Best Yoga Gloves For All Levels Of Yoga Enthusiasts

There is no doubt that yoga is a workout and health trend for most people thus, accessories such as the best yoga gloves or yoga mats are must-have necessities. It does not matter whether you are new in the world of yoga because you really need the proper gears in order to get the most of your workout. You need not think twice whether you are going to buy a yoga glove now because it is a lucrative and essential investment especially for yoga enthusiasts like you.

What exactly are yoga gloves and why should you get a pair or two for your yoga gear collection today? These specialized gloves are primarily supportive coverings offering extra grip, especially for the hands and feet, highlighting the importance of incredible snug fit. The most common pairs usually contain breathable and lightweight fiber including Lycra or cotton. The design may also vary in a style specifically the ones that cover just the fingers while others have palm coverings or leave the fingers uncovered and free.

The best yoga gloves offer numerous benefits for the wearers, making the gear a necessity whether for beginners or seasoned yoga practitioners. One of the main functions of this hand and feet gear is to provide extra traction, preventing the hands or feet from slipping even with a sticky yoga mat. Yoga gloves can also offer extra wrist support, especially with a modern ergonomic design to correct pose alignment, preventing hand and wrist pressure in poses such as a downward facing dog, tabletop, and plank.

So, what products are highly recommended on the market and why should you get a pair right now? We make sure that your search for the best yoga gloves is easier, faster, and more informative with our review of the top products on the market today:

Top 10 Yoga Gloves Of 2019 Reviewed

1. YogaPaws Elite Yoga Glove Set

Best Yoga Gloves For Sweaty Hands

This complete set of yoga gloves and socks is an ideal gear not just for yoga but also for other fitness workouts such as Pilates. You can find the best match for both men and women with just the right size from extra small (XS) for women to regular and wide measurements for men. The set also comes in numerous color variations from monsoon gray to rich maroon, making them ideal travel or yoga gifts.

What makes the Yoga Paws glove set a good investment is that it offers a lightweight, wearable, and non-slip gear that would make you want to leave your bulky yoga mat behind. The portable and compact set comes with a premium construction with breathable and stretchy features, keeping the skin cool through its moisture-wicking terry cloth and the natural rubber bottom.

YogaPaws Elite Yoga Glove Set


  • Nonslip traction for sweaty hands and feet
  • Padded construction for pressure point protection
  • Comes in different sizes and stylish color variations


  • Unpleasant rubber smell
  • Is not a snug fit
  • The awkward large seam for the footie

2. ProFitness Cross Training Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves For Multiple Workouts

The yoga glove set is an ideal choice if you want flexibility especially when it comes to its use and purpose because it fits the gear demands different workout and fitness regimen. The hand gear is not only perfect for striking the perfect yoga pose but it is also a great accessory for cross training. One of the highlights for this product is its enhanced grip due to the neoprene materials along with the reinforced silicone-padded palms for control and strength.

Each glove provides stability wrap through the adjustable and attached wrist wrap, boosting comfort while reducing hand tension for specific workouts such as pull-ups, chin-ups, curls, and other bodybuilding exercises. The gloves reduce sweat to prevent injuries, sores, and calluses, and it comes with the ProFitness 60-day return guarantee with a full refund.

ProFitness Cross Training Gloves


  • Adjustable for added stability and perfect fit
  • Breathable neoprene construction
  • Provides cushion with silicone padding


  • The covering is awkwardly high on the fingers
  • Wrist strap not that helpful for push-ups
  • Good protection but not a good grip

3. Gaiam Yoga Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves For Value

You get all the benefits of yoga to complete your fitness routine and the best thing about it is that you do not need a yoga mat in order to do this because the yoga gloves have you covered. You can maximize your practice with its finger-and-palm targeted traction feature, providing that nonslip surface and increasing your stability and balance.

