Best Inflatable Couches for a Comfy Mobile Rest

Gone are the days when solid, hard furniture was the only way to pimp your sitting area. As the world of interior décor changes, there’s a wide variety of furniture options that you can choose from. Nowadays, you can find modern spaces filled with stylish and space-saving furniture such as patio furniture, love seats, bean balls and inflatable couches and chairs. Inflatable couches are all the craze right now and can be found inside the house, at the pool and even on camping trips.

Inflatable couches come in all manner of sizes, colors and designs. Their popularity has increased over the years due to their comfort, space saving design and portability. While most are delicate and can easily tear during handling, there’s no denying that inflatable couches are a fun addition to your space. Inflatable couches have become a favorite among home owners and students who have limited space in their apartments

Shopping for the ideal inflatable sofa can be a daunting task since you need to balance between finding the right quality and design to fit your space. We have compiled a list of the best inflatable couches to add to your space that will provide with comfort and add some fun to your living space. Indulge

Top 10 Inflatable Couches of 2020 Reviewed

1. Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed

Best Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed

Are you looking for the best inflatable chair in which you can relax virtually anywhere? The Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed is excellent when it comes to versatility and function. You may use it to relax, watch TV, and so on. As soon as the cushion is pulled out, you get a twin-size air mattress on which you can fully stretch and go to sleep.

But why is this considered the best pull-out chair inflatable bed? The first reason is that the velvety material is cosy, comfortable, and the best when it comes to a sitting and sleeping surface. You may use it both at home and on your next camping trip. It inflates and deflates quickly so that you can set up camp easily and pack when you start going home. When you want to pack it, you will fold it in a compact bundle. It has a cup holder in which you can conveniently keep your refreshments.

Intex Pull-Out Chair Inflatable Bed



  • Stretches to a twin-sized length
  • Has a soft, comfortable velvety material
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate


  • Reports about air leaking out
  • Some people found it hard to get up from it
  • Some people reported it getting a hole after a short time

2. WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger

Best Inflatable Couch with Anti-Deflation Technology

Enjoy some nice relaxation with this inflatable couch from WEKAPO that’s comfortable and a pleasure to lie on. It doesn’t require a pump to inflate; all you need is to swing it in the wind where it will scoop air and inflate. The lounger has a unique and patented pillow rest design for maximum comfort. The design will provide support for your neck and back allowing you to enjoy maximum relaxation.

The inflatable couch also boasts of patented anti-deflation technology that lets the lounger remain inflated for 5- 6 hours.  The package also includes a bag that lets you bring the inflatable lounger with you wherever you go. It also has a stake that you can use with a security loop to hold the lounger in place.  The thick plastic interior lining and tough rip stop outer layer makes it great for outdoor adventures.  The lounger also two oversized mesh pockets to hold magazines and other items. There’s also an elastic bottle holder for added convenience.


WEKAPO Inflatable Lounger


  • Strong polyester material with thick inner lining
  • Patented anti-deflation technology
  • Pillow rest design for maximum comfort


  • Can’t be used as a floatation device
  • Takes time to inflate
  • Lots of imitations in the market

3. SEGOAL Inflatable Couch

Best Polyester Inflatable Couch

Relax anywhere by investing in this full size inflatable couch from SEGOAL. It boasts of a comfy headrest design that helps you lie in a relaxed state. Its size is larger than the conventional couch and provides superior support for your back and neck. It comes with dual pockets making it easy to inflate. You can get air into it by lifting it up into the wind or swinging it into the air until it gets to four times its size. For inflation, no pump is necessary and once the air is in, you need to roll the sides and buckle up.

It’s made of high quality polyester with a PE inner bag that boast of superior strength. The material used is thick and multi-layered to support your weight without deflating or blowing up. The inflatable lounger is light in weight and can be carried anywhere you go. It can support two or three people not exceeding a combined weight of 500 pounds.  Whether you are out by the pool or at the beach, this inflatable couch will provide you with a comfortable place to lie on. Available in black, blue, green and orange.

SEGOAL Inflatable Couch


  • Innovative headrest design
  • Inflates easily without a pump
  • Can accommodate up to 500 ponds


  • Can make you sweat in hot weather
  • Some have issues inflating it
  • Too large for small spaces

4. Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch – Cool Inflatable Chair

Camping can be very dull when you do not have somewhere to relax. With the Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch, you have something you can sit and lie on comfortably. You can take it with you for any activity in the outdoors, including a music festival, barbecue, pre-game, and camping. A total of three people can use it as a couch wherever you might be. Turning it upside down presents you with a perfect bed for relaxation.

The Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch is easy to inflate and comes with a handy instructional video to show you what you need to do. You will be glad to know that you do not require a pump to inflate this couch. You find yourself camping in windy conditions; the anchor loops will hold the hammock in place, thus preventing you from unnecessarily getting tossed up and down. If you have beer cans, snacks, glasses, and books, you may keep them in the sizeable side pockets. It comes with a carrying bag complete with shoulder straps for easy transportation.

Chillbo Shwaggins Inflatable Couch



  • It can act both as a bed and couch
  • The couch is easy to inflate
  • It comes with side pockets for carrying your valuables


  • Moving in the fabric produces a lot of noise
  • The couch may not be as long-lasting as required
  • Some people took longer to learn how to inflate it

5. AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger

Best Inflatable Couch with Neck Rest

Cozy up with a loved one on this inflatable lounger from AlphaBeing that has been designed to provide you with ultimate relaxation wherever you go. It’s easy to set up since it doesn’t require a pump to inflate but a few scoops of air. It easily folds up and fits into the provided carry bag that has a shoulder strap for easy portability. It comes with anti-deflation technology that lets the couch remain inflated for longer.

It’s made of strong material that’s light in weight and can support a weight of up to 400 pounds. It has an ergonomic design with a neck rest that will provide you with ultimate relaxation. The inflatable couch has two large mesh pockets that can hold a couple of personal things as you relax. The couch comes with a beer opener to help you have an awesome time as you chill.

AlphaBeing Inflatable Lounger


  • Sits up to 400 pounds
  • Large mesh side pockets
  • Ergonomically designed neck rest


  • Difficult to inflate
  • Can deflate easily
  • A bit small

6. YXwin Inflatable Lounger

Best Waterproof Inflatable Couch

Are you an outdoors person and need an easy to carry collapsible couch to relax on when out on an adventure? Then this inflatable lounger from YXwin is a perfect companion. It doesn’t need a pump to inflate; you just need to run and fill it with air. It has an anti-leakage design and can accommodate a weight of up to 440 pounds. It has a built in water proof inner coating with an extra layer of polyester 210T that prevents tear.

It has a pillow-shaped ergonomic design that acts as a head rest which provides adequate support for you upper back as you relax. It has spacious pockets on the side to hold your personal items. There’s also a carabiner which also acts as a bottle opener so that you are never stranded when it comes to popping drinks when chilling with loved ones.

YXwin Inflatable Lounger


  • Stays inflated for 5 to 6 hours
  • Made of 210T waterproof material
  • Can sit 2 or 3 people


  • Outer material is flimsy
  • Takes time to inflate
  • Too light

7. JSVER Inflatable Lounger

Best Double-Layered  Inflatable Couch

For ultimate outdoor relaxation, you need to have one of these inflatable loungers from JSVER. To inflate it, you need to run holding it high in windy conditions. Where the amount of wind is negligible, you may need to use a pump. Once inflated, the lounger can remain so for up to 24 hours.

The square shaped headrest provides you with ultimate relaxation and maximum comfort. The lounger is well knitted and made of 210T rip-stop nylon material that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. It also comes with an anchor that helps secure it firmly on the ground.  Its available in black, blue and orange.


JSVER Inflatable Lounger


  • Remains inflated for up to 24 hours
  • Made of rip-stop nylon
  • Waterproof


  • Can’t be used as floatation device
  • Outer cover may tear easily
  • A bit hard to inflate

8. Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa

Best L-Shaped  Inflatable Couch

Are you looking to give your living space a modern look? Then, this stylish inflatable corner couch from Intex will add that look to your room. It’s made of waterproof soft top surface and has vinyl at the bottom. It’s cushy and comfortable with a sitting capacity of up to 4 adults and can support a weight of 880 pounds.

It comes with extra wide valve openings that ensure fast inflation and deflation. It can be easily deflated for easy storage or travel. It comes in elegant navy or tan colors that will give your home classic and beautiful look.

Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa


  • Weight capacity of up to 880 pounds
  • Wide valves for easy inflation and deflation
  • Waterproof, soft top surface


  • Doesn’t include a pump
  • Takes up space
  • Not ideal for homes with toddlers

9. Back2Earth Premium Best Inflatable Lounger

Back2Earth brings you this highly versatile inflatable lounger that will ensure great moments of relaxation. It inflates quickly within five seconds and needs just two scoops of air and its up and running. As an air hammock, it’s light in weight and comfortable to have with you anywhere you go. It comes with large side pockets to keep your essentials as you relax and enjoy yourself. It comes in four vibrant colors; pink, green, blue and black. It also comes with a free drawstring carry bag for easy portability.

Back2Earth Premium Best Inflatable Lounger


  • Pump-free inflation
  • Large side pockets
  • Available in vibrant colors


  • Takes time to inflate
  • Weak material
  • May leak out air

10. FRETREE Inflatable Lounger

FRETREE brings you this inflatable couch that’s designed to provide you with superior comfort as you relax. It’s made using military-grade nylon that doesn’t rip making it great for outdoor use. It’s double-layered for added strength and the material can support a weight of 400 pounds. The inflatable couch has an ergonomic design with a wave-like headrest that’s designed to provide you with maximum comfort. It requires two scoops of air to inflate and stays up for 5 to 6 hours with large side pockets to place your items.

FRETREE Inflatable Lounger


  • Double-layered for extra strength
  • Ergonomic design
  • Doesn’t need a pump to inflate


  • Not the most comfortable
  • Can’t inflate without wind
  • Takes time to inflate

How to Choose the Best Inflatable Couche: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Non-contemporary furniture is all the rage right now when it comes to modern living. The new school generation especially millennials don’t want the usual solid furniture pieces in their homes. They are going for stylish, funky and chilled out sofas, beds and chairs to decorate their homes. It’s with good reason because most of these generation are living in urban areas where the living space is small. One piece of furniture that has become quite popular is an inflatable couch.

Why Invest in an Inflatable Couch?

Inflatable couches or popularly known as inflatable loungers or sofas come with several perks that modern home owners find irresistible. They include;

  • Space saving – Since the couch can be easily inflated and deflated, it helps save on space especially in small apartments where every square feet counts. Some of them double up as beds which can be pumped up when one has a guest over.
  • Versatility – Other than using it as a seat or bed in your home, you can bring it along for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, swimming and even a day at the beach. Most are made of materials that resist tear and light in weight for easy portability.
  • Modern Look – Inflatable couches come in all types of design, size and shape. Some may have prints, bright colors and other decorations that give your house or space a modern look. Due to their dynamic nature, these pieces of furniture have become a favorite among new generation interior decorators.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Inflatable Couch

Let’s explore several factors that you will need to keep in mind that you will need to keep in mind as you shop for an inflatable couch.

  • Size – As much as most can be deflated to save on space, it’s important to consider the amount of room you have available. Look at the dimensions of the couch when inflated to assess whether you have enough space to accommodate it.
  • Purpose – As mentioned earlier, inflatable couches are versatile and can be used for both indoors and outdoors. If the sole purpose of the couch is as part of or home furniture, you can opt for a couch that doubles up as a bed to help save on space and get more value for your money. For couches that you will bring out on adventures, ensure that the material used is practical and designed for outdoors.
  • Materials – Most of the inflatable sofas are made using heavy duty polyester or nylon and may be multi-layered for added strength. Ensure that the material used is waterproof, can be cleaned easily and is resistant to tears and scratches.
  • Inflation and Deflation – Setting up the inflatable couch should be easy and hustle free. The new and improved designs don’t require a pump to inflate. Most of them are inflated by swinging them out in the wind, rolling them up and fastening with a buckle. Other designs have valves that let you pump in air to inflate. Still on the inflation factor, consider the amount of time that the couch remains inflated since some deflate easily when in use which can be hectic and frustrating.
  • Weight Capacity – All of these inflatable sofas and loungers have the maximum amount of weight that they can support. The weight limit of an inflatable couch will dictate the number of people that can comfortably sit on the couch without damaging or deflating it.


Whether you are an outdoor lover or you are looking to add a modern look to your living space, an inflatable couch is one item that you won’t regret buying. Due to its versatility  it will not only save you space but will save you a buck or two in terms of furniture since most of them are inexpensive. We hope that our review has shed light on the best inflatable couches to meet your needs and you will grab one to carry with you on your summer adventures.