Best Fake Eyelashes – Enhancing the Contour of Your Eyes for that Perfect, Natural Look

Fake eyelashes were once associated with glamazons, high-end red-carpet events as well as theatrical performers. Today, with the help of diversified social media marketing, especially Instagram, trends have individualized make-up democratizing the false eyelash. The rapid ascent of the faux eyelashes in the market today are proof of the endless prospects for the industry even as the need and popularity of the signature make-up keep on rising.

When it comes to make-up, pulling off a stunning look with the faux eyelashes has been ranked the most complex, even as the popularity of this beautifiers keeps skyrocketing. For starters, it is not a cup of tea finding the right false eyelashes to complement your look. And even for avid users, every day is a new experience as the market keeps flooding with new styles and brands. We are here to demystify the mystery behind this popular make-up and we hope that by the end of this journey, we will have helped you make an informed choice.

Top 10 Fake Eyelashes of 2020 Reviewed

1. 3D False Eyelashes Extension

Best Long False Eye Lashes

3D False Eyelashes Extension comes in a pair of three giving you room to for choice. Pureleor, the manufacturer of this faux lashes made sure that they brought you lashes which are not just long and adjustable but also ones which you can trim to suit the contour of your eyes. This means that if the band is too long, you can just clip it and you are good to go.

3D False Eyelashes Extension are thin and very comfortable for your eyes making sure you are both looking good and feeling great out there. If you are worried of their sustainability, then you can be sure that it will be quite some time before you rush back to the store to replace them. In terms of make-up, this faux lash complement both heavy and light make up for avid users.

3D False Eyelashes Extension 3Pairs Long Lashes With Volume for Women's Make Up Handmade Soft Fake Eyelash


  • Comes in pairs of three giving your variety of choice
  • Ultra-light material
  • Suitable for both light and heavy make up


  • Adhesive not included in the package
  • You have to acquire tweezers or an applicator separately
  • The band is not very flexible compared to other brands

2. ALICROWN False Eyelashes Natural Lashes BLUE (10 Pairs)

Elevate your natural appearance and complement your super nude make up with soft and yet so natural faux eyelashes. Alicrown false eyelashes are not only soft and natural but also very easy to wear. These eyelashes feature a transparent and extremely thin strap. They are handcrafted to precision making sure that there is no glue overflow during application. Furthermore, the experience is seamless because of its natural state and high-quality craftsmanship.

Alicrown has mastered the art making sure that they bring you faux eyelashes which blend autonomously with various styles of makeup like smoke, glamor, natural style as well as dramatic. Regardless of the occasion, Alicrown false eyelashes come in pairs of ten, making sure that you are well catered to all through the season. To crown it all, the package features an applicator to smoothen the process for you. What better option than the best fake eyelashes by Alicrown.

ALICROWN False Eyelashes Natural Lashes BLUE (10 Pairs)


  • Comes in pairs of 10 for a single pack
  • Very easy to install with the help of the bonus applicator
  • Blends in well with all types of make-up styles


  • Package does not include adhesive for application
  • Lacks color variety for a dramatic experience
  • They are very long which means constant trimming after every new use

3. JIMIRE HELLO BEAUTY Multipack High Drama 615 Eyelashes

Dinner date coming up? Embellish your natural look with Jimire fake eyelashes which are styled and designed to suit any occasion. Crafted for comfort and long-lasting service, these fake eyelashes feature a very durable yet lightweight material. Synthetic fiber is commonly used in the production of high end and durable faux lashes and that’s why Jimire does not disappoint. The eyelashes are also flexible and soft making sure that they complement your natural eyelashes in the best way possible.

When it comes to the style of make-up, Jimire is crafted to suit heavy make-up. They go well with dark eye shadow as well as smoky make-up adding a charming color variety to your face. These eyelashes come in pairs of five making sure that you are well catered for throughout the season. For Mascara, black-brown and or gray will go well with Jimire.