It comes with high-quality materials including nylon, cotton, and elastin, all made with a premium construction to ensure efficiency in a one-size fits most pair. The budget-friendly pair also comes in a variety of colors including black and pink.

Gaiam Yoga Gloves


  • Cheap alternative for a slip-resistant yoga gear
  • Easy cleanup with cold water and dry flat instructions
  • Improves balance and stability


  • The material is too stretchy it slides
  • Not for daily use
  • Makes the hand hot and uncomfortable

4. Stargoods Yoga Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves Set With Freebies

Let’s face it, you are looking for a great yoga glove but you want it in a complete set or package and this 4-pair yoga bundle is the ideal match for you because you have all the essentials in one go. The set comes in four different pairs with color varieties along with the yoga strap and matching travel bag for easy storage and portable use.

It highlights the grippy dots for anti-slip purposes, offering breathability and freedom to your hands while the enhanced padded design prevents slipping and boosts your balance. The yoga strap is made with a stainless steel clip for convenient handling while improving your flexibility during routines.

Stargoods Yoga Gloves


  • No slipping for enhanced balance
  • Made of breathable cotton for comfort
  • Protects hands from grime and dust


  • Gloves skid down the hand
  • Not that comfortable with cloth pulling in between the fingers

5. YL TRD Fingerless Yoga Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves For Joint Protection

Yoga is a great fitness practice but it could also put pressure and strain on your joints and other body parts if you are not careful. Protective gears such as this yoga glove set by YL TRD are a great choice especially if you want joint protection. The non-slip rubber particles feature high-quality materials for stability, balance, and injury protection.

It comes with a fingerless design that allows flexibility for the fingers as well as a strong floor connection without a yoga mat. You can safely use it for other practices including Pilates, dance, and even hiking and cycling. The breathable and durable cotton materials absorb sweat for heavy-duty use.

YL TRD Fingerless Yoga Gloves


  • Palm protection with anti-slip capacity through the rubber dot design
  • Fingerless gloves for better stability and flexibility
  • Comfortable and breathable cotton materials


  • The rubber dot feature has a strong pungent smell at first

6. Mava Integrated Yoga Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves For Fingerless Comfort

Yoga gloves differ in terms of style and one of the most popular and highly preferred varieties is the fingerless design. The Mava version is a promising pair because of its patented Fit Four design, offering silicone padding for callus protection. It has a neoprene and reinforced split leather construction offering the best palm cushion as well.

Increase your focus and hand strength with this yoga glove, which is also ideal for other purposes including bodybuilding and cross-training as well as outdoor activities. It comes with the integrated wrap wrist design for superior support while the fingerless feature delivers flexible movement and freedom.

Mava Integrated Yoga Gloves


  • Offers a strong grip with the unique palm design
  • Delivers fingerless comfort and flexibility
  • Provides wrist support and injury protection


  • Issues with a snug fit, which makes fingers slip with certain motions
  • Holes forming at the seams after a few uses

7. Yoga Paws Full Set Skin Thin

Best Yoga Gloves For Barehanded Comfort

This set of yoga gloves is your best match if you want to practice yoga barehanded but still require that much-needed protection from slipping and sweaty hands. The gloves are made extra thin to ensure the ultimate comfort for you. It features the natural rubber underside for an enhanced grip while the upper mesh delivers breathability for the skin.

You need not to worry about grip dots or the bulky glove padding because of the skin thin design but the quality gloves still deliver support and injury protection. It boasts of the premium stretchy and durable construction from such a padding-free yoga hand gear.

Yoga Paws Full Set Skin Thin


  • Super thin design for that barehanded feeling and comfort
  • Slip-free design through the mesh and rubber construction
  • No rubber dots and padded cushion


  • Sizing could be too small resulting in too snug feel and fit

8. WAG Pro Yoga Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves For Injury And Wrist Protection

The Wrist Assured Gloves Pro set is absolutely the best option if you need wrist support and added protection while practicing yoga and other similar fitness routines. It has patented gel pad design to deliver wrist pain relief while the resilient and contoured gel pad enhances comfort and protection from possible injuries and hand problems.

