certain level of resistance is reached and basically giving the user control so it doesn’t strip a screw. The clutch also protects the motor when a lot of resistance is achieved when driving or tightening a screw.

High-end cordless drills have more clutch settings, at least 24. With such varied settings, you can easily fine-tune your power drill. The lowest settings are usually used for small screws while the highest ones are used for larger screws.


It is really essential that you choose a drill that matches the job. It makes no sense spending over $200 on a cordless drill with many great features and versatile functionalities when you will only use it for basic stuff like hanging a picture or assembling a furniture set. Nor is it a good idea to shell out $50 on a basic drill that gets broken after a few minutes of heavy work. Always consider how you want to use the drill before making the final purchase. If you’re a contractor, you will likely need a heavy-duty cordless drill. Otherwise, you can settle on light-duty or general use drills for your household needs. In any case, you require more power, you can always rent one.

Final Words

Just like cordless electric screwdrivers, cordless power drills and have become more of a necessity these days as they evolved to be versatile tools with varied functionalities. Every household will require using a power drill at one point or another, so it is important to invest in a quality product.

The best cordless drills have quality built, reliable batteries, and durable construction. Always take into account the factors mentioned in our buying guide before buying one so you end up picking the right tool for you.

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