JIMIRE HELLO BEAUTY Multipack High Drama 615 Eyelashes


  • Made of long-lasting synthetic fiber for durability
  • Comes in pairs of 5 for longer service and variety in style
  • Easy to apply and lightweight material


  • Limited to smoky and dark eye shadow make-up
  • No adhesive included in the product
  • Applicators have to be acquired separately from the product

4. MAGEFY 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes

Best Thick Fake Eye Lashes

If you are up to giving your natural lashes a subtle boost of fullness and length, then Magefy which by the way comes in pairs of ten pieces is the best bet. Magefy comes with a pair, best suited for every occasion. So be it a dinner date, upcountry expedition, party, name them, you are well-taken care off. Magefy faux lashes are made of ultra-light synthetic fiber which is soft and natural looking

Pulling that look with the best fake eyelashes is never an easy task and that’s why Magefy gives you a free bonus extension applicator to make your experience seamless. This means you get to save a few dollars while at the same time preventing damage to the lashes in the process. The lashes feature a thick hypoallergenic flexible band which is very safe and very easy to use.

MAGEFY 10 Pairs Fake Eyelashes Reusable 3D Handmade False Eyelashes Set for Natural Look with False Lashes


  • Ultra-light in weight
  • Super easy to install and re use
  • Safe and can e trimmed to fit the size and contour of your eyes


  • The lash glue comes off easily damaging the faux lash
  • The bonus applicator is not as useful as a tweezer hence the need for an extra tweezer
  • Too thick making it hard to apply the glue

5. DYSILK 7 Pairs 3D Mink Eyelashes

Best Soft Fake Eye Lashes

Dysilk features four styles of dramatic charming thick and curled faux lashes. These lashes are very fragile given their miniature size and nature. The more reason why Dysilk brings you high-quality handcrafted faux lashes to complement your authentic looks. These eyelashes are made of ultra-light synthetic fiber which is very soft and fluffy mimicking your natural eyelashes. These eyelashes are also hypoallergenic reducing the event of eye irritation. They are reusable hence saving you a few dimes.

Let’s admit, even the best fake eyelashes can be troublesome to apply and remove, but with Dysilk, you can be assured of a very seamless experience. The root of the faux lashes is both soft and flexible making them very easy to bend and curl them to achieve the desired results. They are also as close to natural looking like your very eyelashes making them the best fake eyelashes in the market.

DYSILK 7 Pairs 3D Mink Eyelashes Fuax Natural False Eyelashes Fluffy Fake Eyelashes


  • High quality false eyelashes
  • Easy to apply and remove as well
  • Comes in for pairs for longer use and variety


  • Do not come with an applicator hence the need to purchase one separately
  • The package does not include glue which will also have to be acquire separately
  • Very fragile hence if Mishandled can get damaged easily

6. Alicrown Styles Fluffy Mink Eyelashes

Best Fluffy Fake Eye Lashes

Enhance your natural charm with this revolutionary Alicrown Styles Fluffy Mink Eyelashes. These fake eyelashes come in pairs of three, making sure that you are well catered for regardless of the occasion. The brand understands the complexity of applying the faux lashes and that’s why an applicator is included in the package.  The mink falsies are styled and designed for different makeup styles like the smoky wispies and dramatic styles. Regardless of the style of Mink you wear, you’ll always stand a chance at catching everyone’s attention.

The most amazing thing about Alicrown false eyelashes is the way they blend in so naturally with your natural eyelashes as well as the contour and shape of your eyes. They add a perfect amount of worth, volume and length elevating your look. Alicrown’ s false eyelashes are perfectly handcrafted to give you the perfect glam. They feature high-quality synthetic fiber which is not only long lasting but also nonirritant. The eyelashes can be reused a couple of times provided care is accorded when applying them.

3 Styles Fluffy Mink Eyelashes 100% Siberian 3D Mink Fake Lashes


  • Blends autonomously with your natural eyelashes
  • Comes in pairs of 3 best suited for different occasions
  • Hand crafted with precision with durability in mind


  • Package does not include adhesive for the faux eyelashes
  • Strands are naturally too long hence the need to trim them before use
  • Strands are very bushy so may need a high amount of adhesive to keep them for long

7. Trcoveric 3D Fake Eyelashes

Best Fluffy, Long Fake Eyelashes

Yes, false eyelashes can at times be very messy and cause temporary damage to your natural eyelashes. That’s why you need very high-quality faux lashes like Trcoveric 3D Fake Eyelashes. These eyelashes will make sure that there is no mess or any damage to your precious natural eyelashes. Trcoveric false eyelashes are handcrafted with quality and precision in mind giving you both lightweight, natural looking and very soft lashes.