It boasts of the nonslip feature through the inner palm liner, which absorbs moisture especially when practicing hot yoga. The ultra grip palm design is also an added feature for nonslip security and stability like no other.

WAG Pro Yoga Gloves


  • Low maintenance wash
  • Comfortable fit with the contoured design
  • Provides remarkable cushion with gel pad technology


  • Long drying period after washing

9. Mato & Hash Yoga Gloves

Best Yoga Gloves For Beginners

You need all the support and protection possible if this is your first time practicing yoga and you can get that with this innovative yoga glove set by Mato & Hash. The fingerless gloves provide a dry and cool comfort for the wearer, ensuring nonslip use on the palms.

You can focus more on mastering your yoga pose with the help of the top-notch traction technology for both fingers and palm, ensuring support and injury protection. It has breathable fabrics with color varieties to choose from.

Mato & Hash Yoga Gloves


  • Luxurious comfort with the dry and cool effect
  • Nonslip dot design for improved grip
  • Multiple use gloves right for the budget


  • Issues on irritating the web of the fingers with the wrong positioning on the hand

10. ProSource Fit Grippy

Best Yoga Gloves For Extra Padded And Grip Support

The cushion is the name of the game when it comes to this pair of yoga gloves that highlight extra padding and more grip support for slip resistance. It gives you increased stability as you maintain your balance without slipping, thanks to the rubber dot technology for the fingers and palms.

Fingerless flexibility is a promise for this pair of yoga gloves, enabling freedom of movement while ensuring stronger floor connection and balance. You get extra injury protection and comfort with the extra padded cushion while doing your natural yoga poses.

ProSource Fit Grippy


  • Breathable soft cotton materials with one size fit all feature
  • Nonslip grip design
  • Better stability and balance while ensuring extra cushion


  • Some issues with the snug fit especially the wrist part

How To Choose Best Yoga Gloves

Yoga gloves are not created equal and it is a daunting task to actually shop and select the best pair for your yoga gear collection. Here are some of the most important features you need to look into when making a lucrative and quality investment on yoga gloves today:


Almost all yoga gloves have non-slip surfaces and properties because this is one of the most important things you need to consider when practicing yoga. Even with a yoga mat, there is still the possibility that you would slip and injure yourself while doing a particular motion or routine. A good yoga glove would help you prevent such incidents but make sure that you are actually choosing the right product since some have superior anti-slip designs while others do not offer the same luxury.


You can find a wide range of yoga gloves from the cheapest to the priciest, depending on the brand and the design they feature, particularly if they have innovative technology integrated into the product. Some hand gears for beginners are much more affordable than others with more complicated and elaborate features. You may find discounted rates on sets or pairs of yoga gloves especially with online sales and package deals.


You can choose whether you need a glove with full cover, fingerless design, and a combination of different features. The good news is that you have the luxury of choice when it comes to this since different brands have varied models to choose from, depending on your preferences and comfort. Some prefer fingerless gloves for flexible movement and natural yoga routines while others require full coverage for better support and grip on larger surfaces.

Final Word

There is always a battle between efficiency and comfort when it comes to yoga gears, particularly hand gears and gloves. Nevertheless, it is an important investment to purchase or upgrade your yoga clothing and gear collection starting with the best yoga gloves available on the market. This yoga accessory is a must-have if you require extra support, protection, and stability while practicing your yoga routine.

You can also find stylish yoga gloves with varieties of different designs and colors if you are into the aesthetic side of the purchase. The best thing for you to do is to make pre-purchase research first before making any final buying decisions. You can start with looking into the different contenders on this list and compare each one, depending on your priorities and preferences. The bottom line is that you need a great pair of yoga gloves and you need it now in order to enjoy your next yoga session!


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