Whether your eyes are small or pale-eyed, Trcoveric features an anti-allergic design and can be trimmed to fit the shape and contour of your eyes. They feature tapered ends for an authentic appearance. For an extra glamorous look, these eyelashes feature a daring length, volume as well as intensity. So, you can be assured a bold and stunning appearance wherever you are. If what you are looking for is everyday wear, then you’d be happy to know that these false eyelashes are not only best suited for glamorous occasions but also everyday wear.

Trcoveric 3D Fake Eyelashes Makeup Hand-made Dramatic Thick Crisscross Deluxe False Lashes


  • They are reusable for several times
  • Blend in well with most make-up styles and designs
  • Easy to apply and remove as well as fluffy and full for a natural feel


  • Doesn’t feature adhesive in the package
  • Applicator and tweezers have to be acquired separately from the product hence increasing the cost
  • For a natural look, eyeliner has to be applied

8. BEPHOLAN Mink Lashes

Best Non-Irritating Fake Eyelashes

Bepholan Mink lashes are redesigned to make beauty simpler for you with both the clear and black band mink lashes.  The lashes feature a dramatic appearance with a round look. The strands are long, very thick, soft, and tender, making sure that you are comfortable all day long. Bepholan mink lashes which are made from natural mink fur imported from Siberia will go an extra mile in giving you the much-desired look.

Bepholan mink lashes are crafted to blend in seamlessly with any type of make-up.  They also blend in naturally with your natural eyelashes giving you the ultimate flirty finish. The black band makes sure the mink lash retains the curls all day long. For enlarged eye effect, use an eyeliner. Bepholan mink lash is suitable for special occasions as well as daily use.

BEPHOLAN Mink Lashes


  • Features high quality Siberian mink fur for durability
  • Blends in well with most make-up styles
  • Very comfortable and can be used for both special occasions as well as daily use


  • Does not feature glue in the packaging
  • Does not feature applicator in the packaging
  • You have to curl your natural eyelashes before applying Bepholan mink lashes which is tedious

9. Newcally 3D Mink Eyelashes

Best Fake Eyelashes with Free Eyelashes Tweezer

Give your eyelashes a redefining touch with Newcally mink lashes which are made from 100% Siberian mink fur. These lashes are not only very comfortable to wear but also very durable and natural looking. Newcally Mink Lashes feature a 3D effect with a very long cross with curls. This enhances the blending of the mink with your natural eyelashes.

Getting the lashes that will last long enough for you is hard, but Newcally is all about giving you a quality, authentic appearance with these reusable faux lashes. Newcally Mink Lashes come with an applicator easing the application process while at the same time taking care of the mink lashes for prolonged service. These Mink lashes are manufactured with safety in mind and that’s why they are free of chemical treatments, hypo-allergenic and cruelty-free. So, you can rest assured that you are safe.

Newcally 3D Mink Eyelashes False lashes


  • Free from chemical treatments, cruelty-free and hypo-allergenic
  • Very easy to apply thanks to the applicator included
  • High-quality handcrafted strip lashes for longer service


  • Does not include professional eyelash glue
  • Limited to two pairs
  • Very delicate so lashes need a lot of care especially during washing

10. Kiss I Envy Beyond Naturale 01 Lashes

Best for People with Contact Lenses

There’s nothing as authentic as eyelashes which are made of human hair and that’s why Kiss beyond Naturale is handcrafted with human hair to give you that natural look. These false eyelashes are 100% safe and tender to your natural lashes. They are made to give your all-natural eyelashes an additional touch of style and authenticity with false eyelashes that are full, long and with high volume strands.

Crafted with perfection in mind, Kiss is suitable for use on a daily basis as well as for special occasions like parties, dates and also traveling events. These faux lashes are very light and enduring just like the natural eyelashes. This means they can be cleaned easily and cause no harm to your skin and natural eyelashes. They are compatible with smoky style, dramatic style, all natural and most other styles of make-up.

Kiss I Envy Beyond Naturale 01 Lashes Demi Wispies Value Pack


  • All natural soft and comfortable for the eyes
  • long lasting and easy to maintain
  • compatible with most make-up styles


  • Not cruelty-free
  • No adhesive featured in the package
  • Package does not include an applicator which has to be acquired separately

How to Choose the Best Fake Eye Lashes: The Ultimate Buying Guide

You want to look good, with a flawless shaved body and since eyelashes, right? Well, you need to put in some effort. One of the easiest ways to enhance your looks is by using fake eyelashes. However, you have to begin by choosing the right fake eyelashes for you. There are many factors that differentiate the various types of eyelashes. The following are some of the things to look at before settling on particular types of fake eyelashes:


There are different types of eyelashes you can choose from, including individuals, clusters, strips, magnetic, and extensions. The type of fake eyelashes you buy will depend on your personal preferences and ease of application. Here’s a detailed look at each of these types of fake eyelashes:

  • Individuals. You can buy individual eyelashes if you want to make your natural eyelashes longer and fuller. You can also use them to define a particular part of your lash line. Individual eyelashes come in sets of between 30 and 60 strands of different lengths. They are definitely the best when it comes to giving you a customizable look. These fake eyelashes are easy to apply and you can basically attempt a DIY job.
  • Clusters. These are also known as “accents” or “flares”. They work well if you are pressed of time and yet still need to rave up your look. However, they aren’t that easy to apply, given that they require a little bit more practice to master. Depending on your goals, you can strategically apply clusters to get different looks.
  • Strips. If you are looking for fake eyelashes to wear across your entire lash line, then you should buy strips. They are great for enhancing your looks. What matters is that you find a style that goes well with your eye shape. If your eyes are round, then you can use a demi or winged lash on the outermost corners. If you have deep-set eyes, you need longer lashes in the middle.
  • Magnetic. These are perhaps the latest type of eyelashes to be invented. It is great for people who want to avoid being disappointed by tack glue when does not totally set. Magnetic eyelashes also make removal easier. Depending on how hard the glue holds in place, traditional eyelashes may cause loss of the natural lashes. Magnetic eyelashes solve all these issues and give you control over the way to apply and remove fake eyelashes. They are available in different shapes including strips and clusters. They are reusable, gentler, and easier to apply.
  • Extensions. If you want to have longer, thicker lashes, you should apply the extensions. The thing about extensions is that you need to do them well and maintain them with frequent touchups. Extensions are perhaps the most expensive fake eyelashes, given that the starting price is $200. They are great for people looking for long, full eyelashes without applying false lashes and mascaras on a daily basis. That’s because extensions are semi-permanent in nature.
  • Fantasy. This is perhaps the only type of fake eyelashes that actually looks false. It is a feather-like, brightly colored affair that may not be great for everyday wear. However, you can use it for character makeup, especially in editorial productions. You can wear these type of eyelashes during Halloween on the New Year. The purpose is to create a more theatrical effect.

The Shape of Your Eyes

The type of eyelashes you choose will largely depend on the shape of your eyes. For smaller eyes, go for thicker fake lashes for more length and lift. If your eyes are wide, then the lashes should be concentrated in the center. The purpose is to open up the eye. If your eyes are deep set, buy linger eyelash strips to make your eyes longer. The essence is to make fake eyelashes useful in enhancing the shape of your eyes. So use them to make your eyes look better.

Ease of Application and Removal

False eyelashes come with some kind of adhesive or glue. How you will apply and remove the glue will depend on the type of eyelash. If you buy individual, cluster, strip, or extensions, you will have to apply the glue once. When you are through that particular look, you should remove it and try another look. Magnetic fake eyelashes are perhaps the easiest to apply and remove. The good thing about them is that the adhesive is reusable.


Finding the right fake eyelashes in a market which is flooded with a mixture of genuine and illegitimate products is difficult and demotivating. Faux eyelashes have gained popularity over the years and therefore, there are numerous brands selling products tailored for different make-up styles, face structures, and other parameters. We have only listed a few of the best products out there in the market that we think are outstanding and will give you the best experience. Don’t hesitate to try a few brands before you land something that works perfectly for you.